September 26, 2019

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A Bevy of Crochet Bangles - finished covered bangle

Making Crochet Covered BanglesCrochet covered bangles are fun to make, attractive additions to your jewelry collection. Learn how to make different styles using varying levels of crochet expertise.


Pumpkin Seed Blessing Jar - closeup of finished gift jar

Making a Pumpkin Seed Blessing Jar GiftDecorate a recycled or new jar with fall themed elements. Then fill with pumpkin seeds and add a favorite recipe for preparing them. This pumpkin seed blessing jar makes for a lovely, useful gift.


A dog at a shelter, hoping for adoption.

Returning a Dog to the Shelter?Considering returning a dog to the shelter can be distressing. There are good reasons that require rehoming a pet. If you must take your dog back, check to find a "no kill" shelter. Perhaps as an alternative, a good friend may be looking for a loving pet.


Dollar Tree Tiny Scrubber Pumpkins - finished pumpkins

Making Tiny Pot Scrubber PumpkinsSmall copper pot scrubbers, faux fall leaves, and pieces of a cinnamon stick can be made into cute little pumpkins for use as inexpensive autumn decorations. The instructions and photos necessary can be found on this page.



cooked Spice Rub Chicken

Spice Rub ChickenAs you all know, marinating chicken in a ziplock bag are my go to meals! Here is another recipe featuring spice rub chicken! Super easy to make and in return you will have flavorful and juicy grilled chicken.


Beef Tapa ala Filipino

Beef Tapas ala FilipinoMarinated beef makes the beef easier and faster to cook. We filipinos loves beef tapas so much we could just eat it from breakfast to dinner. It can be paired best with corn rice.


Flaky Pastry and Cream Tower on plate

Flaky Pastry and Cream TowerIf you look in the clearance sections of major grocery stores, you'll find they will place baked goods there for less than half price at the end of the day. Mine sells half a dozen large croissants for $2 after 5pm. They're great when toasted, but my secret trick is to roll them out, cut them into discs, and turn them into a flaky pastry dessert. This tower of delight tastes like the most elegant Palmier cookies layered with fresh fluffy whipped cream. You just would not guess these are old croissants. This is a crowd-pleasure, no doubt!


Seasoned Baked Drumsticks on plate

Seasoned Baked DrumsticksThis is a recipe I whipped up because we have an abundance of red pepper and mint in our backyard. These drumsticks are simple to make, flavorful, and perfect to eat as finger food or with a complete meal.



An antique phonograph playing a small record.

Jeannie Rollins ~ Frugality Without ChoiceMost of us have hard times now and then. Some of us have not just hard times but hard lives. Sometimes we all need something to jolt us back to reality. To a perspective from which we can see ' things really aren't as bad as they seem'. Some have it much worse than you.


Dressing Up Your Garden With Ribbon - potted mums on white column pedestal decorated with orange ribbon and small figure tuck in bow

Dressing Up Your Garden With RibbonIf you want to add a little fall color to your garden on a budget, fall wire ribbon goes a long way! You can purchase it at the dollar store or many craft stores. Along with ribbon you can add fall picks that are sold at the same location. This gives a festive fall look that will carry through the Thanksgiving season. So simple, here's how!


the side of a house showing a column holding up the roof.

Life As I Knew ItI was so young when I used to dream of having a huge house built for my mother. She sacrificed so much for me that I want to return something good, such as a good life. We need not reach to achieve it, for the older I get, the deeper my realizations are.


Fall Decorated Tea Light Jars - three decorated jars

Fall Decorated Tea Light JarsI made these last year at Christmas, and thought I would try making them for the Fall Festival. I am on a committee. These came out surprisingly beautiful using fall colors and decorations! They are very inexpensive to make, but look so chic!


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Lemon Juice For Clean Nails and FingersBefore giving yourself a manicure, dip your fingers in undiluted lemon juice bought at the dollar store. Let the whole top of your finger soak to get rid of dark marks. Then, just wash your hands as usual. No chemicals needed or used. This works wonders for those doing heavy soiling work. My father did way back when he worked on cars.


Repairing Old Figurines - four vintage figurines

Repairing Old FigurinesI fixed these before I started visiting Thrifty-Fun, but the instructions should be easy to follow.


Peppy (Miniature Poodle) - gray Poodle sitting up

Peppy (Miniature Poodle)We inherited Peppy when a family member who passed away 5 years ago. He demolishes new toys to get the squeakers out. He then carries around the flattened, lifeless toys. He also loves to run around the house with our Min Pin and wrestle with her.


Spooky Halloween Worm Brownies - 4 worm brownies on a red plate

Spooky Halloween Worm BrowniesThese Halloween brownies are easy to decorate and are perfect for any Halloween gathering. The cyclops gummy worms look like they are going to slither right on out of the brownie and are sure to excite young and old alike.


A sun shade on a car's windshield.

