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Woman checking DipstickTube

Oil Blowing Out of Dipstick Tube?If oil is blowing or spilling out of your dipstick tube in any way this is a sign of a possibly serious engine issue. Take your vehicle to a competent mechanic as soon as possible.


dashboard light array

Dashboard Lights Going Off and On?This is a page about dashboard lights going off and on. Having a short in the electrical system of your car can be difficult to figure out the problem and a challenge to repair.


Car with major water damage to interior

Repairing Water Damage to a Car's Interior?This is a page about repairing water damage to a car's interior. Water leaking into your car can cause damage to carpets, seats, and other parts of the interior.


A/C Heater Vent

Ford F150 Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?This is a page about Ford F150 air conditioner blowing hot air. When a vehicle's air conditioner does not blow cold air, it may need to be recharged with freon.


Truck Air Conditioner

Ford Ranger Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?If your Ford Ranger AC is only blowing hot air, you probably need to get the air conditioning coolant recharged. This is a page about Ford ranger air conditioner blowing hot air.


A spilled bottle of red nail polish.

Removing Nail Polish Off a Car?This is a page about removing nail polish off a car. Nail polish can be difficult to remove from a painted surface without damaging the finish.


old dashboard

Fixing a Cracked Dashboard?This is a page about fixing a cracked dashboard. Exposure to sun and temperature variations can cause the dashboard in your car to crack. To save on expenses you can make the repairs yourself.


Controls on dash.

Dodge Dakota Heater Not WorkingIt is maddening to get into your car or truck on a cold day to find that the heater is not working. Check out this page for some troubleshooting ideas when your Dodge Dakota heater isn't working.


Car Air Conditioner

Smell Coming From a Car Air ConditionerThis is a page about troubleshooting a smell coming from a car air conditioner. Determining the cause of the smell coming from you car's air conditioner when you turn it on, is an important step in resolving the issue.



Car heater controls

1997 Ford Ranger Heater Not WorkingThis is a page about a 1997 Ford Ranger heater not working. Do you have a 1997 Ford Ranger with heating system problems? Here is some advice, if you want to try diagnosing the issue.


Photo of a red Dodge Ram.

Dodge Ram Heater Not Working?When your heater is not working it can be a challenge to determine the cause. It may make the most sense to take it to a professional. This is a page about Dodge Ram heater not working.


Person working on a car engine.

Fixing Buick LeSabre Transmission Problems?The LeSabre was discontinued in 2005. Transmission problems on older cars can be difficult to fix yourself. This page contains some suggestions and tips for LeSabre owners with transmission problems.


A starter in a cardboard box.

Save Money on Parts at the DealershipMy cars starter needed to be replaced. An aftermarket car starter from Auto Zone, Advanced Auto Parts, NAPA and comparable range from $250 to $430 - not new but rebuilt.


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Replacement Dash Harness for a 2003 GMC SonomaEstimate the cost for replacing a dash harness for module 2003 GMC Sonoma.


A car hood with a small dent.

Removing Dents from Your CarRemoving small dents in your car is easy to do using a piece of dry ice. This saves you money having them taken out by a professional. Wearing a pair of gloves, just hold the ice over the dent until it pops right out. This does take a little time, so be patient. Simple and inexpensive.


A man standing next to his truck.

Troubleshooting Truck RepairsAlthough it is best to take truck issues to a certified mechanic, that can be expensive. Sometimes troubleshooting or easy repairs can be done at home.


A Ford 500 automobile.

Troubleshooting Flickering Lights in a Ford 500?If you are having trouble with your traction light or other flickering lights in a truck or car, there probably is a loose connection or a short somewhere.


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Wipers Work Except When Misting to Clean?I have a 2011 Nissan Sentra. My wipers work in all positions, but when I pull the lever towards me, the wiper mist sprays as it should, but the wipers don't work. Any thoughts on what is going on?


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Headlights Flickering in 2014 Chevy 1500?I have a 2014 Chevy 1500 Silverado. The headlights and lights in the cab flicker when I'm driving. The truck will also shut off and crank right back. What could be my problem?


