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Tips and money saving advice to help you with miscellaneous repairs. Repairs include: books, clocks, eye glasses, jewelry and more.

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Cracked handheld mirror laying on the ground

Repairing a Cracked MirrorThis is a page about repairing a cracked mirror. Mirrors can be expensive or difficult to replace if they get cracked. This is a page about repairing a cracked mirror.


A pair of eyeglasses on an open laptop.

Removing Anti-Reflective Coating from GlassesWhen the reflective coating on your eye glasses is damaged you may need to remove it. This is a page about removing anti-reflective coating from glasses.


Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Repairing a Hoover Carpet CleanerThis is a page about repairing a Hoover carpet cleaner. If you are handy and have a bit of patience, you may be able to make the needed repairs to your carpet cleaner.


glass canister and gasket

Finding Replacement Gaskets for Jars and CanistersIt can be difficult to find the right sized gasket for an older glass container or cookie jar. Here are tips for ordering a replacement for a vintage or family treasure.


Repairing an Air Mattress

Repairing an Air MattressThis is a page about repairing an air mattress. Air mattresses are a convenient extra bed for guests or for use when camping, but they do sometimes spring a leak.


Stack of Glass Dishes

Unsticking Glass DishesThis is a page about unsticking glass dishes. It can be frustrating trying to get glass dishes apart without breaking them.


Spray bottle of perfume.

Repairing A Perfume Spray NozzleOccasionally the spray nozzle on your perfume bottle gets clogged or simply stuck. This is a page about repairing a perfume spray nozzle.


A truck towing a vintage popup camper.

Repairing a Popup CamperThis is a page about repairing a popup camper. In order to be able to use a compact camper trailer, it must be able to lift up easily, and keep the rain out.


Prescription Sunglasses

Removing the Tint from Prescription SunglassesThis page is about removing the tint from prescription sunglasses. Sometimes the tint color of your glasses is not the way you want it.


Black Spots on Mirror

Fixing Black Spots on MirrorsOver time mirrors can develop black areas. This page is about fixing black spots on mirrors.


A hand trying to remove a bulb from a recessed light fixture.

Removing a Stuck Recessed LightbulbLightbulbs can get stuck in the socket, if it is a recessed lightbulb that can make it even more difficult to remove. This is a page about removing a stuck recessed lightbulb.


Shrinking Leather

Shrinking LeatherThis is a page about shrinking leather. Whether you are trying to shrink a too big pair of shoes or something else made of leather, it can be confusing trying to find the best method.



Spray Bottle

Repairing a Spray BottleThis is a page about repairing a spray bottle. Many home cleaning and other products come in convenient spray bottles. Occasionally these sprayers can become clogged or stop working properly.


old photo

Removing a Photo Stuck to GlassThis page is about removing a photo stuck to glass. It is a challenge to remove a photo without ruining it from glass when it is old or has gotten wet.


Nail Polish Remover Stain on Leather

Fixing Nail Polish Remover Stains on LeatherNail polish remover does a great job of removing polish, but if used or spilled on leather it can damage the dye. This is a page about fixing nail polish remover stains on leather.


Closeup of Chrome

Painting Over ChromeThis page is about painting over chrome. When you want to paint instead of polishing this metal surface, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Repairing Wind Chimes

Repairing Wind ChimesWind and sun can wreak havoc on your wind chimes. This is a page about repairing wind chimes.


Using a cloth to clean eye glasses

Repairing Scratched EyeglassesScratched eyeglasses are a real nuisance and make it hard to wear the glasses you need. Repairing the scratch will help you see better and your glasses will look nicer also. This is a page about repairing scratched eyeglasses.


Tinted eye glasses on white.

Tinting Eyeglasses at HomeSome people try to tint their own eyeglasses at home to save money at the optometrist. However, this can cause eye damage as the dyed glasses will not protect your eyes from the sun.


pots stuck together

Separating Pots That Are Stuck TogetherThere is nothing more frustrating than trying to separate pots that are stuck together before being able to cook. Check out these tips and tricks for Separating Pots That Are Stuck Together.


