April 6, 2016

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Purple dye distributing in clear water (white background)

Buying Rit Dye?This is a page about buying Rit dye. Rit dye is a popular clothing and fabric dye product.


black and silver hairpin/bobby pin necklace

Making a Bobby Pin NecklaceThis is a page about making a bobby pin necklace. This is a simple and inexpensive to make necklace.


Blank Audio Cassette Tape against white background

Uses for Cassette Tapes and CasesThis is a page about uses for cassette tapes and cases. Cassette tapes may be things of the past when it comes to media storage, but the tape cartridges and cases have craft and storage potential.


Record Table Centerpiece

Making a Vinyl Record Table CenterpieceThis is a page about making a vinyl record table centerpiece. For a music or nostalgic themed party this might be the perfect centerpiece.


Man working on an old shower door with metal frame

Repairing a Corroded Aluminum Shower...This is a page about repairing a corroded aluminum shower frame. Damage to the finish on your aluminum shower door frame can lead to corrosion.


Signed Record Party Keepsake

Making a Signed Vinyl Record Party KeepsakeThis is a page about making a signed vinyl record party keepsake. This creative party keepsake records the names of your guests and may be mounted or framed as a reminder of a fun get-together.


Woman kneeling on floor looking inside dryer

Removing Lipstick From Inside a DryerThis is a page about removing lipstick from inside the dryer. Lipstick left in clothing can open in the dryer and leave messy streaks for your to clean out.


Five thread cones with different colors of thread lined up on a shelf

Uses for Empty Thread Cones?This is a page about uses for empty threads cones. Large conical thread cones can be reused in a variety of ways including craft projects.


A single maroon fabric flower against a white background

Organizing Silk FlowersThis is a page about organizing silk flowers. If you do a lot of crafting using silk flowers, organizing your supply may be a challenge.


quilted coaster

Ideas for Making CoastersThis is a page about ideas for making coasters. Homemade coasters are not only useful items for protecting our furniture, but they can also add to your decor and be given as gifts.


Three tiny gift bags standing on a laptop keyboard

Selling Items OnlineThis is a page about selling items online. In more recent years selling our unwanted items, crafts, and more online has become a popular practice.


Unmade bed with rumpled white sheets

Removing Odors From a MattressThis is a page about removing odors from a mattress. Through normal usage a mattress can develop noticeable unpleasant odors.


Grey tabby cat laying in outdoor flower bed.

Keeping Cats Out of Flower BedsThis is a page about keeping cats out of flower beds. Outside cats can quickly wreak havoc on your flower beds.


melted finish

Repairing Heat Damage on a Wood Countertop?This is a page about repairing heat damage on a wood countertop. Setting a hot pot or baking pan on an unprotected wood countertop and cause damage.


Soda Can Lantern as Outdoor Decor

Making a Soda Can LanternThis is a page about making a soda can lantern. Recycle your soda cans by making decorative lanterns to use on your patio or in the garden.


Wood Stain can  with ring of varnish stain marking the carpet around the can

Removing a Varnish Stain on CarpetThis is a page about removing a varnish stain on carpet. Varnish stains on carpet can be difficult to remove.


Repairing a Rolltop Desk

Repairing a Rolltop DeskThis is a page about repairing a rolltop desk. A rolltop desk may reflect days gone by and serve as an accent piece, but when it gets stuck it is only frustrating.


Cassette Tape Lamp

Making a Cassette Tape LampThis is a page about making a cassette tape lamp. The nostalgic feel of this lamp makes it a fun addition to your decor or to give as a gift.



Dakota and Willow

Dakota (Lab/Shepherd) and Willow (Husky)Dakota was from a shelter and Willow was from a rescue. They like to run around the back yard at full tilt.


Bacon surprise..

Chicken Bacon SurpriseI was low on everything and figured what the heck. Well, my bacon surprise came out fantastic. The seasoning and flavors married together well.


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Be Your Own HouseguestWhen our children and grands are visiting, we give up our bedroom for them and we sleep on a comfortable queen-size air mattress somewhere else. I pack myself a suitcase of everything I need while they are here - all the clothes, jewelry, and shoes.



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Making Toddler Clothing from Recycled Sweaters?I am interested in the ideas, hopefully patterns or directions, for using recycled large sweaters. I want to make toddler girls' jumpers, hats, and mittens. Other matching ideas are appreciated.


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Ideas For My 17th Birthday ?I will be turning 17 on July 1st and I don't know where I want to go. My last 4 birthdays have been horrible and I really want to have a great one this year. I know that I want to spend it with my friends. I just don't know how. Any ideas? 


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Bona Cleaner Buildup on Pergo Floors?We have laminate flooring that was installed in October. I have used Bona floor cleaner and now I have a film on the floors. Any suggestions for removing the build up?


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Homemade La Choy Pepper Steak Sauce Mix?La Choy use to make a pepper steak in a box. It came with canned vegetables and a gravy packet. I can't find it anymore. Is there a receipe for the gravy they used? Can it be purchased anywhere?


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Singer 301a Presser Feet Out of Alignment?I just bought a Singer 301a. The needle is centre correctly, but my attached presser foot is not. It is shifted to the left so the needle is very close to the right hand side of the foot.


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Breeding Zebra Finches?What do I do if my pair of zebra finches laid their eggs in two different nests?


Fee for Organizing and Decluttering

Fee for Organizing and Decluttering?So I decluttered, cleaned, and organized a customer's home while she has been out of town. Since she has been gone I have done 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2 closets, one of the closets was as big a room pretty much. And I've been doing loads and loads of laundry. I've spent altogether about 16 hours there.


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Craftsman T2200 Mower Will Not Start?In the neutral position the mower will not turn over or make any noise. When pressing in the clutch, and turning the key there is a clicking/hissing noise that comes from under the seat, in the general area of the battery.


Removing Smoke from Porcelain Figurines

Removing Smoke from Porcelain Figurines?I had a house fire and everything is covered in smoke damage. I have a wedding porcelain set that is covered in smoke damage and I've tried using Clorox wipes, I've tried scrubbing them, and I don't know what to do.


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17th Birthday Party Ideas?I am going to be 17 on Saturday and I have no idea what to do or where to have it at. I want to have it where everybody knows how to get there. I want to spend it with my family, friends, and boyfriend. I need suggestions fast and quick.


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Removing Acorns from a Lawn?How do I remove over a thousand embedded acorns from my lawn?


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Removing Plastic and Foil Seals from Food Containers?I like to repurpose all sorts of plastic containers, bottles, and jars. Often the original contents is covered by a paper, foil, or plastic seal. No matter how carefully I remove the seal, I sometimes have remnants of the seal stuck to the edges of the container. It is unsightly and unsanitary.


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Removing Rotten Food Smell from Freezer?While on vacation, a small standup freezer in the garage became unplugged while full of food. Needless to say the smell was so bad. I got all the food out and hosed it out what to do next?


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Name Ideas for Home Child Care Business?I eventually play to open a home child care. I am bilingual so I also plan to teach Spanish along with a learning through play curriculum. I would like to have a name in English and Spanish. I like the name My Amigos, but it's already taken here. Any ideas would be helpful and appreciated.


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Buying Tires for Push Mowers?Does anyone know of a good source for hard rubber tires for these push mowers?


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