August 19, 2019

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Tissue Paper Flower Bow - gift with bows and tag

Making Tissue Paper Flower BowsIf you are looking for an alternative to the traditional ribbon gift bow, consider making tissue paper flower bows. Learn how on this page.


Upcycled Calendar Valentine's Heart Wreath - folded paper wreath

How to Make an Upcycled Calendar Valentine's Heart WreathRecycle last year's calendar into a pretty heart shaped wreath. This page contains the instructions and photos explaining how to make an upcycled calendar Valentine's heart wreath.


3D Ornamental Butterfly Birthday Card - finished card

How to Make a 3D Ornamental Butterfly Birthday CardBegin with adult coloring page butterflies and create a beautiful 3D ornamental butterfly birthday card. Everything you need to know before you start this project is contained on this page.



Red lilies in bloom.

Field of LiliesThe rain this past winter and the cold did our gardens well in Murrieta, CA. I had at least 10 stalks of blooms with 6-8 blooms per stalk per plant and I have 2 plants. It was amazing. They smelled so good and gave a red glow to that entire section of my garden.


Several cut cardboard pieces in a drawer.

Reusing Cardboard Pieces as Sturdy Art CanvasMy kids like to save cardboard pieces from boxes that are shipped to our home. Cardboard is sturdy enough for the kids to glue or use hot glue without the cardboard bending - like with paper.


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No Spackle Hole RepairOne day while painting a room with latex paint, I noticed that larger drops of paint, when left to dry, became pliable like a putty. I hit on the idea that this half dried paint could be rolled into a a tiny ball and smashed into a hole left by a picture hanger. It worked. Even if you need to lightly sand smooth, the color is through and through.


A homemade bamboo cuticle stick next to a store bought one.

Homemade Cuticle SticksI still do my nails at home and part of my thrifty routine is to remove the cuticles by soaking my hand in soapy water then you gently push back and shape the cuticles with a cuticle stick. What if I don't have a cuticle stick, well, I just make one in a jiffy out of a bamboo skewer!


Zinnias and sunflowers in a white pitcher.

Flower Arrangement from My GardenSunflowers and zinnias from my garden. The sunflowers are the teddy bear type. Zinnias are my favorite cut flower. That was until I started growing sunflowers. Now sunflowers might be my favorite. Just give me all the flowers. LOL!


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Link: for Inexpensive Food DeliveryI am on several frugal and homesteading groups on FB and one of the owners alerted me to a site that offers free food, just pay S&H. It is (AKA Feeding The Children). They give away non-perishable foods, mainly pastas, rice and instant oatmeal.


Knee pads on top of rubber boots for garden work.

Knee Pads for GardeningWhen picking vegetables I either sit on a bucket or get on my knees. These knee pads have worked great for me. I don't know what kind they are. I would guess soccer. I found them in the sports section at Walmart about 3 or 4 years ago. They are padded well and have a hard plastic shell on the outside to protect the knee. That shell has kept them from wearing out.


A Hudson Hornet from the '50s

Buying Your First Car The Frugal WayIn my day, cars weren't as plentiful as they are today. To be sure, Ford, Hudson, Packard, and all the other makers could put a motor car in your possession the very day you were ready to buy one. Trouble was, not many people could afford to buy one.


Making Pancakes On a Tin Can - pancake on can top

Making Pancakes On a Tin CanThis is a fun camping and summertime cooking project. You don't need a pan and a stovetop to make pancakes. Try using a tin can and tealight candles. Electricity-free and delicious fun for all!


Plastic Bottle Neck Ring Pieces Dish - keys in the bottom of the dish

Plastic Bottle Neck Ring Pieces DishThis is a cute little decorative dish you can make out of the plastic neck rings from bottles. I put mine by the front door for my keys. You can also build it higher with more bottles and make it a full on bowl. This is a fun and simple craft!


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Effective Homemade Treatment for Ant ControlAnts in your home can be effectively killed without any harmful effects to pets or barefoot small children. Prepare a spray bottle with one part water and one part liquid soap (dish washing soap, Mr.Clean, Fabuloso cleaners, etc.) Spray and ants will die on contact.


Ivy growing in a brown yard.

IvyI finally got something green to grow! All these years (a total of 40), I am ecstatic to see some thing green I planted and grew.


Spot (Chihuahua Boston Terrier Mix) - Spot and a brown mixed breed dog on the patio

Spot (Chihuahua Boston Terrier Mix)I got hime 3 years ago from a friend. He gives me kisses and talks in his sleep.



Value of a Victrola Console Stereo System - turntable and radio

Value of a Victrola Console Stereo System?My step dad won't let us get rid of his mother's old record player because he swears it's valuable. (But he won't store it at his own house.) We don't have room to store things we have no use for.


Seeking Replacement for Lost Bunny - white stuffed bunny

Seeking Replacement for Lost Bunny?My son lost his most favorite bunny at a hotel several states away. I'm trying to figure out the brand/manufacturer so I can get him a new one. Does anyone know anything about this bunny? He's about 18 inches long with bead-weighted feet.


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Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?I need a major roof repair. I live on $800 a month and just can't afford the supplies. I have people to do it for me I just have no money to get the goods.


Value of a Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a green coat with plum trim and matching hat

Value of a Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll?How much is this doll worth? It says limited edition. It is a Collector's Choice. I can't find her anywhere.


Identifying Leonardo Collection Dolls - male and female dolls wearing matching green and plaid outfits

Identifying Leonardo Collection Dolls?I would like to have more information about these Leonardo dolls. The male has Nu80 and the female has Nu 85 below her hair.


