June 30, 2013

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making a cloak

Making a Cloak?This is a page about making a cloak. Although currently often used as part of a costume, a cloak is also a stylish way to keep warm, and very retro.


Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot

Amazon Parrot Information and PhotosThis is a page containing Amazon parrot information and photos. The Amazon parrots consist of approximately 30 different species ranging in size from medium to large. They are native to the new world with a range covering South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.


Kids sitting and listening to their preschool teacher.

Name Ideas for a Preschool?This page contains name ideas for a preschool. Choose an easy to remember name for your business.


Preschool kids sitting at a table holding a sign that says school.

Slogan Ideas for a Preschool?This is a page about slogan ideas for a preschool. A well worded slogan can easily convey the philosophy of your business.


Dog looking sad.

Emergency Preparedness Tips for Pet OwnersThis page contains emergency preparedness tips for pet owners. It is important to have a plan for everyone in your household in case of an emergency.


Turning a Planner Into a Purse

Turning a Planner Into a PurseThis is a page about turning a planner into a purse. If your purse does not have the features you need, perhaps an unusual option would be to make a purse from a planner.


Making a Fabric Dinner Roll Holder

Making a Fabric Dinner Roll HolderThis is a page about making a fabric dinner roll holder. A fabric dinner roll holder will help complete your holiday or special dinner table.


A man installing window shades.

Starting a Window Blinds and Shades Business?This is a page about starting a window blinds and shades business. A window blind and shade company would make a good choice for a small business.


Tropical Sunset

Sunset PhotosThis page contains sunset photos. The vibrant colors of a sunset make it a popular subject for photographers.


Inside a Microwave

Repairing Paint Inside a MicrowaveThis is a page about repairing paint inside a microwave. Minor chips or burns in the paint on the inside of your microwave are easy to repair. You will need to purchase the proper appliance paint and prep the areas.


Photo of a plum tree with delicious fruit.

Natural Pesticide Solutions for Fruit Trees?This page contains natural pesticide solutions for fruit trees. Having blemish free fruit can be a challenge using natural methods.


Cleaning a Thermos

Cleaning a ThermosThis page is about cleaning a thermos. Whether stainless steel or glass, these insulated containers need to be rid of prior food or beverage odors.


Logo for a ThriftyFun Guide

Making a Candy CorsageThis is a page about making a candy corsage. Birthdays and other holidays are the perfect occasion for making and giving a unique handmade candy corsage.


A grade school age girl eating lunch.

Nut Free Lunch Snacks Ideas?This page contains nut free lunch snacks ideas. Although these foods are high in protein, there are people who can not eat them.


A girl studying abroad.

Finding a Study Abroad Program?This is a page about finding a study abroad program. Finding a study abroad program can provide you with a memorable experience.


Natural Pesticide

Natural Pesticide Recipes for Vegetable GardensThis page is about natural pesticide recipes for vegetable gardens. Having fresh, chemical free vegetables growing in your garden is great, and can save you money.


Tea spilling on a laptop computer keyboard.

Protect Your Laptop From SpillsThis is a page about how to protect your laptop from spills. Many of us will have a cup of tea, coffee, or a soda while working on a laptop, likewise it is common to find the laptop in the kitchen being used for recipes. All of these instances place it at risk from accidental spills.


man using pesticide

Using Pesticides on a Vegetable Garden?This is a page about using pesticides on a vegetable garden. If you choose to use pesticides in your vegetable garden there are some procedures and schedules you will want to be aware of.


African children holding a sign that says hope.

Donating Books to African Children?This is a page about donating books to African children. There are several organizations you can contact in order to donate books to be shipped to children in Africa.



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Homemade Aphid Spray with Vinegar?I have seen posts that suggest using vinegar to get rid of aphids. Isn't vinegar harmful to growing things?


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Removing Tree Sap?How do I remove pine tree sap from a tent trailer?


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Pool Water Cloudy?The filter broke, it was 3 days before I installed a new sand filter. The pool water was a disgusting green, I could not see the 2nd step on the ladder.


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George Foreman Grill Parts?Where can I find grill plates for the George Foreman GRP90WGR grill?


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Elderly Dog Pooping Inside?I have a 17 year old Chow Chow/sheltie. She's started pooping in the house sometimes. She is stiff when walking around, joint supplements in her food have helped that and she is no longer in need of anti-inflammatories.


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Cleaning a Wedding Dress with Real Pearls?I have the most beautiful wedding dress, short flapper, layered lace completely encrusted with real seed pearls. Alas, as it is an original secondhand dress, there are a few discolourations and stains.


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Finding Free Building Materials?I am looking for cheap or free or even donated building materials to help my family and other families. My house is a one story house that has been in construction since I can remember.


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Electrical Outlets Not Working in One Room?All of the electrical outlets in one room stopped working at the same time. They are standard outlets so there is no reset button on them. The breaker is not tripped so what else could be the problem? Someone mentioned a possible blown fuse so how would you look for that to change it?


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Repairing Muffler on Motorcycle?How can I quickly fix my muffler so that is doesn't melt the plastic on my CBR 1000rr bec motorcycle?


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Buying Scratch Resistant Eyeglasses?What are the best scratch resistant eyeglasses?


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Can I Transplant Older Sunflowers?I want to move my sunflower plants from one area to another. Can I do this without killing them? If so, how do you recommend I do this?


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Removing Wax from Very Old Crochet Tablecloth?Please tell me how I would get candle wax off my very old crochet tablecloth?


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Varnishing Over Varnish?Is there a varnish I can paint over the dark varnish to make it very light without stripping or sanding?


Small terrier.

Dog Pooping Inside and Not Obeying Commands?I have a four year old mixed terrier. She is a loving dog and has so much love to give, but when she doesn't get her own way she does the toilet on the floor. Sometimes she tries to hide it other times she doesn't.


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Ideas for Making Palm Tree Leaves?Does anyone have any ideas on how to make palm tree leaves? Fabric is too limp and cardboard is a bit too stiff.


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Boyfriend's 19th Birthday Gift Ideas?I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years now, he is turning 19! We have celebrated a lot of birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions. I have brought him everything I could think of, such as: clothes, jewelery, cologne, and shoes.


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Homecoming Float Ideas?So, for our homecoming, we are challenging a Chargers team; we are the Hawks. Does anyone have any ideas of what it should look like? Besides having the corny idea of pulling out a wire from an outlet and saying "unplug the Chargers". Lol. Please?


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Bumps on Esperanza Plant Leaves?I recently bought a mature Esperanza, 3 gallon, at Home Depot. It has great blooms and is still thriving, however little spore like bumps are appearing on the leaves...like blisters. What might this be and do I need to do anything? So far the leaves are not dropping nor turning color.


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Putting Protectant on Shower Stalls?I have a new shower enclosure. What can be put on it to make it clean easier? I have heard car wax and also Rain-X. Are any of these suitable?


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1883 American Cyclopedia Set?I have 11 volumes of American Cyclopedia (printed 1883) and 18 volumes of Annual Cyclopedia (from 1875 to 1900). They are in beautiful condition on the inside. The outside leather has signs of rubbing and wear. I was wondering the value of the books, both monetarily and historic.


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