May 21, 2013

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Disrespectful teen and her parents.

Parenting Disrespectful Teens?This page is about parenting disrespectful teens. Young people sometimes don't realize how they can hurt people with their emotional stance, and need to learn respect.


A strawberry with ants on it.

Getting Rid of Ants on Strawberry Plants?This page is about getting rid of ants on strawberry plants. Some insects like your strawberries as much as you do.


clothes dryer

Venting Your Dryer InsideThis page is about venting your dryer inside. Additional heat and moisture will be added to your home if your dryer is not vented outside.


A girl on a merry go round at an amusement park.

Saving Money on EntertainmentThis page is about saving money on entertainment. Finding fun places to go and things to do does not have to cost a lot.


kitchen drain

Gurgling Drains?This is a page about gurgling drains. Gurgling drains can be the result of a blockage or venting issues.


A woman eating an apple.

Low Calorie SnacksThis page contains low calorie snacks. When watching your calorie count its nice to have guilt- free snacks in your diet.


A tuxedo cat sitting in front of his food.

How Much Should I Feed My Cat?This is a page about how much should I feed my cat. Although the container or bag of cat food will have instructions for the amount to feed your pet, this may not be the best meal size for your cat.


diet cola

Removing Diet Coke Stains From Clothing?This is a page about removing Diet Coke Stains from clothing. That dark brown stain from you Diet Coke looks like it will be difficult to remove.


A mouse on the counter.

Mice Repellent RecipesThis page contains mice repellent recipes. Discouraging rodents from coming into your home, car or garden is the goal.


Coffee being served at a wedding in a white cup with a chocolate candy.

Serving Coffee at a Wedding?This is a page about serving coffee at a wedding. Coffee is often served at a wedding reception.


A child eating smores at a camp site.

Camping Dessert IdeasEnjoy your camping trip even more with fun fire side treats. This page contains camping dessert ideas.


Slice of Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding RecipesThis page contains Christmas pudding recipes. The classic Christmas pudding is steamed in cloth. There are many variations on this traditional holiday dessert.


Entertainment Book Website

Saving Money With an Entertainment BookThis page is about saving money with an entertainment book. Available for most major metropolitan areas, these coupon books can give you more for your money.


ThriftyFun's Homepage

ThriftyFun in the MediaThis page is about ThriftyFun in the media. Our website has been mentioned in the media over its many years online.


Nice bathroom with a glass shower door.

Adding Etching to a Glass Shower DoorThis page is about adding etching to a glass shower door. A hard water damaged glass shower enclosure may not have to be replaced by adding some etching.


Lap Quilt

Making a Lap Quilt?This is a page about making a lap quilt. The smaller size of a lap quilt makes it perfect for snuggling under on a chilly evening. The pattern can be as simple or intricate as you like.


Cedar Shower Walls

Cleaning Cedar Shower Walls?This page is about cleaning cedar shower walls. Knowing the proper maintenance for a wood shower walls will keep them looking beautiful.


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Growing an Alberta Spruce in a Container?This is a page about growing an Alberta spruce in a container. Because of its small size and slow growth habits an Alberta spruce is a good container plant.



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No-Bake Boston Cream CakeVery easy to make and delicious!


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Delicious Homemade Flavored Coffee CreamerI love those flavored coffee creamers from the store. But what are they made of? Is there anything that sounds edible in there? And who knows what they don't put on the label!


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Homemade Bouillon Free Dry Onion Soup MixThis is better than the onion soup mixes that come in an envelope you buy at the store.


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Simple Steak SauceHere is a simple delicious steak sauce. Warmed up leftover sauce goes great with fresh bread.


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Home Economics Cookbook LasagnaIn high school our home economics class put out a cookbook of our mothers' recipes. I got this from there and have been using it ever since. I haven't seen this recipe on this site, so wanted to share.



wrapped loaves in freezer bag

Freezing Banana BreadWe can't always eat an entire batch of banana bread before it starts to dry out or mold. Knowing this ahead of time means I can wrap up part of the batch and freeze it for later instead of having to throw it away.


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Make a Headboard from an Old DoorI had an old door so I padded and covered it made head broad for a king size bed.


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Replacing Worn Off Keyboard LettersBlack keyboard: Silver Sharpies. It's not as neat as the stickers, but cheap. Silver Sharpies are great for writing on black surfaces


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Critter-proof Your Flowerpots and BarrelsIf you can get a roll of "garden fence" plastic, measure the diameter of your pot or barrel and cut a piece to fit plus a couple of inches.


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Store Leftover Paint In Ketchup BottlesUp-cycle your old squeeze ketchup bottles. I use them to store my leftover water based paints. I use a funnel to pour the paint into the bottle and a rubber spatula to scrap the remaining paint from the can.


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Use Cardboard To Clean KeyboardI found to my surprise that using cardboard from a toilet paper roll, about the size of a large paperclip, makes an excellent hair and debris picker-upper from off the keyboard.


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Cleaning Trash CansHose your trash and kitchen garbage cans outside and put dish soap in and scrub with a sponge and let it air dry outside. Then spray with disinfectant.