Leaves Bending and Drooping on Spider Plant - hanging spider plant

Leaves Bending and Drooping on Spider Plant?I've had this spider plant in my house for a few months. It was doing great! It was super happy in my north facing bedroom in the window, then I moved it into my living room to the west facing window, there's not as much light, but there was still enough. And then I started to notice the leaves are all bending. So I moved it back to my bedroom....


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Organizing Business Name Ideas?I'm planning on starting a business working with clients who need help organizing, going through things, discarding, selling, giving away, etc. Ideally I would like to work with baby boomers, their families, and caregivers.


Identifying an Antique Chair - old chair with a carving of the bust of a man wearing a hat and smoking a pipe

Identifying an Antique Chair?I recently received this chair from my grandmother, who said she got it from her grandfather and that it sat in the White House at some point. She has dementia, so she could be completely wrong, but it made me curious. It's built with wooden screws.


Getting Rid of Tiny Black Biting Bugs - long dark unidentifiable insect

Getting Rid of Tiny Black Biting Bugs?They seem to be dropping from the ceiling. They look like different bugs possibly. But I am getting bitten throughout the night and sometimes also in the day. I believe they also travel.


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Recipe for Homemade Pet Hair Detangler?I am looking for a recipe for homemade pet hair detangler.


Identifying Vintage Lowball Glasses - with cotton boll and leaf pattern

Identifying Vintage Lowball Glasses?Can anyone help in identifying these 22k gold lowball glasses adorned with cotton bolls and leaves? I received this set of lowball glasses from my great grandmother, who told me the designs were 22k gold leaf. I've searched Google with every word combo I could think of to possibly identify the make of these, and I've found many similar, but none with the cotton boll design.


Value of a Collector's Choice Doll - doll wearing a pink and white knit hat and scarf with a dark blue dress with snowflakes

Value of a Collector's Choice Doll?What is the value of this doll and where can I sell it? It was given to me by my parents to try and find out where and how much it's worth if anyone could tell me or have an idea.


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Value of 1968 Leather Bound Encyclopedia Brittanica?I have the full anniversary leather bound set from 1968 in perfect turquoise leather. How would I go about selling it?


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Devil Chilli Dip Too Hot?I have some chilli paste (dip) made from devil chilies, vinegar, and other ingredients. It is unbearably hot. How can I temper it down?


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Top Dentures too Loose?I've had my dentures for 5 years and the top does not fit any more. They just rock back and forth. They cause injury when I wear them, but nobody will give me a loan to replace them and insurance will not cover them for another 5 years. What to do?


Identifying a French Porcelain Doll - little clown doll wearing red shirt and plaid pants and matching hat

Identifying a French Porcelain Doll?Here is another of the dolls I am trying to get information about. Is anyone out there familiar with this type of doll? It too was bought in the south of France. The body is stuffed with possibly sand? It also has a full fabric body with a painted china head. I've looked for marks etc., but found none.


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Getting Rid of Algae in Above Ground Pool?I am constantly getting green and cloudy water in my pool. I shock and algaecide about once a month. Lately every 3-5 days I run the filter 12 hrs a day. The last two weeks I have also been adding Clear View and also vacuuming about 2-3 times a week and then backwash after vacuuming.


Identifying a French Doll - doll lying next to a ruler

Identifying a French Doll?Is anyone out there familiar with this type of doll? I bought it in the south of France. The body is stuffed with possibly sand? It has a full fabric body with a china head. I've looked for marks, etc., but found none. I am interested in identifying it, its age, anything I can find.


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Washing Not Spinning All of the Water Out?I had an old washer that was leaving the clothes still wet. I went out and bought a brand new washer and it's having the same issue. How can I tell if it's my pipes or a weird coincidence that both washers were doing the same thing? We used the same hose and inspected it and it's fine.


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Outlets Not Always Working After a Storm?I have 4 outlets along a wall. One had nothing plugged in, one had a cellphone on an extension cord, one had a running dehumidifier, and one had a lamp that was off most of the time. A couple days after a storm they all stopped working. The appliances did work in other outlets. A nite lite that plugs directly into the wall works in all 4 outlets. But, nothing else works in those 4 outlets.


Value of a Rattan Shelf - 4 shelf unit

Value of a Rattan Shelf?How do i know if this is vintage or not? Is it worth anything?


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Recipes for a George Foreman Roaster?What are foods you can cook in a George Foreman roaster & some recipes?


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Asking Parents to Let You Shave Your Lets?I want to shave my legs because they are really hairy and you can tell because the hair is thick and black. My sister said she would help me, but I don't know how to ask her. My mom has noticed my leg hair, but idk?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll -doll with braids and a straw hat

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I was given this doll many years ago, but can not find manufacturer or value. Markings on neck: 9519 B


Value of a 1985 Xavier Holland Cabbage Patch Doll - blond Cabbage Patch Kid

Value of a 1985 Xavier Holland Cabbage Patch Doll?I have a 1985 Xavier Holland Cabbage Patch doll. Condition is mint like new. It has ever been used. It has extra clothes, handbag and a hat. I also have the official airplane ticket and adoption papers. They have never been opened. I have listed it on eBay and it still hasn't sold for $300.


Value of Goldenvale Porcelain Dolls - elderly couple dolls

Value of Goldenvale Porcelain Dolls?How much are these Goldenvale dolls worth?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll in red dress with lace apron

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?The only marking on this doll is a "Made in Taiwan" sticker on her left boot. Does anyone know anything about it or if it's valuable?


Age of a Singer Industrial Sewing Machine - full view of the machine

Age of a Singer Industrial Sewing Machine?I wrote earlier wanting to know how old my Singer 111w155 industrial sewing machine is. Here are some pictures of it. The man who serviced it and cleaned it said it was still tight and had very little wear.


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