October 1, 2017

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Ground Turkey Stuffed Mushrooms with Bell Peppers

Ground Turkey Stuffed Mushrooms with Bell PeppersMushrooms can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients. They are delicious served as an appetizer or even a side. This page contains a recipe for ground turkey stuffed mushrooms with bell peppers.


friendship bracelets

Junior High Sunday School Craft IdeasChoosing the most interesting crafts matched to the age of your Sunday school group helps to make for a fun and successful activity. This is a page about junior high Sunday school craft ideas.


Peach-Balsamic Chicken Skillet on plate

Peach-Balsamic Chicken Skillet RecipeFresh peaches combine with tomatoes, onions, balsamic vinegar, and basil to make a scrumptious skillet meal. This page contains a peach-balsamic chicken skillet recipe.


Meal planning notebook.

Organizing Your MealsOrganizing your menu for the week is an excellent way to save time and money. This is a page about organizing your meals.


Older Couple Organizing Their Social Security Paperwork

Organizing Social Security PaperworkApplying for and receiving Social Security payments can generate some important paperwork that you will want to keep should you need to contact the Social Security office with questions or reply to inquiries from them. This is a page about organizing Social Security paperwork.


A lionhead rabbit sitting outside in the shade.

Lionhead Rabbit PhotosThis newer breed of bunny, is compact in size and friendly in temperament. This page contains lionhead rabbit photos.


Herb Butter

Herb Butter Braid RecipeThis delicious braided bread is flavored with real butter and multiple herbs. This page contains a bread recipe for herb butter braid.


Rolls of colorful wrapping paper on a white background.

Donating Christmas Gift Wrapping to Charity?While there may be a few organizations that would appreciate a donation of wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, etc. one that rises to the top as a first choice is Toys for Tots. This is a page about donating Christmas wrapping to charity.


Fluorescent Light Fixture

Rewiring a Fluorescent FixtureSometimes it becomes necessary to rewire an existing fixture. For example you may want to change how many switches can operate the light. This is a page about rewiring a fluorescent fixture.


Christmas Wrap

Keeping Christmas Wrap Rolls from UnrollingWrapping paper is notorious for unrolling. Finding a way to prevent this without wrinkling the paper too much can be a bit of a task. This is a page about keeping Christmas wrap rolls from unrolling.


Making a Disposable Cup Christmas Chandelier

Making a Plastic Cup Christmas ChandelierThis decorative holiday chandelier starts with white plastic cups and a string of colored lights. This is a page about making a plastic cup Christmas chandelier.


A bottle of liquid paper.

How to Refresh Dried Liquid PaperThere is a product on the market made especially for this purpose or you can try adding hand sanitizer or non-acetone nail polish remover to the container of correction fluid. This is a page about how to refresh dried liquid paper.


A t-shirt hanging on a clothesline.

Armpit Odor on ClothingWhite vinegar often works well to remove perspiration odor from clothing. This is a page about solutions for removing armpit odor on clothing.


Woman Applying Moisturizer

Saving Money on Moisturizer?One way to save money on moisturizers is to use less expensive substitutes such as baby oil or lotion. You can also make your own, tailored to your personal skin needs. This is a page about saving money on moisturizer.


A green katydid or leaf bug on a smooth surface.

Katydid (Leaf Bug) PhotosKatydids or leaf bugs actually resemble walking leaves, in the same way as walking stick bugs look like twigs. These are not related to Phylliidae or walking leaf insects. This page contains Katydid (leaf bug) photos.


No More Frayed Bracelets

How to Prevent Frayed Friendship BraceletsIf your friendship bracelet is made with synthetic thread then using a lighter to heat the frayed area or cord ends will repair or prevent fraying. This is a page about how to prevent frayed friendship bracelets.


singing angel made from a glass bottle

Making a Glass Bottle Christmas AngelBegin with a glass bottle with an interesting shape, add a polystyrene ball for the head, and decorate as desired to make a cute Christmas angel. This is a page about making a glass bottle Christmas angel.


