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Man sitting on couch looking through phone book in flooded room with water up past his ankles

Finding Plumbing Repair Assistance for...This is a page about finding plumbing repair assistance for low income homeowners. Having working plumbing is a necessity. However, some families can not afford the cost of hiring a tradesperson to make the necessary repairs.


A repair man fixing a leaky roof.

Finding Home Repair Help for Low Income FamiliesThere are times when household repairs just can not wait until you have the money to complete the project. This page is about finding home repair help for low income families.


Roof with damaged shingles.

Roof Repair for Low Income Homeowners?Low income homeowners often can not afford the cost of roof repairs. Searching for agencies or organizations that might help with the costs may be their only solution. This is a page about roof repair for low income homeowners.


Close up of a roof being installed

Finding Roof Repair Assistance for Seniors?Many senior citizens are living on fixed incomes that often are insufficient to meet the maintenance needs of their homes. This is a page about finding roof repair assistance for seniors.


Man repairing plumbing under sink

Finding Plumbing Repair Help for Low Income Homeowners?This is a page about finding plumbing repair help for low income homeowners. Plumbing repairs may be too expensive for many low income homeowners. However they are quite necessary for health and even safety. Finding a source of assistance to reduce the costs can help.


Garden swing with canopy

Finding a Replacement Canopy for a Garden Treasures Swing?This is a page about replacement canopy frame for garden treasures swing. With the proper measurements you may be able to order a replacement canopy frame.



Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit ProblemsWhen the breaker is not tripped, but your circuit is not working, it can be a serious problem. It may be best to consult an electrician. This page is about troubleshooting electrical circuit problems.


clogged toilet

Fixing a Toilet Clogged By Feminine Pads?This is a page about fixing a toilet clogged by feminine pads. A feminine pad that is flushed down a toilet will quickly clog the plumbing.


Close up image of a plastic shower base with a crack in it

Repairing a Crack in a Plastic Tub or ShowerWhen you are not able to replace a damaged tub or shower a repair to the cracked area may be a solution. This is a page about repairing a crack in a plastic tub or shower.


Patio Swing

Replacing the Canopy on a Patio SwingTime and the elements can take their toll on the fabric canopy of your outdoor swing. Rather than purchasing an entirely new swing you can replace the canopy. This is a page about replacing canopy on a patio swing.


Troubleshooting a Riding Lawn Mower That Won't StartMowing the grass is one of the rites of summer, but now your mower won't start. There are many things that can cause a riding mower to refuse to fire up. This is a page about troubleshooting a riding lawn mower that won't start.


The bobbin winder on a Singer sewing machine.

Repairing the Bobbin Winder on a Singer Sewing Machine?The bobbin winder on your machine is an important feature that you really can't do without. This is a page about repairing the bobbin winder on a Singer sewing machine.



Photo of a push lawn mower.

Fixing a Lawn Mower That Won't StartThe lawn is getting taller by the minute and your mower won't start. This is a page about what to do when your push lawn mower won't start.


Water running into a garbage disposal.

Unclogging a Garbage DisposalUnclogging a garbage disposal can be a nasty job. This is a page about unclogging a garbage disposal.


Riding mower on trailer.

John Deere Riding Mower Won't StartYou can almost hear the grass growing as you sit there trying to start up your uncooperative riding mower. This is a page about John Deere riding mower won't start.


Electric Smoke Detector

Electric Smoke Detector Won't Stop BeepingIt can drive you to distraction, the constant unexplainable beeping of an electric smoke detector. Often it just needs the battery replaced but it may be a signal that it needs greater attention. This is a page about troubleshooting ideas when an electric smoke detector won't stop beeping.


Two men working on a home's roof

Roof Repair AdviceThis is a page about roof repair advice. Roof repair can be expensive, however allowing the situation to get worse creates an even larger problem.


