November 11, 2020

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Sunset Mountain Painting - painting on tile floor with jar candles

Sunset Mountain PaintingWell here we are, all stuck at home with two different pandemics going around. One, the most serous is of course covid-19, and the other is boredom! We can all agree we've caught ourselves more than once in the months we've been at home sitting on the couch and just thinking of what we can do rather then actually doing it lol!


A dish drainer with no bottom tray.

Finding A Bottom for a Smaller Dish DrainerI wanted to give myself some more counter space. My drainer took up a lot, and didn't prevent water from going under and sitting there for days. So today I found the perfect size. It's sturdy, smaller and will encourage me to do my dishes more often. However, it didn't come with a drainer tray. So before I went to another store to find the perfect one, I looked around at what I had at home.


Starburst Pipe Cleaner Tree Topper - closeup of the topper

Starburst Pipe Cleaner Tree TopperThis is an easy and inexpensive way to create a retro tree topper that's also fun to make. All you need is a package of silver pipe cleaners and that's all there is to it. If you want to change up your colors from year to year, this is also a great way to coordinate your topper to match your tree.


A lantern in front of a stack of wood.

Saving Money on Camp LightingThere are a some great options for camp lighting, including solar lights and crank flashlights, in addition to the traditional battery powered ones.


Saturn Hanging Decoration - finished

Saturn Hanging DecorationHere is a fun craft for your child to do especially if they're currently learning about the solar system. Saturn is my daughter's favorite and we made this together. She liked it so much, we are going to hang it in her room.


A woman trying to close a too-small jacket.

Stretching ClothingClothing can shrink some in the wash or dryer. Here are some ideas for stretching your clothing.


Take Time To Enjoy Your World

Take Time To Enjoy Your WorldIt has been said that only boring people ever get bored. I think there's a lot of truth in that saying. People who are easily bored lack a healthy curiosity about the world around them. Some people go all their lives without awareness of things that make other people's lives more enjoyable.


Mini Flute Replica - finished flute

Mini Flute ReplicaBecause my daughter plays the flute, I made this mini flute for her to display on a shelf in her bedroom.


A family waving at their grandma.

Another Day in Quarantine: The Best Day of AllMy day started out about the same. I have to say, I am looking at life a lot more positive these days! That is important for everyone to know. I think we (people) are just adjusting to this way of living. We are so conscientious of the possibility of catching the virus, we have given into the new way of life living in our homes We are at an accepting stage.


A field of brightly colored zinnias.

Zinnia PhotosZinnias are originally from Mexico and the surrounding area. They are related to the sunflower and daisy. These bright flowers grow well as an annual and are prized by many gardeners across the world.


Lego Minifig Toothpaste Cap - LEGO tube cap

Lego Minifig Toothpaste CapHere is a fun and cute craft to make with your toothpaste cap. Most caps look like this and have a 'bow' in the back. After you draw on it, put it back on the tube or use as finger puppet ! :)


Pumpkin Wall Decoration - pumpkins glued to cabinet doors

Pumpkin Wall DecorationHere is another inexpensive/free way of decorating your home for Halloween by cutting out square shaped pumpkins and then adding cut out the faces. They can be taped on the wall, a sliding door, or kitchen cabinets!


The completed costumes for Dr. Frankenstein and his monster.

Frankenstein's Monster Project CostumesCome enter Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory, if you dare! Phoenix is dressed as Dr. Frankenstein, the mad scientist who has created this green monster. Gryphon is Frankenstein's monster. He is currently in two pieces, and the top half of him is waiting on the slab to be assembled together with his legs. When the monster on the slab is ready to arise, suddenly, to your surprise, he'll do the mash!


Start Instant Coffee with Cold Water

Start Instant Coffee with Cold WaterI've found this hack very useful in order to make instant coffee taste more like a freshly brewed cup. Just mix your instant coffee granules with a little bit of cold water, stir to dissolve, then add your hot water.


A container full of watermelon chunks.

Cutting Whole WatermelonFresh watermelon is so delicious this time of year; with a little planning and these easy tips, it'll be faster, with less mess.


