September 12, 2019

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Yarn Bird - frontal view

Making a Yarn BirdIt is fun to make a variety of animal shapes using colorful yarn. We have all seen dogs and cats. Learn how to make a cute yarn bird. Choose your colors and make several. The kids will love them.


A woman looking at a towel disapprovingly.

Bath Towels Have a Stinky Metallic Smell?Tracking down the cause of a stinky metallic smell in bath towels fresh from the wash can be a bit of a mystery. Possible causes can be your plumbing, water supply, or even the water heater. Persistence and a process of elimination my be required.


Value of an Electric Westinghouse Motor Push Mower

Value of a Vintage Electric Lawn Mower?Vintage mower values can be rather wide ranging. Their age, condition, and rarity all play a part. Collector's may pay more, individuals who just like to use old style mowers, less. Some may actually be worth more for their parts than as a working machine. Read on for links, suggestions, tips, and more.


A pile of silver paper clips on a white background.

Making Jewelry out of Paper ClipsCreative crafters see beyond the intended use of many everyday items and incorporate them into something entirely different. Making jewelry from paperclips is a good example of this crafty vision.


A small kitten in a blanket.

What to Do for a Kitten Sucking on Blankets?Kittens who are taken from their mothers too soon and even cats who simply seek a comforting behavior may enjoy sucking on a blanket. Kittens will often outgrow this habit. If your cat continues, you might try giving them their own blankie. Just make sure it is in good condition and the fabric is not one that can cause them tummy issues.


Coffee Filter Animal Candy Bags - two coffee filter candy bags

Making Coffee Filter Animal Candy BagsCoffee filters have a variety of repurposed uses including crafting projects. You can make cute little candy bags to hand out at Easter to family members, or at Halloween, Christmas, or other occasions calling for sweet treats. Learn how to make them here, instructions and photos provided.


A roll of paper towels.

Reusing Paper Towels and NapkinsIf you are not ready to quit using paper towels, one way to reduce waste is to consider reusing ones that have been used perhaps to wipe up water or dry your hands. Relatively clean ones are perfect for a spill on the floor or other messier jobs. Remember reduce, reuse, and recycle.


Cardboard Box Play Camera - front and back of a recycled box pretend cameras

Making a Cardboard Box Play CameraYoung children are great when it comes to using their imagination. So making them these up-cycled cardboard box play cameras can provide hours of fun for your toddler. The instructions and photos follow.


A small dachshund/terrier mix dog on a grassy background.

Dachshund Mix PhotosThere are so many possibilities for appearance or personality in mixed breed dogs. Meet some cute Dachshund mix pups and check out their beauty shots.


Kid's Diamond Necklace

Making Gem Necklaces for KidsAcrylic beads and gems, elastic cording, and a safety clasp provide the basics for making all sorts of pretty, fun, gem necklaces for kids. Older children can make their own with limited supervision, if hot glue is used.


Exploding Fireworks Ribbon Crowns - two red and white and two blue and white crowns

Exploding Fireworks Ribbon CrownsThese ribbon crowns resemble exploding fireworks. They can be assembled using a wide variety of colors. Use them to decorate headbands, hair clips, or even give them away as party favors.



MockCrab Cakes on dinner plate

MockCrab Cakes with ZucchiniUse up your zucchini with this delicious recipe. I halved the recipe but will double it next time! I made my own Old Bay Seasoning


A photo cut and folded for a 3D effect.

Making a Zigzag 3D PhotoIt was fun making projects during our grade school years. Our school projects included simple handmade artistic tricks. One of which is the one we once called a zigzag picture. Only later did I learned that it's actually called a 3D photo effect or a 3D picture frame.


Kisses (Guinea Pig) - tri-color Guinea pig in the grass

Kisses (Guinea Pig)We adopted Kisses from a shelter in 2012 with her mate Ginger. Ginger sadly passed away a few years ago, so we got her a friend named Lady. She loves free ranging, playing with her best friend Lady, eating grass at the park, jumping on top her house, and eating lettuce.



Is My Dog a Pure Bred German Shepherd? - black and white puppy with big ears

Is My Dog a Pure Bred German Shepherd?He was rescued from a flooded breeder who said he is a full blood panda GSD, but we have our doubts! I love him already though. He is 20 weeks old.


Removing Dye Transfers on Clothing - light orange stains on yellow hoodie

Removing Dye Transfers on Clothing?Today when I was on my way to school with my bike it started raining. My jacket which is orange on the inside bled onto my neon yellow hoodie. I was wondering how do I get the orange colour off.


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Agencies that Help After a House Fire?I lost everything in my house due to a fire. Where can I get help? I have no where to live.


Identifying Small Brown Bugs on Bed - bug on peach colored knit fabric

Identifying Small Brown Bugs on Bed?I've been finding these bugs everywhere. I've changed the sheets, but they keep coming back. I've tried to compare them to a bed bug, but it doesn't fit the description well. I don't have any bites, but I don't know how to get rid of them. Are they harmful?


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How Do I Repair the Feed Dogs on a Toyota Sewing Machine?How do I repair the feed dogs on a Toyota sewing machine?


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Fixing a Crack in a Plastic Bathtub?I have a crack in my plastic bathtub around the drain. It is about an inch and a half long. What is the best way to fix it with items around the house?


Identifying Porcelain Dolls - dark haired doll wearing a plaid and dark blue dress

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?I bought these two young ladies at a sale on the streets here in Greece, for 3, 5(both). If someone knows any details or has seen any of them somewhere, let me know. (Only the one has markings.)


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Removing Nail Polish from Linoleum Flooring?What is the best way to remove old nail polish from linoleum flooring?


Getting Rid of Ivy - ivy spreading over the ground

Getting Rid of Ivy?I have ivy growing all over part of my garden. How can I get rid of it quickly and safely as that part of the garden is used by my dog.


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Keeping Dogs from Digging in Flower Beds and Yard?How do you keep your dogs from digging holes in flower bed and yard?


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Previous Blue Hair Dye Turns Green When Dyed Brown?I dyed my hair blue a while ago and decided to dye it back to dark brown. I've dyed my hair dark brown twice and the parts that were blue keep going back to green. How to I get all my hair to be one shade?


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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Disabled Homeowners?My name is Minnie I'm 63 years old. I'm writing you to ask for help to repair my house. My husband is 71 years old and is disabled and can't work and I'm working part time, not every day, trying to help keep things going. It is hard. Sometimes I have to pay part of my bills so they won't get cut off.


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Removing Body Oil Stains from a Leather Sofa?I have a lovely leather sofa that has a dark head grease stain. I have so far used a full bottle of degreaser plus baking soda without success. I have not tried white vinegar as yet, but do not want to damage the leather. Could anyone recommend anything else that I could try?


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