Removing Condensation from Inside a Watch

Removing Condensation from Inside a Watch?This is a page about removing condensation from inside a watch. Condensation can build up inside a watch that is exposed to water or extreme humidity.


Cleaning shiny counter top with a cloth

Restoring the Shine on a Formica CountertopOver time with normal usage and constant cleaning, your Formica countertops can look dull and worn. This is a page about restoring the shine on a Formica countertop.


A pair of eyeglasses on an open laptop.

Removing Anti-Reflective Coating from Glasses?When the reflective coating on your eye glasses is damaged you may need to remove it. This is a page about removing anti-reflective coating from glasses.


A box of baby wipes.

How to Unclog a Toilet Clogged by Baby Wipes?Before calling a plumber try a plunger or a plumber's snake to dislodge trapped baby wipes in your toilet pipes. This is a page about how to unclog a toilet clogged by baby wipes.


plunging toilet

Clearing a Toilet Clogged with Cat LitterIf you have ever made the mistake of dumping the cat box into the toilet, you may have had to deal with the resulting clog. This is a page about clearing a toilet clogged with cat litter.


closeup of sewing machine bobbin.

Sewing Machine Needle Not Moving?The reason that the needle will not move on your sewing machine may be due to a jam or a broken part. If you are unable to fix it on your own, it may be time to take it to a shop. This is a page about what to do if your sewing machine needle is not moving.


How to Fix Damaged Surfaces of Wood Furniture - small chest of drawers with bottle of oil soap, furniture pen, and rag on top

How to Fix Damaged Surfaces of Wood FurnitureWood furniture can get damaged in a number of ways. This is a page about how to fix damaged surfaces of wood furniture.


Using a cloth to clean eye glasses

Repairing Scratched EyeglassesScratched eyeglasses are a real nuisance and make it hard to wear the glasses you need. Repairing the scratch will help you see better and your glasses will look nicer also. This is a page about repairing scratched eyeglasses.


Dark wood dining table with chairs.

Fixing a Wood Table With a Nail Polish Remover StainNail polish remove can stain your wooden furniture if it gets spilled. Because it may have attacked the finish, it can be difficult to remove the stain. This is a page about fixing a wood table with a nail polish remover stain.


Wood Table Finish

Repairing Wood Table Finish?This is a page about repairing wood table finish. When the lacquer or vanish coating is damaged on a veneer or solid wood table top, there are numerous ways to fix it.



Sofa Bed

Repairing a Sofa Bed FrameThis is a page about repairing a sofa bed frame. The frame on a sofa bed can become damaged from use.


Carpet Shampooer

Bissell Carpet Shampooer Isn't...The possible causes for the malfunction of your shampooer may be solved by a simple home fix rather than an expensive professional. This page offers suggestions for troubleshooting a Bissell Carpet Shampooer.


Old sewing machine

Repairing Handwheel on a Singer Sewing Machine?The handwheel needs to move freely for proper sewing and can develop a problem when the machine is not set properly and gets jammed. This is a page about repairing handwheel on a singer sewing machine.


Bathtub Diverter Spout

Repairing a Bathtub Spout Diverter?his is a page about repairing a bathtub spout diverter. You turn on the shower and half of the water is coming out of the spout rather than the shower head. It is time to take a look at the diverter. T


Microfiber Sofa

Repairing Tears on Microfiber FurnitureThis page is about repairing tears on microfiber furniture. When furniture fabric is torn, fixing it can be a challenge.


The base of a riding lawnmower.

Bypassing Safety Switches on a Riding Lawnmower?Safety switches on lawn mowers are there to protect you from injury. However, for repair purposes it may be necessary to bypass or disable the safety switches on your riding lawnmower. After repair always, return all safety switches to full functionality before using your riding lawnmower again.


Electrical Wiring Diagram for John Deere Mower

Electrical Wiring Diagram for John...This is a page about find a electrical wiring diagram for John Deere mower. John Deere mowers are an expensive investments, so being able to repair them can be useful. Having an electrical diagram allows you to work on it yourself.


