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This page contains tips and advice about rooting plants and trees for and in your garden.

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Starting a Hibiscus from a Cutting

Starting a Hibiscus from a CuttingHibiscus plants are relatively easy to start from cuttings, if you follow a few simple steps. This is a page about starting a hibiscus from a cutting.


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Rooting A Yellow Bell Bush?When do you re-root a yellow bell bush?


How to Get a Start From a Flowering Almond Bush?Can I get a start off my moms flowering almond bush, or do I have to go buy my own? If so, how do I do it?


A Chinese Evergreen stem in a glass of water.

Rooting A Chinese Evergreen StemI have a large Chinese Evergreen with one stem that insists on growing horizontally rather than vertically. I remedied that problem with a sharp knife, a heavy beer mug and water.


A cutting of a plant that has grown roots.

Transferring Seedlings And RootingsIf you reuse the the cell packs from your nursery for starting seeds and rootings, here is a way to easily lift them from the cells before planting. Read on for a good description of this simple process.


June Is Plant Rooting Month

June Is Plant Rooting MonthPropagating many plants in your garden can be accomplished by growing roots on a cutting. June is the month when roots develop quickly. This is about June is plant rooting month.



Growing Dieffenbachia (Dumb canes)?This is a page about growing dieffenbachia (dumb cane). Here are some tips for rooting and repotting pieces of a damaged dieffenbachia.


A jar of honey.

Using Honey to Root CuttingsHoney is a great natural alternative to chemical rooting based rooting hormones. This is a page about using honey to root cuttings.


Flowering Mexican heather.

Growing Mexican Heather (Cuphea)This is a page about growing Mexican Heather (Cuphea). This sturdy plant often has purple flowers and can grow in many zones.


June Is Plant Rooting Month

June Is Plant Rooting MonthJune is the best month for rooting most plants. Now, as to the purpose of this post. It's not a tip nor a bragging post. It is to offer a word of encouragement. To those of you who would say 'I don't have a green thumb, I can't root anything', my reply is, 'Nonsense'!


Rooting a Spider Plant - spider plant in flask

Rooting Plants in WaterThis is a page about rooting plants in water. Rooting your new plant cutting in water is a very effective method. Depending on your choice of container it can also be interesting to watch the roots develop.


Lilac Blossoms

Starting a Lilac by Layering and Nicking?This is a page about starting a lilac by layering and nicking. Some shrubs can be layered to create new plants.



raspberry plant

Propagating Plants by LayeringThis is a page about propagating plants by layering. There are a number of ways to propagate plants. A common way to use with certain plants, including shrubs that are not suitable for growing from cuttings, is layering.


Rooting Hormone

Make Your Own Rooting HormoneThis is a page about how to make your own rooting hormone. Plants often root more successfully when you use a rooting hormone, but you don't have to buy a commercial product.


Rooting Plants

Rooting PlantsThis page is about rooting plants. How you make new plants from cuttings depends on what type of plants you are starting.


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Rooting a Crepe Myrtle?How do I root a crape myrtle?


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Rooting the Top of a Norfolk Pine?My new Norfolk pine broke off at the top cluster of branches. Can I root this or plant it? Please help, thanks.


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Rooting a Rosebush?I would like information on how to multiply my great smelling rosebush. I have heard about rooting hormones, but does it really work, and how do you do it?


Plant rooting in Erlenmeyer flask

Growing Plants in WaterI began growing plants in water when I was trying to root a plant cutting that I had. I loved being able to see the roots as they grew so I decided to leave the cutting in water instead of planting it. I found an old Erlenmeyer flask at Goodwill and transferred it to the flask.


Starting a Pussy Willow Plant from a BranchCan anyone tell me if I can start a pussy willow plant from rooting one of the branches in water? You can easily start a pussy willow by rooting one of its branches in water. Pussy willows (like other trees in the willow family) produce a natural rooting hormone that encourages them to root quickly.


Get Free Hedges and Plants By Propagating Your OwnI live in an area where I need privacy but can't afford to buy all the plants I need to grow a hedge, so I decided to propagate my own plants for free! All you need to buy is a container of rooting hormone (under $5) and several bags of playground sand.


Rooting a Spider Plant - new roots on plant

Rooting a Spider PlantThere is a very large spider plant at my kids' school. One day when I was there I was able to collect a small baby plant from it. I brought it home and put it into the lab flask that I use for rooting plants. I filled it with water so that the bottom of the plant was submerged.


runner rooting in cup sitting on top of soil in black plastic pot

Rooting Strawberry Runners In Pudding...Several people have posted a tip on ThriftyFun suggesting the use of pudding cups for starting seeds and cuttings. My opinion was that they were too small to allow adequate root formation prior to transplanting.



Starting Geraniums from Slips?Here are some suggestions on how to root geranium slips to avoid rotting. Post your own techniques below.



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Rooting A Cutting From A Lilac Bush?How can I start a lilac bush from a bush clipping?


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Rooting Confederate Jasmine?How do I root confederate jasmine?


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Rooting a Forsythia Plant?I purchased a dozen forsythia branches in the plant section of a local grocery store. They had been placed in a pail of water, and the instructions state that they could be rooted in water. They're about 4 foot tall, have barely any buds on the bottom of the branch, and there's no sign of a root as yet.



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Rooting Pussy Willow?Can you tell me when is the best time to root a pussy willow plant/tree?


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Rooting a Piece of a Texas Sage Plant?Some repair guys went through my backyard and actually broke one of my Texas sage plants. The base is still okay; the top part broke off. I was wondering if I could still save that broken off part somehow or is it gone for good?


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Using Honey as a Propagation Hormone?I recently saw a gardener using honey as a propagating hormone. Was the honey raw honey or will processed honey also work?


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