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Removing a Jammed Glass Decanter Stopper My heirloom spherical crystal decanter, with some whiskey in it, has the crystal stopper so firmly jammed that it has been unopened for 20 years. I have tried heat, cold, liquid wrench, etc., to no avail. Even glassware experts decline to try.


A pair of scratched eyeglasses on a cleaning cloth.

Scratch Resistant Coating is Peeling Off LensesWhen peeling eye glass lens coating makes it hard to see you may want to remove it. This is a page about scratch resistant coating is peeling off lenses.


broken eyeglasses

Repairing EyeglassesThis is a page about repairing eyeglasses. Minor repairs to your eyeglasses can be done at home.


pots and pans stuck together

Separating Dishes that are Stuck TogetherThis is a page about separating dishes that are stuck together. Lids can become stuck to pots and dishes in the sink, such as two glass bowls, can stick one inside the other. This is a frustrating situation and seemingly difficult to resolve.


pan with lid

Removing a Lid Stuck on a PanThis is a page about removing a lid stuck on a pan. Sometimes a vacuum will be created inside your covered pot. If this happens you may be unable to remove the lid.


Removing Condensation from Inside a Watch

Removing Condensation from Inside a WatchThis is a page about removing condensation from inside a watch. Condensation can build up inside a watch that is exposed to water or extreme humidity.


A bed in a bedroom.

Electric Blanket Error CodesThis is a page about electric blanket error codes. An electric blanket is an easy way to stay warm during the winter months. If your blanket is not working, checking the error code can help you troubleshoot the problem.



Black plastic eyeglasses on a white background.

Repairing Scratches on Polycarbonate LensesIt is frustrating when you find scratches on your lenses. Learn how to fix scratches on glasses with these DIY eyeglass scratch repair tips.


Electric Blanket Controls

Replacement Controls for a Biddeford Sealy Electric BlanketElectric blanket controls have a tendency to fail before the blanket does. This a page offers advice about how to find replacement controls for a Biddeford Sealy electric blanket.


Pop up camper at a campsite.

Replacing the Window Screen in a Popup CamperA damaged window screen in your pop-up camper may prove a challenge to repair. This page contains some useful tips for repairing or replacing camper screens. This is a page about replacing the window screen in a popup camper.


Pink Purse on White Background

Repairing PursesThis is a page about repairing purses. Don't throw out your favorite purse just because it is broken or slightly damaged; try repairing it.


Leather Purse

Removing an Indentation From LeatherThis is a page about removing an indentation from leather. Indentations in a leather purse, shoe, or even a car seat can be unsightly.


Vintage chalkboard

Fixing a Chalkboard That Can't Be Written OnThis is a page about fixing a chalkboard that can't be written on. If you find that you can no longer write on your chalkboard, you can try cleaning it with Dawn. Here are some other tips to help recondition your chalkboard.


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Repairing Scratches on MirrorsDoes car wax work on scratched mirrors?


Four stacks of plastic cups red, yellow, green, and blue

Separating Plastic Drinking CupsThis is a page about separating plastic drinking cups. When plastic cups are stacked one inside of the other they sometimes get stuck together.


Edge of a brown leather couch

Repairing a Leather SeamThis is a page about repairing a leather seam. Repairing a leather seam on furniture or other items can seem difficult.


Hand holding tweezers

Repairing and Sharpening TweezersSometimes you may need to make minor adjustments or repairs to your tweezers. This is a page about repairing and sharpening tweezers.


Carpet showing front and back side

How to Repair the Backing on a Throw RugOver time and after repeated washings the backing on throw rugs can dry out and even begin to crumble. Often the face of the rug is still in good shape. This is a page about how to repair the backing on a throw rug.


Purple and Black wrist watch

Replacing a Watch BatteryThis is a page about replacing a watch battery. When your watch stops working, the first possibility is that the battery is dead. Although it is sometimes difficult to remove the back, you can replace the battery yourself.


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Making Static Clings Stick AgainI bought some static decorations, the type that are supposed to stick to just about any glass surface and then peel off when you're done with them. Well, my two Santa stick-ons don't stick. Anyone know something I can do to make some staticy or something so that I can hang them?


Closeup of purse strap.

