September 30, 2011

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Illustration of two kids in costumes.  A witch and a pirate.

Making a Pied Piper CostumeThis is a page about making a Pied Piper costume. The Pied Piper of Hamlin is a classic tale that makes a wonderful costume for an individual or a group. You are sure to draw a crowd of followers as you march along playing your tune.


Women Trying on Hats

Saving Money on Halloween CostumesHalloween costumes can be expensive if you don't have a plan and stick to a budget. This is a page about saving money on Halloween costumes.



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Everyday Meat LoafSuper easy and so good!


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Six Bean CasseroleGreat cold weather meal! Good, hearty one-dish meal.



Halloween Video

Homemade Halloween Costume Showcase...We put together this video of many of the great costumes which ThriftyFun community members have created and shared with us over the years. It's amazing seeing all the creativity which goes into these costumes.


Soaring Red Tail Hawk

A Red Tail Hawk Soaring on the ThermalsI took this photo from my back yard patio. The hawk was soaring on the warm, off shore winds that we are experiencing this week. He circled around for several minutes. What a fantastically beautiful bird.


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Use A Damp Mop To Remove Pet HairI was mopping my wood floors one day and discovered this tip by accident. When I was through mopping, I noticed excess hair on the sofa and edges of the couch.


Millie Sitting on the Floor next to a Fan

Millie (Cocker Spaniel)Even our Millie gets hot in AZ! We moved from WA to AZ and even our dog Millie had a hard time getting used to the heat and needed the fan. Its now her favorite place to sit.


Baby Robin in the Grass

Baby RobinThis baby robin came up to our storm door and walked around in front of our cat that was inside the house for about 15 minutes. After lots of squawking from the mama bird flying around over head, the baby went and laid under a bush.


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Take Your Own School PicturesIf the cost of school pictures has gotten too expensive, try this tip. Instead of having the picture taken at school, create your own school pictures. Hang a sheet or blanket on the wall as a backdrop.


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Making Fly PaperTake a black plastic planter pot and paint it thoroughly with red transmission fluid and hang it where deer flies, horse flies, and such are and they will get stuck to it.


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Easy Way to Remind YourselfWhen I want to remember something I need to take with me to work or anywhere the next day, I take a plastic shopping bag (like from Wal-Mart) and I tie it to the handles of my purse the night before.


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My Frugal Life: A Predictable Mess!At the young age of five years at the time, my daughter was a very bright, intelligent, helpful and energetic young "woman", as she would laughingly tell it today at age thirty five.


Mailbox with two reflectors attached.

Find Your House After DarkThere are no street lights where I live and at night unless I leave the night light on, I can and have driven right past my house. I bought two reflectors at Home Depot and stuck them to my mailbox.


Plate of stew.

Getting More Veggies into Your Kid's DietI have a child who is a very picky eater, and I worry that he is not getting enough vegetable nutrients. So one thing I do to make sure he gets at least some veggies is I will cook a one-pot meal, with tons of different vegetables, a starch like wheat or rice, and a meat like chicken.


Girl in Pied Piper Costume

Making a Homemade Pied Piper CostumeThis site has good instructions for putting together a simple homemade Pied Piper costume. They also added rat costumes to their dogs so they could follow the piper.


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Store Summer Clothing AwayMy daughter and I just went through this the other day. All her clothes were in a jumble all over the floor. We took them all out and put them on the bed. Then, we sorted through them.


Blue parakeet in a cage.

Nylon Strand for Parakeet ToyI was looking through Drsfostersmith website and I saw these wonderful foraging and picking apart toys. Birds love to use their beaks to pick things. It is not just the physical playing, but it makes them think about the toy and feel wild.


Chi-Chi the Little White Dog

Chi-Chi (Maltese/Poodle Mix)Chi-Chi is an 8 year old Maltese/Poodle Mix. I've had Chi-Chi ever since he was a little baby. He was the runt of the litter and was born without a joint in his right back leg so it looks like a straight stick, LOL.


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Refreshing Wipes and Keeping Them MoistWet wipes are just as great for personal adult use as they are for babies. I buy them initially in a container, and then refill the container with the refill packets.


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A "Where'd I Put That?" BookA few years ago I was going through some boxes that I had put away as storage under our bed. I found things I would have been using, had I remembered that I had stored them!


Clothes Piled on a Couch After Shopping Trip

Goodwill Outlet Center For Halloween...We needed to get several costumes worth of clothing and extras but didn't have the budget to get store bought costumes or buy them new. So we found a Goodwill sorting and donation center near us.


Man and Dog Singing Together

Ginger In Harmony (Boxer/Border Terrier)While changing the batteries in my camera I noticed my husband trying to get our Ginger to howl. Ginger howls when she's happy and it seemed like they were having a very private conversation.


