February 20, 2018

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Permanent marker scribbles on a toilet seat.

How to Remove Permanent Marker From a Tub and Toilet?Little artists will use any surface to create their masterpieces. Unfortunately they are often using permanent markers. This is a page about how to remove permanent marker from a tub and toilet.


A vintage stuffed toy with a vinyl head.

Identifying a Vintage Stuffed Toy?It is fun to try and find out information about a favorite childhood toy. This can sometimes involve a fair amount of research for more unusual or uncommon toys. This is a page about identifying a vintage stuffed toy.


A soapy sponge scrubbing a carpet.

Removing Dawn Dish Detergent Residue from Carpet?Dawn is used for a multitude of cleaning tasks. If too much was used it can require continuous rinsing to remove the residue from your carpet. A shop vac can be helpful as well. This is a page about removing Dawn dish detergent residue from carpet.


Turtle Dove of Love Valentine Card - finished card with rhinestones randomly glued to the card face around the doves, inside the heart

How to Make a Turtle Dove of Love Valentine CardThis pretty Valentine's Day card is adorned with two resin turtle doves. If you enjoy making your own greeting cards or are new to this craft give this one a try. This is a page about how to make a turtle dove of love Valentine card.


An oak table with chairs.

Value of John Breuner Oak Table?Determining the current value of a used piece of furniture may be found on an online auction site or from a local antique dealer. This is a page about value of John Breuner oak table.



Containers of sorted coins.

Don't Be Shy Using Coins and CouponsI used to be really nervous when I am in line with coupons or if I take slightly longer at the register to pay. I just didn't want to be "that" person everyone would be angry at. I would opt to use my credit card just so I don't have to fidget with cash and coins.


Using a brushless carwash to avoid scratches.

Find the Right CarwashOur previous car had lots of scratches from going to the carwash. Mainly because the brushes were very abrasive and curb rub on the tires from the self automated ramp.


Make a Jewelry Box from a Pot Holder - add jewelry or other small items

Make a Jewelry Box from a Pot HolderWhen I had a set of old fashioned pot holders, the plan was to sew them together and made a hot pad. But I made a scissor hanger for my daughter then this with the other one. I like this much better! I have seen these done for casserole dishes.


100th Day of School Paper Plate Gumball Machines  - alternative method is to make 100 dots using a bingo marker

100th Day of School Paper Plate Gumball MachinesThe 100th day of school is often celebrated with games, activities, art projects, costumes, and parties. I think it started because the 100th day is when Kindergarten students get around to counting to that number. One enjoyable craft for the occasion is making these paper plate gumball machines.


Pickled Bean Sprouts in jar

Pickled Bean SproutsThis is a dish that accompanies braised pork belly or braised catfish, especially during Chinese/Vietnamese New Year. But you can eat this on any occasion too. Goes great with braised meats/poultry.


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Cash and Carry at All CostsI know it's been said before but, trust me, cash is better than store cards. I have been working hard on my credit. The score has gone up another two points. The one thing I learned the most was no more store cards. Interest charges added up and that was hard to recover from.


An old RC car box that can be repurposed for storage.

Turning a Old RC Car Box into a Sewing BoxI have had this old box for a while. Keeping my beads in it was good for a while but then I decided to put them in little zipper bags so they are easier to get out. I needed a sewing case and this seems like a good "renewed life" for this trusty old box.


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Stocking Your Camper's FreezerEvery summer, my husband and I load up our camper and head out to explore the USA. Groceries along the way can get expensive. To beat the costs of on the road shopping, I start early in the spring buying small steaks, etc.


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Use Patience When Training a DogNever yell or strike your animal (lightly also counts as abuse). It is never okay to hit or strike an animal with force. Some redirection is fine and small little taps on the body are OK, but never the head.


A sandwich being made with Everything but the Bagel Seasoning.

Trader Joe's "Everything But the Bagel" SeasoningI have been making the popular 2-ingredient bagels, which use this seasoning. The cashier at Trader Joes, where I purchased the seasoning, said she loves it on avocado. I bought a few avocados on special for 50 cents each. I spread the bread with my homemade Greek yogurt, spread avocado, used the seasoning, and added lettuce. The sandwich was great.



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Value of 2014 World Book Encyclopedia Set?I have an ex-library set of 22 volumes of the 2014 World Book in excellent condition. How can a non-profit group market the set to make the most money for a public library?