Repairing Purse StrapsPurse straps are definitely the part of the purse that gets the most stress so are more likely to need repairing. This is a page about repairing purse straps.


Pop Up Camper Won't Go
All the Way Down

Pop Up Camper Won't Go All the Way DownIt is sometimes difficult to determine why your camper top is not closing all the way. This is a page about pop up camper won't go all the way down.



Wicker Basket

Repairing Wicker BasketsThis is a page about repairing wicker baskets. Wicker is used to make a wide variety of baskets, including picnic baskets, hampers, and market baskets to name a few. Wear and tear can leave your favorite basket in need of repair.


Garden swing with canopy

Finding a Replacement Canopy for a Garden Treasures SwingThis is a page about replacement canopy frame for garden treasures swing. With the proper measurements you may be able to order a replacement canopy frame.


Broken Porcelain Doll

Repairing Broken Porcelain Dolls and FigurinesThis is a page about repairing broken porcelain dolls and figurines. It is very sad when treasured porcelain dolls or figurines get chipped or broken. Sometimes if the damage is not too bad they can be fixed.


Mobile Home

Repairing a Mobile HomeMaintaining and replacing parts on these inexpensive homes present unique challenges for the home owner. This page is about repairing a mobile home


A pair of eyeglasses being repaired.

Use Clear Nail Polish to Secure Loose Screws on GlassesIf your glasses are out of warrantee and a screw becomes loose, one way to hold it in place is to use clear nail polish. This is a page about use clear nail polish to secure loose screws on glasses.


Photos That are Stuck Together

Separating Photos That are Stuck TogetherThis page is about separating photos that are stuck together. Moisture can wreak havoc and destroy your photos.


Leather Wallet

Re-dyeing LeatherThis is a page about re-dyeing leather. Over time leather can become scuffed and worn. Rather than buying a new purse, couch, or having your car seats reupholstered dyeing the leather may be the solution.


Broken green Ceramic Plate

Repairing CeramicsThis is a page about repairing ceramics. Ceramics can be chipped or otherwise broken, rather than throwing it away perhaps it can be repaired.


A sewing machine making repairs.

Repairing Thermal Backing on CurtainsThis is a page about repairing thermal backing on curtains. Over time, the sun can destroy the thermal backing on curtains. Repairing the backing can extend the life of the curtains.


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Sharpen Electric Shaver BladesBefore you replace those blades on your electric shaver, you can easily resharpen them for a temporary new life. Make a light mixture of Mineral Oil with Toothpaste (not the gel type) and apply to the shaver's screen/blade surface.


Stack of paperback books.

Repairing a Paperback BookThis is a page about repairing a paperback book. Because of their lower cost paperback books are a popular choice for the avid reader. Like any book the pages and even the covers can become worn or tear. This is a page about repairing a paperback book.


Blue eyeglass frames on white background.

Changing the Color of Eyeglass FramesWhen you want a different look for your glasses, you can carefully paint your frames with finger nail polish or permanent markers. This is a page about changing the color of eyeglass frames.


A plastic lid being held on with a hair band.

Fixing Tupperware Lids That No Longer FitHeat and weight may be able to help you reshape your Tupperware lids. This is a page about fixing Tupperware lids that no longer fit.


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Reattaching a Pot Lid HandleI have a pot lid made of fairly thin stainless steel. This morning while washing the lid, its handle popped off. It appears to have had two simple spot welds holding the handle to the lid.


A detached arm on a porcelain doll.

Attaching the Arm on a Porcelain DollThis is a page about attaching the arm on a porcelain doll. If you have a doll that has a tie-on style arm that has come off, here are some suggestions for reattaching it. Remember that if the doll is valuable, you might want to consider having it fixed professionally.


Frozen Lock

Fixing a Frozen LockThis page is about fixing a frozen lock. Freezing temperatures can cause all kinds of problems.


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Removing Super Glue on Plastic LensesGet 91% alcohol and Q-tips and rub the smudge like crazy. This will take some time and a little elbow grease but it works. I just did it on my plastic lenses. And they are crystal clear. this really does work!


