April 11, 2018

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Toilet Lid Cover - finished cover  on the underside of the lid

How to Make a Doily Toilet Lid CoverThis is a page about how to make a doily toilet lid cover. You don't need to know how to crochet to make this lacy doily toilet lid cover. Use pre-made ones from the craft store and create your own design.


Fan folded paper heart.

"Number 1 Fan" Valentine Project for KidsThis is a page about "Number 1 Fan" Valentine project for kids. This fun paper plate craft is perfect for children to make and give for Valentine's Day.


Cinnamon Donut Chips - bake thicker slices longer if needed

Cinnamon Donut Chips RecipeThis page contains a cinnamon donut chips recipe. Sprinkle thin sliced, stale donuts, with cinnamon sugar, and toast in the oven for a delicious chip to have with tea or coffee or as a snack anytime.


Fudge in a white bowl.

Zachary's Crème Drops Fudge RecipeThis page contains a Zachary's Crème Drops fudge recipe. These vanilla cream filled, chocolate covered drops are often available around the holidays. Some stores carry them all year. Mix these sweet candies with peanut butter and a bit of butter then microwave and refrigerate for a easy to make treat.


Bedroom with patterned valances

Curtain Valance Color Advice?This is a page about curtain valance color advice. Valances can be hung alone or above curtains. Choosing a color that completes your room is fun even if a bit bewildering at times.


Tree cookies with green sugar sprinkles.

Making Your Own Colored SugarsMixing sugar with food coloring, a drop at a time, in a zipper plastic bag allows you to make your own colored sugar to use in baking. This is a page about making your own colored sugars.



A paper towel inside a package of sliced bread for the freezer.

Thawing Frozen BreadI buy several loaves of bread at a time and freeze them. When I take them out to thaw, I put a paper towel inside. This will absorb any moisture and avoid freezer burn texture or taste.


A black swan with a red bill in water.

Peaceful Nature (Black Swan)I visited a local bird park, and it goes without saying, my camera went along. It was such a calm and relaxing day. This swan on the pond captured the mood of the day. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


A soap dispenser and a water glass inside terra cotta planter bases.

Say Good-bye to Wet Bathroom Counters and FloorsI store my soap dispenser, bathroom cup, and toilet plunger on clay plant pot bottoms. They contain the drips and the water evaporates fast. To clean, I use soap and water and rinse with vinegar or rubbing alcohol to sanitize.


T. Higgins (Long Haired Domestic Cat) - black cat next to Halloween pumpkin

T. Higgins (Long Haired Domestic Cat)T. Higgins was 2 months old when we gave him to our daughter for Christmas. Higgins loves to sit in sinks and take long walks on his pink leash. He also enjoys spending time harassing his older canine sister.


A timber wolf in the woods in Michigan.

Timber Wolf (Michigan Upper Peninsula)I captured a photo of a timber wolf sniffing around on our 50 wooded acres. There are whitetail deer, wild turkeys, ruffed grouse and all kinds of wildlife on our property. It makes sense for predators to be hunting. This wolf probably weighs close to 100 pounds.


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Ask to Waive Late ChargesOnce in awhile we make mistakes and may forget to pay our bill(s). Then, the upcoming bill a late fee penalty will be charged. The penalty fee varies depending on the bill, but for my internet bill I accidentally forgot to pay and the fee was $9.


A whitetail deer in a forest in Michigan.

Whitetail Deer (Michigan)A whitetail deer showed up at our farm creek property as I was walking around with my camera. I believe that Michigan has a 1 million count deer herd. When the white tail goes up, the deer is alarming others of the uncertain situation. Usually, they will stand perfectly still like a statue, watching you.


Pipe Cleaner Snake Toddler Craft - finished snake with google eyes

Pipe Cleaner Snake Toddler CraftThis is a fun indoor activity for your toddler to do. This activity also serves as a hand-eye coordination lesson. Your child will be focusing on putting the beads on and once in awhile you can ask for a certain color or shape too to double up the lesson.


A dollar bill next to a measuring tape showing six inches.

One Dollar Bill for Emergency MeasurementsI've done this many times and it will work in a pinch. A dollar bill measures barely much over 6 inches of length. When a measuring tape or ruler is not within reach, a 6 inch dollar bill can give you a close figure. Fold in half, and it would be 3 inches. It is kind of handy to measure lengths of nails, bolts, screws, etc. It's not as precise as a tape measure, but will work.


A bedsheet that is slightly too large for the bed.

Test New Sheets Before WashingI learned my lesson awhile ago when buying bedsheets, it is important to check if they fit for your bed prior to doing laundry. If they don't fit, you can take it back and refund or exchange. Once washed, you wouldn't be able to return or exchange.


A saltwater aquarium with colorful striped fish.

Free Museum Admission with Bank of AmericaIf you bank or have a credit card with Bank of America, every first full weekend of every month you can take advantage of complimentary/free general admission to select museums, gardens, aquariums in the United States.


A web cam showing a beach in North Carolina.

Live Web Cams for North Carolina BeachesTo watch live web cams on our North Carolina beaches, type www.surfchex.com in your web search. You can pull up a beach and there are other beaches listed at the bottom of the screen that you can click on.


A dandelion seed head outside.

The Stoic DandelionI found this dandelion standing in a pile of leaves and debris. His stoic stance seemed to indicate that he knew the wind would be carrying him to new destinations within 24 hours.


A ladybug on a plant.

