August 21, 2013

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painting furniture

Furniture Paint Color Advice?This is a page about furniture paint color advice. Painted furniture can be a focal point in a room or complement the other furnishings and accessories.


Photo of a red camellia.

Selecting Perennials for Northern Texas?This page is about selecting perennials for northern Texas. Planting the best perennials for your growing zone and environment will help insure gardening success.


An old car with open windows.

Removing Odors from a Car?Unpleasant smells that linger can be a challenge to get rid of. This page is about removing odors from a car.


A professional cleaner with his cleaning supplies.

Setting Rates for Cleaning ServicesPart of running a successful cleaning business is being able to estimate the job and charge a reasonable rate that will meet your financial needs and attract customers. This is a page about setting rates for cleaning services.


A fallen tree on a house.

Storm Damage PhotosThis is a page about storm damage photos. Photos of storm damage can document the power and devastation of these natural phenomenon.


A woman with sensitive teeth.

Remedies for Sensitive TeethThis page contains remedies for sensitive teeth. When your teeth are sensitive it can make eating and drinking very uncomfortable.


Homemade Wheat Thins

Homemade Wheat Thins RecipesThis page contains homemade wheat thins recipes. Making your own crackers can be delicious and fun.


suede leather shoes

Repairing Shoe InsolesThis page is about repairing shoe insoles. Sometimes you want to extend the life of of a favorite pair of shoes.


A pot cooking over a fire.

Camping RecipesThis page contains camping recipes. Good food is always appreciated when you are staying out of doors.


Peppercorns and a pepper mill.

Using PeppercornsThis is a page about using peppercorns. Rather than buying ground pepper, you can also buy peppercorns. They are available in white, pink, green, and the well known black. Peppercorns are of course used in cooking, but they are also known for their medicinal properties.


constipated woman

Remedies for ConstipationThis page is about remedies for constipation. When there is difficulty emptying your bowels, it can be very uncomfortable.


Akita Mix

Akita Mix PhotosThis page contains Akita mix photos. Dogs mixed with this breed are usually large and powerful.


apple crisp

Apple Dessert RecipesThis page contains apple dessert recipes. There are many ways to use this fruit to create a sweet treat.


An apple press making apple juice.

Canning Apple Juice?This page is about canning apple juice. Juicing your own apples and canning it is very satisfying.


quilled snowflake

Finding Quilling Patterns?This page is about finding quilling patterns. Although this paper craft appears delicate and very ornate, it really is quite simple and inexpensive.


preschool class

Saving Money on PreschoolThis page is about saving money on preschool. Giving your youngster social interactions and learning experiences can be inexpensive.


recycled can planters

Making Crafts With Recycled ItemsThis is a page about making crafts with recycled items. Many of the items that often end up in the trash or the recycle bin would actually be perfect for use in many recycle crafts.


photo of a dog

Causes of Sudden Death in Dogs?This is a page about the causes of sudden death in dogs. It is devastating when a pet dies suddenly, with no prior history of disease.


man driving

Safe Driving TipsThis page contains safe driving tips. There are many things to keep in mind to help you drive defensively and arrive safely at your destination.


Laundry soap on top of a washer.

Best Laundry Soap for Front Load Washers?This is a page about best laundry soap for front load washers. There are laundry detergents made especially for front loading washers. Choosing the best one for your machine can improve its overall performance.


female beagle

At What Age Do Dogs Go Into Their First Heat?This page is about at what age do dogs go into their first heat? Knowing when your female dog will go into heat will help you plan for spaying.


A chipmunk sitting on a brand.

Keeping Chipmunks Out of a GardenThis is a page about keeping chipmunks out of a garden. Chipmunks enjoy a nice fruit or vegetable entree straight from your garden. However, you probably have different ideas for your produce and flowers.



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Goop as Laundry Stain RemoverI bought a hand cleaner found at Walmart in the automotive section called Goop. I decided to try it on a stain one day, on my child's clothes, and it worked.


tank on furniture

Protecting Furniture Under a Fish TankWe have a few small fish tanks at our house. I have them sitting on top of wooden furniture, so I needed to find a way to protect the wood from any splashes or dribbles that might happen.


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Phosphorus Removes White FilmThe government started recommending a reduction in phosphorus in detergent back in the '70's and many dish washing detergent companies lowered the amount in their products.


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Removing Cigarette Smoke Odor from FurnitureAfter cleaning the cabinet with vinegar and keeping a pan of charcoal in the cabinet for a couple of days, it still smelled like smoke. I sprayed it inside and out with orange scented furniture polish, then wiped it down. Now it smells like oranges!


Max on dry creekbed like area.

Max-A-Million aka Max, or Maxie Moo Moo (Cojack)My daughter bought him from a breeder then went off to college. The ironic thing is I was in college too, but had a place in the city and the country. He became my baby.



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Removing a Heat Mark from Wood Table?I steam stained my polished wooden dining room table by ironing (steam iron) on it. How can I remove this stain?


Puppy on couch.

