October 16, 2019

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A dog biting his hindquarters due to fleas.

Using Advantix on DogsAdvantix is an over the counter medication that treats fleas, ticks, and other pests. When applied properly it is effective and generally safe to use. Some pets have been known to have an allergic reaction to this product.


A dog scratching his ears outside.

Treating a Dog with AllergiesThe first step in treating a dog that seems to have allergies is to determine what they are allergic to. Dogs can develop allergies to their food, as well as experience allergic reactions to fleas, household products, etc. Once the cause is known then the best solution(s) can be tried. You will also want to treat the skin damage done by licking and scratching.



Spicy Prawns on plate

Spicy PrawnsThe Philippines is on the list of third world countries. Here prawns are considered to be food for the elite, or a rich man's meal. It is one of the most expensive seafoods here, and we only buy them for special occasions.


baked Apple Strawberry Tart

Easy Apple Strawberry TartTonight we had date night (at home) and I wanted to make a nice dessert for the both of us. I made this simple apple strawberry tart. Very easy to make and definitely more affordable than purchasing at the store bakery.


baked cookies on plate

Shredded Wheat Butterscotch CookiesI made this recipe up for two reasons: I love shredded wheat cereal so much, and I really wanted cookies the other day. I didn't have enough flour or butter. These use up finely and coarsely pulsed shredded wheat cereal with an addition of applesauce. The cereal makes them have a wonderful consistency; crisp on the outside, and chewy on the inside. I've realized that getting desperate to make things can result in making wonderful things you've never had before. These cookies are a big win!


Mexican Fruit Salad in bowl

Mexican Fruit SaladMy friends and I are absolutely addicted to Mexican fruit salad. This is full of mangos, pineapples, apples, and coconuts, topped with a zesty, chili lime drizzle. We originally got them at fruit stands, but the prices have absolutely skyrocketed. Now we make our own, with a lot of things we like. I love to eat this fruit salad year round!



Foam Pumpkin Succulent Planter - planter on woven mat

Foam Pumpkin Succulent PlanterA beautiful succulent pumpkin arrangement for indoor and/or outdoor use. This succulent pumpkin is an arrangement for my kitchen. This arrangement can be used as a wedding center piece too if you're having a fall wedding or makes a great fall gift!


Butterscotch (Shih Tzu) - closeup

Butterscotch (Shih Tzu)My older dog Katie had him so we've had him since birth. He loves to play ball, snuggle, and go for walks. He has an overbite and his bottom teeth stick out, he is so nice and sweet.


A row of turtles on a log in Florida.

Turtles (Florida)This photo was taken by me from an educational boat excursion at Wakulla Springs, Florida. This is where the underwater scenes from Creature from the Black Lagoon was filmed.


Sock Snowman - trio of snow people on a shelf

Sock SnowmanThis has to be the most fun craft I have made yet! It is so very easy, a great craft to do with the kids! It is funny when I show people and tell them it is only a single tube sock filled with rice. Everything here is from The Dollar Store. I just love that place!


A fountain sculpture with two koi jumping.

Converting Dolphin Fountain Sculpture Into KoiI have a pond. I wanted to use a fountain, however it was themed with dolphins and dolphins are supposed to be in the sea. So it didn't match my freshwater pond. I decided to reconstruct the dolphins and make them into koi by adding cement and plaster of Paris.


Bricks being used as a tree ring.

Using Bricks as Tree RingEdging stone and paving stone made for tree/plant rings can get expensive. Here is a cheaper alternative that looks nice for less. Plus, clay brick is very durable, long lasting, does not ever fade, etc.


Easy Burglar Costume  - burglar and her dog

Easy Burglar CostumeMy daughter wanted to be a burglar for Halloween and we were able to put together this costume for under $10.


A tropical sunset on a beach in Tahiti.

Tropical SunsetLiving in the topics is fantastic and we always have the pleasure of seeing the most spectacular sunsets in the world. This is taken on the beach by my home in Tahiti. I love to go to the beach at night and watch the sunset.