A Downy woodpecker eating suet.

Feeding Wild Birds SuetSong birds definitely enjoy a suet cake in their feeder during the winter months. It is the perfect food for winter, as long as it doesn't get too wet or freeze. This is a page about feeding wild birds suet.


A piece of rhubarb crips topped with a whipped topping.

Who Is the Maker of Weis Market Whipped Topping?Many store brand food items are in fact manufactured by other companies and branded with the store's name. This is a page about, "Who is the maker of Weis market whipped topping?"



Scrap wood painted Halloween cats.

Scrap Wood Halloween DecorationsWe had a lot of scrap wood pieces left from many projects. I was really careful after cutting to pick up the scraps and save them. With these and things you mostly have on hand you can create some fun Halloween decorative pieces.



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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs?What are the best ways and best products to use to get rid of bed bugs fast? Please be specific.


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Repairing a Burn Hole on Couch?I have a burn hole in my couch. What is the best way to repair it?


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Removing Air Freshener Residue from Apartment?I have been over spraying air freshener that was in concentrate form in my apartment not realizing I was literally poisoning myself over a 4 month period and I wound up in the hospital. The problem is I can't get it out. I have had the windows open and the air filter changed. My friends have wiped things down and vacuumed.


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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?My cousin is a single mom and owns a home. The repairs that the house needs are extensive and she cannot afford the cost. If she cannot find help the city is going to condemn it. Does anyone know of any kind of organization that will help?


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Caring for a Puppy with Parvo?My 9 month old Rotti is on day 6 with parvo and treatment. Last night and today he just wants to sleep; is that normal?


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Name Ideas for an Investigation Business for Senior Citizens?I am transitioning/re-branding my general private investigation business to focus on investigations and related services which protect the aging population from fraud, abuse, and neglect. Whew! Any ideas of some clever names that aren't too long and where people can tell what business it is from the name?


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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit Problems?No breakers are tripped, but I have no power at an outlet in one room and at the overhead lights in two other rooms.


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Slogan Ideas for a Cleaning Business?I am starting my cleaning company named MaJeSte Cleaning Services. Does anyone have any catchy slogan ideas?


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Freezing Tomatoes for Tomato Juice?I have a lot of tomatoes that were given to me that I do not have time to take care of right now. Can I freeze them and at a later time juice them and can tomato juice?


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Selling Trees for Lumber?Hurricane Irma left me with a large red cedar down and a second one damaged and needing removal too. I know there is value in red cedar and would be willing to sell the lumber in exchange for removing them.


Value of 9 Drawer Dresser - modern style light colored dresser

Value of 9 Drawer Dresser?Does anyone know if this has any value? It is a 9 drawer dresser probably from the 50s.


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John Deere LA115 Mower Won't Start?My John Deere lawnmower will barely turn over. I put in a new battery, starter, and solenoid! Any idea what could be the problem? It would run fine after I got it started, but it will not turn enough to even start now!


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Caring for Finches and Their Hatchlings?My female zebra finch has chicks that hatched on Thursday, but today she just sleeps on the bottom of the cage while the male takes care of them. Is there anything wrong with the female?


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Removing Mop n Glo Residue from Vinyl Plank Flooring?My husband had just installed vinyl plank flooring in parts of our home. He decided to surprise me and shine it up with Mop n Glo. Disaster! It left permanent mop marks and easily spots and scratches. What can I safely use to remove this?


Value of New Standard Encyclopedias

Value of New Standard Encyclopedias?I have a 1952 set of New Standard Encyclopedias consisting of 10 volumes. It is in excellent condition. What might this be worth?


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Value of Webster's Dictionary?What is the value of a Webster's International Dictionary from 1928 (India paper edition)?


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Sofa Color Advice?I just bought a combination of Sun Ban chocolate brown and beige curtains. Basically, one curtain is chocolate brown and the other one is beige. I already have a carpet with red as a dominating color with other colors of cream and light grey. I also have a white side table. Which color sofa upholstery should work the best?


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