April 29, 2016

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Glass of strawberry drink with sliced strawberries in it, strawberry garnish, and strawberries on the table surrounding the glass

Strawberry Punch RecipesThe delicious flavor of strawberries, whether alone or mixed with other fruit flavors, makes a delicious punch for a picnic or party. This page contains strawberry punch recipes.


Basic 1970s era kitchen with old appliances and plats on a shelve along the wall

Decorating an Outdated Kitchen?This is a page about decorating an outdated kitchen. Without doing a costly remodel you can update your older kitchen and have fun in the process.


Several colors of cable ties against a white background

Uses for Cable TiesThis is a page about uses for cable ties. It is surprising how many uses you can find for cable ties.


Square Baking Dish with sweet potatoes covered in marshmallows

Candied Sweet Potatoes RecipesThis holiday meal staple is actually perfect any time. Their beautiful orange color is only surpassed by their great taste. This page contains candied sweet potatoes recipes.


Blended tomato salsa in a glass bowl with chips against a white background

Making Salsa Using Canned TomatoesYou can make some delicious salsa even when you don't have fresh tomatoes available. This is a page about making salsa using canned tomatoes.


Fried chicken in paper bucket against a white background

Copycat Kentucky Fried ChickenThis is a page about copycat Kentucky Fried Chicken. There are lots of recipes available that try to replicate the, secret herbs and spices, flavor of Kentucky Fried Chicken.


White dish with Sweet Potato Fries against a white background

Sweet Potato Fries RecipesA healthier alternative to the traditional white potato fries, sweet potato fries are becoming popular. This page contains sweet potato fries recipes.


closeup of lunaria

Lunaria PhotosThis is a page about lunaria photos. This plant native to central and southern Europe is also known as honesty, dollar plant, and money plant. Its pretty purple flowers are followed by distinctive flat white seed pods.


Variety of garden vegetables and fruits in and surrounding a basket on a table.

Harvesting Common Garden VegetablesThis is a page about harvesting common garden vegetables. Successful gardening includes soil preparation, planting, caring for your crops, and finally harvesting.


Wet, sudsy bar of soap on a shower soap shelf

Preventing Soap ScumThis is a page about preventing soap scum. One way to reduce your time scrubbing off soap scum buildup in your shower is to find ways to prevent it.



Strawberry Lime Punch

Strawberry Lime PunchThis is a great tasting non-alcoholic punch. Great for kids parties or as a kid option at an all ages potluck.


Floating Island Punch

Floating Island PunchThis is a pretty and fun punch for a party.



Crocheted V-Stitch Dishcloth - finished dishcloth

Crocheted V-Stitch DishclothA feminine and easy dishcloth to use this spring! So quick you'll want to make one in every color.


black dog on deck

Foxy (Chihuahua)I adopted her. She likes to run and play with my mom's dog Otis.


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Use an Alias For FacebookFacebook is a great source for saving websites you want to find easily. You already know this, but read on. Use it especially for a recipe you intend to use soon or often, or a quilt pattern, or any You Tube you want to find fast and easy. On almost any website, there is a feature where you click the FB icon, and it will be saved immediately.


finished cat mat

Crocheted Cat MatsThis is a project for making crocheted scrap yarn mats for your furrever friend. I am now making these to donate to our local no-kill shelter. Their thrift store is selling them to buy food and such, so I thought I would share this and a challenge.



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Getting a Business Loan With Bad Credit?I love to cook with a passion. I cook from scratch. I even roast my own coffee at home. My food is healthy and very unique. I own a catering business for special meetings and private events. I am trying to get food truck so I can serve it to the community. I have bad credit and I can not afford to buy the food truck.


tall plant with medium green leaves with lighter centers on stalks

What Is This Houseplant?I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what plant this is. All I know is that it's tall, green, and hearty. I've had it for a year and it's thriving with minimal care. If it helps with identification, I live in Japan.


white Pit puppy

Teaching a Puppy Not to Jump or Bite?So I have a 5 month old Pit Bull and I'm trying to figure out some other ways to get her to stop chewing on hands and jumping on people when she greets them.