Previously House Trained Dog Pooping and Peeing...My 2 year old pup was house broken. She was trained with bells and everything. Now she is pooping and peeing in the corner 1 foot from the door almost every day. How can I make this madness stop? I'm about ready to get rid of her.


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Freezing Sugar Beets?Can I freeze raw sugar beets, and for how long? Does freezing destroy it's natural nutrients?


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Transmitting Parvo?I recently pet a dog who has parvo. When I got home I washed my hands thoroughly. Can the parvo virus be transmitted from my clothing? I took the clothes off after I got home. Can that parvo be passed on to my dog even though my dog was no where near the dog. My dog stayed at home.


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Needle Won't Pick Up Bobbin Thread?I have been working with my machine, a 15 year old Baby Lock BL1556, for months, changed the needle, thread, settings, bobbin, thread, cleaned it, and read all the help sites I could find.


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Getting Visa Debit Card in A Different Color or Design?I have a Chase Mastercard and a Chase Visa debit card. They are both the same color and I frequently pull and scan the one I didn't intend to use.


Bernese Mountain dog on porch.

Diet and Exercise for Overweight Dog?Our son's Bernese Mt. Dog has been spoiled since birth. She is now 12 and prefers to remain inside instead of venturing out for walks. She is constantly panting. When she is taken out (bathroom breaks) her breathing becomes even more labored.


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Cleaning My Coach Purse?My Coach purse is not leather, it's the pink striped one with blue, green, white, yellow, and purple and the handles are brown leather. The bottom of the purse is black. I would love it looking like I just bought it. Please help.


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Party Ideas for Two Graduating Seniors?Any suggestions for an outdoor party celebrating 2 sisters,- 1 graduating high school and the other graduating college?


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Kitten Won't Leave Older Cat Alone?I have a female cat (Jess) who's just over a year old, she was with another cat, but she and her owner moved out a few months ago. They got along well, eventually.


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When Will My Finch Lay an Egg?When will my zebra finches lay eggs after building a nest and what material should I use?


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Removing Furniture Polish Buildup?What is the easiest and best way to refinish furniture? It needs to create the least amount of mess as I need to do it in the basement. I have used Strip-ease in the past and it makes such a mess. As help is appreciated.


Large round purple grapes.

Propagating Grape Vines from Cuttings?We have a grapevine that has been out back for over 50 years. It started in my backyard before I was born, then my parents gave it to the next-door neighbor who later moved away. After a 2nd owner came and went, the house had no occupant this summer.


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Daycare Business Name Ideas?I was thinking of having something with my name in it (Paige). Maybe like Paige's Pumpkins, but I want more options.


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Locating the Source of a Foul Smell in House?For the past 4 months I have noticed a rancid dead smell in my house usually when the temperatures are above 90 degrees, the air conditioner is on, and smell is concentrated in the front of the house. I have been hit by this pungent odor all summer.


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Best Collar for Large Dog on Stakeout Chain?I have a 1/2 Mastiff 1/2 German Pointer dog who protects me and the yard. I have a 4 foot chain link fence that he can get over. I have no idea what he would do, as he barks his "mean" bark at the neighbors and their dog when it's outside.


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Finding a New Dentist?I haven't lived where I live for a great deal of time so I am not familiar with any dentists here. I would like to find a dentist, but not by using Angie's list or something like that. I have investigated online a lot, ruled out some, but still have questions.


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Repairing a Hole in Chiffon Clothes?Does anybody have any suggestions on how to cover up a tiny hole in the chiffon overlay of a dress that I am supposed to be wearing at a wedding next week? Please help!


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Winterizing a Travel Trailer?We have not used our travel trailer this summer and I just need to know if the winterizing solution we put in last year will keep the pipes safe for another winter or if we need to redo it?


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1942 Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia?I have the whole set in pristine condition. Any idea of its worth? It is a 15 book set. The binding is black with a beautiful raised design.


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Inexpensive Flea Treatment?I am dirt poor except for my 3 kitties, Nala, Rajah, and Berlioz. We just got Berlioz 3 days ago and now all 3 of my babies have fleas. All 3 are indoor cats. Nala is the oldest, she's over a year old, but the other 2 are about 4 months. Please help. I don't know what to do for them.


Boxers on the couch.

7 Year Old Boxers Peeing in the House?I have two male Boxers that are very territorial. We got a new dog about 3 years ago, everything was fine until he hit puberty and that's when the problems started. The Boxers had been potty trained for 4 years, they started marking territory and fighting so badly ....


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Name Ideas for House Cleaning Business?My mom Maria wants to start a house cleaning business, but we can't come out with a name. I really need help. We live in Virginia and we want a catchy name. Any ideas? I appreciate any help.


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Varieties of Apple Trees?How many types of apple trees do we have and how can one know the difference?


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Freezing Cooked Eggs?I have ended up with 5 dozen hardboiled, shelled eggs. Can I freeze them? Please help.


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Selling Great Books of the Western World?I have a complete set of the Great Books (First Printing 1952). There are 54 volumes and it comes with a bookcase. It is in great condition. I am wondering where I can sell it and if it is really worth anything.


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Cleaning Carpets With a Steam Mop?Will a steam mop clean lightly dirty carpets?


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