March 14, 2017

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An elderly dog with cataracts.

Nonsurgical Remedies for a Dog With Cataracts?There are a number of products that are sold to treat canine cataracts, some by slowing the development of the condition. However, the medical consensus is that surgery is the only true cure for this vision impairment. This is a page about nonsurgical remedies for a dog with cataracts.


Recycled Jewelry Barrettes

Recycled Jewelry BarrettesGlue old discarded or thrift store jewelry to craft barrettes for a new bit of bling. This is a page about recycled jewelry barrettes.


Brown rings on light colored furniture.

Removing Brown Rings on White Furniture?White furniture can be marred by rubber feet on lamps, chemicals in cleaners, and more, leaving unsightly and hard to remove brown rings. This is a page about removing brown rings on white furniture.


A dish of jello mixed with yogurt.

Making Jello With YogurtTry adding yogurt to your Jello mix for a different version of this popular treat. This is a page about making Jello with yogurt.


Homemade Bath Bombs - bath bomb still in cupcake paper

Homemade Valentine's Day Bath BombsHomemade bath bombs are a fun, to make and give, gift for a friend on Valentine's day or any special occasion. This is a page about homemade Valentine's Day bath bombs.


A man putting clothes into a washing machine.

Making Septic Safe Laundry DetergentCertain cleaning products are not recommended if you are on a septic system. This is a page about making septic safe laundry detergent.


Cheesecake with strawberry star and blueberries.

Patriotic Cheesecake RecipeStrawberries and blueberries help make this delicious patriotic cheesecake for the Fourth of July or anytime. This page contains a patriotic cheesecake recipe.


Bottle sailboat, materials, and children playing with the boat.

Make a Sailing Boat from a Plastic BottleRather than recycling that empty plastic bottle make a fun to play with sail boat for the tub or pool. This is a page about how to make a sailing boat from a plastic bottle.


A box of baking soda and borax.

DIY Dry Laundry Soap for $20 a YearYou can save a lot of money by making your own laundry powder. This page contains a recipe for DIY dry laundry soap for $20 a year.


A dog getting his ears cleaned.

Treating a Dog With Smelly EarsEar infections or mites can cause your dog to have smelly ears. This page offers some suggestions for treating a dog with smelly ears.


Singer 6105 Tension Knob Falls Off - fingers holding knob

Repairing a Tension Knob on a Singer Sewing Machine?Without the ability to properly adjust the tension on your sewing machine stitches can vary and cause unsightly seams that can be too loose or too tight. This is a page about repairing the tension knob on a Singer sewing machine.


A batch of onion rings baked in the oven.

Healthy Baked Onion RingsOnion ring lovers who are looking for a lower fat version may enjoy this baked option. This page contains a recipe for healthy baked onion rings.


A woman smelling fresh laundry.

Using Irish Spring Soap in Laundry Soap Recipes?Homemade laundry soap is often made with Fels Naptha or Zote laundry bar soaps, however, other brands including body soaps, such as Irish Spring, work equally well. This is a page about using Irish Spring soap in laundry soap recipes.


A young cat getting ear drops at the vet.

Using Ivermectin to Treat Ear MitesVets often prescribe Acarexx, a 1% solution of ivermectin, to treat parasites including ear mites. Some pet owners prefer to mix their own solution when treating their pets. This is a page about using ivermectin to treat ear mites.


Cleaning Lamp Shades

Using a Lint Roller for Cleaning Lamp ShadesA lint roller is an excellent tool for cleaning dust and lint from your fabric lampshades. This is a page about using a lint roller for cleaning lamp shades.



Cookies on a baking sheet.

Suzette's Tahini CookiesA talented baker we know made this recipe. If you can't get tahini, I'm sure creamy peanut butter would do.


A table full of Vietnamese pho and additions.

Homemade Vietnamese PhoDelicious noodle soup. It's perfect for any occasion, especially chilly cold days! Easily serves 4-5 bowls. What's great is that this pho recipe takes less time to cook since it's chicken; whereas for beef, it can take several hours!


A freshly baked apple pie.

Apple Pie for Pi Day"You say what?" That is what I said when my grandson called me and asked me if I would help him with a school project. Of course I would! I said "I need to make a pie for Pi Day for a Math project?" Huh? Yes, each child was told to bake a pie for Pi Day! This was a new one for me!


Smoked Salmon Crostini Appetizers on serving dish

Smoked Salmon Crostini AppetizersDelicious smoked salmon appetizers that are perfect to serve at your party. You can make this on bread or even potato chips!


Loaves of freshly baked herb bread.

Mom's Herb BreadThis bread will fill your house with a fresh, wonderful aroma as it bakes! The recipe is time-tested and versatile. You can make fluffy loaves, dinner rolls, baguettes, twists, focaccia, and more!


A no bake cherry cheesecake in a sheet pan.

