January 17, 2013

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A stack of gift cards.

Uses for Expired Membership and Gift CardsThis page is about uses for expired membership and gift cards. Before tossing in the trash, you may find ways to reuse these cards around the home.


Blue Jeans Quilt Ideas

Blue Jeans Quilt IdeasThis is a page about blue jeans quilt ideas. Recycling blue jeans into craft projects is a great way to reuse this sturdy fabric.


A free range chicken on a farm.

Keeping Chickens Out of Your GardenThis is a page about keeping chickens out of your garden. Many chicken owners prefer to have them wander free range, at least part of the time. Even though the girls will help keep garden pests down they can do damage to your garden and flower beds.


Paying Off a Loan

Paying Off a LoanThis is a page about paying off a loan. Paying off a loan may not seem like much fun, but there are some tips that can help make it easier and possibly quicker.


Storing Cupcake Liners

Storing Cupcake LinersThis is a page about storing cupcake liners. If you like to bake cupcakes buy fancy liners for different occasions, you may be at a loss for a convenient way to store the extras until needed.


Hanging planter of petunias.

Homemade Plant Hanger IdeasThis is a page about homemade plant hanger ideas. Dress up your hanging plants with unique homemade plant hangers.


Keeping Drinks Cold

Keeping Drinks ColdThis is a page about keeping drinks cold. Keeping your drink cold on a hot day can be challenging.


Plastic Plant Pots

Uses for Plastic Plant PotsThis is a page about uses for plastic plant pots. Many gardeners have a growing stack of plastic pots from the nursery in their garage or shed.


Waffle Recipes

Waffle RecipesA delicious breakfast can be made with these crisp batter cakes. This page contains waffle recipes.


Freezing Squash

Freezing SquashThis is a page about freezing squash. Squash is often in abundance in the home garden.


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Uses for Dry Cleaning BagsThis page is about uses for dry cleaner bags. These plastic bags can be reused for a variety of things.


Organizing Lunch Boxes

Organizing Lunch BoxesThis is a page about organizing lunch boxes. School or work lunchboxes often seem to litter the countertop in the kitchen with no real home.


Growing Herbs

Growing HerbsThis is a page about growing herbs. Herbs are best when fresh. Growing your own ensures the ideal level of freshness and also allows for drying some for later use.


The rear license plate of a red car from California.

Discouraging Auto Tag TheftThis is a page about discouraging auto tag theft. Thieves may try to steal auto license tags to put on stolen vehicles.


moonflower closeup

Growing MoonflowersThis is a page about growing moonflowers. Add some night interest to your yard with one of the many varieties of night blooming flowers that are called moonflower or moonflower vine. Botanical names include ipomoea, datura and cereus, among others.


Blue Jeans

Keeping Blue Jeans Looking Like NewThis page is about keeping blue jeans looking like new. Sometimes you want to keep that dark blue color in your jeans.


Paying Off a Payday Loan

Paying Off a Payday LoanThis is a page about paying off a payday loan. While financial problems may make a payday loan seem like the best solution, they can be very difficult to repay, largely due to the very high interest rates.


sea shell switch plate

Decorating With Sea ShellsThis is a page about decorating with sea shells. Whether you are a collector or simply like to buy pretty unique shells at coastal shops, you can incorporate them into many lovely craft projects.


Making Plastic Canvas Doll Furniture - examples

Making Plastic Canvas Doll FurnitureThis is a page about making plastic canvas doll furniture. Plastic canvas is an ideal material for making doll furniture.


Clay Pot Candleholders

Clay Pot CandleholdersThis is a page about clay pot candleholders. Clay pots are an inexpensive craft supply that can be used for so many projects.


Uses for Bread Bags

Uses for Bread BagsThis is a page about uses for bread bags. So much of our food comes in plastic bags. Reusing them helps cut down on waste in our landfills.


Growing English Mallow

Growing English MallowThis page is about growing English mallow. This lovely perennial herb has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes since ancient times.


Crocheted Blue Jeans Rug

Crocheted Blue Jeans RugThose worn out denim pants can be reused to create a rug. This page is about crocheted blue jeans rug.


Storing Bagged Salad Mixes

Storing Bagged Salad MixesThis page is about storing bagged salad mixes. Once you have opened the bag, you want to keep the salad as fresh as possible.


Zucchini Plant Not Growing Fruit

Zucchini Plant Not Growing FruitThis is a page about a zucchini plant not growing fruit. Your zucchini plant is growing very well and even flowering, but not setting fruit.


Uses for Paper Bags

Uses for Paper BagsThis is a page about uses for paper bags. If you get paper bags at the store there are many ways you can reuse them.


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Making a Kitchen WitchThis is a page about making a kitchen witch. Having a kitchen witch to watch over your kitchen is supposed to keep food from burning.


Zucchini Growing

Zucchini Rotting on the VinePoor pollination or a lack of calcium can result in zucchini fruit rotting before it's ready to harvest. This page has advice about how to solve common problems that result in zucchini rotting on the vine.



Winter tree with golden sunset.

Winter SunsetSunsets are gorgeous where I am. I go out my door and this is what I see. Last night it was more vivid than normal. The pic with the tree was out my front door and the sky view with clouds was out my back door.


Dry apple slices covering soil in potted plant.

Show No Dirt Planter For Your KitchenHaving plants in my kitchen is a must, but I do not like looking at the dirt in the pot. If you dry apple slices and string them with wire, they can surround your plant to not show the dirt.


Bottle of blue nail polish.

Renewing an Old Monthly Planner with Nail PolishI have tons of monthly planners I get as gifts and I don't throw any of them away. I just have redone one for January of this year from the planner that was from January of last year.


Mason jar glued to candle holder.

Redneck Wine GlassRedneck wine glass made out of candle holder and Mason jar (with E-6000 glue).


pantry drawers

Using Drawers to Organize PantryOur pantry shelves don't go all the way to the floor, so there was a lot of wasted space that could be used. I bought a few plastic drawer sets and adjusted the shelving so that the drawers fit underneath.


Coffee can with a colorful snowman taped on.

Snowman Coffee Can Supply HolderCoffee can with decorative snowman. I love walking by and seeing this cheerful snowman smile at me!



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Mothballs with Rough Surfaces for Bouncing Mothball ProjectWhat brand, or brands, of mothballs have rough surfaces for satisfactory use in the Bouncing Mothball type of project? I don't want to waste any more money with buying a brand that just doesn't work.


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Frame and Instructions for Making Pom Pom PillowsI use to have a frame and instructions for making pom pom pillows, but have lost both. Could someone please send me the instructions for the making of the frame? Thanks for the help.


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Selling 1892 Chambers Encyclopedia Set?I have a complete 10 volume set of Chambers's Encyclopaedia, published by William and Robert Chambers, limited London and Edinburgh, J.B.Lippincott Company, Philadelphia 1892.It is a perfect conservation. I would like sell it. Any suggestions?


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Working as a Longshoreman in Virginia?How do you obtain an employment application for a longshoreman position in Hampton Roads Virginia?


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