Kenmore Refrigerator

Kenmore Refrigerator Not CoolingWhen a refrigerator no longer cools it is time for immediate action, either calling a repair person or troubleshooting the problem for a home repair. This is a page about a Kenmore refrigerator not cooling.


Man fixing Circuit Breaker

Not Getting Power But Circuit Breaker Was Not TrippedElectrical problems can be difficult to diagnose, especially when it isn't a simple case of resetting the breaker. This is a page to troubleshoot the issue of not getting power but the circuit breaker was not tripped.


Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Repairing a Hoover Carpet Cleaner?This is a page about repairing a Hoover carpet cleaner. If you are handy and have a bit of patience, you may be able to make the needed repairs to your carpet cleaner.


A woman pressing buttons on the console of a front loading washing machine.

Unlocking the Door on a Maytag Front Load Washer?Front loaders have a locking mechanism to avoid opening the door during a washing cycle but occasionally, this lock will be activated accidentally. This is a page about unlocking the door on a Maytag front load washer.


Ice Maker

Ice Maker Not Dispensing IceSometimes your refrigerator ice maker makes ice, but does not dispense it. This is a page about ice maker not dispensing ice.


Hot coffee mug on wood table.

Removing Heat Marks from FurnitureYou have just enjoyed a steaming cup of hot coffee. When you move the cup, to your dismay there is a heat mark on the table. This is a page about removing heat marks from furniture.


Bottle of Clorox bleach.

Repairing Bleach Stains on FormicaUnfortunately bleach will often remove the color on Formica countertops. This is a page about repairing bleach stains on Formica.


Paper Towels

Fixing a Toilet Clogged By Paper Towels?One or two paper towels might easily flush down the toilet, however if someone puts a larger number down it will probably clog the plumbing. This is a page about fixing a toilet clogged by paper towels.



Repairing Wind Chimes

Repairing Wind ChimesWind and sun can wreak havoc on your wind chimes. This is a page about repairing wind chimes.


Red Craftsman riding mower.

Riding Mower Won't Start Without Gas In CarburetorOnce you have at least identified a temporary fix for your mower issues, now you can concentrate on repairing it. This is a page about riding mower won't start without gas in carburetor.


Ice Maker Manual

Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker Not WorkingIt may be time for a repairman when your refridgerator's ice maker stops working. This page is about Kenmore ice maker not working.


A washer full of clothes and water.

Washer Does Not Spin Water Out of ClothesHaving a washer full of wet clothes because it is not spinning all of the water out is frustrating. This is a page about washer does not spin water out of clothes.


A window with water condensation.

Getting Rid of Condensation Between Glass WindowsMoisture can build up in-between the two panes of glass in dual pane insulated windows when the seal fails. There is controversy over replacing or repairing the window. Read about other homeowners' advice and experiences here.


A bed in a bedroom.

Electric Blanket Error Codes?This is a page about electric blanket error codes. An electric blanket is an easy way to stay warm during the winter months. If your blanket is not working, checking the error code can help you troubleshoot the problem.


Sewing Machine Needle Not Catching Thread

Sewing Machine Needle Not Catching ThreadIt can be very frustrating if your machine is not sewing properly. This page is about sewing machine needle not catching thread.


Toilet Tank

Toilet Tank Not Filling?This is a page about the toilet tank not filling. Trying to determine why the toilet tank is not filling properly may require some investigation.


Man on Riding Lawn

Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mower Won't StartTroubleshooting the reason your mower won't start is a process that hopefully gets you back to mowing soon. This is a page about Cub Cadet riding lawn mower won't start.


Refrigerator's Ice Maker

Refrigerator's Ice Maker Leaking WaterIf your refrigerator ice maker is leaking water, the first step is to locate the source. This is a page about refrigerator's ice maker leaking water.


Black plastic eyeglasses on a white background.