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Ml350 Headliner Has a Stain Due to Sunroof Leak?My Ml350 has a water stain on the headliner. I was told the tubes that drain the sunroof are clogged, but it's been raining for a whole week and the headliner is still dry. Is it possible the the the clog has been resolved? Or the stains are due to the window being left open?


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Car Heater Blows Cold Air on Passenger Side?My car heater works, but only on the driver's side. The passenger's side only blows cold air. What is the problem?


Repairing Fraying Fabric on Chevy Truck Seat - damaged upholstery

Repairing Fraying Fabric on Chevy Truck Seat?I purchased a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado truck new and the front driver seat is fraying. The truck has 13,000 miles on it. GM will not cover the repair! How do I fix this?


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Troubleshooting Dodge Caravan Air Conditioner Problems?I have a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan and all the dash lights go on and off, but the battery lights stay on until I turn the van off. When the lights go on my air stops working, then when the light turns off the air goes back on.


Red Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer Heater Doesn't Work?Auto heaters can fail in varying ways. Perhaps there is no heat being generated or the blower is not working. You can try to troubleshoot these issues yourself or take it in to a repair shop. This is a page about Ford Explorer heater doesn't work.



Fuel cap off of a car tank.

Check Fuel Cap Light Keeps Coming On?The warning lights on our cars are intended to alert us to minor and more serious issues. The fuel cap light is in the minor category, but if you have to keep taking the car in for service it can quickly become very annoying. This is a page about check fuel cap light keeps coming on.


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Wiper Tank Squirts Water When Using Rear Wipers?My car squirts water out of the tank when I go to use my rear window wipers, but is fine when using the front. I can see through the grill where it squirted out and looks like a tube/pipe may have come off.


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GMC Sierra A/C Blows Hot and Cold Air?My 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 2WD 5.3L V6 A/C blows, but only on the driver side vents. It blows hot air on passenger side.


Power steering fluid cap

How to Fix Power Steering LeaksIf you have a leak in your power steering system, it should be fixed immediately to avoid further damage to your vehicle. This page discusses how to fix power steering leaks.


Heater vent in a vehicle.

1994 Ford Ranger Heater is Not Working?Check the thermostat, fuse, and coolant level. It could possibly be a plugged heater core. This is a page about 1994 Ford Ranger heater is not working.


Hand feeling the air coming out of a car vent.

Car Vent Only Blows Hot AirCar air conditioning systems are made to produce both hot and cold air depending on the setting and cab temperature. When this system fails it may require a trip to your local mechanic. This is a page about car vent only blows hot air.


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Foot Well on Driver's Side Gets Wet in a Mazda MX 5?The foot well on the driver's side is getting wet.


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Cause of Flickering Dome Light and Intermittent Radio?I have a 2007 Mercedes E320. The dome light started flickering, the radio shut off then came back on, and then the battery light on the dash came on. This all happened after about 30 minutes of driving. The battery, alternator, and the charging system are all OK. Could it be my phone charger?


Recovering or Repairing the Interior Roof of a Van - cracks

Recovering or Repairing a Cracked Van Headliner?This is a page about recovering or repairing a cracked van headliner. Do you have a cracked headliner? Here are some tips for fixing it.


Windshield Wiper Blades

Extending the Life of Windshield Wiper BladesThis is a page about extending the life of windshield wiper blades. Here is a simple tip that may give you a little more time, before you need to replace your wiper blades. It could certainly be helpful if you can't make it to the store right away and its raining.


Recharge Your Car's Air Conditioning (Freon)

Recharging Your Car's Air Conditioning (Freon)Recharging the air conditioner in your car can be very easy. Here is how to recharge your car's air conditioning (freon).


A car with a bad scratch on its finish.

How to Repair Scratches on a Car's Finish?Small scratches on your car can often be repaired and buffed out to look like new. Here is how to repair scratches on a car's finish.


Photo of someone's foot on a car's gas pedal.

Car Has No Power When Accelerating?A clogged air filter or fuel injector can be issues that will affect your vehicle's acceleration. If your car has no power when accelerating it may be best to have a mechanic troubleshoot the issue.


