October 3, 2011

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Homemade Deodorant with Ribbon Wrapped Around it

Making Homemade DeodorantThis is a page about making homemade deodorant. Deodorant doesn't have to full of chemicals and not smell the way you would like. It doesn't have to be expensive reduce or eliminate body odor.


Little Girl Dressed in Fairy Costume

Making a Fairy CostumeThis is a page about making a fairy costume. Girls everywhere love to dress up as fairies or pixies. This fanciful costume is perfect for Halloween or just dress-up fun.


A chicken in a crockpot with veggies.

Slow Cooker (Crockpot) Chicken RecipesThis page contains recipes for cooking chicken in your crockpot. Chicken cooks well in a slow cooker, ensuring a moist delicious dinner on the busiest of days.


Young Boy Pretending to be a Pilot in Cardboard Plane

Making a Pilot CostumeThis is a page about making pilot costume. Whether vintage or modern, pilots always seem to have that dashing timeless look. This fun costume is always a hit with kids or adults.



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Clam ChowderLove the chunks of vegetables in this soup. Yummy!


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Scalloped Chicken or TurkeyGreat way to use leftovers. Very tasty! Break 4 slices of bread into 9x13 inch pan. Mix meat, celery, onion, and salad dressing together; spread on top of bread. Break up the other 4 slices and put over the top.


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Whiskey CakeMoist and delicious, easy to make, freezes well, a family favorite.


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Pumpkin BreadMy favorite quick bread!



Thor the Dog Sitting my Laptop Computer

Thor (Mixed Chihuahua)Thor is a 10 month old mixed Chihuahua. I work in construction and he was left on the job site, so I adopted him without my husband's knowledge. When I got home that evening, my husband got a huge surprise.


Scruffy the Dog Looking at Camera

Scruffy (Border Collie/Cocker Spaniel)The story of how Scruffy and I came to be a pet-owner pair is actually a little interesting. In his first home, Scruffy's parents were specially bred to produce what was supposed to be their perfect little puppy.


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Reuse Glass Candle Holders As GlassesI found that once a candle, for example, Glade, has been used and there is the left over amount of wax in the glass, that they can be used as nice drinking glasses for orange juice or even that evening mixed drink with ice.


Woman with long curly hair flowing down her back.

Caring For Long HairMy hair is extremely long, below my waist, and naturally very curly. Due to the length of my hair, it pulls much of my curl out. I've learned many things about dealing with long hair.


Camel Turning Noce Up at Camera

Wildlife: CamelThe camel was looking in and turning its nose up at the camera.


Brag book organizer with postage stamps in one sleeve.

Use Small Photo Album for IdentificationBuy one of those Grandma's Brag Books with the cellophane pages for showing off pictures. Keep your stamps, medicine list, driver's license, proof of insurance, and car registration in each of those clear cellophane pages that are meant to hold/show off pictures.


Pink Rose with Yellow Tips

Garden: Yellow-Tipped Pink Rose (Shore Acres State...I absolutely love rose gardens. Here, there were yellow roses with pink highlights that I believe were just incredible!


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My Frugal Life: This Is The Life of a Home SchoolerThis has been an interesting end to summer. It is not winding down in a quiet way, as it normally does, we are getting a new roof, and I will be happy to see it. We are ready for a new season!


Purple Petunia Against Brick Background

PetuniasThis lone petunia just keeps on going. It came up in a pot I have on my potting bench and it is amazing. A spindly plant, but the flowers are are so beautiful. And as you can see as they get older they change their color tone.


Purple pill pouch with gift cards inside.

Recycled Card HolderI've discovered a nice way to hold all your gift cards, grocery store reward cards, driver's license, or ID card. If you or someone you know is taking birth control pills, you know that each prescription comes with a little purple velvet pill carrying case.


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Organize Return Address Labels And PostageI was constantly receiving free return address labels in the mail. I hated throwing them out and the supply kept increasing. I found a good way to keep them organized and easy to see when I need them.


Emergency clothing and shoes in cardboard box.

Keep Emergency Clothes in Your CarI was stuck in the Chicago Storm of the Century in January/Feb and literally could not get out my home doors. I was luckier than some who were stuck in their cars overnight and could not go home.


Coffee cup coaster in the shape of a coffee pot.

Quilted Coffee Cup CoastersYou are only stopped by your imagination when it comes to the shape of these easy coasters. If you find printed fabric with the shape you have chosen all the better.


A thin keyboard, side view.

Product Review: Logitech Back Lit KeyboardEven if it was a regular keyboard with no lighting, I would still love it because of how ulta-thin it is. It also has rubber pads on the bottom and doesn't slide all over my desk. I also really like the way the keys feel. It is by far the best keyboard I've ever had and I enjoy using it.


Girl Dressed as Pilot

Making a Homemade Pilot CostumeThis site as good step-by-step instructions for putting together a homemade pilot costume. Complete with propeller hat, your child will be ready for take-off in this costume.


Large Yellow Sunburst Flower

Scenery: Sun Burst Blooms (Shore Acres State Park,...I am not sure of the name of these blossoms, but I loved the way that they resembled the rays of the sun. You can also see a small honey bee approaching this front flower, ready to get busy!


Two jackets hanging from unit.