Repairing Scratches on Polycarbonate LensesIt is frustrating when you find scratches on your lenses. Learn how to fix scratches on glasses with these DIY eyeglass scratch repair tips.


View of the water line.

Flushing a Refrigerator Water LineThis is a page about flushing a refrigerator water line. There are occasions, such as after a repair, that you may need to flush the water supply line for your refrigerator.


A tear in vinyl upholstery.

Repairing Vinyl UpholsteryThis page is about repairing vinyl upholstery. There are a few ways to fix torn or damaged vinyl upholstery.


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Removing Rusted Washer Hose?My children bought me a new washing machine for Christmas but it can't be hooked up because the old hose is rusted to the water faucet. How do I get this unscrewed without breaking the faucet?


Glass Cook Top

Repairing a Glass Cook TopThis page is about repairing a glass cook top. Without replacing there may be ways to fix a crack or hole in a glass stove top.


Straw Hat

Fixing a Straw HatThis is a page about fixing a straw hat. A favorite woven straw hat can be used for a long time with some care and maintenance.


A roof badly in need of repair.

Finding a Roofing Contractor That Accepts Payments?This is a page about finding a roofing contractor that accepts payments. Fixing or replacing your roof can be very expensive. Finding a contractor that will accept payments can make it so that you don't have to delay the work, due to a lack of money.


kitchen range and cabinets

Removing White Steam Marks on Wood...This is a page about removing white steam marks on wood cabinets. Heat can sometimes damage the finish on your kitchen cabinets leaving unsightly white marks.


Leather Purse

Removing an Indentation From LeatherThis is a page about removing an indentation from leather. Indentations in a leather purse, shoe, or even a car seat can be unsightly.


Riding Lawnmower

Murray Riding Lawnmower Won't StartTroubleshooting a non-starting riding mower can be a process. This is a page about Murray riding lawnmower won't start.


Photo of a woman with a broken sewing machine that won't go in reverse.

Sewing Machine Won't Sew in Reverse?This is a page about sewing machine won't sew in reverse. It can be very frustrating when your sewing machine is not working properly. It may be time to take it in for repair.


John Deere Riding

John Deere Riding Mower Keeps Stalling?This is a page about fixing a John Deere riding mower that keeps stalling. There could be a number of reasons for your riding mower to stall, especially if it is the first time you are using it for the season.


Resin Furniture

Repairing Resin Furniture?This page is about repairing resin furniture. When plastic gets cracked it can be a difficult to repair.


Toddler looking in open toilet

Plastic Ball Stuck in ToiletThis is a page about plastic ball stuck in toilet. Having a small round item such as a ball stuck in your toilet can be a repair headache.


Bleach Stains on Red Shirt

Removing Bleach Stains From ClothingAccidentally getting bleach on clothing will damage the dye and leave a discoloration often referred to as a bleach stain. This is a page about removing bleach stains from clothing.


Riding Mower

Riding Mower Battery Won't Hold a Charge?This is a page about riding mower battery won't hold a charge. How can you get the lawn mowed when the battery won't hold a charge? Perhaps a bit of troubleshooting will help you discover the cause and make repairs.


Riding Lawn Mower

Repairing a Troy-Bilt Riding Lawn MowerThis is a page about repairing a Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower. Many lawn mower repairs can be done by the homeowner. Diagnosing the problem will help you decide when your mower needs professional help.


Tinted eye glasses on white.

Tinting Eyeglasses at Home?Some people try to tint their own eyeglasses at home to save money at the optometrist. However, this can cause eye damage as the dyed glasses will not protect your eyes from the sun.


Craftsman Riding Mower Won't Start

Craftsman LT 2000 Riding Mower Won't StartThere are a number of reasons a mower won't start. Diagnosing the cause is the first step to making the necessary repair. This is a page about Craftsman LT 2000 riding mower won't start.


