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This page contains tips and advice about planting your garden.

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Rose of Sharon bloom against the side of a house

Planting a Rose of Sharon Near HouseThis is a page about planting a rose of Sharon near house. When choosing to plant your new shrub near the house there are a number of things to consider, such as mature height and width.


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Growing Hibiscus Trees In Tennessee?I have moved from Florida to Tennessee and found they are selling Hibiscus trees. Can I plant them here? I was told at the nursery that I bought them that they are a perennial and I wouldn't have to bring them in for winter. True or false? I live 40 miles north of Chattanooga. Thanks.


Black Walnut Tree

Planting Under Black Walnut TreesThis page is about planting under black walnut trees. Black walnut trees can prove to be a difficult landscaping challenge for gardeners because they are alleopathic. This can have a beneficial or harmful chemical effects on other plants.


Healthy carrots growing in the ground.

How to Plant CarrotsCarrots are a relatively easy to grow garden veggie. Planting and thinning are important steps in ensuring a good crop. This is a page about how to plant carrots.


finished marker

Cork Plant MarkersThis is a page about cork plant markers. Corks can be used to make simple recycled plant markers.


Potted fern in greenhouse next to watering can, goulashes, spade, and gardening gloves

Re-Potting Ferns and Trailing House PlantsThis is a page about re-potting ferns and trailing house plants. When potting or re-potting ferns or trailing houseplants a few simple steps can protect their foliage.


Repotting a houseplant.

Plant Dying After Repotting?This is a page about plant dying after repotting. Repotting a plant can be very stressful.


Potted plant that is too big for its pot.

Transferring Plants to Larger PotsThis is a page about transferring plants to larger pots. Eventually as your plants grow you will need repot them to give the roots more room or to remove depleted potting soil.


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Ground Cover Under Black Walnut Trees?I want to plant ground cover in the area between the street and my sidewalk. It is under two black walnut trees. So I need something the can be stepped on and is able to handle the abuse of falling walnuts and squirrels.


Mother and Daughter Planting in Late Spring

Planting in Late Spring?This is a page about planting in late spring. There are a number of vegetables and flowers that can mature in a shorter growing season.


Building Natural Garden Architecture

Using Plants to Build Garden ArchitectureThis is a page about using plants to build garden architecture. Architectural plants, also know as specimen or accent plants, provide structure to your garden.


A garden of self sowing plants.

Starting a Self-Sowing GardenThis page is about starting a self-sowing garden. Getting a head start on your garden can save you time and money when using plants that produce seeds for next year.



Lunar Phases

Lunar GardeningThis page is about lunar gardening. The gravity of the moon affects everything on earth and planting by moon phases has been practiced since ancient times.


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Locating Planting Guides by State?I would like to know the planting guide for my location. Where can I find this information? Thanks.


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Planting Pachysandra?What time of year can you plant pachtsandra? What kind of dirt should you use? How long does it take to spread?


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Planting Virginia Creeper?I want to grow Virginia creeper (or similar plant) up the walls of my pebbledashed, two-storied home. Our climate is (usually) temperate, but with strong winds from time to time and the occasional severe winter.


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Planting Lilac Bushes?When is the best time to buy and plant lilacs? Is it better to choose lilac bushes or lilac trees?


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What is the Best Exposure for a Rhododendron?What side of my house is best for a rhododendron?


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How Close to Plant Lilacs?I bought three five gallon Common Lilacs. The area I want to plant is 42 inches in diameter. Do I plant one, two, or can I put all three in the same area? Thanks for your help. Marlene


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When to Plant Hollyhocks?When is the best time to plant Hollyhocks?


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Planting Vegetables After Spraying Pesticide?My neighbor usually grows tomatoes and peppers up against their home. They had Orkin come to kill termites. Orkin sprayed the ground in the area where they plant tomatoes and peppers. Should they plant them this year or not?


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Plants That Grow Well in Rocky Ground?We just moved here and the ground is really hard (sorta clay I guess ) and has lots of rocks. We've been picking rocks since we've got here and I would love to plant some different types of plants around and flowers.


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Planting Eunomy Suckers?I have a nice bush probably a Eunomys, that has 3 foot suckers, can I plant these?


