January 20, 2017

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Hummus made from a prepared packet and garbanzo beans.

Hummus Made Easy ReviewsBush Brothers and Company, known for their bean products, has released a convenience packet making it simple to prepare fresh hummus at home. This is a page about Hummus Made Easy reviews.


Shamrock book marks with a Birds of Washington book.

Crocheted Shamrock BookmarkCrochet a bit of the green when you make this nice little shamrock shaped bookmark. This is a page about crocheted shamrock bookmark.


Easter Cup

Making Recycled Easter Egg CupsUsing recycled lids from bottles or spray cans you can make pretty little cups to hold individual decorated Easter eggs. This is a page about making recycled Easter egg cups.


Gluten Free Chex Party Mix closeup

Gluten Free Chex PartyIt is simple to make gluten free Chex party mix. With only a few substitutions, you will be on your way to enjoying your favorite holiday snack! Check out this page to get gluten free party mix recipes.


dyed purple fabric

Removing Fabric Dye Transfer from Skin?The dye in new clothing and other fabric items can rub off onto your skin. Removing it may be difficult. This is a page about removing fabric dye transfer from skin.


Thumbkin Pumpkin Thumbprint Patch

Fingerprint Craft IdeasFingerprint projects are perfect for your preschoolers. Get creative and you will have something for them to make for every season and anytime in between. This is a page about fingerprint craft ideas.


Plate with cooked potato, egg, dressing and lettuce

Fireplace Potato SaladUse your fireplace to keep warm and cook the ingredients for this yummy potato salad. This is a page about fireplace potato salad.


Snowman Refrigerator Magnet - finished magnet sitting on a countertop

Snowman Bottle Cap MagnetCollect up a few supplies and you are ready to start making these cute magnets. Change the image and they can be made for any holiday or season. This is a page about snowman bottle cap magnet.


A vintage white oven.

Buying Parts for Older Appliances?As appliances get older it can become more difficult to find replacement parts. This is a page about buying parts for older appliances.


Glitter Coke Lid Ornament

Plastic Coke Lid Christmas TreeMake a sparkly Christmas decoration or ornament using soda bottle lids that would typically end up in the trash. This is a page about plastic Coke lid Christmas tree.


Baby Food Jar filled with colorful egg candy.

Easter Crafts Using Baby Food Jars?This is a page about Easter crafts using baby food jars. When you are feeding a baby, you can end up with an excess of these small jars that can be fun for holiday crafts.


Time For Tea Lace Gloves

Making Scalloped Lace GlovesThese delicate lacy crochet gloves are perfect for a tea or other formal occasion. This is a page about making scalloped lace gloves.


DIY Nail Polish Remover Jar - dipping thumb into jar to remove polish with polish residue on sponge

DIY Nail Polish Remover JarMaking your own instant polish remover in a jar is easy. Learn how to make your own DIY nail polish remover jar in this page.


Green, unripe figs, growing on a fig tree.

Figs Are Not Ripening?Are your figs are not ripening? Check out this page to find tips and tricks on how to get your figs to ripen.


Valentine Heart Earrings

Valentine Heart EarringsHearts say Valentine's Day, but you can make these pretty earrings to wear all year long. This is a page about Valentine heart earrings.


Big white dog sitting next to two freshly harvested large onions.

Are Onions Safe for Dogs?Onions can be toxic to dogs when consumed in large amounts. Check out this page and learn more about if onions are safe for dogs.


A pork roast made with pesto.

Pesto Pork Roast RecipeThe delicious flavor of pesto melds with savory roast pork to create a tasty meal. Add a side of pesto pasta and a salad and you are ready to serve. This page contains a pesto pork roast recipe.


Potato Muffins

Potato Cheese MuffinsThis is a delicious way to use up leftover mashed potatoes, or just cook some up and make this new muffin addiction. This page contains a recipe for potato cheese muffins.



Using Charcoal to Remove OdorsCharcoal is used to remove odors in many situations. This is a page about using charcoal to remove odors.


A mechanic working on a car.

Removing Car Grease Stains From ClothingWhen making your own car repairs you can get grease on your clothing. This is a page about removing car grease stains from clothing.


Glass Bottle Wind Chimes

How to Make Glass Bottle Wind ChimesVary up the finished wind chime by using different shaped and colored glass bottles to make several of these lovely chimes. This is a page about how to make glass bottle wind chimes.