Woman Using Scunci Steamer

Scunci Steamer Doesn't Steam?A clog or a faulty heating element are the most likely reasons your Scunci steam has stopped steaming. This is a page about Scunci steamer doesn't steam.


glass canister and gasket

Finding Replacement Parts for Jars and Canisters?It can be difficult to find the right sized gasket or closure for an older glass container or cookie jar. Here are tips for ordering a replacement for a vintage or family treasure.


A man repairing a washing machine.

GE Washer Drains But Won't Spin?If your washing machine is draining but not spinning, you may need to call a repair person out to fix it. A GE washer that drains but won't spin is a problem you can try to fix on your own but it may be difficult.


Pink Purse on White Background

Repairing PursesThis is a page about repairing purses. Don't throw out your favorite purse just because it is broken or slightly damaged; try repairing it.


old photo

Removing a Photo Stuck to GlassThis page is about removing a photo stuck to glass. It is a challenge to remove a photo without ruining it from glass when it is old or has gotten wet.


Closeup of Janome sewing machine

Repairing a Janome or New Home Sewing...This is a page about repairing a Janome or New Home sewing machine. Some problems with your sewing machine can be fixed at home by making adjustments or replacing parts.


Icemaker Ice

Icemaker Not Dumping IceBefore you call the repair service, you may be able to troubleshoot and repair an in-freezer ice maker that makes, but doesn't dump the ice cubes. This is a page about icemaker not dumping ice.


Repairing a Glider Chair

Repairing a Glider ChairThis is a page about repairing a glider chair. Repairing a glider is generally more cost effective than replacing it, besides it may be your favorite chair and well broken in.


Close-up of Kenmore Sewing machine needle

Repairing a Kenmore Sewing MachineThis is a page about repairing a Kenmore sewing machine. Kenmore sewing machines, made for Sears, are found in numerous households. When your machine begins to preform badly or stops sewing altogether it is time for repairs. Some can be done by the owner and others may require the services of a professional repair person.


Craftsman Riding Mower

Craftsman Riding Mower Won't StartIt is very frustrating to roll out your mower to cut the lawn only to find that it won't start. This is a page about Craftsman riding mower won't start.


Black Spots on Mirror

Fixing Black Spots on MirrorsOver time mirrors can develop black areas. This page is about fixing black spots on mirrors.


Refrigerator Ice Maker

Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Getting Water?A common reason your ice maker is not making ice is because water is not getting to it. This is a page about refrigerator ice maker not getting water.


Pop-Up Camper

Replacing the Ceiling of a Pop-Up CamperThe ceiling of a pop-up camper is a commonly needed repair. Save money by doing the work yourself. This page has suggestions how.


A bottle of blue Dawn.

Use Dawn Detergent to Unclog a DrainCooking grease and the residue from shampoos and conditioners can clog your drains. Many people have success breaking up the clog with Dawn. This is a page about use Dawn detergent to unclog drain.


Prescription Sunglasses

Removing the Tint from Prescription SunglassesThis page is about removing the tint from prescription sunglasses. Sometimes the tint color of your glasses is not the way you want it.


Repairing Scratched Corian Countertops

Repairing Scratched Corian CountertopsThis is a page about repairing scratched corian countertops. An abrasive cleaner or Scotch Brite pad will remove most scratches from these countertops.


Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Troubleshooting Why a Circuit Breaker Keeps TrippingDetermining the cause of the overload of the electrical circuit is essential. This page is about troubleshooting why a circuit breaker keeps tripping.


Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Stuck in Reverse?This is a page about a sewing machine stuck in reverse. Right in the middle of sewing the machine gets stuck in reverse.


Patio Umbrella

Refurbishing a Faded Patio UmbrellaSun and weather can fade the colors on your patio umbrella. You don't necessarily need to buy a new one, you may be able to refurbish the one you have. This is a page about refurbishing a faded patio umbrella.


Worn Faux Leather Upholstery

Repairing Faux Leather Upholstery?This is a page about repairing faux leather upholstery. Leather-like furniture covering can be a challenge to repair when damaged.


