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This page contains thrifty tips and advice to help you with repairing furniture. Repairs include: beds, chairs, lamps, sofas, and more.

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How to Fix Damaged Surfaces of Wood Furniture - small chest of drawers with bottle of oil soap, furniture pen, and rag on top

How to Fix Damaged Surfaces of Wood FurnitureWood furniture can get damaged in a number of ways. This is a page about how to fix damaged surfaces of wood furniture.


Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol Stain on Wood FurnitureThis is a page about isopropyl alcohol stain on wood furniture. Alcohol spills on wood furniture can damage the finish.


Wood Table Finish

Repairing Wood Table Finish?This is a page about repairing wood table finish. When the lacquer or vanish coating is damaged on a veneer or solid wood table top, there are numerous ways to fix it.


Sofa bed with a metal frame.

Sofa Bed Frame ReplacementSometimes the frame for your sofa bed becomes damaged beyond repair. Finding a new replacement frame can be a challenge. This is a page about sofa bed frame replacement.


Broken Cane Chair

Repairing Cane ChairsThis is a page about repairing cane chairs. Chairs with cane backs or seats are lovely, but once the cane begins to break down they need to be repaired.


Black Spots on Mirror

Fixing Black Spots on MirrorsOver time mirrors can develop black areas. This page is about fixing black spots on mirrors.


Dark wood dining table with chairs.

Fixing a Wood Table With a Nail Polish Remover StainNail polish remove can stain your wooden furniture if it gets spilled. Because it may have attacked the finish, it can be difficult to remove the stain. This is a page about fixing a wood table with a nail polish remover stain.


table damaged by cleaner

Fixing Wood Furniture Damaged by Household...Using the wrong cleaner on your wood furniture may result in damage to the finish and the wood below. This is a page about fixing wood furniture damaged by household cleaners.


marble top

Repairing or Restoring A Marble Table Top?This is a page about repairing or restoring a marble table top. A stone marble table top can be beautiful but sometimes need some refurbishing.


Worn Faux Leather Upholstery

Repairing Faux Leather Upholstery?This is a page about repairing faux leather upholstery. Leather-like furniture covering can be a challenge to repair when damaged.


damaged fabric on couch

Repairing a Cat Scratched CouchCats love and need to scratch, for example, to groom their claws, to stretch, and mark territory. Unfortunately, sometimes this results in damaged furniture. This is a page about repairing a cat scratched couch.


Blue faux leather sofa that is peeling.

Faux Leather Sofa Is Peeling?If you have furniture with vinyl or another material that resembles leather, you may find that it will crack over time. This page has solutions for a faux leather sofa is peeling.



Hot coffee mug on wood table.

Removing Heat Marks from FurnitureYou have just enjoyed a steaming cup of hot coffee. When you move the cup, to your dismay there is a heat mark on the table. This is a page about removing heat marks from furniture.


Water Mark on Wood

Removing Water Marks from Wood FurnitureThis is a page about removing water marks from wood furniture. Whether someone forgot to use a coaster or a plant got over watered, water marks on wood furniture can happen very easily. Cleaning them off is a chore, but it can be done.


Sofa Bed

Finding Parts to Repair a Sofa BedThis is a page about finding parts to repair a sofa bed. The mechanical parts and springs on your sofa bed may need to be replaced periodically, depending on use and age.


Patio Swing

Replacing the Canopy on a Patio SwingTime and the elements can take their toll on the fabric canopy of your outdoor swing. Rather than purchasing an entirely new swing you can replace the canopy. This is a page about replacing canopy on a patio swing.


Man Repairing a Broken Couch Frame

Repairing a Broken Couch Frame?This is a page about repairing a broken couch frame. Fixing a broken couch may seem daunting, especially when it is covered with upholstery.


A worn brown leather sofa.

Touching Up Worn Spots on a Leather SofaWith use, a leather sofa can develop worn spots that differ in color and finish from the rest of the piece. This is a page about touching up worn spots on a leather sofa.


Brown Fabric Upholstery on Couch

Repairing Fabric UpholsteryThis page is about repairing fabric upholstery. Knowing a good way to fix fabric upholstery can extend the life of your furniture.


Microfiber Sofa

Repairing Tears on Microfiber FurnitureThis page is about repairing tears on microfiber furniture. When furniture fabric is torn, fixing it can be a challenge.


A tear in vinyl upholstery.

