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Electric Typewriter

Repairing an Electric TypewriterThis is a page about repairing an electric typewriter. The electric typewriter has long since been replaced by the PC and then the laptop. Finding someone to make repairs can be difficult and expensive, you can save money if you make the repairs yourself.


Close of up of a paper cutter being used to cut paper

Sharpening a Paper CutterThis is a page about sharpening a paper cutter. Keeping the blades of a paper cutter sharp will ensure straight, clean cuts.


Electric typewriter.

Fixing a Smith Corona Typewriter?Even in this day of computers, tablets, and smart phones some people still like to use an electric typewriter. Repairing one can be a challenge, as you will probably need to do the work yourself. This is a page about fixing a Smith Corona typewriter.


Dry Erase Board

Reconditioning a Dry Erase BoardThis is a page about reconditioning a dry erase board. A damaged dry erase board may sometimes be refinished less expensively than buying a new one.


Picture of sharpening scissors with aluminum foil.

Sharpen Scissors With Aluminum FoilTrying to sharpening scissors by cutting aluminum foil is not an effective method of sharpening scissors. This is a page about sharpen scissors with aluminum foil.


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Restore a Permanent Ink Marker?Students keep leaving tops off permanent and washable markers so they dry out. Can they be rehydrated to use again?



Reviving Dried Pencil ErasersThis is a page about reviving dried pencil erasers. Frequently the eraser on a pencil dries out long before the pencil is used up.


The typewriter not working correctly.

Canon AP 350 Ribbon Problem?The ribbon seems to be lifting up as the daisy wheel is moving. We've pulled the daisy wheel out to look at it and there's no reason this should be happening. Perhaps there is something we're missing. We made sure all the settings on the typewriter are correct to match the ribbon cassette. Nothing seems to be working to fix this issue. Thanks for any insight that you may be able to provide.


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Repairing a Brother Typewriter?I have an old Brother GX-6570 electronic typewriter. Everything works fine except for the odd numbered keys. Ex: 1,3,5,7,9. What could possibly be wrong here?



Ball point pen writing on paper.

Reviving Ball Point PensThis is a page about reviving ball point pens. One way to get the ink flowing in a clogged ball point pen is to apply heat to the tip. Here is some information to try before you throw that pen away.


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Reattaching a Typewriter Key Head?I have a Smith-Corona 5TE, I believe it was made in the 1950s. The head on the N/n key came off the key arm. I have it and I wanted to know what's the best way to reattach it.


A Smith Corona typewriter in need of repair.

Troubleshooting a Smith Corona SL470 Typewriter?Old typewriters can often be restored to working order with some adjusting or replacement parts. This is a page about troubleshooting a Smith Corona SL470 typewriter.


A typewriter with the hammer not working properly.

Smith Corona Wordsmith 100 Typewriter Hammer Not Working?Many people still use manual or electric typewriters rather than computers. It may be difficult to find a repair person, so repairs often fall to the owner. This is a page about a Smith Corona Wordsmith 100 typewriter's hammer not working.


A paper cutter being used.

Fixing a Paper CutterThis is a page about fixing a paper cutter. Some repairs and alignments to your paper cutter may be done at home.


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Printer Carriage Sticking?My printer carriage gets stuck.


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Champion Offset Printer Shuts Off?I have a Champion 27 offset color printer. It is running now. I connected it to a stabilizer constant supply, but while the machine was running, suddenly the compressor turned off and the feeder was not working. After one minute, automatically the machine circuit breaker turned it back on.


A bunch of colored markers.

Reviving Dried Out PensThis page is about reviving dried out pens. When your marker stops working, there may be a way to get the ink flowing again.


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Capital Letters on Typewriter Don't Line Up with Lowercase?We have two older different brands of electric typewriters that work okay except that when you type capital letters they don't line up with the lower case print. They type higher on the page. Is that something we can fix ourselves?


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Manual Portable Typewriter is Skipping Spaces?I sent my Royal 200 manual portable typewriter to the store where I bought it so that they can fix it, but I'm still curious. What causes the space skipping in my typewriter?


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Troubleshooting Muratec Fax Machine?I have a Muratec F-112 fax machine, when it starts to send pages out it stops at 5-8 pages and says poor line condition or communication error. This also happens when it starts to receive faxes, as well. Can you please help and tell me why?


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Repairing an Aurora Shredder?I have an Aurora CrossCut shredder, AS700X, that will not start. It is as though the motor isn't working. Is there a reset button or a simple way to fix it?


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Manufacturers Sometimes Replace Instead Of RepairingTry to get things fixed by the manufacturer! My husband went through all the customer service/diagnostics for our Epson scanner/printer/copier with no luck. So they told him to send it in for repair.


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Getting Paper Cutter Sharpened?Is there any way someone can come to an office to sharpen a paper cutter?


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Omega Electronic Safe Won't Close?I have taken the batteries out of my omega electronic safe and now cannot close it. Any ideas?




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Fixing Key On Smith-Corona Typewriter?The "a" key on my Smith-Corona Electric Correction II typewriter. It moves forward and returns fine, but does not produce a printed "a" on the page. I replaced the ribbon and still no luck. Do you have any suggestions?


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Line Key Stuck on Typewriter?I own an Electronic Typewriter AX-22 and the "Line" light is on but the typewriter has this consistent ticking sound. I can use any of the other keys. How do I fix the ticking and is it associated with another issue and not the "Line" button?


An electric typewriter.

Repairing a Brother Electronic Typewriter?I have AX-24 electronic Brother Typewriter. When power button is turned on, the Line 1 light just blinks and nothing works. It is cleaned, the daisy wheel, ink cassette and correct tape are all functioning as they should and have been reinstalled. I have done the resets of Code + Line out + Power on and pressed pretty much every key in combination. I have read the manual completely.


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Repairing A Smith-Corona Typewriter?I just got a Smith-Corona Electra 120. So the half space works, but none of the keys will move to type. The plug works and everything, but none of the other keys will work. I was wondering how to fix this as I would like to use it.


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Typewriter Is Typing On Its Own?We have a Scriptor typewriter. It types brackets on its own when we turn it on. Sometimes it will come on, work fine and then go off and just type brackets till we turn it off. Any way to fix this?


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Certain Letters Won't Type?My Smith Corona dictionary typewriter won't type letters "i j k l m o p y"; it types all other letters perfectly.


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