May 7, 2018

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Pink Lip Gloss on a white background.

Lip Gloss InformationThis is a page about lip gloss. Whether you are working on a science fair project or are just curious about what you are using on your lips, here is some great information about lip gloss.


Chocolate and Tan Miniature Dachshund.

Miniature Dachshund PhotosThis page contains miniature Dachshund photos. These spunky, short-legged dogs are full of personality and are a favorite companion in many households. Here are some of the photos our users have shared of their miniature Dachshunds.


Water heater tank in a closet.

Water Heater Tank Not Filling?This is a page about a water heater tank not filling. If your water heater tank is not filling with water, there are a few things you can try before calling a plumber.


Australian Shepherd in a grassy field.

Australian Shepherd PhotosThis is a page about Australian Shepherd photos. Aussies are a high-energy breed that thrives as a working dog. They are very intelligent dogs, that enjoy being in a home that is active and can keep up with their energy level. Here are some wonderful photos that our TF members have shared.


Staffordshire Terrier laying on the floor.

Name Ideas for a Staffordshire Terrier?Whether you are searching for a registrable name or simply a unique one that suits your dog's appearance and personality it can be an adventure coming up with just the right one. This is a page about name ideas for a Staffordshire Terrier.


Making a Lid Spoon - eating

Making a Foil Lid SpoonDon't worry if you forget a spoon for that cup of applesauce. The foil lid can easily be molded into a functional one time spoon. This is a page about making a foil lid spoon.



A foil lid being used as an impromptu spoon.

Making a Lid SpoonEver been stuck without a spoon when eating an individual serving of applesauce, pudding or yogurt? Just use the lid as a spoon! Learn how to make one in this short video.


A tent pole elastic that has been repaired.

How to Fix a Tent PoleMany tent poles are attached with elastic, which can break with rough usage. Learn how to fix it in this short video.



Small Dish Drainer for Sink - vinyl coated dish rack

Small Dish Drainer for SinkI live in a complex that redid my apt. It's newer and such, but I would have loved it if I could have had the older style double sink. Recently, someone left a tiny drainer in the community center. At first I thought it was a shelf unit to allow you to keep plates up higher.


Making a Custom Table Scarf from a Placemat - new mat on table with decorative box and heart shaped box on it

Making a Custom Table Scarf from a PlacematI got 6 pretty green placemats early in the year. Five have gone under a bunch of things, including the actual table where I eat.


Loratadine for Itching Dogs

Loratadine for Itching DogsBruno, my 80 pound Rottie mix was getting open sores from biting and itching, especially around his back and tail. The vet always said it was fleas.


Blow Painting - finished artwork

Blow PaintingYou might not appreciate the finished product of this presentation, but this is just to show you guys that even in the simplest way, art - specifically painting can be done.


In Memory of Buster (Hanoverian Mix) - beautiful brown horse with someone holding up a small black and brown dog next to his head

In Memory of Buster (Hanoverian Mix)I went on a trip and traveled many miles to find a perfect horse and didn't find one that suited me. A couple of months later, by word of mouth, I ended up finding this big guy (16.3 hands high= aprox. 5 1/2 feet at his shoulder) locally, in 1997. He was fondly named Buster.


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Use Washcloth and Fabric Softener as Dryer SheetThis tip not only saves money, it works far better to control static, and your clothes come out of the dryer smelling wonderful.


Picture Frame Magnet - finished frame with a print of flowers and a dragonfly inside

Rolled Paper Picture Frame MagnetA cute photo magnet that would be perfect for Mother's Day, or a just because craft. This magnet will add a nice touch to your fridge.


How to Make Sushi Cakes - serving tray with sushi cakes and condiments

How to Make Sushi CakesYou don't have to be a professional baker to make professional looking decorative cakes. I made these sushi cakes using regular cake batter, frosting, and candies you can find at any shop. It cost me 1/10th of the price that I would have paid had I ordered them from a custom bakery and they were absolutely delicious!



Is My Pit Bull Pure Bred? - black and white puppy

Is My Pit Bull Pure Bred?My male Pit Bull is 4 months old. His ears are standing, like literally standing and his tail isn't straight. The second pic is from when he was 1 month and 15 days old.


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Doctoring-up Canned Frosting?I'd like to know how to doctor-up canned frosting. I have beaten it up and it does increase the volume slightly, but I'm looking for something different.


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Finding Assistance to Rebuild after a House Fire?I need assistance or grants anything to restore our home to a livable condition. I am disabled; who can help me?


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How Long to Wait Before Re-Dyeing Hair?I dyed my hair yesterday this blue color that was supposed to be for people with brown and darker hair. However, my hair is black. I was going to go out and buy blue-black and re-dye it. I have used blue black before and it was okay. How long do I have to wait before I can do this?


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Adjusting the Tension on an Elna Sewing Machine?The thread on the bottom of the fabric does not properly fit. What can be done with the sewing machine?


Identifying a Small Black Biting Bug - red bite marks on arm

Identifying a Small Black Biting Bug?I have been getting bits at night on my legs and a few on my back and arms this past week. I found a small black bug crawling on the bed. Can anyone identify it? The bites seem to get itchier and red after 24-36 hours. I think I'm getting bitten at night and I don't think it is bed bugs.


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Outside Dogs Suffering from a Flea Infestation?I have 3 outdoor Chihuahuas, of one is a mommy of 3, 3wk old males. The poor babies are infested with fleas. The yard has been treated several times, bedding area is cleaned, I know I can't use toxins on any pet if around mama and especially the babies. I've bathed them with Dawn and combed them all many times.


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Removing Smoke Smell from Clothes after a House Fire?Please give me some advice on how to get rid of smoke smell (from a house fire) from my clothes. I washed them about 4 times already and the scent of the smoke is still there.


What Kind of Pit Bull Is This? - person holding a young puppy

What Kind of Pit Bull Is This?What type of pit is this?


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Name Ideas for a Childcare Substitute Staffing Service Business?I need some catchy and cute child care staffing/substitute business names recommendations. I would like the word substitute in it, or really just any examples that would show that I am offering childcare substitute services.


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Value of Incomplete Set of Encyclopedia Britannica?We found some volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica, 1768, third edition, printed A. Bell. The only problem is there is not a complete set. How much would these books be worth?


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