January 2, 2017

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Cut flowers in a vase.

Cut Flower Preservative RecipesThis is a page about cut flower preservation recipes. When you buy cut flowers they often come with a packet of preserver to add to the water. If displaying flowers from your garden you can make your own, using products found in your home.


Sweetheart Gift Box

Sweetheart Gift BoxStarting with a heart shaped box and adding pretty decorations makes a nice container for a special gift. This is a page about sweetheart gift box.


A sprouting potato.

Planting Sprouting PotatoesThis is a page about planting sprouting potatoes. If those potatoes that you forgot about have begun to sprout, try planting them. As long as there is no rot you should be able to harvest a nice crop.


Chihuahua puppy.

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Chihuahua?This is a page about, "Is my dog a full blooded Chihuahua?". It is sometimes difficult to be certain that your dog is a pure bred just by its appearance.


A bunch of bowls of salty snack foods.

Curbing Junk Food Cravings When Quitting Smoking?This is a page about curbing junk food cravings when quitting smoking. Quitting a habit like smoking is frequently accompanied by substitute cravings for high calorie snacks.


A dog scratching its ear.

Smelly Black Tar Buildup in Dog's Ear?A dog owner asks: My dog has black tar stuff in his ear and it smells, what is it? One of the causes for a black smelly build up in your pet's ears can be a yeast or other type of infection.


A cattail growing at a lakeside.

The Best Time to Cut Cattails?This is a page about the best time to cut cattails. Cutting cattails at just the right time, and perhaps even stabilizing the seed pods will allow you to enjoy them longer without seed fluff going everywhere.


A row of cattails growing in a lake.

Preserving CattailsThis is a page about preserving cattails. Without some type of preservation measures cut cattails will eventually release their seeds sending fluff everywhere.


A siamese cat sleeping in a planter.

Keeping Cats Out of PlantersThis is a page about keeping cats out of planters. Outdoor cats often find your planters to be a convenient toilet or napping spot.


A gray cat among flowers.

Keeping Cats Out of FlowerbedsThis is a page about keeping cats out of flowerbeds. Keeping your cat or the neighbor's kitty our of your flowerbeds can be a challenge, but there are a number of solutions you can try.


Sprouting Seeds

Sprouting SeedsThis is a page about sprouting seeds. You can often save money and grow plants not readily available at a nursery or big box store, by sprouting your own seeds.


Plant seedlings.

Starting Seeds Under Fluorescent LightsThis is a page about starting seeds under fluorescent lights. When starting seeds indoors, you don't need to buy expensive grow lights, fluorescent lights will do the trick.


Sprouting potatoes in a bowl.

Keep Potatoes from SproutingThis is a page about keep potatoes from sprouting. As potatoes ripen they will begin to sprout. There are some things you can do to slow down this process, such as storing in a dry, dark, cool place.


A diesel mechanic checking a trucks oil.

Removing Diesel Oil and Grease from Clothing?This is a page about removing diesel oil and grease from clothing. When working or cars, heavy equipment, or other types of engines clothing can get covered in oil and grease. Removing these stains can be challenging.


Seedlings on a window sill.

4 Steps to Figuring Out When to Start Seeds IndoorsThis is a page about determining when to start seeds indoors. Knowing your hardiness zone, frost dates, and the germination time line for your chosen seeds is important to deciding when to start seeds indoors.


florescent light graphic

Do Grow Lights Require a Special Fixture?This is a page about, "Do grow lights require a special fixture?". Grow lights can be used for indoor plants during winter months and for germinating seeds and growing the seedlings.


A potted green artificial plant.

Can I Refresh the Color on Faded Silk Plants?This is a page about, "Can I refresh the color on faded silk plants?". Over time faux plants and flowers fade. There are paints and sprays that can give them a fresher look.


A hand holding a pet ferret.

What Kind of Pets Do Ferrets Make?This is a page about, "What kind of pets do ferrets make?". When considering a more unusual pet it is a good idea to do some research into their needs, temperament, etcetera to ensure that they are the pet for you.


A vase full of red roses.

Keeping Cut Roses from Losing Their Petals?This is a page about keeping cut roses from losing their petals. Cut flowers eventually will begin to drop their petals, but adding certain things to the water such as pennies or sugar seems to extend their life.