Japanese iris.

My Garden in MayPurple and white Japanese iris flowers in foreground with wallflower in background.


Window decorated for Christmas.

Seasonal Decorated WindowWindow frame without glass featuring craft items for each season or holiday.


A mini blind slat with the plant name written on the top.

Mini Blinds For Plant LabelsI have already submitted a couple of ideas for plant labels. This is my absolute favorite. Cut old, one inch mini blinds into five inch strips. Taper one end. Just write the plant name and plant date on them with a pencil or marker.


Closeup of blooming wisteria.

Blooming WisteriaMy wisteria has finally bloomed. It took 3 years before it decided to hang beautifully on my arbor.


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Non Toxic Tick Repellent for DogsI found this tick repellent which someone posted on Facebook. I am going to try the pet repellent formula which is as follows, and I might make a few changes.


fresh papayas

Canning Papayas in Hot Water BathIf you like papayas, canning them makes it easy to enjoy them any time of year.



Canning Oranges in a Hot Bath CannerIf you live in an orange growing climate, you are lucky. If you have citrus trees in your backyard, you have hit the jackpot. There are several different types of oranges and all are sweet.



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Making a Yarn Dog?I want to make the yarn dog without the coat hanger. I'm looking for the pattern to make this dog. Can someone help?


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Name for Men's Fabric Showroom?Can someone give me some name ideas for a men's textile showroom starting with ka or cha?


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Mower Motor Won't Run?The engine is running fine. The male connection of fuel solenoid broke off. I replaced it with part Sears sent me. Now it will crank, but not turn over. It will run a few seconds if gas drops are put directly in carb; there is gas in bowl.


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Waverly Cranston Plaid Wallpaper?Where can I find a roll of Waverly Cranston plaid wallpaper; indigo color?


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Girl's 12th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter's b-day is in June and she has no ideas for it and needs help! She just said no salon stuff and it has to be cheap. We would like something we could do at home that boys and girls will like.


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Finding a New Craft Hobby?I am bored out of my mind. I just moved to a new area, I know no one. I am totally broke and looking for a second job. What can I do besides work out? I love arts and crafts, but I have no inspiration in this boring place. Help.


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Hand Washing Dishes Sitting Down?I am disabled and have to use an office chair (I use it do do everything in the kitchen) to sit on while I do dishes. It puts me at a height that makes the water roll down my arm. I spend half of the time cleaning the dishes and the other half wiping my arm off.


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Winterizing a Vacant House?Do your have any hints for winterizing a home in Ohio due to wintering in Florida?


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Drying Flower Petals for Sachets?Any suggestions on drying flower petals for use later in sachet bags? I don't have a lot of space and laying them out for days is really inconvenient. If anyone knows of a quicker method please please share.


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Patio Swing Canopy?Where would I find a canopy for my two man recliner swing?


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Towels Washed in Homemade Soap Not Absorbent?I'm a recent convert to using home made laundry soap. The ingredients I use are: washing soda, borax, and grated Ivory soap or Fels Naptha. After about 8 months of using this mixture (in a water base, not as a dry soap), I have noticed that none of our towels absorb moisture very well any more.


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Giving a Cat Brewer's Yeast?How many grams of brewers yeast, per day, for a 12 lb cat?


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Keeping Celery Crisp?What is the secret to keeping celery fresh to the last stalk? We (my spouse and I) found out that eating celery every day seems to help with lowering blood pressure. Our only problem is keeping it nice and crisp to the last stalk.


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Making Large Biscuits from Scratch?How do I make big biscuits from scratch? I live in Thailand and have been divorced for many years. I miss my biscuits! Preferably the big "Catheads" kind.


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Cat Pee on a Leather Couch?I can not sit on this couch without smelling the horrible stench of cat urine. I don't think anyone has ever tried to clean it before. It is leather or faux leather, and brand new. And anything that touches it ends up smelling bad too.


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Summer Fun for Boys?My friend and I both have two sons ages 13 and 11 and we are looking for some inexpensive ideas to help them enjoy their summer break without breaking our purses. Please help!


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Table Centrepieces for a 60th Birthday Celebration?We are having an old classmates get-together with dinner along with our spouses to celebrate our 60th birthday.


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Little Black Caterpillars (Worms)?We have little black worms, about an inch long, crawling all over our porch and house, by the hundreds. What are they?


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Rotten Meat Smell in Refrigerator?We just acquired a camper that had been abandoned for the last two years. My husband opened the fridge/freezer and found that there was meat that had been left in there. The smell was horrific.


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Getting a Job as a Longshoreman?How can I get a job as a longshoreman?


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Will SSI Benefits Include Husband and Children?I recently got a letter stating I was approved for a set time limit (just while I was under chemo, 20 months). The letter did not state an amount and I have tried to call them and get different answers from everyone. My husband had 2 heart attacks, a mild stroke, and has seizures at the age of 33.


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Real Estate Company Name?I have opened a new real estate company. Can you suggest a name suitable for my company?


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