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You can at times be faced with sudden or long term unemployment. This page contains unemployment tips.


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In this economy, one never knows when unemployment will happen. My husband's trade will layoff and furlow regularly and I have learned a few tricks to make it quicker to file and start receiving payments.

I use a calendar for each of us (usually get them free from a local business). Each month usually has a picture - I take a piece of paper and cut it to size and put over the picture. I use this section to staple all check stubs and income statements. I make notes on the calendar where he is. For example, on Monday, I might write UE-unemployment and draw a line to Saturday if he is out all week, or I might write something like Lagoon job and draw a line to Saturday. I also have put a sheet of paper over the back and I write company names, address, supervisor name, and telephone numbers.

When you file, you will need to have your social security number and drivers license number handy, if you don't know it. For ID purposes they use Mother's maiden name (don't laugh, but this one made my son have to think hard - he said all he could come up with was mom, and then they wanted him to spell it). A checking account makes it much faster.


One last thing before you leave the job request a written paper on your layoff. This is your documentation!

There are usually two ways to file a claim - internet and by phone. I prefer the internet because it is so much faster and you don't have to wait through busy signals or wait on hold for hours.

By Meemaw from FL

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June 18, 2010

I'm 27 years old and I just got fired from my job. I can get unemployment but that only last so long. When I had unemployment before it took me forever to find a new job. I'm just worried that I won't be able to find a job. Any suggestions that would help me through this tough time would be appreciated.


April from Henderson, NV


Unemployment Advice

I have been on unemployment a couple of times. 3 companies I worked for went out of business. Now how would someone know that years down the road a company will shut their doors?
good luck April! (12/04/2007)

By suzanne

Unemployment Advice

April, I feel for you. There's not much security in the workplace anymore. Perhaps you might find a couple of part time jobs that won't interfere with each other's hours and you could still have some space in between the two to look for full time employment. Anything is better than nothing. Also, this might be a time in your life where you might consider a career change.

My daughter is going through what you are dealing with right now and will be moving in with us until she can get back on her feet. Try to remain hopeful and pray, pray, pray for that open door to a job that will allow you to financially sustain yourself. Best to you!



By Myrna

Unemployment Advice

There are some areas of work that are seasonal and subject to being closed down. And there are jobs which shut down when work gets slow. I have one son who is in construction and another is a machinist. The machinist has been unemployed a number of times and has gotten unemployment a couple of times. This happened not because he is lazy but because work slowed down and it was not economically feasible for the shop to keep all the people on.
I don't know what your training or abilities are but I would check every possible place who might have full or part time work for me. I'll give you some of my history in hopes it will help.

I was a stay at home mom when my first 3 boys were little. I had a child when I was 40 after the others were grown. I didn't want him to go to public school for several reasons. I got a job at age 45 with no work history at all. I started in the infant room in a day care center for minimum wage. My next job was answering phones for a delivery service. I got a job as a page in a history library, then I worked at the school my son was attending as the extended day supervisor. I started picking brains of people who taught pre k, I subbed for them, took notes and when we moved to another state I got my own pre k class.


This developed into a school district clerical job. I am now subbing for that district. I said all this to say that there are jobs out there for diligent people. You might not get top salary but there is a job for you somewhere. And the next job you get make it your business in a nice way to pick the brains of the people above you on the ladder. I hope this is of some help to you. (12/04/2007)

By Marty Dick

Unemployment Advice

Would you consider going in one of the military services? There are a lot of benefits, not the least of which is "three hots and a cot". That wasn't for me, but I seriously considered it.

How about government? Local, state and federal usually have very good job security. They all need people to do everything from sweep floors on up. Many also have educational opportunities with matching funds for school (as long as you pass the classes). Government takes forever to make a hiring decision though. (12/04/2007)


By Walt Moore

Unemployment Advice

Hi April, don't sweat it. Get a job in the mall or at Starbuck's or do home non-health care visits (they hire ASAP) and let the right opportunity come to you. Of course you'll get a job, and it'll be a better one too. "When one door shuts, a better one opens." Remember the P.S. that Hellen Keller added to the above quote . . . "But most people are so busy looking at the door that's shut they miss the one that's open."

Good luck and God Bless.