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Repairing an AMI Model 800 JukeboxI have an AMI model 800 jukebox that needs repair. It hasn't worked in quite a few years. What is a good process to follow?


close of hinge

Repairing Hinges on Pop Up CamperThe hinges on pop up campers get a lot of use. Over time you may need to repair or replace them. This is a page about repairing hinges on pop up camper.


Picture in Frame

How to Remove Pictures Stuck to FramesPhotos stuck to the glass in their frames can be difficult to remove. If they are not prints from a printer you can try soaking the glass and photo in warm water. This is a page about how to remove pictures stuck to frames.


A roll of masking tape.

Refreshing Old Masking TapeThis is a page about use microwave to refresh masking tape. When masking tape dries out it can come off in little pieces. Try this tip to make it work as it should.


scratched watch face

Fixing Scratches on a Watch FaceA scratched watch face can be quite annoying. Some scratches can be repaired though. This is a page about fixing scratches on watch face.


Getting Knots Out of a Gold Chain

Getting Knots Out of a Gold ChainGetting a knot in a necklace can be frustrating but removing them without breaking the chain can be easily accomplished. This page has advice about getting a knot out of a gold chain.


Pen Ink on Paper

Removing Pen Ink From PaperThis is a page about removing pen ink from paper. It can be difficult to remove ink from any kind of paper.


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Repairing Terra CottaCan broken Terra Cotta be repaired? I have a Terra Cotta Sun and a couple of the pieces have broken off. Can they be glued back on?


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Separating Stuck Together PagesI stored some crafting books in my storage barn in a box for a couple of years because I didn't have room for them in my home and wasn't ready to part with them.


Repairing a Vornado Heater

Repairing a Vornado HeaterThis is a page about repairing a Vornado heater. You may be able to save money by buying a thrift store heater and refurbishing it or taking a second look at the one in you attic to see if cleaning it does the trick.


Percolator Filter

Finding Replacement Percolator PartsThis page is about finding replacement percolator parts. A type of boiler coffee maker, whether plug-in or stovetop, needs to have an inner stem and basket.


Green cutting mat with a ruler and two cutting tools.

Refreshing a Cutting MatCutting mats develop scratches and rough spots over time as they are used. Refreshing a cutting mat surface may be possible with some light sanding.


Old leather sofa

Repairing a Cut in LeatherThis is a page about repairing a cut in leather. A cut in the leather upholstery of your furniture, car, or other items made of leather is damage that may be best left to the professionals. However, if you are game to try there are products and methods that might do the trick.


How to Patch Tears in Rubber Gloves - repaired glove

How to Patch Tears in Rubber GlovesHaving your dish gloves fill with water defeats the purpose of using them. The next time you find a hole in your dish gloves, try patching them before deciding to throw them out.


old photos

Removing Paper Stuck to a PhotoPhotographs save our precious moments and memories. This page is about how to save a photograph that has paper stuck to it.


An eyeglass lens that has been made cloudy with acetone.

Acetone Made My Eyeglasses CloudyAcetone can destroy the coating on eyeglasses. If you accidentally get some on your lenses you will need to take them to a shop to see if the damaged coating can be removed and a new coating applied. This is a page about acetone made my eyeglasses cloudy.


A whiskey decanter with a stopper.

Decanter Stopper is Too LooseThis is a page about decanter stopper is too loose. Keeping the contents of a glass decanter from evaporating may require an additional gasket.


A doorknob lock with a broken key.

Removing a Broken Key from a LockIf you have broken a key off in a lock, you don't have to get rid of it. You can get the broken key out of the lock it is stuck in. This is a page about how to remove a broken key from a lock.


A candle being used to lubricate the zipper of a purse.

Lubricating a Zipper with Candle WaxSometimes a stuck or hard to close zipper can be fixed by rubbing it with candle wax. This is a page about lubricating a zipper with candle wax.


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Repairing Scratched Sunglass FramesDoes anyone know how to get scratches out of sunglass frames? Not the lenses but frames. I accidentally left them on top of my car and drove off. I'm having the lenses replaced but the frames got kind of scratched up. They are my favorite pair of sunglasses and not to mention they were expensive so I want to try to salvage them. Thanks.


Closeup of an electric blanket controller.