Repairing Vinyl UpholsteryThis page is about repairing vinyl upholstery. There are a few ways to fix torn or damaged vinyl upholstery.


Sofa Bed

Repairing a Sofa Bed FrameThis is a page about repairing a sofa bed frame. The frame on a sofa bed can become damaged from use.


Microfiber couch with pillows

Reducing Static Electricity From...This is a page about reducing static electricity from microfiber furniture. Synthetic fibers can create a lot of static electricity. It is not fun to get a shock from your couch or chair.


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Using Shoe Polish On Leather Furniture?I have beautiful leather living room furniture in a dark reddish brown color. It was expensive and (I thought) good quality. I'm very careful with it and use leather cleaning products regularly. My husband's recliner has patches where the leather is "crinkling" as opposed to cracking.


Close up of nubuck leather with scratch marks

Repairing Scratches on Leather FurnitureThis is a page about repairing scratches on leather furniture. Pets, children, and normal usage can result in scratches on your leather furniture.


Upholstered couch with soft cushions.

Making Couch Cushions Firmer?This is a page about making couch cushions firmer. Couch cushions that are too soft can make your sofa uncomfortable.


Cat laying on leather couch with claws extended toward camera

Repairing Cat Scratches on Leather FurnitureThis is a page about repairing cat scratches on leather furniture. Cats like to scratch, particularly when grooming their nails. If you have leather furniture it may have been damaged by your kitty.



Leather Couch

Fixing a Faded Leather CouchRepairing faded spots on your leather couch may be difficult. Check out some possible solutions on this page. This is a page about fixing a faded leather couch.


Messy Sheets on Pillow-top Mattress

Smoothing Out a Pillow-top Mattress?The comfort of a pillow top mattress can be compromised if it develops lumps and valleys. This is a page about smoothing out a pillow-top mattress.


A woman rubbing oil on a wood table.

Use Baby Oil To Treat Wood FurnitureThere are varying schools of thought on what type of products to use on wood furniture. For those people who like to use oil, this tip might appeal to you. This is a page about use baby oil to treat wood furniture.


Leather Recliner

Reupholstering a ReclinerThis is a page about reupholstering a recliner. Sometimes it is less costly to reupholster a comfortable chair, rather than buy a new one.


Repairing a Glider Chair

Repairing a Glider ChairThis is a page about repairing a glider chair. Repairing a glider is generally more cost effective than replacing it, besides it may be your favorite chair and well broken in.



Repairing Dents in Lampshades?This is a page about repairing dents in lampshades. Because of the materials used, lampshades can get dents if hit or knocked to the floor.


Varnished Damaged by Spilled Perfume  - finish damage on dresser

Fixing Varnish Damaged by Spilled Perfume?Perfume can damage the finish on your furniture if it is spilled. Typically the fix is to sand, stain, and refinish. This is a page about fixing varnish damaged by spilled perfume.


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Repairing Legs on Couch?The wood that the couch legs screw into is completely obliterated. What can I do to fix it? I'd like to have a couch that doesn't sit on the floor.


Nail Polish

Removing Nail Polish from Wood FurnitureThis is a page about removing nail polish from wood furniture. Care must be taken when trying to remove nail polish that has spilled on your wood furniture, so as not to damage the finish.


Oak Table

Removing a Water Stain on Oak TableSpills or overflowing potted plants can result in water marks on your furniture. This is a page about removing a water stain on an oak table.


Close up of an old brown leather couch.

Repairing Wear on a Leather Couch?This page is about repairing wear on a leather couch. Regular maintenance will help extend the life of upholstery covering your sofa.


Couch Cushions

Fluffing Up Couch Cushions?This is a page about fluffing up couch cushions. The cushions on your couch can become flat over time, making them uncomfortable as well as unattractive.


Lowering a Bed Frame

Lowering a Bed Frame?This page is about lowering a bed. Sometimes a bed may be too high for its user to easily get in and out.


Fabric Couch

Repairing a Broken Arm on a Fabric Couch?This is a page about repairing a broken arm on a fabric couch. Repairing the broken arm on a couch may seem daunting, especially if it is upholstered.


Resin Furniture

Repairing Resin Furniture?This page is about repairing resin furniture. When plastic gets cracked it can be a difficult to repair.



Repairing a Rolltop Desk

Repairing a Rolltop DeskThis is a page about repairing a rolltop desk. A rolltop desk may reflect days gone by and serve as an accent piece, but when it gets stuck it is only frustrating.


