October 24, 2011

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Gourmet deviled eggs, with a chive garnish.

Deviled Eggs RecipesDeviled eggs are a great way to dress up boiled eggs. They can be made to fit any occasion, with spicy flavorings and other additions. This page contains deviled eggs recipes.


Photo of organized kitchen cabinets.

Organizing Your HomeThis is a page about organizing your home. Organizing your home can reduce stress and make you household run more smoothly. With busy schedules, it can be difficult to find time to organize.


Quilt Made From Old Clothing

Making a Quilt Out of ClothingThis is a page about making a quilt out of clothing. An inexpensive way to make a quilt is by using old clothing. This is also a great way to preserve special clothing, whether your own or maybe your children's old clothes.


Ball of string.

Organizing StringThis is a page about organizing string. If string is not stored properly it can quickly become a tangles mess. It will save a lot of time if it is tidy and easy to use.


Nine patch block and tools for quilting.

Making a Patchwork QuiltThis is a page about making a patchwork quilt. Making a patchwork quilt begins by cutting fabric into pieces of various shapes and sizes and sewing them together to form blocks. This quilting style is great for using up leftover fabric scraps or you can purchase new material in the colors and patterns you like. You don't need a lot of experience to make a patchwork quilt.


Hanging bicycles on the wall.

Storing Bicycles on Your WallThis is a page about storing bicycles on your wall. Bicycles can take up a lot of space when not being used. Hanging them on your wall can free up space in your garage and keep them from getting tangled together.


Simple square block quilt made from vintage fabric.

Making a Memory QuiltThis is a page about making a memory quilt. Memory quilts can be made from a variety of clothing fabrics, providing a beautiful memory that can also keep you warm.


A doctor examining a child with a sore throat.

Sore Throat RemediesThis is a page about sore throat remedies. Sore throats can be caused by allergies or a cold. Finding a remedy for your sore throat can help you feel a lot better.


An old clawfoot tub.

Painting a BathtubThis is a page about painting a bathtub. Bathtubs are expensive and difficult to replace. One thing you can do to get more life out of your tub is to paint it.


Organizing a Small Kitchen, A small kitchen painted lime green.

Organizing a Small KitchenThis is a page about organizing a small kitchen. Organizing your kitchen is tough even in a large kitchen. It is even more important to organize a small kitchen, where space is limited.


Up close photo of a colorful koi quilt.

Cleaning a Quilt?This is a page about cleaning a quilt. You need to know what kinds of fabrics your quilt is made with. Some quilts are machine washable while others may need to be dry cleaned.


Eggnog Recipes, Eggnog in a festive red cup with small ornaments on the saucer.

Eggnog RecipesEggnog is a favorite holiday beverage. Rather than buying it at the store try making it yourself. This page contains eggnog recipes.


Leftover paint in open cans.

Saving Leftover PaintThis is a page about saving leftover paint. If you want to save leftover paint, it is important to store it properly. Proper storage will ensure that it is still usable when you need it.


A pile of old photos.

Making a Photo Quilt?This is a page about making a photo quilt. A photo quilt is a great way to capture memories in a unique way. The supplies are easily available at your local craft store.


Rose hips on rough wood background.

Growing Roses from SeedThis is a page about growing roses from seed.Roses can be successfully grown from seed. The seeds are found in the rose hips after the flowers fade. So if you are looking for a way to propagate your favorite rose, try planting the seeds.


Making a Gingerbread House, A gingerbread house and tree.

Making a Gingerbread HouseThis is a page about making a gingerbread house. A favorite past time at Christmas is making a gingerbread house. These adorable cookie houses are fun to decorate with icing and candy.


Hand holding a smoking cigarette.

Cleaning Nicotine from Wood FurnitureThis is a page about cleaning nicotine from wood furniture. Nicotine from cigarettes, cigars, and pipes can leave yellow stains on your furniture. Removing this sticky residue can be done taking care not to damage the finish on your furniture.


Homemade lemon curd in a jar.