No Bake CheesecakeThis cheesecake is delicious and easy to make. You can top it with whatever your favorite pie filling is. I use cherry pie filling for this recipe, but I have also used lemon and blueberry and they were all so good.


A glass of healthy morning juice.

Healthy Morning JuiceHere's a great way to make sure you get your vitamin C in the morning. It gives your liver a nice break, and also help your joints.


A plate of simmered chicken with rice and vegetables.

Pressure Cooker Chinese Simmered ChickenAnother winner from my Instant Pot Facebook group. I used chicken thighs, but you can use any chicken pieces you want. This can be made in a stovetop pressure cooker, if you don't have an Instant Pot. I have read that stovetop cookers cook at higher pressure, so reduce the time by a few minutes.



Start Your Gardening Early

Start Your Gardening EarlyMarch 10 - A snowfall is predicted to occur in a few days. So, I wanted to get a few pictures. Some of my plants could be hurt dramatically by heavy snow. As having the pics for my records, I thought I'd share them with you.


Several rolls of crochet thread on a toilet paper holder.

Bath Tissue Holder to Store Crochet ThreadWhen your counter space in your work room is limited, you do what ever you can to save space. Today, I gathered up the spooled crochet threads and put them on this bath tissue holder.


Rewiring a Living Room Lamp - finished lamp with shade and turned on

Rewiring a Living Room LampThis will show you how easy it is to rewire a lamp yourself instead of paying some place to do it!


Aluminum Foil Box Desk Organizer - finished organizer filled with desk items

Aluminum Foil Box Desk OrganizerThis desk organizer is made from an empty aluminum foil box, cardboard paper towel roll tubes, and leftover wrapping paper. I love making things out of supposed trash!


Spring Tea Party Invitation - finished card

Spring Tea Party InvitationIt is spring! What better way to celebrate than to have a few friends over for a tea party, sitting outside and enjoying nature's bounty? Here is a great way to make an invitation. Use a quote from Robin Williams to get your friends in the right mood. Have fun and enjoy the outdoors!


Shamrock Mini Adult Coloring Project

Shamrock Mini Adult Coloring ProjectHere is a mini adult coloring page that you can afterwards turn into a greeting card to share some Irish love. As you can see in the colored example, the challenge is to use only tonal values of green when coloring. So, even though the project is small, it delivers quite the challenge. Grab your tools and color away!


Make a Spring Butterfly from a Paper Plate - hanging butterfly

Make a Spring Butterfly from a Paper PlateWelcome spring with a fun and pretty butterfly fashioned from a paper plate.


A thin tortilla wrap made from egg.

Egg TortillasMaking your own egg tortillas is easy and they make a pleasant change from wheat or corn. They are also useful if you are on a diet.


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Use Fabric Paint for Slip-ProofingI like to draw little designs with fabric paint on the bottoms of certain objects like desk supplies, organizers, and pen holders. The fabric paint gives the objects a bit of grip and acts as a slip-proofing agent.



Value of Painted Ceramic Bowls and Jars - painted bowl with Asian pattern

Value of Painted Ceramic Bowls and Jars?These are very old, but are they antique. Please could you tell me if these are of any value?


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How Long to Wait Before Re-dyeing Hair?So about two days ago I was trying to dye my hair blonde. I tried the blonde dye from a product line I have used before and my hair just didn't absorb it. Then I tried a different blonde hair dye and only the roots absorbed the colour. How long should I wait before trying to go back to darker again?


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Finding Someone to Remove Trees?I have aprox. 1 1/2 acres of pine trees. I would like someone to cut them down and take them away for free. How do I find such a person or company? I live around Edenton, North Carolina.


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Linoleum Darker Under Kitchen Mat?I have a cushioned mat in front of my kitchen sink. I've noticed that the linoleum is a darker color. I removed the mat. How can I clean this?


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Removing a Hot Sauce Stain on Clothing?How do I get rid of a hot sauce stain on black pants after I washed and dried them and the stain is still there?


Arranging Furniture in a Small Living Room

Arranging Furniture in a Small Living Room?This is my living room getting painted. It's quite small and I have to fit in my sofa, coffee table, TV unit, and on the other side the dining table, a console, and fridge. How should I align the furniture? What colours of upholstery will be more inviting yet will open up the space?


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Getting a Spiral Perm?I have to walk home from the salon after getting a spiral perm. Will the heat/humidity affect the way my curls end up? And if my hair ends up frizzy after the walk will it be permanently frizzy?


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Homemade Oven Cleaner Recipe?I am looking for a good homemade oven cleaner for my propane stove. Any ideas?


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Restoring Faded Aloha Shirts?I live in Hawaii and have 350 very beautiful aloha shirts. A small amount of these were used. In this part of the world, the sun is very, very strong. Some of these shirts were put in the sun to dry, something I would never do.


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