Oil Leaked onto Concrete Floor

Locating an Oil Leak?If your car or truck is leaking oil, it is imperative that you locate and fix the leak as soon as possible. This is a page about locating an oil leak.


Truck heater vent.

Ford F-150 Heater Not Working?If your Ford F-150 truck heater isn't working you will want to get it fixed before cold weather sets in. This is a page about Ford F-150 heater not working.



Ice truck windshield.

Truck Defrost Not Working Properly?If your truck is not defrosting, it can be important to get that fixed before winter sets in. This is a page about truck defrost not working properly.


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Toyota Tundra Indicator Lights Flashing?I have a 2005 Toyota Tundra and recently someone helped my wife jump it and they connected the cables backwards and since then I am getting these three flashing lights. The ABS light is flashing with a pattern and the cruise control and airbag are flashing constantly. Any help is greatly appreciated.


A rear view mirror in a car.

Replacing Your Rear View MirrorYou don't need to go to an auto repair shop to have your rear view mirror replaced. There are kits and easy instructions available so that any auto owner can make the repair. This is a page about replacing your rear view mirror.


Car heater vent and controls.

Car Heater Blowing Cold Air?This is a page about car heater blowing cold air. When your car does not warm up with the heater on, the thermostat may be stuck or the coolant may be low.


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Ford Ranger Heater Not Working?My 2010 Ranger heater will not get hot. How do I fix it?


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Car Engine Missing and Losing Power?My Ford 1.6 Zetec motor is missing and losing power. I changed the plugs checked plug wires and it is still doing the same thing. What could be the problem?


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Windshield Washer Container Leaking?I have a leaking windshield washer container problem on my Lincoln 2004 LS.


A broken car window.

Repairing a Car WindowThis is a page about repairing a car window. After an accident and before you can get new auto glass, you may need to cover the opening so you can protect your vehicle.


Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers Don't Work?This is a page about windshield wipers don't work. Having your windshield wipers out of commission is not only frustrating it can be hazardous.


Auto Air Conditioner

Maintaining an Auto Air Conditioner?This is a page about auto air conditioner maintenance. To keep your car or truck's air conditioning system operating well, it needs to be serviced with proper refrigerant. This will keep your travel comfortable even when the weather is too warm.


Auto Accessory

Repairing an Auto Accessory Power Outlet?This is a page about repairing a car's accessory power outlet. When you have a electrical problem on your car, it may be as easy as a new fuse to fix it or you may need a professional.


Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield Washer Fluid is FrozenThis is a page about windshield washer fluid is frozen. It is important to fill your windshield washer reserve with a cleaner that will not freeze, to avoid this problem.


Man Checking Under Hood of Truck

Truck Shuts Off When Running?This is a page about truck shuts off when running. You may need a mechanic to determine why your vehicle will not idle.


Man Troubleshooting a Truck That Won't Start

Troubleshooting a Truck That Won't Start?This is a page about troubleshooting a truck that won't start. There can be variety of reasons for a pick-up truck not starting. It is important to get your truck up and running again as soon as possible.


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1997 Dodge Dakota Running Badly?I pressure washed the engine of my truck. It has a 2.5 liter engine. The check engine light came on and the truck started bucking while driving, but not all the time. What could be wrong?


A Subaru overheating.

Car Overheating and Losing Water?This page is about car overheating and losing water. Problems with the cooling system on your auto can cause very expensive engine damage if not fixed as soon as possible.


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Dodge Ram Truck Blowing Cold Air and Overheating?I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4.7 4x4. My heater was blowing hot and it was never overheating. Then it started blowing cold so I did some research. It said it could be a thermostat stuck open so I bought a new thermostat and coolant and fixed it.


Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger Heater Not WorkingIf your truck's heater is not working, your defroster usually doesn't work either. This page is about Ford ranger heater not working.


Flushing a Car's Radiator

Flushing a Car's Radiator?This page is about flushing a car's radiator. Keeping your auto's cooling system free of blockages and working properly may require a coolant flush.