Lemon Curd RecipesThis page contains lemon curd recipes. Lemon curd is a sweet, yet tart fruit spread that is delicious on toast or scones. Besides using it on bread, it is the main ingredient in lemon meringue pie.


Photo of a messy garage.

Organizing Your GarageThis is a page about organizing your garage. Keeping your garage can organized can be difficult, especially if you use it for storage.


Sugar Cookie Recipes, A batch of sugar dusted star shaped cookies.

Sugar Cookie RecipesThis simple and classic cookie is often served at Christmastime and can be plain or decorated with icing or candies. This page contains recipes for sugar cookies.


Up close photo of quilt binding.

Binding a QuiltThis is a page about binding a quilt. One of the finishing steps when making a quilt it to bind the edges. This thin strip of fabric can be difficult to sew.


Photo of a quilt made with tshirts.

Making a T-shirt QuiltThis is a page about making a t-shirt quilt. Making a t-shirt quilt is a great way to preserve memories. Those old concert shirts or other neat shirt you no longer wear can be turned into a cozy quilt.


Two guys looking at a computer in their dorm room.

Organizing Your Dorm Room?This is a page about organizing your dorm room. College dorm rooms are generally Spartan in their furnishings and quite cozy, aka small. Organizing your dorm room to get the best use of space can be a challenge.



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Ribs and Red CabbageThis is the perfect meal for the chilly weather coming up. Use western style ribs, which can be very cheap and much meatier than other ribs. Cooking them this way makes them very tender.


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Harvard BeetsLove this beet recipe! Very, very good and tangy!


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Dinner RollsVery soft and good homemade bread recipe!


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Cream of Mushroom SoupThis rich, cream soup is very easy to make. It is great when paired with a slice of mutli-grain bread.


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Old Time Soft Sugar CookiesPreheat oven to 400 degrees F. Cream together shortening, sugar, and brown sugar. Mix in egg, then buttermilk and vanilla. Combine the dry ingredients; stir into creamed mixture. Chill dough for 1 hour.


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Hamburger CasseroleIt is easy and can be changed to what you have.


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Chicken SaladLove this on lettuce or in a sandwich.


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Honey Garlic Chicken WingsThese are great as a main meat dish or as an appetizer!



Pepper and Ginger the Cats Sleeping

Pepper and Ginger (Tabby)Pepper and Ginger are 1 year old tabbys. We got the two kittens when my husband had a brain bleed last October. My daughter thought it would help him in his recovery since it has been found that having pets reduces stress thus the blood pressure is lowered.


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Sharpen Knife with Aluminum FoilI have found that to keep a knife or scissors sharp, cutting kitchen foil is a simple answer.


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Use Liquid Hand SanitizerLiquid hand sanitizer works well to clean a dry erase board.


Men Playing Music Together at Renaissance Fair

Travel: Renaissance Festival (Plantersville,...I have loved this place since I was a small child. Now I enjoy taking my family to enjoy the sights and sounds of this real live working 16th century village. Who could resist the brightly adorned villagers and huge turkey legs?


Close up of Spider on Web

Wildlife: SpiderWe were supposed to be rushing off to town for the day's errands and meetings when my husband willingly pointed out this spider hanging out in the bushes near our home and garden. He was so beautiful that I couldn't help but take time out of our busy schedule to photograph him.


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Saving Money on Dog Potty PadsWhen my daughter moved into a apartment recently, they wouldn't let her have a pet. So, I am now the owner of a little Yorkie. She is so sweet and little. As she is so little, so is her bladder.


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Use Pam For A Stuck ZipperCarefully spray the zipper with Pam being careful not to get it on any material of the garment. I tape a strip of Saran Wrap beside the zipper prior to using the Pam.


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SOS Pads For Cleaning Baking PansI had some muffin pans that had rust in them and I cleaned them really good with an SOS pad. Then I washed thoroughly and dried them. From then on I made sure that they were dry before putting them away.


