September 17, 2020

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Paper scraps cut in the size of the box.

Note Box Using Recycled PaperI recently found this cutie at a thrift store for .25. I loved how it looked like a an office supply box, even down to the little label spot on the front! But it was an odd size and shape.


A roll of tape on top of a recycled glass jar containing a roll of twine.

Corralling Twine and Strapping Tape in One SpotI was tired of the roll of strapping tape and the twine falling out of the pantry every time I needed something next to them. So today, I saw and empty jar and went "Hey!".


A headband being used as a rubber band around an open bag of potting mix.

Using Sturdy Head Bands Instead of Rubber BandsI can't afford good rubber bands. And if I had a nickel for every time the ones I had broke just when I needed them . . .


Removing dye from a marker to add to a body scrub.

Alternative Dye for ProjectsWhile looking on Pinterest, I find cool bath bomb recipes, body scrub recipes, etc. They all had something in common, they required some kind of dye. Either soap dye or food coloring. I didn't have any of that, and so I thought of what I could use instead. I came up with the idea of cutting open a marker and using the ink out of that!


Disposable Sport Water Bottle to Hold Dish Soap - clear bottle with blue dish soap

Disposable Sport Water Bottle to Hold Dish SoapIf you purchase dish soap in bulk, you'll know that the container is huge! It is heavy to pour out on a daily basis and it's not very convenient.


Organized craft supplies in a closet.

Organizing with Shoe Boxes and Storage TubsI needed to find a way to put away crafting items that are seasonal, and make it functional along with decorative. Because it is in my crafting space, a theme color is where I wanted to start. I found some great shoe/photo boxes and plastic tubs.


A rolled up hammock swing.

Protecting a Hammock Swing from the WeatherI love our hammock swing which we have on our screened in porch. I want it to last a long time. I have a cover to help protect it from rain and night humidity. I made the cover by cutting the bottom off a commercial size trash bag and cut the side to open it up. It gave me a 71 inch by 58 inch piece of plastic.


Black accordion shades on a west facing window.

Hanging Temporary ShadesYou have probably seen those temporary paper accordion shades in your home improvement store. They are great while you are planning permanent window treatments in a newer home, but they come with a caveat about using on delicate surfaces and freshly painted walls, as they are hung with double faced tape. My tip is how to install them without damage when you are removing them.


A small plastic bag containing Early Girl tomato seeds.

Seed DresserThis is an organized way to store seeds from the produce you buy, grow in your garden, or purchased seed packets. It is a hardware storage container which can be purchased at Harbor Freight for under $20.


A weekly/monthly planner.

Daytimer is my BibleI have used a daytimer for years and would be lost without it. I keep it in an area where I frequent most of the day, on my computer desk. Once a week, I pencil in my schedule for each of the weekdays, adding appointments, goals, projects, routine tasks, phone calls to make, etc.


A woman with a mask on only half of her face.

Train iPhone FaceID to Recognize Your Face MaskCOVID-19 continues to grow in communities around the world and now wearing a facemask is as common as wearing shoes when we leave the house. This little tip has made my life easier while wearing a facemask. This tip is for iPhone (X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max) and iPad Pro (third and fourth generation) users. These are the models which have the FaceID feature.


A storage basket filled with useful items.

Save a Trip With a Storage BasketThis tip is actually universal whether you live in a single story, two story apartment, etc. For me, I am always running up and down stairs for important essentials especially misplaced car keys and wallets. I bought this set of 2 drawer storage organizer mini bins, 10.3 x 6.5 x 2.4 inches at Walmart for only 96 cents!


The wrought iron table after being painted.

Paint Touch Up on Side TableJust a little color can change the look of something and add a new "feel" to your decor.


Two boxes of oranges with different pack dates.

Check Produce Labels For DateAnyone having issues with produce spoiling much quicker than they should? I have made a few Costco trips and each visit I'm always left with something spoiling much sooner than they should (especially oranges).


Recycled and painted storage containers

Thrifted Pots For StorageI found some great metal pots while out thrifting. I wanted some additional storage for my potting bench that is solid, air tight, and will keep the elements out. To dress it up, I spray painted them and added a few colors using a sponge to make them look rustic. Added a stencil and sealed with sealer. Now they hide my work gloves, extra tools, and garden supplies. This keeps my things together and also gives a decorative flare!


A collection of face masks hanging on a line.

Storing Face MasksIf you have acquired a collection of face masks for virus protection, you will need a good way to store them so they are accessible when you need them. The easiest way is to hang them from the straps on a hook or hanger.


Logo for a ThriftyFun Guide

Keep Smaller Papers Up Front on ClipboardI live by my little clipboard. But today, I had two pieces of paper that I didn't want hidden behind the main tablet. So I offset one so it shows in the back.


The baby pool with pillows and toys for playtime.

Baby Pool as Play Area and Toy StorageThere are many different blowup pools on the market today. I was looking for a super inexpensive one and found this one in a 50% off bin at Big Lots for $6. I brought it home and blew it up. I took a king size bedspread and folded it over in fourths then I folded the corners under so it would fit nicely in the round bottom for cushion for baby.



Craft Stick Crate Gift Basket - pink tissue paper and small gifts

Craft Stick Crate Gift BasketHere is a cute mini gift basket you can make out of simple craft sticks. This crate measures about 5.25" L x 2.75" W x 2.5" H. It is a great size for smaller gifts!



A wooden game table.

Identifying a Game TableAny idea who the maker is?


Painting Laminate Countertops? - before and after photo

Painting Laminate Countertops?I used matte acrylic paint on my laminate countertops. I love the look, but when I put poly acrylic (water based) over after drying 6 hours it smears the paint. What am I doing wrong?


A porcelain doll in a blue dress.

Worth of Porcelain DollCan't find markings. Want to sell. What is she worth? She's probably 2 feet tall and has porcelain hands and face.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Gaping Wound on Cat's Neck?My cat had a big knot on side of his neck. He scratched it and now it is busted. I can see inside. He keeps scratching it and I have to grab him because he split it more. How can I stop this? The vets will not take animals cause of corona! I don't know what to do?


A plastic decorative Native American doll.

Value of Native American DollWanting to sell but need to know price to put on it. I'm clueless.


An Intex pump on an air mattress.

Pump Stopped Working?Our 2 year old Intex pump works for few seconds and shuts off. Is it replaceable?


A small black bug on a white background.

What are These Bugs?These bugs are everywhere in my room and the laundry room! Idk what to do or where they came from! How do I get rid of them? Thank you!


A small blob on a woven background.

What is this Pest?What kind of larvae is this? It's absolutely infested my home. I see my sheets moving and kind of filling up. They're in my bathroom in the sink and I even washed them out of my hair. They are under my skin and sometimes I see pointy flesh colored things poking out of my couch and bed.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll? - doll wearing a pink lace and ruffle trimmed dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I cannot find out who this doll is and its value. There is only a name on the neck and I think it says Maryse Nicole and there is a number below it.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Kitten Trying to Nurse on Person?I have an 8 week old kitten who was born here. She is the sweetest thing, but she has started nursing on me. She doesn't now on some blankets and clothing, but she will try to get under my shirt and nurse my stomach. She has never done that before and won't nurse on mom.


A drinking glass with silver markings.

Identifying GlassesFound two glasses today that I need help identifying. Based on this thread, I've learned it could be Circleware or Pasabahce brand based on the double teardrop stamped on the bottom. There's also the number 23 stamped on the bottom.


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