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Can You Replant Tomatoes In The Same Place?Can you replant tomatoes where you have had tomatoes the year before if the tomatoes had no problems? Thank you.


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Planting In Potting Soil BagsWe found in Mother Earth News how to garden without having to till the soil. We are renting a home and really do not want to put too much work into garden spot. Plant straight into the bags.


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What Will Grow Under Walnut Trees?What vegetables and flowers will survive under the drip line of walnut trees?


Planting A Hydrangea?I am trying to find out how to transplant a hydrangea from a pot to the ground.



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When to Replant Flower Bed After Using Natural Weed Killer?If I use a natural grass killer in my rock garden, i.e. vinegar, salt, boiling water, etc., will I be successful in reseeding with wild flowers after rinsing the ground thoroughly with water?


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Planting a Beavertail Cactus?I have found a beavertail cactus. Where is the best place to plant it?


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How can I grow moss?How can I grow moss? Without having to use my wife's blender...


Planting a Hard to Mow Ditch BankHere's an idea for a hard to mow ditch bank. My mother was afraid to cut the grass on this bank so I planted it with perennials for her.


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Planting at Different Levels?My mother had 3 green thumbs and 9 green fingers (OK I'm overstating). I'm just beginning to garden and Mom's been gone a long time. She used to talk about planting at different levels right next to each other which would allow something to be coming up when something was dying down. Has anyone ever heard of the and what are the particulars?


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How Long Should I Wait To Plant Ground Cover?I have 3 steep banks I can't mow so I am putting ground cover on them. What I need to know is how long I should wait to plant the ground cover after using a vinegar solution to kill the weeds and grass on the banks?


side view of cage with first layer of mulch added

Building a Potato CageThis is an easy way to grow potatoes above ground, making them easy to harvest.


Re-Potting Ferns and Trailing House Plants

Re-Potting Ferns and Trailing House PlantsRe-potting ferns and trailing plants or vines can really get tricky without a lot of damage to the plants. Here's a quick (and Thrifty!) idea to protect your plants during re-potting, and it makes planting much easier for you!


test fitting seed

Planting an Avocado SeedIf you were lucky enough to have your avocado seed sprout, then you will now need to plant it. Choose a pot that is big enough that you won't have to repot it right away.


tomato plant on its side 2

Doubling Your Tomato CropI stirred in a slow release organic veggie fertilizer, crushed egg shells (and/or oyster shells), along with peat moss, vermiculite, compost, and a bit of potting soil. The shells will slowly release calcium which prevents blossom end rot.


Save Soil if Planting Succulents - two planted pots

Save Soil if Planting SucculentsSucculents have shallow roots and do not require much soil. You can fill a giant pot with other items like cartons, planters, containers, etc. to save soil.


finshed tp pots

Toilet Paper Tube Seedling PotsEvery household has plenty of TP tubes. They make great seedling pots, so why not reuse some of them instead of recycling them. :)


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Building a Potato Cage

Building a Potato CageGrowing Potatoes in a cage above ground, makes them easy to harvest. Check out this video on how to make a potato cage.


Toilet Paper Tube Seedling PotsEvery household has plenty of TP tubes. They make great seedling pots, so why not reuse some of them instead of recycling them. Learn how to make these cute and effective pots in this short video.



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Planting Tomatoes With Egg Shells?I lost the information on saving egg shells and planting them with tomato plants. How do I do it, etc.?


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Planting Trumpet Vines?Can I transplant a trumpet vine in late summer? It is in a pot now and I would like to put it in the ground.


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Growing Garlic?It is that time of year again here in Nova Scotia. I would like to plant some more garlic this fall for the spring season. Instead of putting them in the garden, could the bulbs be planted in an outdoor planter that is about 7 inches deep and still survive the winter up here?



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Growing Red Onions?How deep do you plant onion bulbs?


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Planting Under Walnut Trees?Does this apply to all kinds of walnuts, Manchurian walnut, Japanese walnut, and common walnut, too?


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Planting Morning Glories?I live in Phoenix, Arizona; when is the best time to plant morning glories? What type of soil do they need? I have grown them before in another state with no problems, but coming to Arizona, it's a whole new situation. Please help me.


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