Witch and Warlock Apothecary  -Potion Bottles - witches' brew bottle

Witch and Warlock Apothecary Potion BottlesI use empty glass bottles that we use every day such as olive oil, salad dressing, liquor bottles, etc. I ask friends and family to save theirs as well. I use left over scraps of fabric, ribbon, yarn, acrylic paint, dollar store Halloween decor, and even things found in the yard.


A heart shaped paper punch with scissors.

Repairing Stuck Paper Lever PunchI was making heart confetti and my paper level punch was stuck. I decided to just stick my scissors into the center where the dot is sticking out and pushed it down. It released the stuck paper punch!


Plastic packaging with scraps inside.

Cut Up Craft Supplies Inside Clear PackagingI saved this clear zippered packaging from my shower curtains. You can save pillowcase or bedding packaging; anything clear would work best so you can see where to cut.


Not Country Bumpkin - Country Pumpkin! - decorated pumpkin

Not Country Bumpkin - Country Pumpkin!My next little Dollar Tree pumpkin is decorated with seam bindings from an old curtain, and more faux leaves.


Pine Cone 'Zinnias' - cone "zinnias" added to fall floral display

Pine Cone 'Zinnias'If you have a lot of small pine cones in your yard to decorate with, you can take them up a notch by painting the backs of them to create 'zinnias'. I incorporated them into my fall floral decor this year and really like their texture and color.


A lake surrounded with autumn trees.

Photos of WisconsinWisconsin is a beautiful midwestern state that borders the Mississippi River on one side and two of the Great Lakes on the other. It is popular with hikers due to its large amount of forest land.


Decorative stickers used to seal open food packaging.

Stickers to Reseal FoodsI constantly get too many address labels and stickers free in the mail and have lately been using them to reseal my no seal packages rather then use plastic bags or other packaging methods. Just a simple sticker will seal just fine, from cat food to cheese or my liverwurst.


Topsy Turvy Cinderella Doll - finished dolls

Topsy Turvy Cinderella DollLet me show you how to make two dolls in one, a princess and a peasant!


Kids' Artwork - Sweet Puppy Mosaic  - completed mosaic of dog with long floppy ears

Sweet Puppy MosaicLet the kids make a beautiful mosaic of a puppy, using materials from the pantry. Using different textures provides an ideal opportunity for fine motor and sensory stimulation, so this activity also allows ample learning opportunities.


A bird in a tree.

Identifying Birds?You don't have to be a serious bird watcher to enjoy identifying the birds that visit your yard or that you encounter on walks. Here are some tips for identifying birds, including baby birds.


A post-it note strip as a pill reminder.

Pill Time ReminderI don't know about you but when I have to take a medication more than one time a day, I can't remember if I've taken it and when the next time is I'm supposed to take it. I remedied this by making a pill reminder band for the pill bottle by using a couple post-it notes.



A dish of Irish Italian spaghetti.

Irish Italian SpaghettiThis is a family favorite, but I don't know why it's called Irish Italian Spaghetti. It's not your regular spaghetti sauce, creamy and with a touch of spice.


Woodburned Mandala Box - mandala design on the top of the box

Woodburned Mandala BoxUsing a wood burner to create the patterns I drew on the box then sealed it with polyurethane.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Repairing a Smith Corona TypewriterI have a Smith Corona sl500 and have been using it for a few weeks when I started having problems with the letters not fully forming when I type. I took a look at the ribbon and it does look like there are some overlap problems where the previous letter hasn't moved far enough before the new one is struck but I am not sure how I could fix this problem.


An antique record player.

Value of Antique Record Player?Curious if anyone knows much about this? I was cleaning out a building that had not been inhabited for over 40 years. This was in it and it still works


An old vintage stuffed dog.

Information on a Vintage Stuffed Dog?I'm trying to find information on this stuffed dog that "survived" a friend's house fire in 1988. I was wondering about finding a replacement on eBay but I don't know anything about it other than these few pictures my friend's Mom sent me. Does anyone know anything about this?


A dog lying on a dog bed.

What is My Dog Mixed With?What is my girl mixed with?


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