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Locating the Source of a Smell in Our House?We rescued a dog who pees everywhere, even after being taken out. The floors in our home slope slightly into the wall. The walls are concrete and plaster, but there is a half inch gap between the floor ends and the baseboard. We have sprayed animal enzyme multiple times, used a charcoal fan, and it just came back.


A pink cashmere baby blanket with satin trim, with some brown staining.

Repairing a Cashmere Baby Blanket?I am in dire need of help. My 2 year old has a cashmere blankie that is attached to her hip. We've already had to have the binding reinforced about a year ago. Anyway, one of the corners that has her "taggie" on it is falling apart. I'm wondering what I can do to fix it.


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Bathroom Paint Color Advice?I am wanting to paint a small guest bathroom a pale to medium gray. I have a brass light fixture and an ornate gold framed mirror over a pedestal sink. Should I give up on gray if I want to keep these items?


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Lights in Two Bedrooms Not Working?The lights in 2 bedrooms not working. I turned the breaker off and back on and the lights went on for an instant then went off. I shut the breaker off and checked the switch for loose wiring. I put the switch back on and played with the toggle and the light came on for a second or 2 while the breaker was off.


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Finding Source for Free Ostomy Supplies?I need free ostomy supplies. Can someone please help me with suggestions for finding a source?


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Repairing a Cigarette Burn Hole on Suede Couch?How do I fix a cigarette burn on a suede couch?


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Value of an Ashley Belle Collection Doll?I have an Ashley Belle Collection doll named MerriAnn, Design Number 885. What is she worth?


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Meaning of the Numbers on the Underside of Mersman Tables?What do the numbers on bottom of Mersman furniture indicate? I have a table with 24-33. I would love to know what it means.


Identifying a Bug in My Washroom

Identifying a Bug in My Washroom?I came out from the shower and I found this bug on my body right after I was drying myself with the towel. Do you guys know what is it?


Value of Murphy Red Cedar Chest of Drawers - cedar chest of drawers cabinet

Value of Murphy Red Cedar Chest of Drawers?I have a 4 drawer chest of drawers that is made out of cedar, it looks like red cedar to me. The back of it says: MURPHY 151 NSM. The measurements are: 42"H x 32"W x 18"D. It's missing 2 of the drawers. Is there any way you could give me some kind of estimated value range?


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Caring for a Puppy with Parvo?I guess I'm just a paranoid dog owner who needs some questions answered. I have a black Russian terrier puppy who is about 5 months old. Since I just got him his vaccinations weren't started so I did start his course right away, but right after his first vaccination he became lethargic and ate less than he usually did.


Identifying a Cane Back Chair - dark wood chair with upholstered seat and narrow cane back

Identifying a Cane Back Chair?Any idea on the name, era and style of this chair? Any information is appreciated.


Finding Free or Inexpensive Building Materials - porch in need of repair

Finding Free or Inexpensive Building Materials?I need help with repairing a porch. Any suggestions on getting wood free or inexpensively to build it would be appreciated, because mine is falling apart.


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Finding Rent Assistance for Low Income Idividuals?I am disabled and get SSI every month. Yesterday I got a 5 day eviction notice from the manager in the park where I live. I live in Wisconsin (Schofield) and I have to pay lot rent; I owe $433.00. I cannot be evicted as I'll be homeless. Is there a place in my city that does help with rent?


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Substituting Evaporated Milk for Coffee Creamer?Can I substitute evaporated milk for my coffee creamer?


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Killing Blackberries Naturally?I am trying to get rid of blackberry bushes that have invaded a blueberry field. I don't want to use anything chemical and have been cutting them out, but of course they grow back. Any thoughts on how to get rid of them without digging out roots would be greatly appreciated! 


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Home Electrical Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowner?I have needed help for over 2 years now. I got some of the stuff I need to do the work, but not all and am out of money and need the job done right. I live in a older trailer I bought. Someone told me the wiring needs redoing.


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Value of Barbara Collins Porcelain Dolls?I have two porcelain bisque dolls made by Barbara Collins. They are in perfect condition. One is even a limited edition and they both come with certificates of authenticity. I wanted to know how much these dolls are worth or how to determine the value myself.


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Mom Won't Let Me Shave?I am a very hairy girl. Recently many guys have told me I have a lot of hair and why don't I shave. People constantly keep eyeing my legs and hand. I'm scared to even wear half sleeved shirts, skirts, or shorts. All I wear is jeans and jackets.


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