August 28, 2019

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A stack of colorful hair ties.

Storing Elastic Hair TiesElastic hair ties can be stored in a number of neat ways that are preferable to the tangle at the bottom of a drawer or the scatter across a bathroom counter. This page offers several easy tips for storing elastic hair ties.


A bottle of mineral oil.

Using Mineral OilThe most common use for mineral oil is as a laxative. However, there are a number of other great uses for this type of oil, including cosmetics, lubrication for stuck levers on appliances, restoring the appearance of plastic patio furniture, and more. This page discusses using mineral oil.


Paper-Cut Mason Jar Light - lighted jar

How to Make a Paper-Cut Mason Jar LED LightBy creating an original design on a piece of construction paper that you can place in a mason jar you too can make this fun project. This page contains photos and instructions for making a paper-cut mason jar LED light to use at your next outdoor party or as indoor decor.


A cat sitting on a a pad of paper.

Removing Cat Urine Odor from Paper?Accidents happen, but when your cat pees on a book or important papers you may be scrambling to find the best clean-up method. This page offers some simple suggestions for removing cat urine odor from paper.


A woman using a walker on a street.

Using a WalkerMake your walker help you with more than walking. Here are some great tips for how to add padding, attach a bag to carry items, and even how to add a meal tray to your walker.


A plate of homemade falafel.

Falafel RecipesThis page contains recipes for falafel, the traditional style made with chickpeas, as well as, a Lebanese version that includes fava beans.


A German Shepard and a Jack Russel next to each other.

German Shepherd Jack Russel Mix PhotosWhile not a typical cross, because of the size difference, German Shepherd and Jack Russel terrier mixed puppies are possible. This page contains photos and comments regarding German Shepherd and Jack Russel mix pups.


cooling Corn Toaster Cakes on wire rack

Making Corn Toaster CakesThe use of a speciality baking pan, known as a muffin top pan, is the secret to these corn toaster cakes. Their thin profile is perfect for reheating in the toaster, although the microwave works as well.


Edible Olympic Medals - candy gold medal on ribbon

How to Make Edible Olympic MedalsA foil wrapped chocolate coin is the edible part of these fun to make medals. Read on to see step by step instructions and photos for making edible Olympic medals.


A kitchen with matching appliances.

Kitchen Appliance Color AdviceWhen purchasing new appliances for your kitchen you may have difficulty deciding on the best color to coordinate with the existing cabinets, countertops, sink, flooring, and wall color. This page explores advice for choosing kitchen appliance colors.


A scared dog hiding under a blanket.

My Dog Is Afraid of EverythingMany dogs exhibit fear in a variety of situations. Sometimes this behavior is the result of previous abuse, the breed, or often a lack of socialization and confidence. As there are a number of causes, there are also a few different things you can try if you dog is afraid of everything. This page contains several suggestions for helping your dog to feel calm and safe.


A couple next to an "Open" sign on a business.

Choosing the Right Name for Your BusinessChoosing the best name for your small business is an important step in the process of beginning this new adventure. The right name can help with advertising, as well as, product and service recognition.


A folded T-Shirt

Fast Folding T-Shirt TechniqueTired of wrinkles in your nice clean t-shirts? This page offers a fast folding t-shirt technique that will help keep your freshly laundered shirts wrinkle free.



Cheesy Chorizo and Apple Scramble in bowl

Cheesy Chorizo and Apple ScrambleI made this up today when I realized I had next to nothing in the kitchen. Last week, the grocery store was giving away free tubes of chorizo. I rarely say no to free things, even when it's something I don't utilize too much. I always find chorizo to be a bit overpowering in spice and saltiness, so I thought evening it out with some chopped apple would aid it. It was perfect! The sweetness of the apple was a great balance for this breakfast treat. I added little squares of the last tortilla I had in the fridge to make it come together like a taco. It was so very good!


Brown Tomato Gravy on rice

Brown Tomato GravyAnother delicious, economical, healthy meatless meal that will use up your abundance of tomatoes. I did not peel the tomatoes. It was served it over brown rice and completed the meal with a salad and broccoli.