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Shampoo For Stain TreatmentI found this a few years ago and have been using it ever since. It works great and is inexpensive: Fill a water bottle with warm water and add about a quarter cup of inexpensive shampoo. Mix and keep in laundry room to pretreat stains before washing.


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Hot Water And Toothpaste for Clean JewelryWe use toothpaste quite often. The real secret is to run the object under hot hot water for quite a while then to dry the surfaces with a soft cloth. It does a better job than the steamer at the jewelers, especially on diamonds.


Cover of book about making soap.

Book: "300 Handcrafted Soaps"To find great soap recipes, simply go to the library and get some amazing books on the subject. You can also search Google using "melt and pour soap recipes" and find more recipes than you might ever need.


Dew on Pink Vinca

Garden: Pink VincaThis vinca is a volunteer in my front flower bed. I just love how cheery and hardy these plants are. There are several that have come up next to other plants where landscape cloth has been cut.


Large Yellow Sunflower With Blue Sky in Background

Garden: SunflowerAs a special gift to me each summer, my husband plants Mammoth sunflowers, my favorite variety, and a few new varieties so that I can see them from my kitchen window.


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Take Inventory of What's in Your WalletTake a wallet inventory. Empty the contents of your wallet and photo copy it all. If your wallet is lost or stolen you have all the information in one place. Copy front and back of credit/debit cards.


Gift wrapped in decorated wax paper.

Wax Paper Gift WrapWith just a few sheets of waxed paper, one can give a personal touch to presents and make them look quite exceptional, without spending much money on gift wrap.


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Recycled Boxes for Sorting LegosMy son loves Legos. We recycle the small vegetable boxes with flaps and lids that we found at the produce department in our grocery store. We brought them home and glued plain paper onto them to cover them up.


A German Shepard with a graduation cap after completing obedience school.

Maxx (German Shepherd)Getting Maxx was a decision my husband and I debated on, after the loss of our beloved Doberman, Jack. Although Maxx, by no means, replaces Jack in our hearts, he has certainly earned his own spot in the short time that he has been with us.


Closeup of dark pink rose.

Plant Rugosa RosesIn Indonesia, you will want to use rugosa roses. The ones I am most familiar with are the Alaskan Sitkas. These aren't bothered by the black spot diseases that other roses have. They bloom from spring through a hard frost and sometimes in between.


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Alcohol For Cleaning a Dry Erase BoardI always clean a dry erase board with alcohol.


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Cleaning ScissorsUse WD-40 to clean gunk off of scissors. It is also great for removing label gunk.


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Wax Paper in The KitchenI have many uses for wax paper. I use it as a spoon rest because I can just throw it away when I'm done cooking. I use wax paper to divide a new batch of cookies so that they don't stick together in the container.


Karma and Numi Bird Watching

Karma and Numi BirdwatchingThis table used to be nicely decorated with several house plants, grandkids' artwork, and such. Now it is the private domain of the cats. This photo was taken shortly after I installed a couple of bird feeders in the front yard.


Decorative snails on plastic crates along with fall colored silk flowers.

Garden: Decorative SnailsIt's a gorgeous day here in Salem, OR, so my decorating bug got to me. I set up some veggie carriers and some milk carton cubes outside, and got my durable snails out.


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Soap For A Stuck ZipperI have found that the easiest way to make a zipper work smoothly is to rub a cake of soap along the zipper edges. That zipper with go up and down smoothly.


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Add Carnation Instant Breakfast to CoffeeI made the Carnation with 1/2 cup of milk, then filled my big ol' mug the rest of the way with my coffee. Well, it was just delicious!


Honey the Dog at the Top of a Large Hill

Honey (Chow Chow)Honey is a 4 year old Chow Chow. Honey was born on Endor and came to us as a little fur ball Ewok. Honey loves to corner fluff and pounce on it.


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Large and Small Pets in the Same HomeAlthough it's really cute to watch, people do need to realize that dogs have a funny mind-set. Chihuahuas and all other small breeds don't know they are small! They will go after the largest of "friends or foes" as if they were just as big.


