April 29, 2012

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woman wearing nylons

Making Nylons Last LongerThis page is about making nylons last longer. It can be expensive to buy nylon hosiery so we want it to last as long as we can.


Lipstick Tips and Tricks

Lipstick Tips and TricksThis page contains lipstick tips and tricks. Wearing lipstick can be fun and doesn't have to be a hassle.


Discount Grocery Store

Shopping at Discount Grocery StoresThis page is about shopping at discount grocery stores. Finding the best deals at a bargain or salvage store can save money on your food purchases.


Keeping Furniture From Sliding

Keeping Furniture From Sliding This page is about keeping furniture from sliding. Some floor coverings allow furniture to easily shift from where you want it.


Organizing Fishing Supplies

Organizing Fishing SuppliesThis page is about organizing fishing supplies. Keeping your fishing tackle ready for your next outing, saves time and hassle when it's time to go fish.


Leather Car Upholstery Cleaner Recipes

Leather Car Upholstery Cleaner Recipes?This page contains leather car upholstery cleaner recipes. Making your own cleaning formulas can save you money.


A pink piggy bank made from a plastic mayo bottle.

Mayonnaise Jar Piggy BankThis page is about making a mayonnaise jar piggy bank. A fun piggy bank can be created from a plastic jar.


Uses for Nylons

Uses for NylonsThis a page about uses for nylons. When that hosiery can't be wore again, nylons and pantyhose can be useful for a variety of things.


Poodle Breed Information and Photos

Poodle Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains poodle breed information and photos. Poodle dogs are adored the world over and are breed in a wide variety of sizes and colors. This page contains poodle breed information and photos.


Creative Cleaning Tools

Creative Cleaning ToolsThis page contains creative cleaning tools. Sometimes you just can't figure out the right tool to get to what you have to clean.


Saving Money on Lipstick

Saving Money on LipstickThis page is about saving money on lipstick. Enjoyed by many women, wearing lipstick doesn't have to be expensive.


Reducing Trash Can Smells

Reducing Trash Can SmellsThis page is about reducing trash can smells. Keeping your garbage can odor free can be a challenge.


Teaching a Child to Be Thoughtful

Teaching a Child to Be RespectfulThis page is about teaching a child to be respectful. Showing children respect is a good start to teaching them to respect others.


Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

Cleaning Stainless Steel AppliancesKeeping your stainless steel sparkling and streak free can be a challenge. This page is about cleaning stainless steel appliances.



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Molasses Apple BreadI like this for breakfast. Very sweet and soft.


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Tomato And Corn ScallopThe first time I saw this recipe, I thought tomatoes and corn were an unlikely pair as far as tasting good together, but I was wrong. This is very good!


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Macaroni SaladI think this is kind of a different take on ordinary macaroni salad! Very, very good! The cabbage makes this excellent!


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Hot Dog CheesiesThe kids and grandkids love these! I know my grandson does! So easy to make and they enjoy helping to make them.


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Southern RiceGreat side dish! The beef consomme gives this great flavor! This is best with brown rice.


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Monterey BreadThis is a rich garlic bread can that be revised according to what cheeses you like.


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Chicken ParmesanThis recipe makes wonderful, tender chicken and the Parmesan cheese gives it a great flavor!


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Crunchy Breakfast BarsThese are great for those mornings when you don't have time for a sit-down breakfast! They also make great after-school snacks for kids.


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Ritzy TorteThis is a fun, yummy dessert! Bananas and Ritz crackers together? Yes!


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Stromboli SandwichesThese are great, filling sandwiches! In the summer, I find that we eat a lot more sandwiches, both hot and cold.


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Candied CarrotsYummy, sweet carrots!


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BBQ Pork ChopsGreat tender chops for the barbecue this summer!


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Honey Lime ColeslawThis is such a refreshing change from the old fashioned standard coleslaw recipes.


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Perfect Peach CobblerI like this because it makes a great dessert with common ingredients that most of us keep right in our pantry!


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Italian Tomato SaladPlain croutons are fine but I especially love the added flavor of using Pepperidge Farm Zesty Italian Croutons for this salad :-)


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Chicken SaladA protein rich summer meal idea.


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Hot Zucchini SauceThis is a great sauce on beef!


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Finger JelloThis is great for little ones in your home!


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Applesauce SaladThis is a great, cool salad recipe! Kids will love it!



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Cooking with Low or No SaltWe try to watch all labels on each item. It takes getting used to, but it's so much better for you and you feel so much better! Trying not to eat out as much is the first thing, but if you do, try to go to places that have printed information.


