November 17, 2019

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chicken Thighs with broccoli on plate

Broiled Chili-Rubbed Chicken ThighsBoned chicken thighs can be seasoned and basted for a inexpensive broiled main dish. Enjoy this delicious chili flavored chicken.


Octopus in Sprite in bowl

Octopus in SpriteOctopus meat can get a rubberized texture when cooked. Sprite helps to tenderize the meat and make a flavor filled dish.


Beef Spareribs Soup in bowl

Beef Spareribs SoupUsing beef spareribs you can create a hearty broth for a vegetable with noodles soup. Complete your meal with this delicious soup recipe.


Peanut Butter Cereal Snacks in paper liners

Peanut Butter Cereal SnacksCereal can get messy when you need a snack for the kids. Here's an alternative that adds some peanut butter protein and is easier to handle.


minestrone soup in bowl 2

Week 46: Minestrone SoupMinestrone soup is often served as a starter at Italian restaurants. It usualy includes beans, tomatoes, pasta and other hearty vegetables in broth.


piece of Graham Crusted Cheese Pineapple Custard on plate

Graham Crusted Cheese Pineapple CustardPineapple, instant custard and cheese can create a yummy dessert. Use a graham cracker crust for this cold treat.



Yo Yo Christmas Angel Ornament - finished ornament

Yo Yo Christmas Angel OrnamentThis is a little Christmas angel made from leftover yo yos from a yo yo pillow project I made recently.


Ivy (Maltese - Shih Tzu Mix) - cream and tan dog with her squeaky hot dog toy

Ivy (Maltese - Shih Tzu Mix)One of our pets died and I got a puppy for companionship for the one dog we had left. Ivy is now four years old and one happy little girl. Ivy loves to play fetch with her squeaky and stuffy toys. She and our older dog play chase together running around the sofa.


Baby Succulent Christmas Tree

Baby Succulent Christmas TreeHere is a tutorial on how to make this adorable baby succulent Christmas tree. It is perfect to display in your home or to make as gifts!



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Presser Foot on Kenmore Machine Won't Move?The presser foot on my Kenmore 385 19157100 sewing machine won't go up or down. The lever moves, but the foot does not budge. Does anyone know how to repair this?


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Cleaning Planters After Tomato Blight?I had terrible tomato blight and pepper white flies this past season. I grow in containers. I threw away all the soil from all the pots at the end of the season. Do I need to sterilize the pot in any way before I add new soil next season?


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Reviving a Frozen Christmas Cactus?I received a Christmas cactus last year and worked on it all year and have been patiently waiting for its 1st bloom. We had an unexpected freeze and I didn't think to bring it inside. It's wilted and I have no idea how to save this beautiful plant so that it's ready to bloom at Christmas.


Value of Ashton Drake Dolls - two baby dolls

Value of Ashton Drake Dolls?I have a Handful of Cheerfulness and a Handful of Peace dolls. I'm trying to find value of them. Can you help?


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Singer Steam Press Won't Open?I have a 2 year old Singer Steam Press ESP-2. It will not open up. I press it down, heard a snap and now it will not budge.


Identifying Bumps on a Dog - dog's belly

Identifying Bumps on a Dog?My dog has these bumps that started on her belly and now are on her nose. Please tell me what this is! She will be 2 in December, they don't really seem to bother her. They started out as little red bumps.


Value of Homer Laughlin Plates?I have found a few Homer Laughlin plates. I'm not sure how many there are, but I did take a picture of the backside. If anyone has any info or can tell me a little more about the value of this piece, I really appreciate it!


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14th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls?I am turning 14 in January, I want to invite about 30 people (mostly girls) to my party. It can't be very expensive, what should I do?


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Value of a Set of Encyclopedia Britannica?Are there buyers for a set of Encyclopedia Britannica, Ninth Edition, 1892? What is its value?


Value of a Lane Sweetheart Cedar Chest - chest with black upholstered top and 8 veneer panels on the front

Value of a Lane Sweetheart Cedar Chest?I am trying to find out how much my Lane cedar chest is worth. Style no. 4304-77. Serial no. 2275121.


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Using Dandruff Shampoo to Remove Hair Dye?Can dandruff shampoo remove dark red dye from my dark brown hair restoring it to its natural state?


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Making Buttermilk Pie?Since the buttermilk pie calls for 2, 9 inch pie crusts, does that mean it makes two pies?


Replacement Controller for a WellRest MicroFleece Warming Blanket - chewed up controller

Replacement Controller for a WellRest MicroFleece Warming Blanket?I have a WellRest microfleece warming blanket. I cannot find a replacement controller anywhere online and it seems as if the blanket itself has been discontinued? We recently got a dog from the shelter and he got ahold of it and went to town. The blanket is for my older dog and I'd much rather find a controller replacement before I go buy another heated blanket.


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Replacement Cap for an Outbound Air Bed?I'm looking for a replacement cap for an Outbound queen air bed with legs that was purchased at Canadian Tire a few yeas ago. I cannot seem to find where to go online to buy it.


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Warming Lamp for Older Cats in Winter?I have 3 senior cats, Lilly is 11, Chico is 15, and Lynn who is 18. Lynn misses her sunlight so much. She spends her days in the summer (or anytime there is no snow) laying in her boxes on my deck. She may not make it to another summer. I want to buy some sort of light that warms and gives her the feeling she is laying in the warm sun.


Seals for Glass Canisters - broken seal

Seals for Glass Canisters?Where can I find seals for glass canisters?


Is My Dog a Chiweenie? - cute little brown puppy

Is My Dog a Chiweenie?Is my dog a Chiweenie? I was told she was a teacup Chihuahua, but that is not true. The vet said she weighs too much. She is 7 weeks old and is 2 pounds.


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Copycat Recipe for Bag N Season Country Style Chicken?Does anyone have the ingredients for the discontinued Bag N Season country style chicken recipe?


Value and Age of a Mersman Trestle Writing Desk - left corner of the table top and trestle legs

Value and Age of a Mersman Trestle Writing Desk?I've had a Mersman trestle writing desk for over 45 years. It's in excellent condition and I'm wondering what it's worth or how old it really is?


Value of an Ashton Drake Doll - closeup of a doll

Value of an Ashton Drake Doll?I have a Signature Edition Princess Angelina doll from the Ashton-Drake Galleries. It is exclusive and the certification card says that my doll is number 254 of 1500 worldwide so can anyone find the price for her?


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Home Repair Assistance for Seniors in Georgia?My mom lives alone and has a house in Georgia. The steps entering the house are falling apart. All of the plumbing is leaking and the AC/heater stopped working. The floors are falling in, the windows leak, and one of her toilets won't flush. Major home repairs are needed. Who can help her in our state?


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Removing Vomit Odor from a Leather Couch?How can you remove vomit odor from a leather couch?


Identifying a Stuffed Reindeer - young girl holding some stuffies

Identifying a Stuffed Reindeer?I am looking for what brand or any information about the stuffed animal in my hand that looks like a reindeer. It was very important to me when I was younger because my great grandma, who died, gave it to me. My mom's ex boyfriend had thrown it out and I've wanted it back ever since. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.


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Finding a Cam for a Kenmore Sewing Machine?I am looking for a Kenmore 52 1a cam. They are double-sided. I was told they were type E cams. I would appreciate any leads on the cam. I have been checking eBay, etc.


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Clothing Dye Bled on Itself?I have a beige dress with a black lace. I washed it by hand, but left it for few minutes in the water. Black color transferred onto beige. Any tips to remove it?


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