Opening a Stuck Drawer

Opening a Stuck DrawerThis is a page about opening a stuck drawer. Depending on the access available to the drawer, fixing a stuck drawer can be easy or difficult.



Repairing Cigarette Burns on a CouchThis is a page about repairing cigarette burns on a couch. Depending on the type of upholstery, you may be able to make repairs to a couch that has been damaged by a cigarette burn.


Upholstered cream leather sofa.

Fixing Scratch Marks on a Cream Colored Leather SofaScratches on leather furniture can go through the dye leaving light marks. There are a number of products you can use to mask the damage. This is a page about fixing scratch marks on a cream colored leather sofa.


Ashtray on patio table next to metal chair with fabric seat cushion

Repairing a Burn Hole in an Outdoor Cushion?This is a page about repairing a burn hole in an outdoor cushion. Outdoor fires can send embers flying onto your patio or garden furniture leaving a burn hole in the fabric cushions.


Coffee on a Table

Removing Drink Rings from FurnitureThis is a page about removing drink rings from furniture. Drink glasses or cups can leave marks on your furniture.


A woman sitting in a papasan style chair.

Stabilizing a Papasan Chair?The circular cushioned seating area on the papasan chair can seem unstable and move around too much for some owners. This is a page about stabilizing a papasan chair.


Office chair with lime green cushions.

Fixing a Squeaky Office ChairThis is a page about fixing a squeaky office chair. A squeaky office chair can be annoying and even embarrassing. Fixing your squeaky chair will prevent all eyes from being on you every time you sit in your chair.


cat on a wicker chair

Repairing Cat Scratches on Wicker Furniture?This is a page about repairing cat scratches on wicker furniture. Cats love to scratch and wicker furniture is a tempting substitute for a scratching post. Depending on the level of damage there are a few methods you can use to repair the area scratched by your pet.


Leather Sofa

Removing a Heat Mark from Leather Sofa?This is a page about removing a heat mark from leather sofa. A hot coffee cup or warm plate can leave unsightly marks on your leather furniture.


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Wood Can Be Felt Through Flattened Furniture Stuffing?I have a sofa and arm chair that I have owned for about 5 years now. They "had" large, overstuffed arms, but now the stuffing inside has flattened (and seemingly moved around a bit, too). When you rest your arm on the arms of this furniture, you can actually feel the wood inside.


Photo of a furniture spring isolated on white.

Repairing Couch Springs?Over time the springs in your couch can break or become compressed resulting in a sagging couch. You can buy a new couch, or perhaps you can save a lot of money and simply repair the worn springs. This is a page about repairing couch springs.


Old leather Couch with missing button

Repairing a Leather CouchYour beautiful leather couch is starting to show its age, with worn spots, wrinkles, and more. Before you go buy a new one, consider repairing and rejuvenating it yourself. This is a page about repairing a leather couch.


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Refinishing an Oak Table?I have an old oak table that is quite grubby and stained. I don't mind the stains too much, as they are reminders of my kids working, eating, and playing at that table. I would however, like to spruce it up a bit.


Veneer Table

Repairing Bubble in Wood Veneer Furniture?This page is about repairing bubble in wood veneer furniture. When the thin layer of finish wood on furniture is raised up, it can be difficult to repair.


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Removing the Color from Sofa Covers to Make Them White?I have cotton, mustard color sofa covers. I want to bleach them white, but the label says no bleach. I tried it anyway and the color remained the same. Can you help me to get them white please?


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Mattress is Sinking in the Middle?My mattress is sinking a little in the middle and I don't have money at this time to buy another one. I heard that the egg crate pillow topper will assist and make sleeping on the mattress more comfortable. Is this true? Please share your advice. Thanks.


Checkered Tablecloth On The Brown Wooden Background.

Removing Stuck on Flannel from a Dining TableSometimes, flannel backed tablecloths can be left on a table for years, becoming stuck to the finish. This is a page about removing stuck on flannel from a dining table.


Black Leather swivel recliner and ottoman against white background

Fixing a Squeaky Platform Swivel RockerThis is a page about fixing a squeaky platform swivel rocker. Fixing the squeak on a swivel rocker is necessary for your sanity and the enjoyment of your chair.


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Cigarette Burn on Wood Furniture?I have a blond wood stool which was left outside during a party. It now has 4 or 5 cigarette burns on it. Any way to get rid of them?


Leather Furniture

Removing Water Marks on Leather Furniture?Leather furniture such as couches or leather topped tables can be marred by water spots. This is a page about removing water marks on leather furniture.


