June 28, 2018

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Stained Glass Church Window Christmas Card - punch out leaves, use pen to add veins, and branches between leaves

Stained Glass Church Window Christmas CardMake a greeting card that resembles a old brick church wall with a stained glass window. This page has directions for making a stained glass church window Christmas Card.


Strawberry Shortcake

Homemade Strawberry ShortcakeStrawberries, whipped cream and biscuits or cake are combined to make this classic summer treat. This page contains recipes for homemade strawberry shortcake.


Blue accent wall in a living room with white sofa.

Painting One Wall a Different ColorAccent walls of a contrasting color are very popular for a modern decorating style. This is a page about painting one wall a different color.


Mod Podge to Preserve Play Doh Creations - ribbon through circle of Play Doh with a bee sticker

Use Mod Podge to Preserve Play Doh CreationsPlay Doh is designed to be used over and over again but special sculptures can be preserved with a layer of clear Mod Podge. This is a page about use Mod Podge to preserve Play Doh creations.


drawn on eyes and buttons

Making a Paper Circle SnowmanTake a white circle and some markers to create these cute snowmen as viewed from above. This is a page about making a paper circle snowman.


DIY Unicorn Headband -  view from front

DIY Unicorn HeadbandMake a cute headband with a unicorn horn and ears. Perfect for a party or Halloween costume. This page has instructions for making a DIY unicorn headband.


Goulash Soup in a white bowl.

Goulash Soup RecipesA hearty Hungarian inspired soup with meat, veggies and noodles. This page contains recipes for goulash soup.


Eggs in a muffin tin in the oven.

How to Make "Hard Boiled" Eggs in the OvenYour oven is a surprising place to cook eggs right in the shell. This is a page about how to make "hard boiled" eggs in the oven.


cut pan of Black Bean Brownies

Black Bean Brownie RecipesFudgy and moist brownies that are made more nutritious with the addition of black beans. This page contains black bean brownie recipes.


Personalized Frames

How to Make Personalized FramesIt's easy to create a custom frame for photos or artwork. This is a page about how to make personalized frames.



How to Organize and Store Confetti - containers of confetti

How to Organize and Store ConfettiAs someone who enjoys completing craft projects, I have accumulated tons of confetti over the years. Up until recently, I stored it all in baggies. Then someone gave me a medium size utility box and I found that it was a perfect fit for sorting all of my confetti.



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Locating the Source of a Strong Rotten Onion Smell?There is a strong odor of a rotten onion. I can't find a source. I have never smelled an onion this strong. It seems to be near the kitchen and dining room, but I can't locate the source.


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Maytag Maxim Front Load Washer Door Won't Open?I noticed that my Maytag Maxim front load washer was flashing "Door Lock" and error code F6E1 (I think) along with annoying chimes or buzzing. It stopped right after it dispensed the detergent and I've tried all of the not so helpful repair advise on the Maytag website and I still can't get it unlocked.


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Can Dried Tree Sap Damage Car Paint?My car has been covered in tree sap for about 2 months during hot summer months. Do you think the paint is damaged yet?


Doggie Diapers Won't Stay on Corgi - tricolored Corgi with diaper

Doggie Diapers Won't Stay on Corgi?I have a one year old Corgi, doggie diapers won't stay on. When she went into heat the first time we went out and bought diapers to fit her, they kept sliding off. We thought it was a mix of her long body and lack of a tail, so we got ones good for Basset Hounds. It's not working so well.


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Can't Open a Hide-a-Bed?The hide-a-bed will not open all the way. It can be pulled out of its base, but will not open from that position.


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Removing a Bougainvillea Thorn from Your Foot?How do I get a bougainvillea thorn out of the bottom of my foot?


What Breed Is My Kitten? - black cat

What Breed Is My Kitten?Anyone have an idea what breed my kitten is? I think he might be mixed with something, but I'm not sure what. He kind of has a mane, but also has shorter hair in places.


What Is This Bug? - small brown bug

What Is This Bug?Can anyone please help me identify this type of bug? It was found in my living room. I'm in the country in Victoria, Australia. The house had a wood burner so lots of wood is carried through the area. This bug in particular was very small, about a millimeter in length.


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Concept Ideas for Batik Art Gallery?I want a concept for a batik art gallery museum.


What Is This Insect? - small tan insect

What Is This Insect?I was looking for spider mites on a troubled Alberto spruce of mine, but this is the only thing I found. Does anyone recognize what this is?