Uses For Windshield Sun ShadesI have found a couple of uses for windshield/windscreen shades you might like. They might save you a few pennies and could make your sleep time a bit more comfortable.


Reconditioning Flower Pots

Reconditioning Flower PotsI have a lot of hanging basket pots that are in good condition and would be a waste to throw away! Repurpose and recondition is on my mind. Hmmmm. With cleaning them up and adding spray paint, my pots have a fresh updated look for the fall season. Here's how!


DIY Japanese Carp Streamer - two finished carp streamers hanging outside

DIY Japanese Carp StreamerIn Japan, we like to fly streamers that look like carp fish. We call them Koinobori. They're typically flown on Children's Day, but at my house, we have them outside all the time. I wanted to make some myself, so here I have used toilet paper tubes and gift paper I had laying around the house. These are cute and cost next to nothing to make!



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Introducing a New Cat to the Resident Cat?I have a 19 year female cat and we just got a 1 year old neutered male. The female cat stalks, scratches, ambushes, and hiss at the 1 year old male cat.


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Dog Going on Concrete?My dog is 9 years old and just had dental surgery. He is acting out and using restroom on concrete when I take him out. He is also leaving trails of poop as well. He has always gone in grass and never given me a problem. Why is he doing this and how do I stop him?


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Keeping Our Dogs' Water Clean?We have automatic dog waters for our dogs that stay outside while we are at work; truck drivers gone 4 days out of the week. We clean the automatic waters the day we leave, but when we return on the 4th day, to bring them inside, their water bowls are turning green.


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ASPCA Vaccination Truck Schedule?When is the next scheduled date for the vaccination truck to be in CoOp City in the Bronx 10475? What time is the earliest you can arrive? How much does it cost?


Value of Abernathy Furniture Company Table and Chairs - spindle back upholstered dining chair, armless

Value of Abernathy Furniture Company Table and Chairs?I am curious what this table and chair set might be worth.


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Architectural and Interior Design Firm Name Ideas?I like suggestions for a name starting from v , o , w , r for my architectural and interior firm.


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Refinishing Furniture Without Sanding?How do I refinish areas of a kitchen table or end tables (solid wood) that have worn thin. I believe the current finish is not varnish, but a polyurethane finish. I would like to do this without sanding as I have only local areas that show (arms, small areas on tops) distress.


What Is This Houseplant? - succulent looking plant

What Is This Houseplant?Any ideas? It has thick/skinny long leaves and a woody stem.


Is My Dog a Chiweenie?

Is My Dog a Chiweenie?My girl, Cinnamon, is 8 years old and I've had her since she was 11 weeks. We knew she was a Chihuahua mix, but could never peg the exact mix. Do you think she's a Chiweenie? She has the coloring and body of a Dachshund, but the face of a Chihuahua.


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Husqvarna Riding Mower Won't Start After Hitting Something?It's a Husqvarna riding mower. I ran over the metal gutter on the ground from the house. The engine will attempt to start and when I turn the blade on it won't even turn over to start at all. Like it's nothing. The blades looks fine though. And also the belt does look a little loose. I am not sure if it's suppose to be that way.


Value of a Grand Rapids Imperial Furniture Table - nesting table

Value of a Grand Rapids Imperial Furniture Table?I have a Grand Rapids Imperial Furniture Company 3 tier nesting table. I am curious if this has value.


Value of Homer Laughlin Bowl

Value of Homer Laughlin Bowl?I have been looking and looking for this print on anything, and I cannot find it anywhere! Does anyone know the approximate value of this? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


What Is This? - inscription on the lid

What Is This?I am guessing it is a popcorn maker, but I'm not entirely sure. Any ideas?


Banana Pepper Plant Leaves Damaged - heavily damaged/eaten pepper plant leaves

Banana Pepper Plant Leaves Damaged?I have a young banana pepper plant growing in a pot on a patio garden. However, almost all the leaves have some damage from something (I am guessing a pets/insect of some sort). My other plants, including a tomato, are unaffected. I have treated it with the recommended pest control, but I am wondering if I should prune the damaged leaves/stems or leave them alone.


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Canning Cooked Black Eyed Peas?I have some black eyed peas that are cooked. I wanted to can them. Can I water bath them?


Parts List for a Sears Reel Mower  - gas powered reel mower

Parts List for a Sears Reel Mower?I have a Sears model 536-81803 with Briggs motor. Would anyone know how to find a parts list for this reel mower?


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Team Name for Paparazzi Jewelry Business?I also sell Paparazzi, I just need a team name or group name. I have my business name already = Geminigemz.


Value of Schwarzburg China - stack of bowls and plates

Value of Schwarzburg China?I found 16 pieces of vintage or antique Schwarzburg Germany, gold rim pattern, 1904, white, 22K gold rim china. There are just 8 plates and 8 bowls. And all I could find online to match or give me a history was a platter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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