Unemployment Advice

April, I understand what you are going through but in my case I was a bit older and had been with my company 28 years when they closed the doors (3 days before Christmas). Would you consider relocating? I live in the New Orleans area and places are begging for people to work. Depending on the education you have, you can earn a good deal of money here. You do not have to live in New Orleans, there are plenty of homes for sale or apartments for rent on west bank quite cheap. You might try looking into this as you could easily find employment here. Good luck (12/04/2007)

By maneman8

Unemployment Advice

I've been there and have one helpful suggestion. Find a great place to volunteer. Make it a place that sounds like a real job. This way, when you fill out applications now and in the future, you will NOT have to account for time unemployed. I worked for a mission from my church at the time - Christian Family Counselors. When I put on my resume that I was there, I have a supervisor they can contact and I can say I worked as an office manager. Granted, I didn't do it full time and I was doing it for free, I still wasn't completely sitting around. Good luck and keep your chin up! (12/04/2007)

By TD, Louisiana

Unemployment Advice

I know how demoralising it can be, so my solution is to volunteer at a local place you love such as RSPCA or your local community centre. It will keep you motivated, look good on your resume, and keep you with enough self-esteem to keep looking for other jobs. Good luck and I hope something comes through for you soon! (12/07/2007)

By Cathy from Townsville, QLD

Unemployment Advice

Everyone has good advice here. Another tip that I heard from Dr. Phil was to treat looking for work like a job. Get up everyday at your work time, get dressed, and spend the day in a n active search for a job. Don't consider looking for work a part-time activity. Some people treat unemployment like a vacation, and consider a job search to be scanning the want ads once a week. Update your resume and hit the streets, visiting places that you would like to work, talking to the people who are in charge of the hiring, showing that you are a enthusiastic and eager to get to work. Good luck. (12/07/2007)

By Louise B.

Unemployment Advice

Consider applying at a staffing/temp agency. I was a staffing manager at an executive staffing firm and many of the temporary assignments turned into long-term and even permanent jobs. The agency will assess all your job skills and help you with your resume and will do the job-searching for you - basically work for YOU as your head hunter. When an opening becomes available, the agency will call you and let you decide if it is something you are interested in or not; you are not obligated to take any offered assignment nor are you required to keep working at an assignment that doesn't suit your needs. Some agencies even offer benefits such as healthcare. Many large companies do all their hiring exclusively through staffing firms - they don't even bother advertising. (12/07/2007)

By Jenny

Unemployment Advice

My sister recommended to me inquiring at nursing homes/rehab. centers that offer class instruction on becoming a nurse's assistant. The home I currently work for paid me 9.00 an hour to take a 3 week course and also provided me with a job after the class as well as paying to take the exam. It is a foot in the door as a home health worker or into healthcare and nursing. It has been a lifesaver from depression and frustration at not finding work at anything else. Good luck! (12/07/2007)

By Kim

Unemployment Advice

My husband was laid off for 6 months and found work this last June. He had applications in almost every place here in our town + Las Vegas (where he'd worked for 11 years on the job he and 399 others got laid off from). One item that we did was keep a journal of potential jobs we'd cut out and taped in the journal, from the classifieds of the LV newspaper. Out beside the classified ad, I'd handwritten in large print, something he could glance at briefly in traffic, while driving to a perspective job application/interviews. He said this helped out tremendously. I also left room below the classified ad for any info he might need to list, such as the date he was there to apply for the job, etc. Also, at a later date he could use the journal for references as to where he'd been and when.

Keep account of all your mileage and expenses while looking for work, you can use these on your taxes. Such as: any faxes, any paper or ink cartridges you had to have for your printer if printing possible job info from the internet, any dress clothing you might have needed for job interviews, etc.

Keep in mind, the possibility that you might have to take 1-2 jobs with lower pay than you were wanting, till a much better paying job comes about.

If an offer comes about from a friend, family member or from your church family, swallow your pride and accept it graciously, it'll come in handy. Not too many people will do this for you and not want anything in return.

You'll be surprised at how little a person can get along on, just spend on necessities and bills. Our nation has been one that spends ridiculously on frivolous items without thinking about those purchases. But when you're in a predicament and wondering how you're going to make ends meet this month, your mind will go back to those items that you could have done without when you were employed and now wishing you'd saved that money, instead.

Instead of shopping for clothing at the stores, you're accustomed to shopping at, check out the local "Savers" store or thrift stores. Some folks turn their noses up at this type of stores, but if you've never shopped at one of them, you'll be surprised at some of the brand names that you might be able to find at prices as low as $2.00 for a piece of clothing and how you can possibly walk out with 2-3 bags of clothing, if needed, for as low as $30.00 or lower, depending on how many you get. These types of stores also sell other items and sometimes you can find brand new items still with the price tags still on it. If you're shopping for a gift from one of these stores, no one has to know you didn't pay a whopping sum of hard earned cash for it from a department store.