Blue Jeans Bag for Holding Yarn - recycled jeans storage bag

Blue Jeans Bag for Holding YarnI have been going through clothes like crazy and have found many that do not fit my child yet, are torn or otherwise ruined, so that no one else could get benefit from wearing them.



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Craftsman T2200 Lawn Mower Won't Start?This mower will only turn over 1 time and it seems compression keeps it from continuing. If I take out the spark plug it will turn over like crazy. Yes I have spark.


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 13 in a couple of months, and I want to have a party. It can't be too much money either. I want to invite about 6 friends including boys. I don't know what I should do and it can't be over night.


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Growing Broccoli Rabe from Seed?I tried planting broccoli rabe for the first time from seed last August, but it didn't amount to much except green leaves. Can anyone give me some ideas of how to grow this? I would try early spring this year if I can find the seeds.


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Low Income Housing Grants or Loans?I'm trying to find fianical help to buy a new motorhome to live in. I'm low income on SSI and disabled. I live in a 5th wheel that's falling apart. It needs a lot of work; it's becoming unlivable. Are there any agencies that can help?


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Using Frozen Zucchini in Bread?Do I need to drain the juice from the frozen zucchini to make zucchini bread?


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15th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 15 on the 15th of January. There aren't any good movies out at the moment. It's gonna be raining on that day; so I can't do any beach stuff. I also don't own a pool. I was thinking of a sleepover, but I always have them and they always turn out really boring.


Identifying a Houseplant - large leafed plant with medium green leaves and light veins

Identifying a Houseplant?I got this plant from Walmart and to begin with it was doing very well, but now it seems to be dying. Can you please help me identify it so I can try to nurse it back to health?


Information on Old Electric Lawn  Mower - old mower with round housing

Information on Old Electric Lawn Mower?I found a old electric lawn mower. The name of the mower is Ezy Kutz. It was made by Bearings Transmission Inc. of Memphis, Tennessee. Has anyone ever heard of it?


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Extra Cleaning Charges for Vacation Rental Property?I take care of vacation rentals (clean/manage). Renters sign a rental agreement/contract agreeing to leave the rental in the same condition that they have found it upon arrival. They also pay a required cleaning fee for general cleaning. I need advice for determining a reasonable fee for excessive cleaning.


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Growing Tomatoes?I am just wondering who had good luck with certain kinds of tomato plants? I tried a few new varieties last year, but was not impressed. I did best with Early Girl and Celebrity. I also like the Husky Cherry reds.


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Lining Cotton Curtains?I'm making curtains for my kitchen, using 100% cotton fabric, the same weight you would find in a quilt shop. I'd like to line them to help prevent fading (even though there will be Venetian blinds behind them). If I use a light drapery lining, will that be too heavy? Or would I be better off using muslin?


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Replacement Fuse or Circuit Card for Singer Sewing Machine?I have Singer sewing machine, model 9111. The fuse went off with a bang! Is there somewhere I can by a new fuse or a new mother board (circuit card)?


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Re-dyeing Hair?I dyed my hair December 11. Now that it's January 2 is it OK to go ahead and dye it again?


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Getting a Cat to Use Shredded Paper Litter?I have made an improvised litter for my tabby cat. My previous Shirazi cat doesn't have any issue with the shredded newspaper as litter, but my tabby cat seems to have no interest of using it at all, instead, he always likes to poop on the rags or worst, my laundry.


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Searching for a Porcelain Doll?I am looking for a porcelain doll like the one I had as a child. She had light brown hair in two braids, was wearing a light blue nightgown and was holding a small brown teddy bear. She was in a black box that I believe said, "Porcelain Doll with Bear" on it. I'm hoping to be able to replace her.


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Neutered Cat Exhibiting Dominance Behaviors?When Connor and Murphy were around 4 months old, Connor started expressing some dominance behaviors - pinning Murphy by the scruff and biting hard enough to make him cry. I got them both neutered; problem solved. Neutering my third kitty also stopped the behavior. Suddenly, Connor is acting dominant again.


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Car Heater Not Blowing Warm Air?My heater blows cold air on heat or AC.


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