January 4, 2012

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Weatherizing Your Home, Man Weather Stripping His Windows

Weatherizing Your HomeThis is a page about weatherizing your home. Keeping your home warm and dry during the winter months can be a challenge. Weatherizing your home will help you stay comfortable when it is cold out and will save on your heating bill the process.


Business Travel Tips, Business Woman on Laptop in Airport

Business Travel TipsThis is a page about business travel tips. Business travel can be tough; long hours, hotel rooms and being away from your family is stressful. Get the most out of your business trip with these helpful hints.


Recycling Tips, Man Helping Children Sort Recycling

Recycling TipsThis is a page about recycling tips. Recycling is an important step that we all need to take in order to keep our planet healthy and clean. Making recycling easy and even fun will make your efforts even more effective.



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Fruit NapoleonsIf you have never used frozen puff pastry, you are missing out on a really good product. It can be used in savory dishes and sweet. Topping individual servings of chicken pot pie with puff pastry instead of a biscuit topping is one of my favorites.


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Cinnamon RollsA family favorite of ours!


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Cheesy LasagnaThis is kind of a different way to make lasagna. Very good!


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Chicken Pasta SoupThis is a delicious main-course soup. It is very easy and just full of good flavors. It's nice enough for special occasions, and good enough to put on the menu regularly. A nice change of pace.


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White SaladA great Christmas salad!


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Ranger CookiesOur local newspaper runs really good recipes. This issue has cookies that sound so good. The readership is small, and these recipes should be shared.


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Onion Roasted PotatoesMy favorite potatoes ever!



Closeup of hummingbird on red plastic feeder.

Hummingbird on FeederThis lovely hummer let me get so close I could almost count his feathers. I named him-her? Stinker because of his antics and not being afraid of Kitty, just dive bombing her.


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Freeze Rice In Serving SizesAfter cooking rice, let it cool, and then put in freezer bags or freezer containers in serving size you usually use. Put in a colander and run hot water over and through it.


Notre Dame from a distance.

Travel: Notre Dame CathedralI had been in Paris for a few days and walked a lot throughout the city. The weather was wonderful and the sights fantastic. I took this photo across the Seine of the back of the cathedral.


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Keeping Shower CleanFor me, cleaning the shower is an overwhelming task. One day while watching a commercial for one of those shower sprays, the words "cleans a shower in 10 days or keeps a clean shower clean" stood out.


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Keeping Dogs Out of BedroomInstead of keeping all your doors closed to keep dogs (or people) out of bedrooms, purchase plastic lattice at your local home improvement center. It comes in different colors.


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Homemade Antiseptic SprayI just had surgery, and needed to clean my wound the nurse told me to use this. It works good.


Stick butter slicer.

Stick Butter Slicer for Soft FoodsIf you need a food slicer, you can use a stick butter slicer, shown, to slice not only stick butter, but boiled eggs, bananas, small to medium cucumbers, cooked whole beets, anything soft enough to go througjh the wires without breaking them.



Starting Seeds Under Fluorescent LightsLight can be a limiting factor to starting seeds indoors. Fortunately, a couple of 40-watt fluorescent lights can usually make up for a lack of daylight. Here are some tips for setting up and getting the most out of a growing space using fluorescent lights.


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Make Your Own Gift BagsI collect shopping bags from department stores and such and try to re-use them despite the printing on them. One way I can do that is by covering the printing/advertising with pictures cut out of magazines or calendars.


Scout the Paint Horse Eating Hay

Scout (Paint)Scout is an 11 year old Paint horse. My girl friend and coworker gave him to me. She was down sizing on animals and knew he would have a good home with us. He loves to eat hay. He is a great friend, so gentle, and loves kids.


Photo of Cha Cha.

Two Pictures in OneThis is a neat way to display two favorite photos in the same picture.


Card made with garden photo of morning glory and rubeckia.

Photo: My Back DoorI liked this photo of my back door and garden so much, I use it for greeting cards. Sentiment inside reads "From our door to yours".


Smiley face bauble.

Craft: Shiny Glass BaublesThis is for older kids and adults who like shiny baubles to lay around, like me. This craft makes use of the glass rocks you can find in the craft section at Walmart. I like to get the clear ones.


Yard winterscape through the window.

Christmas Snowy SceneThis wintry view from our living room stopped me in my tracks. I had to grab my camera to capture that which had captured my fancy.


Small open perfume bottle on sink counter.

Use New Perfume Bottle for Other LiquidsI often find these brand new perfume spray containers that fit in your purse. They are new, so safe to use. The bottle unscrews and you can fill it with liquid that is not perfume.


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Give Small Crafts As TipsIn addition to giving cash as a tip to hair dresser, nail tech, etc., I offer a few additional small craft items as a Thank You.