Bicycle Name Plate

Bicycle Name PlateMake a personalized name plate for children's bicycles. Allow children to create their name plate with foam letters and embellishments. Tie the plate onto the front handlebars of your children's bicycles.


Lace Stocking Headband

Lace Stocking HeadbandI found a hole in my hold-up stockings and nearly binned them. Then I decided to use it as an "Alice" band to keep my hair out of my eyes when doing housework or when washing my face.


Spring English Garden

A Spring English Garden (Santa Barbara, CA)We saw many small gardens in front of houses while recently in England, and they were colorful and beautiful. We designed this garden patch of ours on a small piece of our back yard, hoping to "catch" some of that English beauty.


Johnc (Mini Potbelly)

Johnc (Mini Potbelly)Johnc is a 9 week old mini potbelly. He was given to me when his mother wouldn't care for him. He loves to bark when he sees me, he likes to chase the chickens and his sister, and dig in the dirt with his nose. He is sweet, tons of fun, and he is loved very much.


soft bristles wash brush

Keeping Gutters and Vinyl Siding CleanVinyl Siding is easy to wash by hand except for reaching the high spots and getting up on a ladder is not for old folks like us. We needed a brush that we could attach to a pole for cleaning the gutters and other areas that are high.


Nifty Storage Idea for Scarves and Belts

Nifty Storage Idea for Scarves and BeltsYou will need an ordinary clothes hanger plus some shower curtain rings. Lots of space-saving room to hang your scarves and belts.



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Getting Rid of Ant Hills?How can I get rid of ant hills in my garden?


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Checking an Ice Chest as Baggage?Can you check an ice chest with frozen meat into Mexico?


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Cake Rises Higher in Center?Why does my cake rise higher in the middle?


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Growing Potatoes?What is the best N.P.P. ratio for a good crop of spuds?


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Controlling Goldfish Pond Algae?How can we balance our goldfish pond water with household products? We are thinking of products like baking soda, vinegar, muriatic acid, etc. We have a 6 foot x 27 foot pond. It is 1.5 feet deep at the shallow area with a 3 foot deep area. We have few water plants and full sun light.


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Murray Riding Mower Won't Stay Running?I have a Murray riding mower. It will not stay started. I put gas in the carburetor and it starts and then cuts off.


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Switching from ATT Contract to Prepaid?My contact with AT&T was up over a year ago and I'm considering going with a prepaid in order to save money. I don't want to purchase multiple prepaid phones just to find the best carrier for my needs (dropped calls, no service, etc.) especially while traveling within Texas.


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Source for Shredded Paper?Where can I get shredded paper?


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Filling the Coffee Pot Without Spilling?I do not have purified water coming from my sink faucet, so I can't fill the coffee pot with the sink sprayer. Now what do I do for good water for my coffee?


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Removing Permanent Marker from Clothing?My blue permanent maker fell out of my hand in art class and it got on my 100% polyester top. I washed and dried it. Any ideas on how to get it out?


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Black Spot on Mirror?The edge of my bathroom mirror (currently hidden by the frame) has a small nick to the silvering on the back. I am afraid it will grow/spread with time if left "untreated" creating a black spot on the visible portion of the mirror.


Sore on rabbit's nose

Sore on Rabbit's Nose?I have a 16 week old rabbit. Two days ago I noticed a sore on the side of his nose. I have looked endlessly on the internet to see what it might be. I have gone to two vets and they don't know if it's an infection or just a sore. It's an indoor rabbit and is not in contact with any other rabbits.


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Dawn Soap for Fleas?What is the amount of Dawn liquid soap I should use on my dog to kill fleas?


2005 Troy Bilt Pony Won't Start?It won't start with the key, but if you short out the solenoid, it will start and run. If you turn the key off it won't do anything. It has a new battery, new key switch, and a new solenoid on it.


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Repelling Wasps and Ticks?Is there any way to repel wasps and ticks? I live on the east coast and it tis the season.


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Homemade Vegetable Wash Recipe?Anyone have a recipe safe to spray on veggies and fruit fresh from the market? I wash all fresh produce before putting it away as it eliminates fruit flies, dirt, pesticides, etc.


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Reviews of Orgreenic "Green" Pan?How do you like the "green" pans, the Orgreenic pans? I bought one and it was non-stick for awhile, but now it sticks like everything else. I seasoned it right and did all I was supposed to do. Anyone else not loving it?


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Name Ideas for Real Estate and Design Business?We are looking for company name, which will be a real estate type business. We will deal in property and designing also. So please suggest to us a unique farm name.


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