Sleep Philosophy Electric Blanket Not WorkingThis is a page about a Sleep Philosophy electric blanket not working. Often when your electric blanket is not working properly it is the controller that is the issue. Determining the cause can be difficult. You may need to begin by replacing the controller.


corona kitchen countertop

Repairing a Corian CountertopThis is a page about repairing a Corian countertop. A remarkably durable material, this Dupont manufactured surface can occasionally get scratched or burned, and need repair.


Shower Curtain

Repairing a Shower CurtainThis page is about repairing a shower curtain. You can extend the life of your plastic curtain with some simple repairs.


Blue Mosaic Soap Dispenser

Repairing a Soap DispenserIf your soap dispenser breaks try and fix it instead of buying a new one. This is a page about repairing soap dispensers.


Clock Repair

Repairing ClocksClocks are an essential part of our daily lives. This page is about repairing clocks.


Marble Countertop

Repairing a Burn Mark on a Marble CountertopThis is a page about repairing a burn mark on a marble countertop. There are ways that you can repair a burn on marble that may not damage the surface.


old blanket

Repairing a Worn BlanketDepending on the extent of the wear there are a few things you can try to repair a worn blanket. If the damage is small, try darning or patching. If it is more extensive, you might consider affixing the worn blanket to a backing fabric and even stitching around the holes for added strength. This is a page about repairing a worn blanket.


A sink full of dirty dishes, including plates and a frying pan.

Removing a Plate Stuck in Frying PanOften removing a plate that is stuck in a frying pan can be accomplished by heating the pan up a bit. This is a page about removing a plate stuck in frying pan.


Several old glass bottles.

How to Repair a Chipped Glass BottleIf the rim of a glass bottle gets chipped the common way to repair it is to sand it smooth. This is a page about how to repair a chipped glass bottle.


Fisher Price Record Player

Repairing a Fisher Price Record PlayerSometimes repairing an old record player is as simple as replacing the needle. This is a page about repairing a Fisher Price record player.


Scratched CD

Repairing Scratched CDs and DVDsSometimes it is possible to repair scratched media disks. There are kits and even some household products that consumers have used with varying success. This is a page about repairing scratched CDs and DVDs.


A worn pink blanket.

Restoring a Childhood BlanketRestoring a beloved childhood blanket is an important project. If you do not want to cut it apart and remake it anew, consider backing it with a piece of fabric and sewing the two pieces together to reinforce the childhood memory item. This is a page about restoring a childhood blanket.


Mail Wedged in the Letterbox - wads of mail

Mail Wedged in the LetterboxRecently we had a lot of rain and someone had posted a rolled up ton of mailers and junk in my letterbox. Of course, the papers swelled and got jammed in the opening. I've tried brute force, tried ripping little bits off it, but it's still packed tight. Has anyone got any bright spark of an idea how to solve this without putting a new fence in? :)


Repairing a Lopsided Luggage Wheel - sand to shape

Repairing a Lopsided Luggage WheelRepair a damaged luggage wheel with Plast-aid, it will help fill in broken areas on the rolling surface of your suitcase wheels. Learn how to make this repair below.


Repairing a Serta Foot Warmer

Repairing a Serta Foot WarmerHow do I take the plug apart to check the connections?


Repairing a Comforter - white comforter with raised flowers

Repairing a ComforterSo I bought a beautiful comforter online from Target. I didn't notice right away that it isn't sewn together at all. The fill is flat and moves around whenever you move it. The top and bottom don't have any stitching holding the fill in place. I feel like I can fix it, but can't seem to find any techniques online to do this!


Repairing Tear in a Polyester Tote Bag - worn or torn spot on bag

Repairing Tear in a Polyester Tote BagMy mother bought me a cute Hello Kitty tote bag. And just today I realized that it had a little tear on a corner. And I wasn't sure of material inside, it says polyester. I don't know how to fix it. Any tips?


An unlit bamboo tiki torch on a white background.

How Long To Soak Tiki Torch WicksIf you want to replace the wicks in your outdoor tiki torches, it's easy to do yourself. Just soak the wicks for 30 minutes and they should be ready to use. Check out more advice below.


Jewelry findings and tools for repair.