Closeup of Ellie the Sheltie.

Ellie (Sheltie)Ellie is a 3 year old Sheltie. We have had Ellie since she was 8 weeks old. Ellie loves playing with the kids.


Closeup picture of hand holding spring type clothespin against a white background

Protecting Fingers when Hammering NailsDo your fingers hurt just thinking of you using a hammer and nails? If so, grab a clothespin and give them a break.


A young tortiseshell kitten playing with a toy.

Adopting a Shelter Cat or KittenI strongly recommend that anyone who is wanting to add a kitten or cat to their life, do so by adopting one from a shelter or rescue organization. I have done this often and have found the following tips helpful when bringing home a cat or kitten from a shelter.


Mopheart Rag Doll  - Full length view of mopheart doll.

Mopheart Rag DollAll 12 inches of Mopheart is packed with love waiting for you to make another of her kind. She is lonely and really wants to know she won't be the last of her race in this world.


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Cleaning Foam Stamps With CokeKeep a small dish sitting close by with a rag soaked in Coke, keep it almost floating in Coke. When you are not using a stamp sit it on the rag.


Red fleece scarf with stars.

Craft: Red Fleece ScarvesI have made beautiful red scarves out of the fleece from the remnant bin at Walmart. I thought this pattern and design might be beautiful and I was right!


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Keeping Groceries ColdKeep a cooler in your car to keep your frozen purchases, meats, and dairy items as cold as you can. If you forget, buy some frozen spinach to help keep things at the proper temperature.


Dog on chair.

Bringing a New Puppy (Dog) Into Your HomeWhen you bring a new puppy into your home there are several precautions you need to take and various things you can do to make your home environment safe for the puppy.



Black and tan puppy.

What Breed is My Dog?I have had her for three days now. I am trying to figure out what kind of puppy she is. Someone gave her to me because they got two babies and worked. They were told she is Yorkie mixed, but I am not sure of the other half. Someone please help.


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Cleaning a Burned Stainless Steel Pan?How do I remove black burnt stains and restore luster/brilliance to interior of a pan? While boiling eggs I forgot and the water boiled out! My aluminum stainless steel pan has black burnt marks and no luster.


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Beeping Electric Fire Alarm?I have an alarm that beeps; are all the alarms on the same system? When one battery is dead does it effect the other alarms? Do you need to change them every year as you do non electric alarms?


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Homemade Malibu Hair Treatment?What are the ingredients for the Malibu hair treatment?


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Removing Cigarette Smoke from a Caravan?I would like information on removing the smell of cigarette smoke in a caravan. Thank you.


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Buying Bulk Dried Beans?Where to I buy dried beans in bulk, cheaper than at the grocery store?


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Dashboard Lights Going On and Off?The dashboard lights in my car go off sometimes, then on for a while, then off again or flicker. Do you know what is causing this and is there a cheap way to fix it?


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Ranger Heater Only Runs on High Speed?I have only high speed on my Ford Ranger heater fan. How can I fix this?


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Value of 1892 Encyclopaedia Britannica?The encyclopedia is complete, in 25 volumes. Very few of the volumes have loose or missing (one) covers or spines. There is no mildew or damage to the pages.


Man holding a young cat.

Kitten Not Using Litterbox?The kitten has started frequently urinating on anything that is a box, basket, or storage like object. This includes the sofa, washing, ironing, food boxes, handbags, and blankets if they are folded a curtain way.


Dog running up a snowy road.

Reducing Dog's Shedding?What can I give my dog so he won't shed so much? Is there a supplement, mineral, herbs, or anything that will help? Thanks for your help.


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Stuffing Envelopes?Are there any, stuffing envelope, work at home sites that are not a scam?


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Making a Self Contained Sink?How do you make a self contained sink if there is no running water available?


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Dog's Coat is Thinning?Why is my 7yr. old dog's hair thinning? There is no second coat as usual.


Cheap Tree Guard?Is there a good, cheap way to protect my little fruit trees from gnawing pests this winter? The tree wraps I find are all too pricey.


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Ecofriendly Dishwasher Cleaner?I am looking for something environmentally safe to clean my dishwasher. Suggestions?


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Once A Month Cooking Ideas?Can anyone suggest some good cookbooks for once a month cooking? I would like to cook for two weeks at a time and then build up to once a month if my regular freezer will hold it all. I would be most interested in the cook it, freeze it, thaw it, and reheat it type of books.


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Buying Rug Canvas?I am looking to purchase blank pieces of rug canvas so as to design my own rug/carpet. I live in Johannesburg/Alberton. Where can I purchase this from?


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Burning Smell Coming from Breaker?I have a breaker that has just started to have a burning smell. What do I need to do? How do I track down what it is connecting to?


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