April 14, 2013

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Using HorseradishThis page is about using horseradish. A pungent root that has been cultivated since antiquity for its culinary and medicinal uses, and care must be taken when preparing it for use.



Mackerel RecipesThis page contains mackerel recipes. Mackerel is not only inexpensive, but it also contains Omega 3 fatty acids and other valuable nutrients.


Christmas Tea Party

Christmas Tea Party TipsThis is a page about Christmas tea party tips. Whether you are looking for new ideas for your traditional party or hosting your first Christmas tea party, you can always use some helpful tips.


Cigarette Smoke Odors

Removing Cigarette Smoke Odors From a...The smell of cigarette smoke is strong, pervasive, and often lingers in a home. This page is about removing cigarette smoke odors from a house.


Removing a bandaid and leaving behind some adhesive residue.

Removing Adhesive Residue on SkinThis is a page about removing adhesive residue on skin. Medicated patches, adhesive tape, etc. can leave sticky, hard to remove, residue on your skin.


Canvas Tent

Removing Mold From Canvas?This page is about removing mold from canvas. When fabric can not dry out completely, mold and mildew can develop.


Injured dog wearing a dish.

Treating a Small Cut on Your DogThis is a page about treating a small cut on your dog. Small cuts on your dog may often be safely treated at home.


Dog Jumping

Keeping Dogs from Jumping Your FenceThis is a page about keeping dogs from jumping your fence. Some dogs just love to jump over the fence, as soon as you turn your back, and head off on an adventure.


Baking Pan

Preventing Rust on Baking PansThis is a page about how to prevent rust on baking pans. Proper cleaning and storage should help keep your baking pans from getting rusty.


Nail Polish Bottle

Uses for Nail PolishThis page is about uses for nail polish. Fingernail enamel can be useful for many other things.


A woman shopping.

What is Travel Knit Fabric?This is a page about what is travel knit fabric. Perhaps you have seen ads for this knit fabric, but are unsure of exactly what it is.


blue cooler

Removing Smells from CoolersThis page is about removing smells from coolers. Keeping your ice chest clean and smelling fresh is the goal.


mother daughter discussing

Discussing Menstruation With Your DaughterThis page is about discussing menstruation with your daughter. It is important for young woman to to know that they are not alone, and their monthly cycle can begin at anytime.


Cat Friendly Plants

Cat Friendly Plants?This page is about cat friendly plants. Growing plants that are safe and not poisonous to your pets, is an important consideration.


Coffee filter with coffee in it.

Saving Money on Coffee FiltersThis is a page about saving money on coffee filters. Single use paper coffee filters may seem pricey for the way they are intended to be used.


Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore RecipesThis page contains chicken cacciatore recipes. This delicious tomato sauced chicken and pasta dish is easy to make and can be tailored to your own pallet.


Butterscotch Haystack Recipes

Butterscotch Haystack RecipesThis page contains butterscotch haystack recipes. These butterscotch and peanut butter flavored candies are quick and easy to make and sure to be an instant hit with friends and family.


5 year old dancing

Entertaining a 5 Year Old?This page is about entertaining a 5 year old. When you have lots of energy, it is fun to share time with these agile young people.


Self Rising Flour

Baking With Self Rising FlourThis page is about baking with self rising flour. A flour that has leavening and salt already added to it.


Have Fun While Cleaning

Have Fun While CleaningThis page is about have fun while cleaning with music. It helps make the chores go faster when you can enjoy yourself with some tunes.



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Uses For Old Tennis BallsI am always searching through my purse for my loose change, so I decided to cut a slit into a tennis ball. I put all my change into it, now I can find my change without having to search for 10 minutes.



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Value of The Encyclopedia Americana 1951?Could anyone tell me what this set is worth?


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Veggie Burger Recipe?Do you have a recipe for a veggie burger?


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Stabilising Dye in Clothing?I recently bought a red cardigan and when I wore it, it transferred the red dye onto my white t-shirt. I have managed to remove the red dye from the t- shirt, but I am wondering is there a way I can stabilise the dye in the cardigan to prevent it transferring to my other clothing when worn together.


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Buying Coarse Nylon Netting?Where can I buy this nylon netting?


