May 7, 2012

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Keeping Cakes Fresh

Keeping Cakes FreshThis page is about keeping cakes fresh. Once that cake is made it is important to store it properly to maintain the flavor and texture.


Working From Home

Working From HomeThis page is about working from home. There are many things to consider when a job is handled at home.


Growing Allamanda

Growing Allamanda (Golden Trumpet)?This is a page about growing allamanda. This beautiful yellow flowering tropical plant can be grown indoors or as a seasonal outdoor plant in colder climates.


slivers of soap in dish

Using Leftover Pieces of SoapThis page is about using leftover pieces of soap. Before you throw away those soap bar slivers, consider ways that they can be used up.


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Making an Oil LampThis is a page about making an oil lamp. Make your own decorative and functional oil lamp with easy to find items.


Storing Marshmallows

Storing MarshmallowsThis page is about storing marshmallows. Marshmallows are a popular confection used in a variety of recipes.


Organizing Manuscripts

Organizing ManuscriptsThis is a page about organizing manuscripts. If you are a writer or poet, whether a professional or as an avocation, keeping your manuscripts organized is important.


Roasted Pear Salad

Pear Salad RecipesThis page contains pear salad recipes. Pears are a delicious start to a variety of salads.


Many Colorful Buttons

Saving Money on ButtonsThis is a page about saving money on buttons. Buttons are needed not only for clothing crafts but also for other projects.


Getting Rid of Crabgrass

Getting Rid of CrabgrassThis page is about getting rid of crabgrass. Crabgrass is invasive and can be a big problem for many gardeners.


First Iris Blooms

Growing IrisesThis is a page about growing irises. Irises are beautiful colorful flowering perennials.


Closeup of an ant hill.

Getting Rid of Ant HillsThere are a variety of ways both natural and chemical for getting rid of ant hills. This is a page about getting rid of ant hills.


Deadheading Irises

Deadheading Irises?Once your irises have flowered, it is time to remove the spent blossoms. This page is about deadheading irises.


Strawberry Rhubarb

Strawberry Rhubarb RecipesThis page contains strawberry rhubarb recipes. A combination of rhubarb and strawberries is a thrifty, delicious, spring treat.


Storing Guacamole

Storing GuacamoleKeeping your guacamole's color and texture can present a challenge. This page is about storing guacamole.


Growing Miniature Iris (Dwarf Iris)

Growing Miniature Iris (Dwarf Iris)This page is about growing miniature iris. Miniature iris are relatively easy to grow, but are not as hardy as the standard varieties.


Winterizing Bearded Irises

Winterizing Bearded Irises?This page is about winterizing bearded irises. Bearded irises can need special winter care depending on the the severity of your winter.


Repairing an Air Mattress

Repairing an Air MattressThis is a page about repairing an air mattress. Air mattresses are a convenient extra bed for guests or for use when camping, but they do sometimes spring a leak.


Growing Bearded Irises

Growing Bearded IrisesThis page is about growing bearded irises. Bearded iris come in a variety of colors. They are hardy, easy to grow and a good bulb for the beginning gardener.


View of the water line.

Flushing a Refrigerator Water LineThis is a page about flushing a refrigerator water line. There are occasions, such as after a repair, that you may need to flush the water supply line for your refrigerator.


Cleaning Your Carpet Without a Machine

Cleaning Your Carpet Without a Machine?Carpet cleaning machines can be quite expensive to buy and operate. This is a page about cleaning your carpet without a machine.


Transplanting Irises

Transplanting Irises?This page is about transplanting irises. There are many different beautiful varieties of this popular garden bulb.


Storing Onions

Storing OnionsThis page is about storing onions. Onions will keep for a long time if keep at the proper temperature and humidity.



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Pizza in a CrescentThese are great after school snacks for the kids!


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Hot Chicken SaladThis chicken salad is great! I especially love to top it with potato chips.


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Swiss Bliss in FoilThis is a great, easy Swiss steak recipe.


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Tex-Mex Hamburger DinnerThis recipe looks good and taste great. this is a confort food we use to eat.



Monarch Butterfly (Santa Barbara, CA)

Monarch Butterfly (Santa Barbara, CA)Out among the flowers on a sunny day came this beautiful Monarch butterfly. He stayed awhile, adding his beautiful hues to the garden colors.


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Shred Junk Mail ImmediatelyTo keep the clutter down of junk mail coming in the house, we keep a shredder handy and go through the mail as soon as it comes in. Magazines, newspapers, ads, etc. go into a bag to be recycled.


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Breaking in New ShoesI was getting blisters from my new shoes. A neighbor told me to rub clear deodorant where I was getting the blisters. This helped until I broke them in.


Homemade fishing game view of the finished fish and starfish in bucket.

Homemade Fishing GameFor almost no cost, you can make a fun gift for young kids. I've seen this idea all over the internet and came up with my own version.


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Planting in Cinder BlocksIf you have extra cinder blocks around the house fill them with soil and put your plants in them. It looks pretty nice. I saw this the other day; a lady even had berry plants in them.


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Low-Cost Living Room/Home OfficeSo often, I see decorating shows or articles which say they are low-cost, but then I see that they have spent thousands of dollars on one ROOM! One night, just for fun, as I sat in my cozy living room, I thought about where our living room furniture came from and how much each piece cost.