Troubleshooting a Smoke Detector

Troubleshooting a Smoke DetectorSmoke detectors are a common part of our home safety system. However, if they are not working properly your family can be put at risk. This is a page about troubleshooting a smoke detector.


Replacement Canopy for an Outdoor Swing

Making a Replacement Canopy for an...This page is about making a replacement canopy for an outdoor swing. When the awning for an outdoor swing gets torn or tattered you may be able to fashion a new canopy.


Washing machine in laundry room with natural decor.

Washer Not Spinning ProperlyWhen your washer stops spinning properly, you are often left with a machine full of wet laundry. This is a page about a washer not spinning properly.


Bleach Stains

Dyeing Fabric to Cover a Bleach Stain?This is a page about dyeing fabric to cover a bleach stain. Bleach does not actually stain fabric if accidentally spilled, it takes the color out.



Poulan Pro Riding Mower Won't StartWhy a mower won't start up can sometimes be a mystery. This is a page troubleshooting a Poulan Pro riding mower that won't start.


removing riding mower wheel

Removing a Wheel from a Riding Mower?This is a page about removing a wheel from a riding mower. Whether replacing a tire, doing maintenance, or making repairs, you may need to remove the wheels from your riding mower.


Blue faux leather sofa that is peeling.

Faux Leather Sofa Is Peeling?If you have furniture with vinyl or another material that resembles leather, you may find that it will crack over time. This page has solutions for a faux leather sofa is peeling.


Blue and white clothes iron.

Fixing a Retractable Iron Cord?his is a page about fixing a retractable iron cord. A retractable cord on your iron is convenient and helps with storage, until it gets stuck. T


Crushed Ice

Ice Maker Only Dispensing Crushed IceIt is bewildering when your refrigerator ice maker begins to dispense only crushed ice, even when you select cubes. This is a page about ice maker only dispensing crushed ice.


Stack of Glass Dishes

Unsticking Glass DishesThis is a page about unsticking glass dishes. It can be frustrating trying to get glass dishes apart without breaking them.


Engineered Hardwood Floor

Repairing Water Damage on an Engineered...This is a page about repairing water damage on an engineered hardwood floor. Unlike solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood has a veneer of hardwood over a backing of another material. Repair to this flooring will depend on the type and extent of the damage.


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A torn up side to a couch.

How to Fix Cat Scratches on CouchWe adopted a cat last year and she went to town on our new sofa, scratching it until it looked like a shag carpet. We tried deterrent sprays, laying blankets over the spot, and finally the sticky paper the eventually got her to stop.


Patching Screw Holes in Walls - finished project

Patching Screw Holes in WallsThis project shows how to patch a hole in your wall, after removing a screw, properly before painting over it again. It is cheap and easy to do and it doesn't take very long to do.


Repairing Clothing Snags - snag isolated against a paper towel

Repairing Clothing SnagsKnit fabrics are very easily snagged. Here is an easy way to repair the snag using an unusual tool - a dental floss threader. Here we show the process on two men's shirts.


Tablecloth for Reupholstering a Chair - chair with reupholstered seat

Tablecloth for Reupholstering a ChairDo you have any extra tablecloths you don't need? The tablecloths could be turned into upholstery fabric for your chairs! You could save money versus buying fabric by the yard. This is what we did for the chair seats!


Refinishing a Wooden Playground - like new

Refinishing a Wooden PlaygroundWe bought this playground 13 years ago for our 2 oldest kids. We recently decided to refinish it, instead of buying a new one, for our 5 yr old son.


Replacing Your Laptop Hard Drive - laptop rebooted

Replacing Your Laptop Hard DriveHas the hard drive in your laptop died? Do you want to replace your hard drive with a larger hard drive? Today replacing hard drives is a straight forward process. Laptop manufacturers place the hard drive in different locations depending on the make and model of your laptop.