Hope (Ladybug)In January of 2017, my home and community was destroyed by a tornado. Hours after the storm, I came across this ladybug. She seemed oblivious to the tragedy that surrounded her. Her presence restored my faith and hope that our town would (and did!) recover.



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Hatching a Duck Egg?My daughter found a duck egg in our pond on Sunday. It was on the edge, but in the water. We do not know how long it has been there. She is trying to hatch it, we have it in an incubator and it has been there since Sunday. Is there any chance the egg is even still good?


Identifying a Houseplant - potted trailing plant

Identifying a Houseplant?This plant was so striking and beautiful to me that my hairdresser just let me have it. I assume that it is a type of hanging succulent, but since it is in rough shape I'd like to know for sure. I really want to save it!


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Dog Started Peeing on Owner's Bed?Six years ago my husband and I adopted a male and female Dachshund. About 5 months ago the female escaped out of the house and was killed. The male mourned for a couple of months, but then seemed to bounce back. Lately though he has started jumping onto our bed and peeing in the middle of it when we are not around.


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Dog Pooping and Peeing Inside?I have an almost 5-year-old Australian Shepherd. He's an awesome dog and very high energy. He goes out to the bathroom numerous times daily, but lately he invariably pees and started pooping in my apartment now long after I let him out. I'm gonna start putting him in a crate.


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Re-Coloring Hair the Next Day?I dyed my hair black and it came out pretty patchy. I wanted to know if I can go for a second round of dyeing it black the next day or is that too much stress on my hair?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a pink and floral satin dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I have this porcelain doll in box that I've had for years. I want to know what it is without taking it out as I'm worried of ruining it. Is it worth anything? What's the brand? I don't know lol.


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Keeping Electric Stove Drip Pans Clean?I'm trying to decide what's more practical (read as thrifty) for my stove drip pans. Should I buy more disposable aluminum ones or line the pans myself with foil?


Value of a 1970s Bank Desk - desk with 6 drawers

Value of a 1970s Bank Desk?I'm wondering if my desk is worth anything. It is a 1970s old Barclay's Bank 5 drawer desk in brilliant condition with keys.


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Determining a House Cleaning Fee?My mom and I are starting a cleaning business, but we aren't really sure where to start. We have already been presented a house by a friend, and we are planning to charge per sq ft. as well as per window and door, would anyone be able to help with a price range of an adequate price?


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Finding a Used Adult Size Baby Crib?I am searching for a adult baby crib for an adult with dementia, any ideas?


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15th at Home Birthday Party Ideas?I wanted to do an at home party with a bunch of my friends, but what should I do? I mean I think my friends won't mind just chilling, but I want to celebrate. So what should I do for an at home party for like 50 teenagers including myself for my birthday party?


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Shopping for Dollar General Thunder Blast Cleaner?I used to buy Thunder Blast at Dollar General. I haven't seen it in a couple of years. It is the best cleaner I've ever used. Where can I get it today?


Identifying an Antique Dresser - mirrored dresser with two side cabinets, two center drawers, and a doored area below the drawers

Identifying an Antique Dresser?For any of you that are knowledgeable in furniture I'm curious as to what you would say about this piece of furniture? I just bought it from a young girl who inherited it and she knew nothing about it.


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Getting Rid of Sand Fleas in Daughter's Hair?I have never had this problem before. We moved to a new house and after living here for a few months we found out we had sand fleas in our yard. This has become a huge problem because they are now in my daughter's hair. I have used lice spray, tea tree oil, and Dawn dish soap. I have also used fine tooth combs.


Buying Slide-on Feet for Wrought Iron Chairs - closeup of leg cap or foot

Buying Slide-on Feet for Wrought Iron Chairs?My friend bought a set of four of these chairs. One of the chairs is missing the "foot" that fits over the bottom of the wrought iron legs. She'd like to replace them all, I've looked on Amazon and seen various slide-on "feet" but nothing small enough to fit snugly over the wrought iron legs.


Zebra Finch Laid an Egg - finch at bottom of cage

Zebra Finch Laid an Egg?How long does it take for a zebra Finch egg to hatch? I have a pair of white zebra finches which were gifted to me a couple of months back. I have no idea if they are a couple of a male and female or both female. How do I find it out? And now one has laid an egg.


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Duck Laid Eggs on My Roof?I have ducks all over my neighborhood. We always feed them and one female laid eggs (12 eggs) on my roof. I don't know what to do because we got a ladder and my brother touched one. They are brand new. I just wanted to know if you touch it does the egg rot?


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Re-dyeing Hair with Leftover Dye?If I just dyed my hair blonde, but I still have some dye. Can I use the rest tomorrow?


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Washed and Dried Clothes Smell Bad?I live in a rental unit. The laundry room is shared with 2 other families. Most of the time after washing and drying my clothes they smell like they where washed with sewer water. The clothes after being dried feel greasy and have a bad sewer smell to it.


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Making Adult Diapers?Can you make a adult diaper out of old towels or old sheets? How do you fold them to put on a elderly adult? Would Velcro straps reversible with tape on both sides hold them on for a tight fit? If not how many diaper pins are needed? Just wondering if Snappy's elastic bands are available for adults?


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Repairing a Bubble in Painted Wallpaper?I have painted over wallpaper that was attached to the sheet rock. There is a bubble about 4 inches in diameter. What is the repair method for this size of a bubble?


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Finding S.A. Maxwell Wallpaper Border?I am looking for 4 rolls of mulit-color entertainment music and movie border by S.A. Maxwell." The pattern is #7245-902B. (lot 2?) Can you direct me to anywhere I can buy it? eBay only has one roll.


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