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Cheap meal recipes are an important stable in any household. This page features numerous recipes that taste great and don't cost much to make! Browse the recipes below and you are sure to find something that your family will enjoy.

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The completed carbonara ala pobre.

Carbonara Ala PobreThe community quarantine still continued upto now. Number of Covid-19 cases is still rising in my town so we were advised to continue to stay at home. Because of this, everyday, we discover things we weren't able to do or eat before since we now have more time and boredom has made us go beyond what is seen inside the four corners of our homes.


A plate of sweet potato squash barbeque.

Sweet Potato-Squash BarbecueSweet potato and squash are usually added to meat as extender to patties in home kitchens. Now I'm using it to make an alternative for meat. I have some egg yolks that which are not used in making my Swiss meringue. This is perfect for my recipe today which I call squash potato barbecue.


A plate of macaroni and cheese.

Preparing Fast and Frugal MealsHome cooked meals don't have to be expensive or complicated. Feed your whole family with these great recipe ideas and tips.


Recipes Using Pork and BeansIf you have excess cans of pork and beans, use them in recipes like goulash or shepherd's pie. There are many ideas how to incorporate them into a delicous dish.


Roast Chicken on a white background

Make Roast Chicken Into Multiple MealsWhether you roast one yourself or buy one on sale, a roast chicken can be divided up and used for several meals. Using small portions of the meat is economical and works well for casseroles, main dish salads, and more.


Stir Fry

End of the Month Stir FrySome of the best meals are prepared using leftovers and other foods on hand in the cupboard. This is a page about end of the month stir fry.


Soup bowl with Broccoli Cheese Noodles and a spoon

Five Minute Cheesy Broccoli NoodlesStart with condensed soup and ramen noodles then add any other ingredients available to make a delicious, quick, and inexpensive meal. This is a page about making five minute cheesy broccoli noodles.


Basil Tomato Salad with Grilled Chicken - plated

Basil Tomato Salad with Grilled ChickenThis is an easy, tasty, healthy, and reasonably priced meal that you can prepare for a week night dinner. This is a page about making basil tomato salad with grilled chicken.


Pile of coins on a white plate with a knife and fork on a wooden table

Cheap Meal Ideas for a College Student?This is a page about cheap meal ideas for a college student. Many college students need to eat on a budget.


Family Eating Dinner Together

$10 Dinner IdeasThis page contains recipes and photos from our Ten Dollar ($10) Dinner section on ThriftyFun. All these recipes cost less than $10 to make a healthy dinner for a family of 4.


An Asian lady eating the frugal meal of ramen noodles.

Frugal Meals for OneThis is a page about frugal meals for one. Cooking for one is often a challenge, then add to that the need to keep costs down and you may be having difficulties maintaining a variety in your diet.


Oatmeal and Recipe Ingredients

Recipes Using OatsThis page contains recipes using oatmeal. A hearty, gluten free grain that can be used in many kinds of recipes.



Large pan holding cooked "End of Month Stir Fry"

End of the Month Stir FryI often run out of most food by the end of the 6th to the 6th month cycle. When that happens, I heat up some olive oil and chop up what ever I have in the cupboards and freezer/fridge.


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English Beans on ToastThis recipe is a sort of quick rendition of a meal that my friend's wife said they ate all the time growing up in England.


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Canned Pork SausageUsing the canned pork you get from Pantry. Open and drain the water off of the canned pork, but leave the fat. Break up the pork with a fork. Mix in the seasonings as directed, or add to suit your taste.


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Easy Rice A Roni Chicken DinnerCook rice dinner according to directions. Add chicken and you have a quick dinner! Get creative and add leftover vegetables. If you want a saucier dish, a package of clear chicken gravy cooked according to directions, or a can of cream of chicken soup mixed with a half a can of water works well.


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Recipes to Prepare Over an Open FireFirst I would like to tell you that you are all life savers. We have to feed a family of four on an $80.00 a week budget. These recipes will help tremendously. I have a couple of cheap and healthy meals that I have made over open fire when homeless.


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Chile Mac with HotdogsCook two boxes macaroni and cheese. Open 2 cans Chile without beans. Mix together. Add as many cut up hot dogs as desired (Sausage may also be used).


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Hamburger and Ramen Recipe?I am looking for a recipe. Hamburger meat, green onions, ramen noodles and Worcestershire Sauce. Can anyone help me?


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Frugal Meal Recipe For New ParentsDoes anyone have a really yummy FRUGAL recipe (other than the usual lasagna or spaghetti) for a family that had a baby recently? I really want to make a meal for them, but usually make a recipe that has a lot of expensive ingredients. Thanks!


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Cheap Sausage DishTotal cost under $5.00. Cook your rice. Cut your onion an pepper into slivers, put in pan with butter or oil, what ever you want. Cut your sausage in half and place on top of your onion and pepper.


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Spam and CheeseGrind up 1 can of Spam or Treet. Then mix it with the following:


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Leftover Chicken QuesadillasI just made this this morning seeing I had a couple things in the ice box that needed used so they wouldn't get wasted. I decided after I tasted it that it deserved to be shared! A nice way to use leftover chicken and cheese.