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Windshield Wipers Not Working Properly?I just replaced my wiper motor on a 97 Chevy 1500 pickup. And there are some problems. I installed my wiper motor and it only works on the fastest setting for the wipers.


dashboard lights

Causes of a Check Engine Light Staying On?This page is about causes of a check engine light staying on. It is important to determine the reason why a warning light does not go out when your vehicle is running.


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Heater Not Working in 1996 Ford Ranger?I have a 1996 Ford Ranger. Recently the heat stopped working. I changed the thermostat and the heater core and still no heat, please help.


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Adjusting a Windshield Washer Sprayer?How is the adjustment made for windshield sprayer shooting too high?


Man Pointing at Brake Rotor

Fixing Squeaky BrakesThis is a page about fixing squeaky brakes. If your brakes are squeaky it could a minor issue or it could be a sign of a necessary repair. Get to the bottom of the problem sooner than later or it could become dangerous.


car gear parts in carton box

Saving Money on Parts for Old CarsThis is a page for saving money on parts for old cars. It can be difficult and expensive to find parts for older cars. If you find yourself in this situation you may be unsure of where to find the best price.


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Car Makes Creaky Sound When Going Slow?Sometimes my car makes a creaky sound in the right rear when it is going slow. A friend said it sounded like my axle or wheels. Anybody got any ideas?


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Removing a Trident Diesel Head Gasket?How do I remove and rebuild the head gasket on a Trident 2-4 diesel?


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Replacing a Freeze Plug in a 1997 Dodge Dakota?My 1997 Dodge Dakota freeze plug close to transmission is squirting water. How do I pull the old plug and replace. The transmission not in the way but kind of hard to reach.


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1997 Isuzu Rodeo Air Condition Problems?I have a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo and my air conditions is not putting out the air flow it should. I have to run it on high in the summer time in order to keep cool.


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Dodge Van Makes a Clattering Noise?My 2001 Dodge Van makes a loud clattering noise when started. It stops after approx. 3-50 minutes? Anyone know why?


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Oil Gauge Shaking in a 1993 Buick Regal Custom?Oil Gauge Shaking in a 1993 Buick Regal Custom. I have a 1993 Buick Regal Custom. Lately, the oil guage needle has started to shake violently, particularly if the car is revved up (by depressing the accelerator).


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Broken Heater in a Ford Explorer?I have a ford explorer my heater is blowing out cold air. It works for a week but then it stops. What should I do?


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Scratch Marks on Van's Windows?While visiting my friend, her neighbors dog jumped up on the back of our van and his nails raked down the back window leaving 4 long scratches from each paw.


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Removing a Rusty TailpipeYou can't beat WD-40 for loosening stuck hardware or parts. I could not remove a piece of rotten tailpipe. I gave it a shot of WD-40 and it fell out of its own accord a few hours later.



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Headlights Flicker and Dashboard Lights Turn Off and On?I have an 2005 Hyundai Elantra. I just put a new alternator and battery into it, but the headlights flicker and the dashboard lights turn off and on. Something is draining the battery, but I just don't know what it is. Any ideas and how to get it fixed would be appreciated.


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Replacement Dash Harness for a 2003 GMC SonomaEstimate the cost for replacing a dash harness for module 2003 GMC Sonoma.


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Reasons for Excessive Fuel Consumption?I have Mercedes Benz C180. I just discovered of recent that the car is excessively consuming fuel.


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Headlights and Dashboard Lights Going Off and On?I have a 2006 Hyundai Elantra and 1 headlight, the turn signal/headlight switch, and dash lights act as if they have a short. When I turn my lights on, most of the time my driver light won't come on. I get out and smack it and it comes back on, but will sometimes or several times keep doing it as I drive. If I touch the switch, my dash lights go off and on too.


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Dashboard Lights Go Off and On?I have Mercedes Benz C180. My dashboard lights go on and off, especially when I accelerate on a high speed and sometimes when I press the car horn. I have taken it to several garages, but it could not be fixed.


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Truck Gauges and Air Conditioning Intermittent?I have a Ford F250 Power stroke. While driving all my dash gauges and air stops working. They just flat line and then a couple minutes later all is good. What could be causing this? Also this only happens once in a while. Sometimes not for weeks.


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