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Remedy for Dog With Itchy Skin?My Beagle, Ellie, rolled in something nasty. So I got out the arm length rubber gloves and bathed her. I had to lather rinse and repeat three times. Since the bath she has been acting strangely, like her rear end has been bothering her. I'm sure, it was the bathing. I don't think I got all of the soap off.


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Getting Rid of Red Mange with Bleach?Can I use bleach or diluted bleach on dogs to get rid of red mange?


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Discount Grocery Suppliers in Orlando Florida?Does anyone know of any discount grocery suppliers for the Orlando Florida area?


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Free Furniture?Where can I get free furniture?


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Removing a Dark Stain on Dining Table?I have a dark circle stain on my dining table. I don't know what caused it, maybe moisture? What do I do?


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Removing Hairspray from Marble Countertop?How do I remove hairspray from marble countertops?


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Looking for a Needlepoint Pattern?My friend is having a baby and wants this poem in a needlepoint as it is pinned on pinterest. Here is the link https://www.pinterest.com/pin/524880531542181673/


What Kind of Snake Is This?

What Kind of Snake Is This?I live in Massachusetts. What kind of snake is this?


Identifying an Antique Doll

Identifying an Antique Doll?I found an antique doll, she is 14 inches tall, with long blond hair, deep blue eyes, and orange/pink lips. She has no maker marks. Her head, legs, and hands are made of bisque or porcelain. She had a "collector doll, Montgomery Ward" tag hanging from her arm, but I cannot find anything else out about her.


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Buying and Parking a Travel Trailer?After my father died, I quit my job and moved to the country to help my mother finish building the house that they had barely started. Now I want to move back to the cities and get a job. I have about 5000 dollars and a job lined up. What is my best option for a cheap trailer and where do I park it?


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Cleaning Stains on Counter Top?I have a hard top counter but porous top in the kitchen. There are stains on it, near the sink and I have attempted to remove them and so far nothing has changed. It is white in color so everything shows on it. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to remove them. I have used everything I can think of.


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Crepe Myrtle Trees Not Blooming?What can I use to make my crepe myrtle trees bloom? I've tried a variety of fertilizers with no luck.


Antique Table

Value of Antique Table?I recently found a pre 1920 table at a thrift. The company was Arthur A. Marer & Co. from Chicago. The table was beautiful and was made when the company was transitioning into using a type of wood glue and what was almost like panel board. It's starting to come off on the legs, but the wood underneath is solid.


filtration system

Water Has a Rotten Egg Smell At Times?I purchased a house in April 2013. I purchased a new filter and softener system, as the water had a strong rotten egg smell. A year later I had the issue with the smell in the hot water, and I resolved it by changing the anode rod every 6 months. Now I started getting the rotten egg smell in cold water only.


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Feeding a Sick Lethargic Dog?I have a 6.5lb Pomeranian who abruptly woke up on April 8th looking sick and symptoms manifested quickly. She is 6 yrs old very high strung and full of anxiety and has separation anxiety. Now she is lethargic, doesn't want to play at all, sleeps almost all day. She has seen two vets and is on medication.


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Repairing Heat Damage to Dining Table?Someone left a burning candle on my veneer dining room table which left a bubble and a big white spot on it. I tried almost everything including mayo, olive oil, Liquid Gold, and vinegar, nothing has removed it. Any suggestions?


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Shopping for Disolvit in the Uk?I had a can of emulsion paint spill in the back of my car where can I buy Di-sol-it please?


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Puppy Not Eating?I have a 11 week old Pomeranian mixed with Maltese, who's giving me trouble with eating.


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Homemade Lavender Perfume?Could anyone tell me the recipe for making homemade perfume? I have the purse size roll-on bottles and lavender essential oil. Now I need the recipe.


What Are These Houseplants?

What Are These Houseplants?I got these as a housewarming gift, but there are no care instructions. I believe the one is an asparagus fern, but have no clue what the other two are.


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Name for Handmade Jewelry Business?My name is Farhat and I just started a polymer clay and handmade jewelry business. I want a name that goes with my business. I make polymer clay beads, pendants, and also make jewelry with wire and gemstones. Please suggest any name that suits my business and will help make a profit.


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