Quick Pickled Onions in jar

Quick Pickled OnionsPickled onions is a must have in our refrigerator. They are very easy to make and are great in sandwiches, tacos, burgers, wraps, salads, and so forth. You can store your pickled onions in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.



Cleaning a Bedroom By Yourself - vacuumed carpet where dresser was

Cleaning a Bedroom By YourselfSometimes, I like tackling a job by myself and the other day, I decided to clean the master bedroom. This is the dustiest room in the house. I guess it's from fanning the covers and the bed is where I fold clothes.



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Refinishing Parquet Flooring?I have the yellowish parquet flooring in the back section of my house. Do I need to sand the floor down if I want to make it a darker colour?


Selling Crafts Online -crochet rag rug

Selling Crafts Online?I know nothing about online webpages, etc. How can I set up my own business to sell my handmade recycled crocheted rag rugs. I know what I want to name it. I have 20 made already. Please tell me where to begin and the cheapest route.


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Removing ChapStick Stains from Clothing?Recently I washed a load of laundry that apparently had ChapStick, or something waxy in it. It got spotted on maybe four or five of my favorite shirts. I took each shirt and scrubbed (and I mean scrubbed) each little spot individually with water and Dawn (which should be really good for greasy things) and then threw them in the washer and dryer.


Value of an Antique Johnson Rotary Mower

Value of an Antique Johnson Rotary Mower?I would like to know value of antique Johnson rotary mower.


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Finding a Manual for a Hilton Sewing Machine?I purchased a Hilton sewing machine from Goodwill, but it didn't have a manual. The accessory box says zig zag on it, but I can't find out how you lift machine from base to get to serial numbers and can't find info on it either.


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Shopping for Top Job Cleaner?Where can I purchase Top Job basic cleaner and degreaser?


My Beagle is Terrified of Everything - chubby Beagle on gray couch

My Beagle is Terrified of Everything?I just adopted a 4 yr old Beagle. I was told she is skittish, but didn't expect it to be this extreme. She is house broken and crate trained. She is absolutely terrified of going outside. She's only gone potty twice in 3 days. She doesn't want to eat, drink, or anything. Loud noises, fast movements, everything is so scary to her. She is very slowly warming up to me because I'm with her everyday.


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Using a Brother SX4000 Typewriter in France?I moved to France in 2012 and brought my Brother SX4000 with me. I only recently pulled it out and tried to use it with a converter US to EUR. the typewriter clicked and then powered off. Is it beyond repair because of neglect? Are the power sources not compatible with a simple plug converter? Do I need to get an actual amp converter? Any other trouble shooting you could recommend?


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Sewer Line Repair Help for Low Income Homeowner?I live in Lakewood Colorado. I need help paying for my sewer line to get repaired; what can I do? I can't afford to get it fixed and it keeps backing up in my laundry room. I didn't have a sculpt and they said it was cracked, but I just need some help on getting it repaired. I have no extra money. Money is very tight right now.


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5 Week Old Kitten With Eye Discharge Not Eating?My kitten is 5 weeks old today. He is one of 6 that the mama had in July. He's not his spunky self. He seems thin and has had some eye discharge which I've been cleaning out of his eye multiple times a day.


Identifying What Is Eating My Tomato Plants - partially eaten green tomato

Identifying What Is Eating My Tomato Plants?Something has been in my garden eating green tomatoes and some leaves and leaving a green scat that kinda looks like miniature corn on the cob or pine cones.


Value of a Brandt Site Table - rectangular table with decorative sides and slanted lower shelf

Value of a Brandt Site Table?I'd like to determine the type, date, and value of this piece, manufactured by Brandt Furniture of Character, company. It appears to be designed to hold books with the angled shelf. It could be a side, book, or magazine table. I haven't been able to find anything similar to it online. Any thoughts or resource suggestions is most appreciated.


Identifying Figurines - four costumed figurines

Identifying Figurines?I bought these four figurines and after doing some research found they could be Giuseppe Armani. Can anyone confirm and also tell me if they are worth anything?


Value of a Vintage Sofa - sofa in a darkened room

Value of a Vintage Sofa?I'm looking to sell my sofa that I inherited. It seem to be a vintage piece. I have been looking around and it looks similar to Kagan serpentine sofas, but the legs are different. I have no idea what it is worth or anything about it.


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