An old tractor being driven by a mannequin.

ProcrastinatorI wonder how old this tractor is. It has been sitting by this old church for as long as I can remember. Someone did a great job making a man to sit on it. I find it quite interesting and it attracts my attention every time I go past it.


A caddy made from recycled Maxwell House coffee containers.

Recycled Maxwell House Coffee CaddyMy neighbor gives me these and I use them for so many things! Food, crafts, and office supplies, oh my! Today it occurred to me to make them and share with you all.


Mr & Mrs. Boo Outdoor Lighting Decor

Mr & Mrs. Boo Outdoor Lighting DecorI wanted to make some fun outdoor lighting using recycled wine bottles. With a few items, you can make these fun character lights. These are reusable and can be put away for next season. Here's how!


Gilligan's Island Costume
with Wearable
SS Minnow Boat

Gilligan's Island Costume with Wearable SS Minnow BoatMy son wanted to be Gilligan from the TV show Gilligan's Island. I was able to find all of his costume pieces online, but he really wanted to have a Minnow too. I made him a Minnow that he could wear while he trick-or-treated. It was a huge hit and he still enjoys playing with it at home.


Refurbishing a Fire Pit

Refurbishing a Fire PitI was leaving church last Sunday and right around the corner I caught sight out of the corner of my eye, this square table. At least I thought it was a table. Well the young man that takes me to church said did you see that? Yes!


No Sew No Glue Fabric Pumpkin - finished orange pumpkin on a bed of straw on a fall motif plate

No Sew No Glue Fabric PumpkinThis is the best project that you can do in under 15 minutes with a variety of fabrics and a double roll toilet paper roll! You can use any color fabric to go with your decor. With a few more elements, this is the craft that keeps on giving! By just simply taking this no glue project apart, the pieces, fabric, and tissue can be used for other projects and personal use.


An old house surrounded by trees.

This Old House (North Carolina)Many times I have wished I had taken a picture of a building or an old house that is no longer there, especially old homes where I grew up. I look at this old house, that is still standing today, and wonder about the families that once lived there. I can just imagine them sitting around the fireplace or cooking on the old wood stove and enjoying a simple life, no TV, computer, phone, or the other luxuries we have today that make life so busy.


Catching a Spider Web - ready to display

Catching a Spider WebDid you know you can catch a spider web? If you find spider webs as beautiful as I do, you should go out and catch one so that you can enjoy it as part of your home decor.


A sunset on Lake Stella (FL)

Sunset on Lake Stella (FL)This is a view of the sunsets we get from our backyard in Crescent City, Florida


Clouds in the sky.

Making A DifferenceIf you are ever feeling down, just stop what you're doing and help someone in need. Even if it's the littlest thing, like picking up a plastic bottle and putting it in the recycle bin, I promise you that you'll feel powerful, like you made a difference to the world.



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Alternative to the Swiffer WetJet?I bought a Swiffer Wet Jet about a year ago, and it worked intermittently. Eventually it was totally dead. I bought a second one and I kept pressing the sprayer button every few days and it seemed to be working when I was not using it. But then I used it ,and, again, it has totally died. Does anyone know of a similar product that really does work-continuously that I could buy?


Training a Former Bait Dog - brown Pit

Training a Former Bait Dog?I just rescued a Pit Bull who was used as a bait dog about a year ago and was bounced around until I got her about 2-3 weeks ago. She has issues with some dogs and an issue with cats and a couple of other animals. She lives on a farm and I wanted to know if there was any way to help her over the hurtle to be able to safely interact with these particular animals.


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Sealing Pickled Carrots in the Dishwasher?My pickled carrots did not pop. Can I put them in the dish washer as they do with jam to seal them?


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Value of an Original Kewpie Doll?What is the value of original 6 inch kewpie dolls?


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Craftsman LT2000 Mower Won't Start?My mower has been running with no problem. I stopped to get a drink and it would not restart. It turns over fine, but just never catches. Also, I noticed that it will intermittently backfire. The spark plug is fine and it is getting gas through the filter. Any ideas?


