November 3, 2019

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cooked Orange Chicken in pot

Instant Pot Orange ChickenMake chicken breast meat with a sweet orange sauce in your instant pot to serve over rice. A tasty meal that is easy to make.


The Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Visiting World Heritage SitesWhen traveling be sure to seek out world heritage sites. There are thousands of places throughout the world of historical or cultural importance, as well natural beauty.


Pinto Beans in Instant Pot

Instant Pot Pinto BeansDry pinto beans are pressure cooked quickly and easy to use when cooked in an Instant Pot. You do not need to soak the beans, as you do when cooking on the stovetop.


Beef Shank Vegetable Broth Soup with added green onions

Instant Pot Beef Shank Vegetable Broth SoupYour instant pot can speed up the cooking time of many recipes. This hearty beef shank vegetable broth soup can be ready in about an hour.


Roast Chicken and Tomato Noodle Soup in bowl

Week 44: Roast Chicken and Tomato Noodle SoupThis delicious tomato soup contains chicken and pasta to make a hearty fall weeknight dinner. A great way to use up leftover ingredients from a previous meal.


Pichi Pichi

Making Pichi PichiPichi Pichi is a favorite breakfast meal in the Philippines. It consists of steamed, sweetened cassava. Learn how to prepare this delicious dessert.



Tiny Hanging Glass Jars

Tiny Hanging Glass JarsI won second place for these tiny embellished jars. I love these, and on line they are super cheap, plus there are also old style salt shakers. With a little time and imagination, I came up with these. I hope you like them.



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Getting New Dentures?I was wondering; when you're getting your mouth prepared for dentures, what do they do? I'm starting with the top, first. So, when all these are removed. Won't the bottom, irritate the top?


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Finding the Title for an Old Horror Movie?It was about a guy and his girlfriend who had to save a little girl in his family from something under her bed. The only way to save her is to go to the bed and leave a certain number of blood relatives and leave them and let the thing grab the person and pull them under the bed.


Gold Foil Decorations Coming Off Disney Tutu

Gold Foil Decorations Coming Off Disney Tutu?I bought my daughter this cute outfit from Costco; it's a Disney princess tutu and shirt. After wearing it for a couple of hours I noticed that my floor was full of little pieces of gold glitter looking things. To my surprise it was the gold foil decoration that was on the tutu. And now the tutu has only half of an Aladdin magic lamp, Cinderella's slipper is also missing a piece of foil.


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Applying Wallpaper on Vinyl Coated Gypsum Walls?What's the best way to get wallpaper to stay up on the vinyl coated gypsum walls in my mobile home?


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Raising Zebra Finches?I'm always finding things on the internet telling me to separate my baby zebra finches from their parents when they're old enough. I can't find why, and if I really should do this. All of my zebra finches right now (25 or so) are family, and haven't ever been separated. They are all in one aviary.


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Using Cornstarch for a Heat Rash?Is cornstarch good for a heat rash?


A dog standing on a floor.

Dog Not Eating Normally?My 15 month old Pit Bull has stopped eating as much as before. It is a considerable amount. He's a very hyper dog at times, but is also hippy like he lost some weight. I was wondering if it could be worms or the neighbor's bitch dog who's in full heat. The 1st pic is him now, the others where 3 weeks ago to 3 or 4 months ago.


What Breed Is My Dog? - muscular dog with black coat and white on chest

What Breed Is My Dog?Everywhere I go people always say my dog is so cute. Followed by what is her breed. I rescued her from the local animal shelter. They had her listed as a Pit/Lab mix. I am no expert, but I just don't see that in her. She is stocky, very muscular, and has a small underbite (but an underbite nonetheless). The way she lays is with her hind legs extended straight back.


Identifying an Old Oak Trestle Table - leg

Identifying an Old Oak Trestle Table?So I have added some more pictures to aid in the identification of when this table was made. It does have very thin screws in it which have been covered over by plugs of wood on the sides of the rails or putty on the curved section under the table.


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Decorating for Daughter's 16th Birthday Party?How do I start planning? Her 16th bday is 11-14, but I am not throwing a party till after the holidays. I need help with decorations. What decorations to use when your daughter is more tomboyish?


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Finding a Vintage Stuffed Pig?I had a house fire in 2010 and lost everything that I owned. One such thing was a stuffed/plush pig toy that I had had ever since I was little. I believe it was purchased for me around 2002-2004, and it was purchased from Greenfield Village's souvenir store in Michigan. At the time there was a whole bunch of them on display so I know it was a mass produced toy and not a one of a kind.


Value of Treasury Collection Premier Edition Doll - doll in a box

Value of Treasury Collection Premier Edition Doll?What is the name of this doll, year, and value?


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Introducing New Kitten to Resident Cats?I just rescued a small kitten and she is finally rehabilitated and healthy so it's time to introduce her to her siblings! One is 1 year old, one is 8 months old, and, one is 7 years old. They are so friendly to each other and to her! However, our kitten hates them, she can't even go near them without hissing! What do we do to help her feel safer and like her new siblings?


Replacing the Mirror on a Vintage Wardrobe - waterfall wardrobe

Replacing the Mirror on a Vintage Wardrobe?The mirror on this dresser was cracked so I took it off. I like the look of the door, but am wondering if it's more valuable to replace it.


Identifying Household Bugs - brown and tan bugs

Identifying Household Bugs?I found these bugs on the back of my couch, nowhere else yet. Does anyone have any idea of what they are?


Value of a Mersman Coffee Table - table with leaves down

Value of a Mersman Coffee Table?I would like to know the year and value of this Mersman drop leaf coffee table.


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Repairing an Iron Burn Hole in Chiffon Top?Please how do you repair a chiffon top with a huge iron burn hole on it?


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Rebonded Hair Growing Back Frizzy?I have very frizzy, curly hair and about 3 years ago I rebonded it for the first time. Afterwards I kind of got addicted to it and rebonded my hair like every 5 months.


Identifying a Ceramic Doll - auburn haired doll

Identifying a Ceramic Doll?I wonder if anyone knows anything about this doll. The markings on the back are very hard to read, but I think it's CM and a B under.


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Repairing a Hoover Spin Scrub 50?I have a Hoover Spin Scrub 50. Water is leaking from the water/solution tank. How do I replace the grommet on the outside where the water tank sits and get the stick, the spring, and the grommet back inside the water tank?


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On Switch for a Musical Betty Jane Carter Doll?We would just like to know how to play the music on a Betty Jane Carter (Goebel) musical doll? In this case, Tamara, from 1989. We realize she's not worth much, but knowing how to play the music rather completes her. We can't find a switch or string anywhere.


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