Transplanting Strawberries?Choose young plants or rooted runners for the best results when transplanting strawberry plants. This is a page about transplanting strawberries.


Dog sitting at a table with a roasted poultry on plate.

Feeding Turkey to a Dog?Boneless and skinless turkey is a good lean source of protein for dogs. Check out this page and learn more about feeding turkey to dogs.


Two seashells in the sand.

Putting Silver Edging on a Seashell?There are several products that will allow you to put a silver colored edge on shells for craft projects and decorative items. This is a page about putting silver edging on a seashell.


Rustic Valentine's Day Hanging Hearts

Rustic Valentine's Day Hanging HeartsThis rustic Valentine's Day decoration is perfect for a home with a country style decor. This is a page about rustic Valentine's Day hanging hearts.



Switch to Xylitol Gum For Dental Health

Switch to Xylitol Gum For Dental HealthIf you like to chew gum but dislike the idea of killing your teeth, switch to xylitol gum! Studies indicate that, by allowing neutral pH levels to remain in the mouth, it helps maintain dental health. As well, xylitol helps prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth.


A cute cardboard box containing scissors, remotes and other clutter.

Housing Side Table Clutter with BoxI have a wicker two-drawer night stand that is by my "TV" chair. There is too much stuff on it and it's a hot mess. So, today I found one of my fav decorative boxes and put the lid on the side, using it for my remotes, note pad, scissors, pens, stylus pen, crochet hook, and calendar.


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Soften Plastic Recycling to FlattenUsing a stove, hover your food plastic packaging over the heat for a short while, at a distance not to harm your hands. Let the plastic become soft. Put it onto a work surface and then, using a silicone pot mat, quickly flatten it. This routine has significantly reduced the bulk and I now only need to take it to the recycle centre every 2 to 3 weeks.


Handprint Winter Cardinals - finished painting of cardinal on snowy branch

Handprint Winter CardinalsAll birds are beautiful, but I find the male cardinals breathtaking, especially during a snowy winter. They don't molt and therefore retain that vivid and eye-catching red plumage all year long. If you are teaching children about cardinals, this craft is the perfect choice to incorporate into the lesson.


A bunch of coins, ready for counting.

Give Yourself a Second Payday With CoinsI know everyone is aware of the Coinstar machines in nearly every grocery store, and everyone is aware that saving coins can add up, but are you aware that you can painlessly have enough money to pay your rent after a mere two years or more?


Fan fried bananas on plate.

Fan Fried BananaMake a fan shape banana and fry it. You can do it with your kids. It is so easy and delicious!


A coloring page showing a cardinal on a tree branch.

Cardinal on Branch Adult Coloring PageBirds are usually one of the first signs that the warmer weather is on its way. Just thinking about spring should put you in a chirpy mood, but if not, this little cardinal is sure to help lift your spirits.


Two clear ornaments filled with beads.

The Frugal OrganizerBeing separated from my husband brought on many financial challenges. First, I had to find a place to live that I could afford. The apartment I found was very small but nice. The problem was I had so much craft "stuff". I couldn't afford a storage space so I became obsessed in finding places to hide things.



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Using ZEP Stripper on Laminate floor?ZEP makes a cleaning product and a stripping product. I assume the discussions here about removing build up on laminate flooring are recommending the stripping product. The packaging says to follow use with a ZEP sealer. Is this necessary on a Pergo or other wood-looking laminate surface?


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Preventing Quilt from Bleeding on Itself?How do I keep purple from bleeding on white? It is a quilt and the purple wants to bleed.


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Restoring Laminate Countertop?I have stupidly scrubbed my grey/black laminate kitchen work top with a brush and I now have a faded whitish patch in the middle of the kitchen top. Do you have any suggestions how I can restore the colour a bit so it does not stand out?


Identifying a Houseplant - tall single stemmed plant with long lance shaped leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?I found this on the side of the road. I have no idea what kind of plant it is. Possibly a money tree? Seriously I have no idea.


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Donating Scrapbook Supplies?I have a lot of scrapbooking supplies that I am looking to donate to a good cause that will get some use out of them. Any ideas of any in the central Minnesota area?


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica 3?This set of Encyclopedia Britannica was updated and republished in 1979, by International Encyclopedia Britannica Inc. Library of Congress card no. 77-94292. It is a set of 30 volumes. They are all leather bound. I am looking for a price or cost of such a set.


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