Best of luck on your job searching!! (12/07/2007)

By badwater

Unemployment Advice

April, Pray, ask God for guidance in your job searching, ask HIM for strength and endurance. Let HIM lead you to the job perfect for you.

Also, after putting in applications, don't just wait for the company to call you. Go back to where you applied several times, once every few weeks to let them know you're ambitious, motivated and truly in need of their job. One place of business that my husband talked with said, "So many people put in an application and we never see them again. We like to know people are anxious to work for us."

The job my husband got and has now, he'd first applied for in January. This job with them didn't come along till June, just a couple of weeks before his unemployment checks were to run out.

Best of Luck! (12/07/2007)

By badwater

Unemployment Advice

Many, many companies hire through temp services. So that is the best way to look for a job. When a company hires someone from a temp agency, they have the chance to preview that type of worker that person might be without actually hiring them. Also, you will have work almost immediately.

The other thing that works is volunteering your time. I had two friends who got jobs that way. Volunteerism counts as time worked. So one woman was able to use her many years of working in the hospital gift store as work experience on her resume. The other woman applied to be a phlebotomist (sp) at at hospital. She was told there were no openings. She asked if she could volunteer to do that work. Once they saw how good she was, they made a job for her. (smile)

At this time of year there are MANY seasonal jobs in retailing for the Christmas holidays. Don't miss out on this opportunity for work. You can collect carts in the parking area of the grocery or Walmart. I can assure you there is something you can do. If you do this, it gives you a better chance to get another job that you prefer. It gives you different work experience. It shows you to be a "go getter."

That said I just have to tell you and I hope you wont take this the wrong way, but I would be wondering WHY you got fired from your last job. Are you working hard? Are you doing your very best? Do you try hard? Do you take too many personal breaks or days off work? In today's economy unemployment is very, very low. There are jobs for everyone. So I am wondering why YOU don't have work. If you need further training or schooling, you must do that for yourself to make yourself more marketable. (12/11/2007)

By Carol in PA

Unemployment Advice

Look around the house for stuff to sell on ebay. (12/11/2007)

By nijax.

Unemployment Advice

I know what it feels like, I went through it at the age of 24. I was a teacher and I found out at the beginning of the school year so there really were no teaching jobs anymore.

At first I just stayed home ,went off the wall so one thing I am telling you don't stay home. Just get dressed and go for a walk in the neighborhood. Also I volunteered and took on part/subbing jobs for about 2 years. I realized after that I would go more with my college degree, so at 27 I went back to school to get my degree. Maybe take a course in something that you like? Yes, there are all kinds of programs you can get help to pay for it. Most places will hire faster if you are working on a degree in that field.

All I can say is good luck and I know what it feels like

I hope this helped you a bit

By patg

Unemployment Advice

I recently quit my job and went back to school. It has been the best decision I have ever made. It's not the end of the world to have lost your job. Maybe you should consider doing what I did. Look into local community colleges and what they offer. A lot of them will have bachelor programs that four year colleges offer through the community college campuses.

Don't worry about money for this. Financial aid is available and the unemployment office even offers financial assistant for those who are unemployed.

Good luck! (12/14/2007)

By Amanda

Unemployment Advice

Hi April, I am sorry for you losing your job. Things are tough all over. First, pray. When God closes one door, another is already opening for you. Second, treat looking for a job as a job. I keep detailed records of who I talked with, sent resumes to and what date and time. 2nd volunteer in the field that you just left or a field you are trying to break into. At least you will have the experience for that particular field. 3rd try teaching a class at the local community centers, senior sites, or churches.

Hobby Lobby will let you teach a class for free as long as you tell your students to use their products. I once taught jewelry making at Michaels craft store. I was able to make a hundred dollars per class to hold me over. Try having parties at your home. Lease to Tupperware, Mary Kay, and others to have the their events in your home for a small fee. (12/19/2007)

By Georgetta

Unemployment Advice

Life seems to get busier and busier. Here are a couple of options to possibly make some extra $ until you find your next job:

1. Join the booming field of pet care such as pet sitting, dog walking, picking up poop, etc.

2. Running errands for others is also turning into a popular career.

Good luck in your job search. (12/31/2007)

By Victoria

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