Over the Door Hook Jacket StorageSometimes, people leave things in the apartments I live in. These Dollar Tree hooks and an old curtain rod gave me more space in my closet.



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Planting Cantaloupe?How soon can I plant cantaloupe in the spring and what's the best container?


Close up of a brown dog's face.

What Breed is My Dog?I have a dog and have been told she is a real red nose Pit Bull. I would like to know if it is true. Please help me.


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Buying Cascade for Window Cleaning?What is Cascade as used in cleaning windows and where can I get it?


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Smooth Facial Skin Ideas?How do I get a smooth face?


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Freezing Brussels Sprouts?Do you need to blanch or cook first? How do you freeze them?


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Ink on My White Leather Couches?My leather couch is white and I have a huge blue stain. I tried the Magic Erase, but it only lifted slightly. What else is there?


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Heating a Partially Finished Basement?I have an 11 year old, fairly well insulated 2 story home (1700 Sq ft). I am planning to install a pellet stove soon. I have a forced hot air system (heat and A/C). My basement is "semi-finished" meaning I'm in the process of insulating the cement walls.


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Treating the Pain and Itching from a Yellow Jacket Sting?How can I ease the pain and itch of a yellow jacket sting? I think I got the stinger out completely, but it was so hard to see. Should I put something on it to draw it out in case I didn't get it all? It's been about 24 hours and the itch is incredible.


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Hydroponics for Beginners?I am looking to grow veggies at home and am looking for information on the setup and how to do it. Where can I find free printable information on the web about hydroponics for beginners?


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Coloring a Faded Jeans Hemline?I am trying to find a way to conceal the faded hemline on a pair of expensive jeans. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to blend in the same color at this faded line so as to match the rest of the pant? I don't want to dye the entire pair of pants, just the faded hemline.


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's Birthday?My boyfriend and I have been going out for 16 months now and his 18th birthday is in 17 days. I have no idea what to get him. He's a football player and really into sports.


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Making a Pine Cone Turkey?In the early 90s I made a turkey from 1 possibly 2 pine cones. For the life of me I can't remember how to do it. The legs were twigs and that is about all I remember. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.


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Controlling Kitty Litter Odor With Baking Soda?Is it safe to add baking soda to your cat's kitty litter? Any other good suggestions?


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Getting Rid of Creeping Grass?How can I get rid of creeping grass that is fast overtaking my lawn? It's a nightmare!


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Clearing Facial Black Spots?I would like to know how to clear black spots on my face?


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Little White Jumping Insects?My dog brought in fleas and now there are these little white things jumping on everything. What are they?


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Decorating a Pink and Red Tiled Bathroom?I recently moved into a beautiful older style farm house. The downside is that the bathroom counter top and bathtub is lined with pink and red tile (including mustard yellow walls). How can I best compliment the bathroom decor without re-tiling?


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Chickens as Pets?I want to raise a Silkie chicken as a pet; any advice?


Wallpaper border with garden, white picket gate and lighthouse in the distance.

Discontinued Wallpaper Border: Garden with...Does anyone know where I can find one roll of scenic lighthouse border. I need about five feet to finish my living room. I don't know the name of the border, the book, or the pattern number. All I have is a picture of a portion of what I am looking for. Can anyone help me find it?


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Inexpensive Heating Unit Similar in Efficiency to Window AC?Out of necessity, we have "zone-cooled" our home the last two summers with a portable a/c unit and 2 window a/c units. This has been an efficient way to cool the room we are in and keep the bill down.


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Cleaning Black Marks on the Outside of a Refrigerator?Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use to clean black marks off the refrigerator door? I am not sure what is the cause of the black marks. I believe it to be caused by build up of dirt or food stains maybe?


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Crafts Using Computer Mother Boards?I have two small computer boards and want to make something out of them for my sons like ornaments, or boxes, or whatever. Please help. I don't know how to cut them, etc.


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Plastic Sacks in WWII?I just read a book on the Channel Islands in WWII, which mentions things being kept in a plastic sack. I know Bakelite was around then but was soft plastic? The guy with the sack was a doctor (if that has any relevance).


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Pesky Ground Squirrels in the Garden?I have a plot in our neighborhood community gardens. This year we are being plagued with ground squirrels. I do not want to kill them with poisonous stuff (we are an organic garden), but I would like some ideas on how to repel them. They are very bold.


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Removing Blue Fabric Softener Stains from Colored Clothing?How do I get blue fabric softener stains out of a yellow sweater? I tried vinegar, Dove soap, bathroom cleaners, and washing it in hot water. I have not let it dry yet or it may be even more difficult to get out. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks a million.


Removing Mud Stains from Clothing?My two sons had a football game in a foot of mud. Needless to say I have soaked their blue and white jerseys in just about everything. Is there anyone with a helpful hint that can get the dirtiest, all over mud stain clean?


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Recipe for Fig Pie Filling?I was wondering if anyone has ever made a fig pie filling? I would like a recipe for later use. Thanks.


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Making Soft Dog Treats?Does any one know how to make soft dog treats with baby food and wheat germ? There is more to the recipe that I found on thriftyfun.Thanks.


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Moen Faucet Handle Yellowing?My Moen kitchen faucet handle is yellowing. I've tried several things but cannot seem to get it white. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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