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Painting Kitchen Countertops?How do you not use your kitchen counters while the paint dries and the sealer cures? I've been wanting to paint my kitchen counter tops for a few months now, but I don't see how it's possible not to use them while the sealer cures.


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Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing Recipe?I would like a recipe for a balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing. Thank you.


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House Trained Rescue Dog Starting to Have Accidents?I adopted a rescue dog last weekend. Her foster mom said that she didn't have any accidents while she had her, about 4 months. From what we can tell, she has had multiple litters of puppies.


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Treating a 4 Week Old Kitten's Matted Eyes?One of my kitten's eyes are matted shut. I use a warm compress and get them open. I had used a Q-tip with just a touch of Vaseline and put around the eye so it wouldn't get sore, but it does mat again after a few hours when he sleeps.


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MTD Riding Mower Won't Restart?I have a one year old mower that was working well, then shut off. I cleaned plug, changed gas, cleaned everything, and charged battery and it still won't start. It is getting gas and is getting spark. The model is 13AM772S000. I am pretty handy with some things and have all tools needed. Thanks.


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Removing Melted Crayon from Dried Jeans?How do you remove melted black crayon from denim jeans?


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Gums Hurt After Extractions?I just had 10 teeth pulled, all upper. I have been able to keep my teeth in, but my mouth is very sore. Monday will be a week. I went in to the dentist to file down sides of the false teeth, but have noticed the right side hurts like hell.


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Social Security and Child Support?Do I understand this right? When I sign my child up for SS I will stop paying child support?


Yellow dog lying on couch.

What Breed is My Dog?Her tail curls up, has a build like a Greyhound, but she is the size of maybe a Lab. I figured she is some sort of hound. She also has brown non-bothering sclera I've heard that is common in some breeds.


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Cleaning Textured Flooring in a Warehouse?I need to clean popcorn textured flooring in a warehouse that has grey painting on top. What do you use to clean in a big area? I have to make it clean on Tuesday? Any suggestions?


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Ideas for Inexpensive 16th Birthday Party?I have never had a birthday party in my life and am now turning 16. My mom told me I am going to have a party, but I have to plan it and it needs to be very cheap.


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Ladybugs in the House?I live in the northeast and I am curious to know if anyone else is having a problem with ladybugs. For the past five years I have been inundated with them in the fall season. Now I am noticing them in the start of the spring season.


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Children's Golden Book Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition?I have a complete set of "The Golden Book Encyclopedia, Deluxe Edition" from1959. it is in good condition, with wonderful colorful graphics. I am wondering if they have any value?


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Removing Scotch Tape from Window Film?There is Scotch tape on the window film at our new lease space. I need to remove it, but do not want to ruin the film on the store windows.


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Removing Diesel Fuel Odor?How do you remove diesel fuel smell from clothes and trunk of car?


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Good Security Software for My Computer?I need to install new security soon. Any recommendations? I am not very computer literate, I need something that's easy to install.


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Sulphur Smell in Well Water?I just purchased a rental property and the well water has a strong sulphur smell. My concern is that the house is old and the septic system is within 10 yards of well. Could the septic have compromised the well?


Parents in cage.

Caring for Finch Eggs and Chicks?I have a pair of zebra finches. Two weeks ago they laid 9 eggs in a period of 4-5 days out of which 5 were fertile. Yesterday two of the eggs hatched, but the parents didn't seem to be feeding them properly so I hand fed them this morning.


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Brand Name Ideas for Interior Designing Products Business?I need a brand name for my interior designing products like mineral fibre ceiling tiles, PVC wall panellings, wooden flooring, ACP Sheets, etc. The brand name should be general and cover majority of the said materials.


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Sweet 16 Party Ideas?I'm turning 16 in November, but I'm having my birthday party in September or October. I want to have a country themed party. There's gonna be a bounce house, a kissing booth, a crazy photo booth, and dancing, but I just don't know what other activities or games to do?


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Stretching Non-leather Shoes?Do these homemade solutions work on non-leather shoes? I bought a pair for a wedding that have a satin finish on the outside and man-made material inside.


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Buying Flipper Teeth?Can I buy flippers in south Africa and if so were?


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Buying Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles?I want to import mineral fibre ceiling tiles. Can anyone please suggest a brand name? Current major brand in the market: Armstrong.


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