June 1, 2016

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Flowers in pots on the patio being watered with a watering can.

Watering Container PlantsThis page is about watering container plants. Make sure your plants have the right amount of moisture to help them thrive.


close up image of a snake with it's tongue out

Snake PhotosThis is a page about snake photos. We come across snakes in a variety of places, in our yards and gardens, on hikes, and elsewhere. Taking a photo is a typical response to the encounter so that we can identify them later.


Bowl of Spinach Mac and Cheese on a white plate

Spinach Mac and Cheese CasseroleAdding spinach to your favorite mac and cheese casserole not only adds flavor, but makes the dish more healthy as well. This is a page about spinach mac and cheese casserole.


Stainless Steel Thermos against white background

Cleaning a Stainless Steel ThermosThis is a page about cleaning a stainless steel thermos. Tea and coffee are common beverages kept in a thermos. Both can leave stains inside.


Hand holding orange sponge cleaning glass stove top

Homemade Cleaner for Glass Top StoveThis is a page about homemade cleaner for glass top stove. Rather than buy a commercial product to clean your smooth top stove, make your own.


Christmas Help for Low Income Families

Christmas Help for Low Income FamiliesThis is a page about Christmas help for low income families. Christmas can be a stressful time for low income families having trouble celebrating the holiday.


Man with spiked mohawk against brick colored background

Using Glue to Make a Mohawk with SpikesThis is a page about using glue to make a mohawk with spikes. There are many products you can use to style your mohawk with spikes.


A pan of peach cobbler with a serving removed.

Easy Peach Cobbler RecipesA delicious cobbler is a great use for fresh peaches. This page contains easy peach cobbler recipes.


Short haired dachshund getting his hair brushed

Dachshund Losing HairThis is a page about Dachshund losing hair. When your dog suffers hair loss, determining the cause is the first step to treatment.


Copperhead snake against a white background

Keeping Copperhead Snakes Out of Your YardThis is a page about keeping Copperhead snakes out of your yard. Finding venomous snakes in your yard can be very scary.


Glass top stove covered in white powder

Cleaning Burnt Sugar on a Smooth Top StoveThis is a page about cleaning burnt sugar on a smooth top stove. Boiled over sugary foods can be difficult to clean off your smooth top stove.


Hands holding freshly picked rhubarb stalks

Harvesting Rhubarb?This is a page about harvesting rhubarb. Every fruit and vegetable has an optimal time to harvest it for best flavor.



"There's Fungus Among Us!"

"There's Fungus Among Us!"On a recent trip to a local plant nursery, my son decided to have a toddler tantrum. He refused to get into his carseat so I walked around the parking lot with him until he calmed down. As we were walking over by the dumpster, we saw an old wooden shelf that had this amazing lichen and fungus growing on it!


Recycled Paper Gift Envelopes

Recycled Paper Gift EnvelopesIt's always a shame to throw away used gift paper (or any craft paper) when you have some left over. Here's a method of turning those scraps into gorgeous little gift envelopes.


Berry Slab Pie

Berry Slab PieIf you are looking for a delicious summer dessert to bring to a party or just enjoy at home, give this recipe a try!


Peel Ginger with a Spoon

Peel Ginger with a SpoonUsing a knife or vegetable peeler to remove the skin can cause you to take off too much of the ginger root, making for lots of waste. The skin is delicate enough for you to gently scrape at it with a dull spoon.



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Is Homemade Yogurt Safe for Children?I am using this recipe: yogurt and milk in a yogurt maker without using sachet, is this safe for children aged around 5 to eat?


dark snake

What Kind of Snake Is This?Does anyone know what kind of snake this is? I live in southern Indiana.


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Top Thread Keeps Breaking on Sewing Machine?I have a Singer 591 industrial sewing machine. The top thread keeps breaking just under the foot.


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Ideas for 14th Birthday Party?My 14th birthday is on the 15th of June and I know I want a backyard tent sleepover, but I don't know what to do in the daytime.


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ASPCA Truck Schedule?When will the ASPCA vacction truck will be in the Bronx zip code 10473?


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Breaker Will Not Reset?The celing fan with lights, was off one night. While watching TV there were sparks coming from the celing fan housing and then the breaker tripped. I tried to reset the breaker and it will not reset. What could be the problem?


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Finding Yarn Donations?I'm looking for yarn, it can be any kind. It will be used to make hats for our NICU babies at our hospital, Grace Hospital in Morgantown North Carolina. Can anyone be so kind to help me with suggestions on where to get donations?


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Betty Crocker Gourmet Electric Grill bc-1963 Manual?I'm looking for a manual for my Betty Crocker gourmet electric grill bc-1963 that I bought sometime in the 90s. I have the cord. Hopefully it's the right one. Does this model only have one setting? I haven't used it in a long time. There is no settings on this cord.


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Fixing the Color of Hair Roots?My mom's hair is dark brown with grays. Two months ago I dyed her hair chocolate brown. I used hazelnut 7.3 for the roots and very light blonde 9.0 for the rest of her hair from Koleston and I got the color perfect. Though, my mom wished if she could have had a darker tone of that chocolate brown.


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Planting Over a French Drain Pipe?I have had a flexible French pipe installed to drain my garden, it is fitted lengthwise along a 9 metre flower bed. What can I plant in the bed without damaging the pipe?


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Getting Rid of Aphids on Roses?Is it OK to use Dawn dishwashing liquid soap in my mixture to kill aphids?


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Tracking Mail Sent to the Wrong Address?I was mailed a check by my job but it was sent to the wrong address. I called them to see if the mail had a tracking number, but they were not sure. How do I track the mail if I do not know the tracking number?


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Maker of Daily Chef Cutlery?Who makes Daily Chef disposable cutlery?


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Asking Mom to Shave and Buy a Bra?My mom and I don't have a really good relationship because she always works long hours and I don't really get a chance to talk to her. I'm 13 and in 8th grade. Basically everyone in my class is shaving and wears a bra (at least a sports bra), but I don't know how to ask her.


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Finding a Fabric Paint Pen for Upholstery Touchup?I have 20 yr old Sanderson floral fabric covered sofa. I have some extra fabric to have new cushion covers made. There are a couple of parts of the fabric which I cannot replace that have wear in dark places. Rather than just use a 'Crayola' type marker, are there professional indelible markers for this purpose?


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Value of 1892 Columbian Cyclopedia?I have a complete set of The Columbian Cyclopedia and wanted to know if they are valuable. I have 32 volumes with illustrations. It was published by New York Garretson, Cox &Co. 1892. They are dark red with gold writing and black decoration on the spine. They are in good condition.



Making Compost in Jars?I am very new at gardening. I am growing tomatoes, papaya, corn, peas, peppers, etc. I have started collecting all the the peelings from my fruits and vegetables in jars. How long do I have to wait to mix it into my soil to add to my potted plants?


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