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Looking for a Welbilt Bread Machine Manual?I'm looking for a Welbilt bread machine ABM-3100 manual.


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Prognosis for a Puppy with Parvo?My Labrador puppy is about 8 and a half weeks old. We got him on Sunday, and at 1 AM he began throwing up white froth and was making noises as though in pain. The vet said it was parvo and put him in intensive care. There is no bloody stool, he eats and drinks a little. He's on an IV at the vet's. What are his chances?


Identifying a Houseplant - vining plant

Identifying a Houseplant?What kind of houseplant is this?


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Getting Rid of Japanese Beetles?I have Japanese beetles eating my canna leaves. What's the best way to get rid of them?


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Can Re-dyeing Your Hair Damage It?So I bleached and dyed my hair blue and pink 5 days ago. I used Ion semi permanent magenta and sky blue. I did not like it, so I faded it, but the blue didn't wanna come out. I really wanted to dye it black so I did today. Will my hair fall off? Or what will happen to my hair?


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Did Not Process Canned Jam for Correct Length of Time?I made strawberry jam and did a water bath canning method. I only processed them for 5 minutes and now days later I see it was suppose to be 10 minutes. Will they be alright to eat or what do you recommend I do now?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I am having my 14th birthday party in late July. My friends usually sleep over and we play murder mystery games and watch a movie. I want to get out of the house this time, so I've been looking at ideas, but everything is either too expensive, too hard to organize, or other friends have done it before.


Identifying a Tiny Bug - tiny bug on white tub surface

Identifying a Tiny Bug?Does anyone know what kind of bug this is? And how to get rid of it? I keep finding them in the bathtub. They are very tiny and slow moving. I can not tell if they have wings. Here are some pictures. It was hard to get a picture since they are so little.


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Free Computers for Senior Citizens?Where can a senior citizen get a free computer?


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Value of Grolier Encyclopedia of Knowledge?I have a complete set of 1923 Grolier Encyclopedia of Knowledge. Does it have any value?


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Re-dyeing Hair to Get Rid of Green?I dyed my hair from an orange/blonde to a light brown and there's a slight green in it today. Can I dye my hair dark brown tomorrow?


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Growing Hydrangea from Seed?What do hydrangea seeds look like when they first sprout? I planted some hydrangea seeds, and have been waiting patiently for them to sprout. I have noticed some white spots in the tray where I planted them. But am not sure if it's the hydrangea spout or not.


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Brand Name for an Indian Home Decor Business?I a building a brand in India for home decor. It will have all types of home decor upmarket decor items. I need a name which is Indian - classy. The brand name will also be the store name which will have franchises all over India.


Is My Dog a Pit Bull? - black and white dog

Is My Dog a Pitbull?I rescued my dog a few weeks ago from the county shelter. On her paperwork they have her listed as Boxer/Boston Terrier mix. I'm praying that she is because my HOA doesn't allow Pit Bulls and I'm afraid I may have to surrender her. I don't want to cuz she's as sweet as she can be and very animated.


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Preschool Logo Ideas?I'm looking for motto ideas to go with Itty Bitty Preschool.


Information on an Old Sears Push Mower

Information on an Old Sears Push Mower?I found an old Sears Roebuck push mower, model #131 81180. Where can I find more information?


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Preventing Tarnished Silver?Will wiping silver items with lemon oil prevent tarnishing?


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Daycare Name Ideas?My husband's boss's wife and I are considering starting a daycare. Both of our husbands are police officers so I thought it was be fun to have something related, but not overboard relating to police officers. Anyone have any ideas on a name? And both of our last names start with an H.


Value of a Mersman Demilune Table 4815 - half circle table with a drawer and storage area below

Value of a Mersman Demilune Table 4815?I'm looking for any information, especially the value for this Mersman demilune table/cabinet 4815.


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Protecting Other Dogs from One With Parvo?I bought a puppy, found out I was pregnant, and started peak at work at the same time. I didn't have the money to get my dog vaccinated. I had a total of 4 dogs before my female had puppies. I got them their first set of shots and a few weeks later, this past Saturday my unvaccinated dog some how got parvo.


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Water in Red Ear Slider Tank Is Cloudy?I have a 40 gallon tank with 2 red ear sliders and some fish and algae eaters. I change the filter every week and a half to two weeks and do water changes every week, but my water is still cloudy. I haven't had this kind of water for a while, but now I cannot get rid of the cloudiness. Anyone know why?


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