March 26, 2018

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Square shaped mug with a picture of a baby on it.

Transferring a Picture to a Cup or PlateWith easy access to digital prints, making a personalized cup or plate can be a great gift for a friend or family member. This is a page about transferring a picture to a cup or plate.


Fried Stuffed Olives cut in half.

Fried Stuffed OlivesOlives are perfect for stuffing after the pit has been removed. This is a page about making fried stuffed olives.


Young boy looking at a kitten scratching itself.

Child Safe Remedies for FleasIf you are struggling with fleas when you have young children, be sure to use a product that will not be toxic. This is a page about child safe remedies for fleas.


Monarch butterfly on a flower

How Gardeners Can Help Monarch ButterfliesBeautiful orange and black Monarch butterflies depend on milkweed as a home for their larvae. This is a page about how gardeners can help Monarch butterflies.


Roll of tape on a piece of wood.

Using Tape to Glue Wood?This is a page about using tape to glue wood. As the glue is drying, it is best to use something to hold everything in place. Clamps work great for most projects, but painter's tape works great in those tough to reach places.


Closeup of dye bleed damage on a dress.

Dress Bled on Itself in Wash?Brightly colored sections on a dress can bleed onto the surrounding lighter parts. This page is about what to do when a dress bled on itself in wash.


White shower curtain with stainless steel curtain rings.

Decorating Shower Curtain RingsTake plain shower curtain rings and add embellishments to match your decor. This is a page about decorating shower curtain rings.


Dog shaped cookies on a cookie sheet

Dog Bakery Business Name Ideas?A bakery for dog treats and biscuits is a great niche market in many communities. Pick a name that will be memorable for your customers. This page contains dog bakery business name ideas.


Collage of words from newspapers and magazines.

Decoupaging With Newspaper Clippings?Decoupage is a traditional way to adhere paper to a smooth surface and newspaper clippings are a popular choice. This is a page about decoupaging with newspaper clippings.


Assorted vinegars in glass bottles.

Buying Vinegar?This is a page about buying vinegar. Vinegar has numerous uses, including as a weed killer. Many times it is cheaper to buy it in larger quantities for these uses.


Stack of magazines and a mug on a table.

Buying Older Editions of Popular Science?Popular Science has been being published in the United States since 1872 and many older editions are collectible. This is a page about buying older editions of Popular Science.


Person sewing a piece of fabric on a sewing machine.

Homemade Sanitary PadsUsing reusable cloth menstrual pads instead of disposable ones is better for the environment and your pocketbook. This is a page about homemade sanitary pads.


Carpet shampooer cleaning white carpet

Suction on a Carpet Shampooer Does Not WorkThis is a page about suction on a carpet shampooer does not work. It is important that your carpet cleaner has proper suction, so that you aren't left with wet carpets. Here are some tips for locating the cause of the problem.


Vintage wooden upholstered chair.

Determining the Value of Vintage Chairs?This is a page about determining the value of vintage chairs. Whether you have inherited or purchased vintage chairs, it can be fun to find out what they are worth. Here are some tips to help you figure out their value.


Wallpaper book with blue wallpaper.

Uses for Wallpaper BooksWallpaper sample books have many beautiful and sturdy samples that can be used in crafts. This is a page about uses for wallpaper books.


Big Mac hamburger and a side of fries.

Saving Money at McDonald'sThis is a page about saving money at McDonald's. By customizing a cheaper sandwich, you can achieve a similar flavor to the Big Mac, without paying the higher price. There are also lots of coupons and an app for your phone to help save you money. Plus there is always a deal at the top of your receipt if you complete the survey.


Looking through a sliding glass door to a balcony in a tropical place.

Window Treatment for Sliding Doors?Find an attractive and convenient way to block light and view through your sliding glass doors. This is a page about window treatment for sliding doors.


Apple, Brie and Prosciutto in bowl

Apple, Brie and Prosciutto AppetizerThis is a page about apple, brie and prosciutto appetizer. If you are looking for a quick and fulling snack, this might hit the spot. Apples, brie, and Prosciutto are the perfect combination of creamy, sweet, and salty.


An over the door organizer filled with craft supplies.

Using an Over the Door Organizer for CraftsStore all sorts of craft supplies in the clear vinyl pockets of a shoe organizer that is designed to be hung over a door. This is a page about using an over the door organizer for crafts.



Wild Woodland Daisy (Rudbeckia) - yellow flower with black center

Wild Woodland Daisy (Rudbeckia)A wild daisy flower on private property, in the vicinity of the year round creek. Spring has sprung in Michigan.


Spice Carousel for Art Supplies

Spice Carousel for Art SuppliesWhen you are a crafter, you have to be creative with organization and space.


Folded Paper Bunny Corner Bookmark - closeup of bookmark on page corner

Folded Paper Bunny Corner BookmarkThis page corner bookmark is super easy to make from supplies you probably already have. You'll be using origami techniques with plain white paper. One piece of paper can make many bunny bookmarks of different sizes! This is a great craft for all ages.


Landing Dragonfly - dragonfly landing on a blade of grass

Landing DragonflyPerfect moments near the water. I got a picture of a dragonfly going to land on a blade of grass. It was just flying around without a care in the world.



Identifying a Houseplant - bromeliad looking plant

Identifying a Houseplant?My girlfriend's friend got us this plant from a Morrison's I believe. I am quite annoyed that none of them have a clue what kind it is as I believe they've overwatered it and mould has settled on the soil.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Mother's Day Church Sermon Ice Breakers?I am planning a sermon for Mother's Day and I was thinking what ice breakers can I use that are appropriate for church?


What Breed Is My Kitten?

What Breed Is My Kitten?I just recently bought this gorgeous little angel. Can someone please tell me what breed she is? She is all white and cream (almost with a pinkish hue) on all four pink paws and nose. Her forehead protrudes just a tiny bit and she has a tiny pink nose and permanent blue eyes.


Information on Mid Century Antique Coffee Table - in living room

Information on Mid Century Antique Coffee Table?I just bought this antique mid century coffee table and I'm curious about the function of the side with the little cubbyhole. Have you ever seen this before or was it something custom made?


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