May 10, 2013

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Organizing SandpaperThis is a page about organizing sandpaper. Keeping your sandpaper organized will make it easier to find just the right grit for the job.


rust stains bathroom sink

Removing Rust Stains in the BathroomThis is a page about removing rust stains in the bathroom. Your bathroom fixtures can be stained by rust from several sources, such as old leaky pipes or well water.


cat in a house

Getting Rid of Cat Urine OdorsThis is a page about getting rid of cat urine odors. The smell of cat urine is very unpleasant.


Girl Whitening Her Teeth

Whitening Your TeethThis is a page about whitening your teeth. Your dentist will certainly provide tooth whitening services, but you can save money by using, at home, alternative methods.


Wedding Invitations

Saving Money on Wedding InvitationsThis is a page about saving money on wedding invitations. The cost of a wedding can be overwhelming, but there are ways to reduce the overall expenditure.


Shirley Poppies

Growing Shirley PoppyThis is a page about growing Shirley poppy. The Shirley poppy is easily grown from seed and available in a variety of colors.


Stainless Steel Sink

Removing Rust from a Stainless Steel Sink?This is a page about removing rust from a stainless steel sink. Leaving a food can or cast iron pan in the sink overnight can leave rust stains on your sink.


Vinyl Flooring

Removing Rust Stains from Vinyl Flooring?This is a page about removing rust stains from vinyl flooring. Furniture, cans, and other metal objects can leave rust stains on your vinyl flooring. You will want to use the best products and techniques to remove the stain and not ruin the finish.


Giving Cookies as Gifts

Giving Cookies as GiftsThis is a page about giving cookies as gifts. Homemade cookies are a great gift idea, fun to make and more fun to eat.


organized workshop

Organizing Your WorkshopThis is a page about organizing your workshop. A well organized workshop makes working on your home projects much easier.


Close Up of Handwriting

Handwriting TipsThis is a page about handwriting tips. We have all be taught penmanship in school, but over time we develop our own handwriting style. However, when writing down information for others to read, we want to make sure that our handwriting is clear and easily readable.


Wood Deck

Refinishing a Wood DeckThis is a page about refinishing a wood deck. Time and weather take their toll on wood decks.


Celandine Poppy

Growing Celandine Poppy (Wood Poppy)This is a page about growing Celandine poppy (wood poppy). This poppy, a wild flower native to the eastern US, is a good choice if you have shady, moist area in your garden.


Permanent Ink

Removing Permanent Ink (Sharpie) from Metal?This is a page about removing permanent ink (Sharpie) from metal. The good news with regard to removing permanent marker from a metal surface is that it is easier to remove Sharpie from nonporous surfaces.


Food Scraps

Uses for Food ScrapsThis is a page about uses for food scraps. Food scraps don't have to go in the trash, they can be used or recycled in a number of useful ways.


cleaning carpet stains

Removing Rust Stains from Carpet?This is a page about removing rust stains from carpet. Removing rust stains on carpet is generally easy enough to do with products you already have around the house.



Cleaning Candle Wax from UpholsteryThis is a page about cleaning candle wax from upholstery. Removing candle wax from upholstery can be difficult, not only is there the actual wax residue, but there can also be an oily stain and sometimes dye.


Perfume Sample Bottles

Using Perfume SamplesThis is a page about using perfume samples. Perfume samples can be used in ways other than as a body scent.


Storing Paint Cans

Storing Paint CansThis is a page about storing paint cans. Storing your paint properly can keep opened cans useful for a longer time and save you money.


leather car seat

Removing Rust Stains from Leather?This is a page about removing rust stains from leather. Rust stains on leather furniture, car seats, and other items can be difficult to remove without damaging the finish and color of the leather.


Barbecue Food Safety

Barbecue Food Safety TipsThis is a page about barbecue food safety tips. Barbecuing is a favorite way to cook, that is not just for summer anymore. Cooking outside does require some safety precautions to ensure that the food is kept cold and handled properly under conditions less controlled than in your kitchen.


Houseguests Enjoying a Gathering

Being a HouseguestThis is a page about being a houseguest. Being a good houseguest will ensure a pleasant stay and a likely invitation to return.



lemons on a table

Canning Lemons in Hot Water BathLemon trees are a wonderful thing to have in your yard if you like lemon meringue pie. I particularly enjoy Ponderosa lemons. They are big and almost look like grapefruit except for little knobs at the ends.


mowing the lawn

Fixing a Lawn Mower That Won't StartWe have a Craftsman mower (with a Briggs and Stratton engine) that we have not taken very good care of. Not only did we not remove the gasoline before wintering it over, but we also did not maintain the air filter or spark plug.


Cat in box.

Tinka (Domestic Shorthair)Tinka was the last kitten in the litter. She had a heart murmur and nobody wanted her. We took her home with us in 2003 and we love her to bits.



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Toddler Kicked Younger Brother?Today my four year old daughter kicked my 13 month old son in the head. When asked why she did this she said" because she wanted too." She has never done this before. What should I do? I'm a old fashion husband and I know what my dad would have done, but I feel there's a better way. Any suggestions?


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Remedy for Sweaty Hands?My hands sweat way too much and no one understands the problem unless they go through it. I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me some helpful suggestions that stop sweaty hands permanently. I know a lot of you guys ask questions like this, so please reply asap. Thanks!


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Protecting My Garden From Locust?How do you keep your flowers and garden safe from locust?


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Introducing a New Cat to an Older Resident Cat?I have a 13 year old male cat (Oliver) and he has brought so much joy in my life, however I feel like I have some much love to give that I want another cat. Also, I work long hours and I always feel bad for leaving him alone.


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Painting Countertops?I've used acrylic crafters paint on my laminate counters, is there a wait time before beginning to apply several layers of polyacrylic? (I know it should be at least two hours between coats of the quick drying poly.)


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Activity Ideas for People with Limited Movement?Please could anyone help with things to do with people with little or no movement skills?


Kenmore Refrigerator Not Cooling?The fridge on fridge/freezer is not cooling. The freezer is working fine.


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Replanting Grass After Killing Weeds with Vinegar?How long after using vinegar to kill weeds can you replant lawns?


Using Drugstore Witch Hazel for Combination Skin?I have very large pores (holes) on the nose and near the cheeks (bumps). I tried Eskinol Pore Minimizing toner and it works "well" for me, but it contains alcohol, so I'd like to skip that.


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Improving the Appearance of Chair?My husband bought a zero gravity chair. I think it looks awful. He wants it in the living room. Our house is an open floor plan, so I can see this eyesore no matter where I am. It doesn't match any of our traditional wood furniture. It looks like a giant camp chair which would be okay, maybe, if we lived in a tent, but we don't. Does anyone have any idea for a covering of some sort that will minimize the hideousness of this thing?


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