Fours Cats on the Outside of Window Sill

Scenery: Cats (County Cork, Ireland)We had gone to family's farmhouse in Co. Cork Ireland for a recent visit and were sitting in one of their sitting rooms, when all of a sudden a family of cats jumped up on the outside window sill and peered in at us.


Jack Russell and Yorkie in their warm coats.

Cheap Winter Coats for PetsI had 3 doggies at one time, and getting them winter coats was a bit costly. So at an after-Halloween costume sale, I scored big and saved lots. I purchased several pet/dog costumes for $1.00 to $3.00 each.


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Use Ice Water for Cut FlowersKeep them in ice water, as much as you can. Store them in the refrigerator at night (in the winter, you can put them outside on the back porch). I have gotten cut flowers to last 2 weeks this way.


Finished witch finger cutlery.

Monster "Cut"leryMagically change a fork and spoon into something for Halloween with just a little polymer clay!


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Clean Dry Erase Board with Nail Polish RemoverI use fingernail polish remover to clean the dry erase board. Works like a charm, and gets all old ink off immediately.


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Firehouse Birthday PartyOur local firehouse will allow you to use their public utility room free, if not already reserved. They will even allow the children to tour the firehouse, talk to them about fire safety and if available, play in the model house used to teach about fire safety.


Sunset at Lake with Fishing Pole

Scenery: Sunset At The End of the DockAs the sun went down and casted a pinkish glow across the calm river, the glass-like water reflected the surrounding land and trees. Frame worthy.


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Wax For Stuck ZippersTo unstick zippers, I have always used a bar of soap or crayon. If that does not work, use a wax like a candle.


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Dental Health TipsI had many problems due to my disease. I had my teeth break off, root canals, and many other things leading up to not smiling for over 5 years. I really was miserable not smiling, and being cautious of anybody noticing my teeth.



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Value of a 1945 Encyclopedia Britannica Set?How much would a set of 1945 Encyclopedia Britannica in great shape be worth?


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Poulan Push Mower Engine Keeps Dying?I have a Poulan Pro Push Mower. I tried to get it to start, it started first pull all summer, but now when I choke it (push the little bulb), it fires immediately, but as soon as the little bit of fuel from choking is gone, the engine stops.


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Health Concerns With Painted Countertops?Are there any issues with food preparations on the painted countertops, especially with the use of Envirotex or the poly?


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Making a Raised Veggie Bed from an Old Fridge?Can you turn an old fridge into a raised veggie bed? I would need to put drainage holes in the back and lay it back on ground. What are potential hazards?


Who Wrote this Poem?Who wrote this poem:


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Microfiber Melted to Hot Pan?Something on my stove was about to burn so I quickly pulled the pan off the stove and sat it on a microfiber dish towel to cool. The towel melted to the bottom of my good pan. How can it get that off?


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Stuffed Cabbage?What is the freezing or boiling method to make stuffed cabbage?


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Freezing Tomatoes and Turnips?How do you freeze tomatoes and turnips?


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Murphy 27 Cedar Chest?I have an old chest. Can anyone tell me how old this chest is or what the significance of Murphy 27 means?


Black poodle with Christmas striped scarf.

Dog Pulling Hair Out?Can anyone help me? My 2 yr old Poodle pulls his hair out. The vet put him on fish oil about a year ago. He is groomed once a month, stays in the house, and doesn't have fleas, but bites and pulls his hair out.


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Air Bubbles in Coffee Maker?I own a Braun electric drip coffee maker that has a glass/plastic side indicator that lets me know the amount of water I've put into the machine. Often air bubbles appear which interfere with the correct measurements. How do I get rid of these bubbles?


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Do Fruit Flies Bite?Do fruit flies bite?


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Selling Rustie Collectible Dolls?I have a 42 inch Rustie doll named Audro. How can I find out her selling price and history so I can list her?


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Painting Stucco?How do I repair the cracks in a stucco exterior wall before painting?


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