July 12, 2016

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Felt Strip Flowers 1

Felt Strip FlowersStrips of colorful felt can easily be made into these pretty decorative flowers to use in your other craft projects. This is a page about felt strip flowers.


Rice Krispy Treat Watermelon Slices

Making Rice Krispy Treat Watermelon...Give the ever popular rice cereal treats a summertime look. This is a page about Rice Krispy treat watermelon slices.


Kitchen Counter Tops being installed

Saving Money on Kitchen CountertopsThis is a page about saving money on kitchen countertops. Replacing kitchen counter tops can be very expensive. There are ways you can save money by refurbishing the existing ones or using cheaper materials.


Lavender Infused Sugar Jar

Making a Lavender Infused Sugar JarThis is a page making a lavender infused sugar jar. A decorative jar filled with lavender infused sugar is a lovely gift to make or receive. Use the flavored sugar in baking or beverages. The jar can then be refilled or put to other uses.


Bottle of Dawn Dish Soap

Using Dawn Dish Soap as a Stain RemoverThis is a page about using Dawn dish soap as a stain remover. In addition to being an excellent grease cutting detergent for washing dishes, Dawn is also a very effective stain remover for your laundry, carpet, or other fabric items.


Woman holding jaw in pain

Remedies for Sore GumsThis is a page about remedies for sore gums. Several things can cause sore gums, including trauma or bacteria resulting in gingivitis.


Homemade Coffee Eyebrow Tint

Homemade Coffee Eyebrow TintThis is a page about homemade coffee eyebrow tint. The solution to light or patchy eyebrows is right there in your kitchen.


Close up of a man with a bright white smile holding a toothbrush

Cleaning Your Teeth At HomeThis is a page about cleaning your teeth at home. Even if you have regular cleanings done at your dentist's office, you will want to use good oral hygiene practices at home.


Pile of unused candles showing wear

Refurbishing Old CandlesThis is a page about refurbishing old candles. Old well loved or stored candles may need a bit of a face lift before their next appearance.


Pinapple Delight Cake on a white plate.

Pineapple Delight RecipesThis sweet dessert contains vanilla wafers and pineapple. Make some tonight. This page contains pineapple delight recipes.


Close up of an armpit with dark marks

Remedies for Dark UnderarmsThis is a page about remedies for dark underarms. There are a variety of reasons that the skin under your arms may be darker than your general skin tone.



Easy Ways to Live a Frugal Life

Easy Ways to Live a Frugal LifeYes! I do believe in frugal living. I think it does not matter whether you earn more or less, but keep an economical approach towards our expenses helps us in reducing financial stress. Definitely, living a frugal life requires certain lifestyle changes and a conscious awareness about how we are spending and saving money? My idea of thrifty living comprises basic three principles: Smart shopping, use appropriately to waste less and save in advance.


hummingbird at feeder

Little HummingbirdThis little guy was at my dad's house. He loves to feed the birds.


dark pinkish red geranium

GeraniumI got this as a gift. It has been very happy on my back porch, growing and multiplying its blooms. I'm saving some seeds for next year.


robin on a limb

RobinI was just outside playing around with my camera trying to catch a bird flying, but then I saw this red breasted robin on a limb, and he looked right at me. I think it is so cool.


A sparrow in the backyard.

Hello There (Sparrow)I saw this bird sitting on my flower trellis and it was like he knew I was taking his photo and he posed for me.


brown and black puppy with a white foot

Jack (Chihuahua)I got him from a family member. I named him Jack because he was so fast, like a jack rabbit.


dog lying down with toy dog

Chancey (Lab Mix)I rescued him from the streets when he was a pup. He had been used as a bait dog. He is pictured here with his "mini me".


beautiful yellow and orange rose

Mother's Day RoseMy husband and granddaughter got me a rose bush for Mother's Day, and this is what it looks like.


Make Drawer Handles into Mini Frames

Make Drawer Handles into Mini FramesGluing together the back sides of each drawer pull, you get a mini rounded/rectangular frame shape. This is what you can make out of them. I got the wrong size and simply made something else with them.


Savoury Cheese and Vegetable Tart

Savoury Cheese and Vegetable TartThis is one of my favourite savoury tarts to make. It's much like a quiche. You can add whatever vegetables you have on hand. The cheese is also optional. My father hates cheese so his cheese-free version is pictured here, too. You can also use a use store bought pie crust.



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Remedy for Formica Countertop Stains?I bought a house with Formica bathroom counters. They have what looks like bleach stains. Has anyone ever tried to dye Formica with clothing dye? My other option is to bleach more areas and make it look like it is intentional.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My best friend's daughter's friends have had very upscale and awesome parties at restaurants either on the water or in the city. My friend's daughter Lila, will be 14. What kind of party should she do? She cannot have it at her house because it is being renovated.


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Fishy Smell In Entryway?We have been experiencing a strange fishy smell in the same area which is sometimes evident and sometimes not for a few months now. It is in an enclosed area just inside our front door. I saw a similar Q and A to this on here which connects this possibly to being an electrical fault.


medium green foliage

What Is This Garden Plant?The attached image is a plant that is all over our back yard. I have had two severe allergic reactions while weedeating it. We did not realize the first time it happen that the plant was the cause. I was told it may be some type of philodendron, but I cannot find an image that looks like it.


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Pioneer Days to Modern Ways 4H Parade Float Ideas?We have a 4-H group and are looking for ideas for our float for the parade.


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Plastic Canvas Dream Castle Pattern?Does anyone have the plastic canvas fashion doll dream castle pattern they would be willing to share? I have the dream house if anyone would like to share.


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Dog Chewing Windowsill?Our 1 year old Lab has a bad habit that he started about 3 months ago. Whenever we leave him to himself he bites the window sill. Sometimes it happens when we are home too. Usually there is at least 1 person home, but that person doesn't pay attention to our dog, so he would start to chew on the windowsill.


peeling leather chair

Leather Chair Peeling?Please help. I found a video on how to fix this, but can't find any Leather Studio paint. Any other suggestions? What can I do to stop all this peeling, how can I fix what's already peeled off?


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Financial Assistance for Roof Repair?How can I receive help with the repairing of my roof? I need a donation of materials and a licensed contractor to do the repair. I do not have the money to pay for the work. I'm willing to set up some kind of payment plan. Is there any way I can get the help I need? I have less than 3 weeks to have it repaired.


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Painting Formica Countertops?What tool did you use to get the realistic veining in your marble/granite look?


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Smoke Alarm Keeps Beeping?My smoke alarm keeps beeping. How do you get them to stop chirping even with new batteries? They are hard wired, so does one need to shut off the breaker? Which one?


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Accidentally Sprayed Vinegar on Flowers and Plants?I accidentally sprayed my potted and planted flowers and plants with a vinegar water and Dawn soap spray. I thought it was only water and Dawn, but it wasn't. I had previously made the other for weeds. Will they all die even the big hearty plants in my beds? And rose bushes? I'm sick.


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Maytag Washing Machine Error Code?My front load machine is showing an error code 3E. What does that mean?


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Fixing Runny Freezer Jam?I used the low-sugar Sur-Jel to make raspberry freezer jam. I followed the directions as in the box and it did not set after 24 hours. I then attempted to use the "remake" directions to remake the jam and it still has not set.


reel mower

Age of an Old Reel Mower?I would like to know the year this was made. I have looked at many sites and can't find one with a handle like this one.


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