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A clock being repaired with a new movement and hands.

How to Replace a Clock MovementIf you have a favorite clock that has stopped working, it's relatively simple to purchase a new movement as a replacement. Learn the technique with help from this step by step video.


A stuffed red lobster with a black eye patch covering where an eye is missing.

Stuffed Animal Eye PatchIf you have a beloved stuffed animal that loses an eye, an eye patch might be the best solution. Learn how in this short video.


A refurbished grill.

How to Fix Any GrillI created this video blog on how to fix a BBQ grill. I found this grill on the side of the road and it looked nice enough to be fixed. I use it for camping now.


A tent pole elastic that has been repaired.

How to Fix a Tent PoleMany tent poles are attached with elastic, which can break with rough usage. Learn how to fix it in this short video.


A screen shot from the video blog telling how to fix any lawnmower

Fix Any LawnmowerI created a video blog on fixing a mower. It is a step by step process. It was much simpler than taking a thousand pictures and typing all that I wanted to say.


Fixing a Lawn Mower That Won't StartWe have a Craftsman mower (with a Briggs and Stratton engine) that we have not taken very good care of.


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A plastic Ken doll with a broken neck.

Repairing A Ken Doll?How do I fix my vintage Ken doll's broken neck?


Sewing supplies on a table.

Homemade Pillow CraftsPillows are a great beginner sewing project. but can also be made with intricate quilting, embroidery or other ornamentation. They can be used for unique home decor or just for comfort and make wonderful gifts.


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Unsticking Two Stainless Steel PotsThis way is easier than the hot water and ice method. Fill the under pot with water by finding a way to put the water in through the rim. When you have a nice quantity, bring the pot to a boil. The steam will push out and up the pot at the top. That's what worked for me.


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Removing Zep Floor Refinishing?I applied Zep floor refinishing but now I want to remove it because the floor is very scratched and opaque. Can I remove this product and then put it back on?


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Safety with Plumber's Chemicals?Is it safe to take a bath that night after the plumber has used chemicals that stay down the drain of the tub?


A torn up side to a couch.

How to Fix Cat Scratches on CouchWe adopted a cat last year and she went to town on our new sofa, scratching it until it looked like a shag carpet. We tried deterrent sprays, laying blankets over the spot, and finally the sticky paper the eventually got her to stop.


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Toyota AD860 Needle Case Error?Hope someone can help me out. I have an older Toyota AD860. It was in the middle of switching needles then got a needle case error. I knew it was moving to #12 so I moved it, still had issue I found the sensor ring on the shaft was loose so I tightened it. Now I think it is not sure where it is at. I get it to reset but when I push start, it does a thread cut and errors again. Any ideas?


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Troubleshooting a Toyota Sewing Machine?My Toyota 5000 fails to give me a straight stitch even when the stitch width is at 0. How can I fix that?


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Manual for Rhythm Milliner De Luxe Sewing Machine?I require a manual for a Rhythm Milliner De Luxe Sewing Machine 1284 #2677


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Repairing A Smith-Corona Typewriter?I just got a Smith-Corona Electra 120. So the half space works, but none of the keys will move to type. The plug works and everything, but none of the other keys will work. I was wondering how to fix this as I would like to use it.


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Troubleshooting a Singer Sewing Machine?Singer 185k rehab runs great. Now when I sew, I can't regulate stitch length and the fabric seems to pucker slightly. I had to reset presser foot and feed dogs, also had to clean thread tension unit. I really would like your thoughts on why it won't sew normally. Stitches seem normal. Appreciate any help fixing these problems


A travel trailer parked in a yard.

Snap Replacement for Hybrid Trailer?We have a hybrid trailer that we purchased. The people were in the process of renovating it, but ran into an emergency and needed to sell. They put new drop down doors in. The snaps are on the canvas, but not on the metal doors that enclose the beds. Can we just attach the snaps to the metal? Are these universal snaps as we only need the one part?


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