June 3, 2016

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Pork With Green Beans

Pork With Green BeansThis is a page about pork with green beans. Stirred pork and green beans is a tasty dish you can tailor to your own tastes.


Living room with Bright Purple painted walls

Toning Down a Bright Paint ColorThis is a page about toning down a bright paint color. That excellent color you chose from a paint chip can often times be too bright when covering your walls.


US Passport with several 100 dollar bills sticking out

Hiding Cash While TravelingThis is a page about hiding cash while traveling. Carrying a bit of backup cash while traveling is a good idea.


Fur coat on mannequin against a black background

Cleaning Bubblegum on a Fur Coat?This is a page about cleaning bubblegum on a fur coat. Removing bubblegum from a fur coat needs to be done carefully.


Several generations of a large family posed for a photo in front of home.

Family Reunion IdeasThis is a page about family reunion ideas. There are a lot of details to work out when planning a family reunion, including games, food, decorations, and more.


Salt and Vinegar Weed Killer Recipe

Salt and Vinegar Weed Killer RecipeYou can mix up a homemade weed killer solution using salt and vinegar. This page contains a salt and vinegar weed killer recipe.


Hand spraying a dandelion in a lawn with a spray bottle

Natural Weed KillersThis is a page about natural weed killers. There are some natural alternatives to using commercial weed killers.


Gloved hand using a spray bottle to spray a week growing in a driveway crack

Using Bleach as a Weed Killer?Some homeowners prefer to use household products to get rid of weeds, rather than buy a commercial weed killer. This is a page about using bleach as a weed killer.


Cat on a white bed with a window in the background

Keeping Cats from Peeing on a BedThis is a page about keeping cats from peeing on a bed. Having a cat that chooses to pee on the bed rather than in the litterbox is very frustrating and baffling.


Making a Berry Slab Pie

Making a Berry Slab PieThis is a page about making a berry slab pie. This delicious sweet, fresh berry dessert is quick and easy to make.


Several different color rolls of yarn with a crochet hook against a white background

Shell Stitch Afghan PatternThis is a page about shell stitch afghan pattern. The shell crochet stitch is a lovely choice for making an afghan.


Several generations of a family laughing around a decorated table outdoors.

Family Reunion Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about family reunion centerpiece ideas. Creating an interesting, meaningful, and attractive centerpiece for a family reunion can become a family affair.


Candles in the shape of the number 25 on a cake in front of balloons, confetti and streamers

Surprise 25th Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about surprise 25th birthday party ideas. Planning a surprise birthday party is fun and sometimes a bit stressful.


Buff tabby cat mounting an orange tabby cat mid-back

Sexual Behavior in Fixed Male CatsThis is a page about sexual behavior in fixed male cats. Fixing a male cat does not necessarily mean that your furry friend will no longer exhibit typical male cat behaviors, including sexual ones.


Chipmunk on stump next to planted flowers

Protecting Flowers From Chipmunks and...This is a page about protecting flowers from chipmunks and rabbits. Your local small wildlife may enjoy your flowers as much or more than you do, especially as a tasty meal.


Orange Jelly (or marmalade) in a glass bowl with a clear plastic spoon of jelly laying across the top

Frozen Orange Juice Jelly RecipeThis page contains a frozen orange juice jelly recipe. Juice can be used instead of fresh fruit to make delicious jellies.


Making Valentine's Day Boiled Eggs

Making Valentine's Day Boiled EggsHeart shaped boiled eggs are a perfect addition to your Valentine's Day meal or party. This is a page about making Valentine's Day boiled eggs.


Motorhome against a white background

Keeping Mice Out of a Stored RV?This is a page about keeping mice out of a stored RV. Keeping mice out of your RV when it is stored for the season can be a challenge.


Hand spraying weed killer onto a largenweed that is in a perfect grass lawn

Weed Killer that Won't Kill GrassOnly certain formulations of weed killers will work to kill weeds but not your lawn. This is a page about weed killer that won't kill grass.


Several different color rolls of yarn with a crochet hook against a white background

Making a Crocheted Double Wedding Ring...This is a page about making a crocheted double wedding ring afghan. The double wedding ring motif is popular in quilting and crochet.



Spent Pansies on mulch pile

Spent PansiesI'm reminded of a joke Redd Foxx told. He said two maids were discussing their employers' garbage. One said, 'You wouldn't believe the good stuff they throw away'. The other said, 'Yes, I would. I bring home all my boss's grape skins. I don't put 'em in their garbage'.