Cupcake Cones

Cupcake ConesThese are a little messy; the kids did these ones. Bake cupcakes right in an ice cream cone. It helps keep messes to a minimum and everything is edible.


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Reusing Paper Coffee FiltersWe drink a lot of coffee in our house and each time after making coffee, we threw out the paper filter along with the grinds. Since I didn't like wasting so many paper filters, I tried the resuable plastic coffee filters with the mesh.


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Rearrange Furniture To Relieve StressWhen under a lot of stress, I take to rearranging my furniture and decorative pieces. It is calming and a distraction from whatever is creating stress in my life at that particular moment.


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Six Minute JelloPut one small box of any flavored gelatin into a blender. Add 1 cup of boiling water and blend on low speed for 30 seconds. Add 1-1/2 cup crushed ice and blend on high speed for 30 seconds. Pour into a small bowl and set in the refrigerator for 5 minutes. This dessert treat tastes like sherbet.


Dish drainer in cupboard.

Store Dishes in the Cupboard in a DrainerPut a dish drainer in the cupboard to store your plates. This keeps them organized and makes it easier to get one.


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Plastic Lids as Mixer Splash GuardsWhen your using your mixer sometime, as you know, everything can splatter all over, especially when kids are helping. Use a plastic lid; cut a hole in it so your mixer can fit in it, then place it over your bowl. Splatters will be reduced.


Tinker Asleep in her Bed

Tinker Asleep in her Bed (Ferret)Our female ferret, Tinkerbell, is resting in a dog bed we put in her cage. Ferrets love to snuggle!



Finding Value of Vintage Encyclopedias?Hello,I have a complete set of Britannica Encyclopaedia, 15th edition 1974, in excellent condition. What are they worth?


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Uses for Plastic Venetian Blinds?I have lots of old venetian blinds that I no longer use and really don't want to see them go to the landfill. Any ideas of things to do with these would greatly be appreciated.


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Wallpaper Border from Home Trends?I am trying to locate wallpaper border from Home Trends that I purchased at Walmart. It is style # WT1082BCS, for the bathroom. It has old fashion pictures of signs on it: powder room, bathhouse, hot baths, etc. It is in brown and black tones.


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Cleaning Cds?I have two unscratched CDs that will not play. It would be nice to have them back. I am sure that all they need is careful cleaning.


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Rates for House Cleaning?My friend just bought his first home in the same city l live in and me being a stay home mom, l decided to clean their house before they move in. (For some cash.) I saw the house is a 2 story home and is very dirty.


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Taking Prenatal Vitamins for Healthy Hair?I was wondering if it was okay for me to be taking prenatal vitamins, I'm also on birth control. My sisters are the ones who recommended them for me because I want my hair to grow faster, but I've heard that it's bad for you to take if your not pregnant, and do not want to become pregnant.


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Identification Needed for Marriage License?We want to get married, but my boyfriend is not from this state and does not have ID. What kind of paperwork does he need for the marriage license?


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Cleaning a Stain on a Marble Fireplace?How do I get a mark off a new lightweight marble fireplace?


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Nail Polish Remover Stain in Bath Tub?Today I spilled about three caps full of pink nail polish remover into my bath tub, it's a new bath so when I'm cleaning I don't want to damage the colour under it. I tried bathroom cleaning wipes and that got most of it off, but now there's a big spill in the bath that won't budge.


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Repotting a Spider Plant?What is the best way to repot a spider plant? This one is a house plant.


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Free Roofing Repair Materials?My sister's roof is in very bad need of repair and she cannot afford to pay for all of it or hardly any of it for that matter because she raises 3 young children on her own. Does anyone know where we can find help?


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Something Is Eating The Leaves On My Weeping Cherry?Something is eating my leaves in my weeping cherry tree.


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Craftsman Riding Mower Won't Hold a Charge?I have a Craftsman riding mower. Every time I use it after about 15 minutes of cutting, it cuts off. It drains the battery which I then have to recharge. I have replaced the battery, ignition switch, had the starter rebuilt, solenoid switch replaced, and seat wiring. Any suggestions?


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Repairing a Peeling Wooden Toilet Seat?Is there any product I can use to fix a peel underneath my wooden toilet seat? The rest of it is good, only this one area is peeling. Any ideas? Thank you.


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Softening Brittle Hair Edges?How can I soften brittle hair edges from using a relaxer?


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Using Meat Tenderizer?Can meat tenderizer be added during the cooking process if I failed to put it on earlier?


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Septic Safe Cleaners?Is Ivory liquid and bar soap septic safe?


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Making a Shirt Purse?Do you really need to use staples on the shirt purse?


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Microfiber Upholstery Nap Always Shows Marks?What can you put on it so when you touch it, it won't make a mark? At the end of the day my sofa, love seat, and chair look terrible. There are dark spots all over them.


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Removing Soot from Walls and Ceiling?How do you get the black soot off the wall and ceilings when the furnace blows up and blows it out the vents?


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Storing Toilet Tissue?What can I use to store extra rolls of toilet tissue in the bathroom, near the stool. I can't use too large of a "footprint". The area is small. Thank you.


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Black Bugs on Burning Bush?My burning bush has small, completely black bugs, that have not moved yet. They are making the leaves roll and turn towards the inside.


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