Repairing JewelrySometimes repairing a piece of jewelry is easy enough to do with tools you might have a round the home. However, detailed work should be taken to jeweler to be repaired properly.


Repairing a Denison Gramophone - dangling arm

Repairing a Denison GramophoneI need advice on how the speed control arm end (with leather pad) is connected to adjust speed. My Dension seems to be dangling in thin air and not connected to a mechanism to control spin speed.


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Coleman Camper Not Cranking Up CompletelyI have a 2003 Coleman Santa Fe pop up. It cranks manually. I have never had a problem with it. This season when I cranked it up it seems it is not up enough. It is about an inch and a half short; the door only fits if I lift it up a little. Any ideas on what's wrong and how to fix?


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Replacing the Rubber Pad on a SwifferThe rubber pad on the bottom of my dry Swiffer has fallen apart. Any ideas about how to replace it? I can't find anyone who sells this part. #921211


Repairing the Leg on a Horse Figurine - closeup of broken leg, looks like African motif paper covering perhaps plaster

Repairing the Leg on a Horse FigurineMy horse's leg is broken in one place, but it is still attached. I was seeing how much it is going to cost to get it fixed if it can. Can you please let me know if it can? I had gotten it as a gift from my mom who had passed away. I love it so much that I don't want to throw it out.


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two bracelets

Repairing Elastic BraceletsWhen the elastic in a bracelet stretches, most think it's a lost cause. Many get tossed or recycled into other things (my personal fav'). But if you love the work and want to save it, it's super easy.


Replacing Your Watch Battery - face of the watch after battery has been replaced

Replacing Your Watch BatteryI always took my watches to the jeweler to have them replace the battery, at a cost of $8-$15. I saw watch batteries for the first time at Dollar Tree, and decided that I would try to replace them myself. Dollar Tree sold them 4 to a pack, which ends up being 25 cents to fix a watch.


menage photo of process

Separating Stuck Pots and PansThis is foolproof technique.



Repairing Old Figurines - four vintage figurines

Repairing Old FigurinesI fixed these before I started visiting Thrifty-Fun, but the instructions should be easy to follow.


Reviving An Old Outdoor Planter - add your plants

Reviving An Outdoor PlanterTurn trash into treasure with a bit of paint and elbow grease. Adding bright color to an old metal plant stand can give your garden an extra pop. This is a page about reviving an old outdoor planter.


An old worn out leather handbag.

Fixing Up a Worn-Out Leather HandbagIf you have a beloved leather handbag that has worn-out parts, it's often possible to fix or refurbish them for more years of use. Look for leather bags with minor problems at thrift stores and garage sales.


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Drinking Glasses Stuck TogetherWhen glass glasses get stuck together, it can be challenging to separate them, lest one or both break. I solved this by carefully pouring a small amount of vegetable oil between them and letting them sit overnight for the oil to disseminate.


Shortening a Watch Band with Links - clasp attached

Shortening a Watch Band with LinksSave money and do it yourself! Shortening a watch band can be quite easily done at home.



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Heated Mattress Pad Displaying F3 CodeI have a queen size Brook heated mattress cover that is showing f3 on control panel. What does this mean?


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Dyeing the Fabric on a Pop-up CamperCan the fabric on my 86 Coleman Newport pop-up camper be dyed a different color?


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Sealy Electric Blanket Showing an E Error CodeMy electric blanket now displays an E. I have looked at your solutions and none have worked. It's a Sealy. All the connections are fine. I checked and rechecked several times. I turned it off and on several times. No materials are making a connection bad. Has the controller gone bad? It had been working just fine.


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Separating Two Containers Stuck One Inside the OtherA steel vessel is stuck inside of a plastic vessel. Please help me how to separate them.


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Repairing an Intex Air Mattress PumpSo I have an Intex air mattress with a built in air pump and I was deflating it. Then I left to go take care of some things around the house. When I came back, my mattress was deflated, but my pump was off and when I tried to reinflate it, it won't turn on. What do I do?


WestPoint Home Electric Blanket Error Codes

WestPoint Home Electric Blanket Error CodesI woke up to my side flashing E0. What does that mean? I've unplugged both ends and still nothing.


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