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Candles as Air FreshenersWhenever I want to freshen the air in my home I don't like to use anything that smells like any type of food or spice. Smelling foods or spices in the air turns on my hunger pangs! So I use nature smells.


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Buttercream FondantThe very best fondant is buttercream fondant. It is basically any buttercream frosting with no liquid. You can use real butter, but sparingly, mostly Crisco. sed invisible Kool-Aid or colored Kool-Aid for flavor.


Package of Folger's Singles next to a coffee cup.

Product Review: Folger's Single Coffee Bags For five months last year, I lived with someone who had a small kitchen and who only drank instant coffee. I would rather make dirt tea. There was little room for a coffee maker, and since the water was hot anyway, I tried these wonderful coffee bags.


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Remember Three Words For PasswordsI have given this lots of thought and have figured out a simple way to have a unique password for every site I visit with only needing to remember 3 words.


Lismore Castle Gardens

Travel: Lismore Castle (County Waterford,...Lismore Castle, the birthplace of Robert Boyle, the celebrated scientist whose name lives in "Boyle's Law" was also once the home of Sir Walter Raleigh. It is now the Irish residence of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.


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Apply Deodorant In Sweaty AreasFor all you women, I've tried this and it works! After you apply deodorant under your arms, also apply it under your breasts and between them if you sweat frequently. It's helped me tremendously.


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Shower Caps in the KitchenI have been buying shower caps from the dollar store. You can get 15 caps for $1.00. They are great for covering bowls you put in the refrigerator and cheaper than aluminum foil.


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Store Gift Bags In Clear Plastic ContainerStore gift bags folded flat in a see-through plastic storage container according to size, type of gift bag, season, etc. Stack containers on closet shelf and you will be able to see the bags easily.


Large Vibrant Purple Starfish

Wildlife: Vibrant Purple Starfish (Sunset Beach, OR)I found this starfish while beach hopping with my husband near Sunset Beach here on the Oregon Coast. We love to hit up Sunset, hike the trails above the beach, and create our own journey from there.


A rake laying on garden mulch.

When to Avoid Using MulchIn most cases, mulch is pure magic for our gardens. It aids in weed control, insulates the soil, conserves moisture, and feeds hungry plants. However, when applied improperly or used at the wrong time, mulch can actually do more harm than good.


Hand painted porcelain bowl

Craft Projects: Hand-Painted Porcelain...Here is a simple technique that one can use to decorate porcelain ware. This decorated porcelain bowl would make a nice present for someone special.


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Cell Phone for EmergenciesI have a Tracfone cell phone and have it with me most of the time, especially when I am by myself. To me, it's like insurance. I seldom use it, but it's comforting to know I have it if I need it.



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Finding Out How Much Child Support Owed?How do I (father) find out how much child support I owe?


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Did My Pup Get Parvo at the Vet?My pup was fixed on Friday, he started acting sick on Wednesday. Friday I took him back to the vet and they said he has parvo! Could he have gotten parvo at the vet? He was perfectly healthy. He hasn't had shots, he's 5 months old.


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Meyer Lemon Tree Dropped Leaves, Blooms, and Fruit?I have a Meyer lemon tree planted in a container that I keep outdoors. It has bloomed and produced plenty of lemons for the last 4 years. Earlier this year it bloomed and small fruit started to appear. We have experienced extremely hot weather, but I made sure the tree was properly watered.


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Fleas in the House?I have been invaded with fleas and I am at my wits end with them. My two house cats managed to be completely infested as well after being treated with Frontline on a monthly basis.


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Uses for Contact Lens Cases?Is there anything I can do with old contact lens cases?


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Snake in Wall of House?I found a snake in my house under the fridge. Then it went into a small (like a pencil) hole in the wall under the sink. What can I do? Please suggest an answer. I am afraid of snakes.


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Asking a Guy to Homecoming?I have a guy friend and we flirt but have never really talked. I'm always telling him I have a crush on him and that he's a sweetheart and he's always calling me pretty. However, he's way too busy with his friends all the time. If it is not his friends, it is school.


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Identifying Temporary Internet Files?I upgraded to Internet Explorer 9 a couple of months ago and have been having some trouble with some websites. While checking my browser settings, I noticed something I'm wondering about.


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Shopping for Keyboard Tray for an Iceberg Computer Station?Where can I get a 21 3/8 inch keyboard tray for an Iceberg computer station?


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Removing Carpet Glue from Nylon Gloves?How do you remove carpet glue from nylon gloves?


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Getting Rid of Goat Heads?I have goat heads (not the bugs) in my yard. What do they grow off of and how do I get rid them in my back yard?


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Cleaning a Bird Bath?I have a cement bird bath that has black stains on the bottom. What can I use to clean this?


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Shopping for Octagon Soap?Where can I find Octagon soap in Killeen Texas?


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