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One Pot Beef And Veggies - $10 DinnerI don't really know how much this costs, because we grow everything in it except for the mushroom soup. I bought a bunch of that for fifty cents a can, so I'm stocked up for the year. This is a one-pot meal that you can throw in the oven and then go read a magazine or something.


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$10 Anytime Holiday DinnerThis meal is intended to be a relatively simple and healthy weeknight meal for a family of four.


plate of pasta shells and broccoli

$10 Dinners: Sausage Shells and BroccoliThis meal is intended to be a relatively simple and healthy weeknight meal for a family of four.


Parmesan Chicken And Veggies

Parmesan Chicken and VeggiesI was inspired to create my own $10 recipe so here it is: Start the rice first. I use brown rice because it is more nutritious than white rice. Nuke the water in the microwave for 3 minutes.



$10 Dinners: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti and Meatballs ($10 Dinners)Chop onion and mince or press 4-5 garlic cloves, more if you would like to make garlic toasts with the loaf of bread. Set aside 1/2 cup of onion and 2 cloves of garlic for meatballs.


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Eggs in a NestThis is a lean times meal. My children and I have been at times through very lean times, and this is what I often served up when the cupboard was almost bare.


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"Bunny Special" RecipeThis simple but delicious recipe was started by my grandparents, and we all love it. They named it "Bunny Special" why I never asked, maybe someone can tell me! lol. . .


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Chuckwagon MacPrepare mac and cheese according to package directions; set aside. In a skillet, brown beef, celery and onion until beef is brown; drain.


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Thrifty, Quick Southwestern SupperPut macaroni on to cook. Brown crumbled hamburger and onion in skillet and cook until done. Add liquid smoke to taste. When hamburger is done, add veggies, salt, pepper, and cooked macaroni.


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Cheap Mac n' Cheesy Chicken PastaI like to cook up a box of Mac n cheese and when the noodles are almost done I add 1 crushed up pack of Ramen noodles. I then add the butter, milk cheese packet and the Chicken seasoning packet. It turns out to taste like Cheesy Chicken Pasta.


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Ring Baloney RecipeI'm sure everyone has had ring baloney boiled in pieces for dinner at one time or another in their life time. There are not many ways to fix this cut of meat. But, this one I've been using for years and people have been pleasantly surprised when served this dish.


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Easily Cook Rice in the MicrowaveIt's real easy. - 1 Cup white rice - 2 Cups water - a little oil or butter - 1 4-qt microwaveable bowl. Cook 20 minutes. You are done! Add your salt to-taste after cooking so the rice will remain tender. By gator10tx


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Fun With Kids in the KitchenLooking for something fun to do with the kids this summer?  Why not teach them to cook! It's a great way to have fun without spending a lot of money!


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More Mac and Cheese without an Extra BoxWhen my kids were small but growing up, one box of mac and cheese just wouldn't stretch anymore, but felt it would be wasteful to fix two. I just added some more pasta and a little extra milk to the cheese mixture...


Basil Tomato Salad with Grilled Chicken - stirring together ingredients

$10 Dinners - Basil Tomato Salad with...This $10 dinner was inspired and purchased at a local farmer's market. Seasonal vegetables tend to be much cheaper directly from the source.


Chicken And Rice Soup - served in a bowl

$10 Dinners: Chicken and Rice SoupThis recipe was created entirely with ingredients I had on hand, mostly leftovers. I had a house full of sick boys who needed chicken soup. Rather than opening up a couple of cans, I decided to throw this together.


$10 Dinners: Soft Tacos - An assembled soft taco ready to be rolled

$10 Dinners: Soft TacosThese meals are intended to be a relatively simple and healthy weeknight meal for a family of four. We assume that these dinners are being made in a kitchen stocked with regular staples.


$10 Dinners: Chicken Stir Fry - stir fry with chopsticks

$10 Dinners: Chicken Stir FryStir fry is easy to adapt to whatever ingredients you might have on hand. It is a great way to use up excess vegetable or even disguise unusual ones. We add teriyaki or soy sauce, to taste. The adults often spice it up by adding sriracha.


mac and cheese

Eatin' Good: Fast and Frugal MealsHearty and healthy is the key while leaving time for family. Try two budget friendly rules for fast and frugal meals.



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What Can I Make with These Ingredients?I have cream of chicken soup and chicken legs. What can I make with these ingredients?


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Making Cheesy Ham and Potato Casserole for 60-70?I'm cooking for my church's soup kitchen once a month and need a recipe for cheesy ham and potatoes for 60-70 people please. I don't want to have to convert a normal recipe that serves 4 people only.


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What Can I Make with These Ingredients?I have banana peppers, tomatoes, cream cheese, bacon bits, and bacon. What can I make?



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What Can I Make With These Ingredients?What can I make with cream cheese, instant pudding, Lorna Doones, and pineapple bits?


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What Can I Make With These Ingredients?I need to use up some of the stuff in my cupboard. I have chocolate, marshmallows, flour, cereal, dried fruit, sugar, honey, coconut, etc.


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What Can I Make With These Ingredients?I have chicken strips, broccoli, cream potatoes, and alfredo sauce.


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