Crochet Chain Covered Box

Crochet Chain Covered BoxI saw a video once about a gal who covered a box with a cord or rope. It looked pretty, but my budget is pretty tight. So I came up with something I often do to decorate things when I want to revamp my home.


Hang Flat Pans on Kitchen Wall

Hang Flat Pans on Kitchen WallI have a small galley style kitchen. For years, I have struggled with how to store my frying pans. This is our solution.


Planting Tomatoes

Planting TomatoesPlant from sibling as early as possible in large flower pot. When the temperature is nice set the plant outside. Bring it in before evening. A week after blossoms appear, sprinkle with a little fertilizer (do not sprinkle close to the stem) and give a lot of water.


gold gift box

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Gift BoxWith a little cutting and folding, you can turn your plastic bottles into cute containers. Add a bit of paint and embellishments and you'll have an adorable gift box.



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50th Birthday Suggestions?My dad is 50 this year, but he is a very young 50 which is great. His mates are married and well not too lively. Any suggestions please? Not a party!


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Daycare Name Ideas?I'm needing a daycare name for my in-home daycare. I want it to be super unique. It could even include my name or initials, maybe even a country name. I'm located in Texas in a very small country town. My name is Brittany Kerr.


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Getting Rid of Rotten Meat Smell in Camp Trailer?Our new trailer had to have work done and we left sausage in the freezer. Low and behold 2 months later the smell is awful. How do I get it out?


Plumbing Assistance for Low Income Homeowners

Plumbing Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?Are there any charitable companies or organizations that would assist us with a sink and toilet backup? We live in the Laurel Maryland area. My sister and I are on limited incomes due to cancer treatments. I have been working on it for over two weeks.


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?Any help please - this plant has spear-like deep red coloured 'flowers' on long pencil stalks, green at the bottom and becoming red just below the 'flower' and loads of long spindly leaves growing out from the bottom of the stem.


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16th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 16 and I don't know what to do for my birthday. Any ideas?


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Transferring Canned Food from Mason Jars to Mylar Bags?I recently began canning food, water bath canning, dry canning, oven canning, and so on. Now I have oven canned 20 jars of food about two weeks ago and am eager to know if it's possible and safe to remove the food from the mason jars and store them in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers.


trailing houseplant with dark green round leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?Can anyone tell me what this magnificent house plant is?


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Introducing New Kitten to Resident Kitten?My fiancé and I adopted a kitten from our humane society about a 1 month old named Cricket. She's now going on 4, so she's still very little, but feisty and playful. Our dog is too big to play with her so we decided to go out and adopt another kitten for her to play with.


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Adding a Basement Under an Existing House?I am buying a wreck of a house and it is on a slab. Has anyone got an idea how difficult it is to get a real cellar put in under an existing house? And if you have ever had or known someone who did this, can you live in the house while they are doing the new basement/cellar?


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Donating Old Greeting Cards?Where in St Petersburg Florida can I donate old greeting cards?


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Child Support and Social Security Disability?My ex-husband was just approved for disability (SSI) and is receiving one check for himself and one check for our daughter. Should I (she) get this check in lieu of child support? (or in addition to?) He has moved two states away so I am not sure why he should be getting a check made out to her.


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Hibiscus Won't Flower?My hibiscus won't flower, it was in the ground and growing well. I fertlized the plant and still no flowers. I have potted the hibiscus now and have fertilzed with a good fertilizer and waited a few months, still no flowers. The plant itself is healthy, lush and green with constant new growth.


Old Hamilton Model Sewing Machine

Threading an Old Hamilton Model...I bought this machine for $20.00 it really is cute, but I can't find anything on the internet. If I can thread the bobbin and the needle I will be good. I am completely lost. Could you help me identify it.


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Dog Odor When Tiles Are Washed?When using floor cleaner (non ammonia) or just water to wash tiles, an dog urine smell results. There is no smell from them until washed. Our dog is now a few years old and outside, so this comes from a few years ago. How do I stop this odor?


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Keeping White Bread from Getting Moldy?I have purchased varied baker's white bread, but all of them start to go moldy after a few days in the bread bin. How can I prevent this happening without having to put my bread into the fridge?


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 15 soon and I really want to have the greatest party ever. I want a party that most teens are interested in, nothing too big but nothing too small. But I have no idea what to do. I really need some ideas. What should I do?


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