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Prize Ideas for Student Competitions?We are conducting a quiz competition for 6 to 9 year old students and a crafting competition for 10 to 15 year old students, on our school. It is related to Gandhiji's 150th birth anniversary. What would be the best choice for a prize?


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Catchy Name Ideas for a Body Products Business?I am about to start a business selling body cream, body wash, antiseptics, and after shave products, but I am really not getting that catchy name to use for each product.


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Removing Dye Transfer from Clothes?I put my white clothes inside the washing machine with a baby pink sweater and trousers. My white clothes, jeans, shirts, t-shirts, and my bra are a bit pink now. They have a tone of pink. What should I do?


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Black Spots on Leaves of Frozen Cabbage?Last year I picked, blanched, packaged, and froze my cabbage. I then months later went to use it and there were black spots on the leaves. This has never happened to me before and I did not do anything differently. I'm wondering why this would have happened.


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Dog Started Urinating Inside After Visit by Another Dog?I had my brother's dog in my house for a couple of days. Now my dog won't stop urinating on everything. The other dog left last night, but my dog is still urinating on things. What can I do?


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Replacing the Dust Cover Under a Sofa?I have a new sofa where the manufacturer evidently did not properly staple the cambri dust cover fabric correctly to the front of the underneath of the sofa. So the thin black fabric under the sofa was literally hanging under the sofa. The furniture store I purchased it from came out and said it had been stapled incorrectly by the manufacturer and they pulled to tight and restapled it.


Wooden Mask Identification - painted wooden mask with large teeth and tusks

Wooden Mask Identification?I was given a box of masks. I have no interest in keeping them, but would like to see if anyone knew anything about these.


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Remedy for Smelly Dog?Where can I find a cure for my smelly male Bichon Frise?


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Kitten Urinating on Furniture?We have an 8 week old kitten who we have had since she was 4 weeks old. She is very good with using the litter box, but she urinates on the beds and couches as well. Why would she be doing this? There are about 5 litter boxes in the house. We have a male cat as well, he is 10 months old and neutered. They get along very well and we don't have issues between them.


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Donating Campbell's Soup Labels?Apparently I'm way behind times I had no idea the soup label collecting had ended. Can I still donate the ones I have saved? Or do I just recycle?


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Allergic Reaction to Bougainvillea?Have you or do you know of anyone that has had an allergic reaction to a bougainvillea plant?


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Possible Cause of My Dog's Death?On Sunday I had to make the hard decision of getting my 15yr old Jack Russell Terrier put down. He seemed to be fine that day, he came up to me looking for his usual cuddles and then headed upstairs to lay down.


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Child Support and SSI?I was wanting to know if my ex still needs to pay child support. He recently got approved for partial SSI benefits in the amount of 338.29. He receives PERA in the amount of 441.67. So child support closed my case because he is receiving this amount in SSI. Who can help me to enforce the order by the court? I was in a bad car accident and have had no pay check for almost 2 months.


Cleaning a Silver Necklace - badly discolored necklace

Cleaning a Silver Necklace?I bought this detailed Egyptian style silver necklace. Well I found I can't wear plated or cheaper jewelry lately cuz I've gained weight and sweat so much. Well this summer I wore this piece a lot and it turned this black color along the top with lines through it. It says 926 made in Italy on it, but I can not get this black off. It seems to be in the metal not just a tarnish on the metal.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - very old style porcelain doll in long beige dress with matching bonnet

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I have this doll that I am having a hard time finding anything out about. The mark on the back looks like Veda. That is the only identifying mark on her. She stands 25 inches. I am just trying to get some info on the maker before I pass her along to someone else.


Identifying Lumps on a Dog - raised pink bump

Identifying Lumps on a Dog?My 11 year old male Maltese Poodle has roughly 5 or 6 round lumps on his body. 2 on is ear. 1 on his head and 2 on the top of his left shoulder. It's a pink/whitish colour. They almost look like a big pimple. Any ideas what it might be?


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