Chair parts lying on work towels.

Replacement Parts for La-Z-Boy Swivel Glider Rocker?I need a replacement "swing-arm assembly" for my La-Z-Boy (the bearings are worn out) swivel glider rocker. It does not have a recliner locking feature.


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Replacement Leaves for My Table?I have a dining room table (oval) that we traded someone for, but I lost the leaves due to water and smoke damage in a fire. Does anyone know of an inexpensive place to find replacement leaves?


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How Do I Restore a Formica Tabletop?I am restoring Formica on a vintage 1960's table. What is best way to do this?


Repairing the Seam on a Wonder Table Bench Seat

How to Repair the Seam on a Leather Bench Seat?Sometimes, a small fix can extend the lifespan of an upholstered item and make it look almost brand-new. This page has advice about how to repair the seam on a leather bench seat.


uncovered box spring mattress

Repairing a Box Spring MattressThis is a page about repairing a box spring mattress. Rather than toss out an old box spring mattress you may be able to clean and repair it.


glass coffee table

Repairing a Coffee Table With Missing GlassThis is a page about repairing a coffee table with missing glass. A glass topped coffee table without the glass isn't much of a table. You could get a replacement piece of glass or you might consider some more creative ways of redoing the top.


Sagging Couch

Fixing a Sagging CouchThis is a page about fixing a sagging couch. Over time and with continued usage your couch may begin to sag.


Vintage cabinet with six drawers.

Dresser Drawer Pull Ideas?Whether replacing the pulls for a new look or because some are missing, there are a plethora of ideas you can tap into for adding replacement pulls. Brainstorm, search online, or check around your home and garage for ideas. What look you want to have will drive your final choices. We have a few ideas you can start with.


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Fixing a Glider Rocker That Squeaks?I have a glider rocker and it squeaks terribly. I think it is the wood, not the bolts. Help please.


Nail Polish Spill

Nail Polish Remover Stain On Dresser?Nail polish remover spills on furniture can damage the finish and be difficult to repair without refinishing the piece. This is a page about nail polish remover stain on dresser.


Two boards surrounded by sawdust.

Use Sawdust as Cheap Wood FillerWhen you need to fill in damaged areas of wood furniture, you can use glue and sawdust as a filler. This is a page about use sawdust as cheap wood filler.


Replacing the Fabric Seat on an Outdoor Porch Swing

Replacing the Fabric Seat on an Outdoor Porch Swing?Porch swings can be quite expensive to replace. If the fabric sling seat wears out consider replacing it rather than the entire swing. Check out the tips for replacing the fabric seat on an outdoor porch swing.


mesh backed pneumatic office chair

Repairing a Pneumatic Chair?This is a page about repairing a pneumatic chair. Keeping your office chair working properly, and at the height you need can sometimes be a challenge.


White Crib

Repairing a CribThis page is about repairing a crib. Make sure your young one is safe and secure in their bed.


A gloved hand holding a sponge and soapy water on a wood surface.

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Left Wood Furniture Streaky?Certain cleaning products termed all purpose do not always work well on various surfaces. They can leave streaks and residue that can be difficult to remove. Occasionally the wrong cleaner can damage the finish on furniture. This is a page about Lysol All Purpose cleaner left wood furniture streaky.


Reed diffuser with reeds in a jar containing scented oil.

Furniture Finish Damaged by Scented Diffuser Oil?This page is about furniture finish damaged by scented diffuser oil. When the finish is damaged on a piece of furniture it can a challenge to repair.


A rip in a suede upholstered chair or sofa.

Repairing a Rip in Suede Upholstered Furniture?When the suede is faux, you can sew the rip or real suede may need a patch. This is a page about repairing a rip in suede upholstered recliner.


Spray painted formica dining room table.

Painting a Formica Tabletop?Formica is a long-lasting table or counter top surface. Painting a Formica tabletop is a perfect way to update the look of your kitchen or dining room space without replacing all the furniture.


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Adjusting a Sofa's "Back Pitch Angle"?I would appreciate professional advice regarding decreasing an upholstered sofa's "back pitch angle" other than having to raise the front of the frame. Thank you.


The shelf inside a repaired desk.

Using a Screw as a Missing Shelf PegPegs make it easy to adjust shelves in cabinets, desks and bookcases. However, the tiny pegs can often go missing or the holes they go in can become damaged. A screw is a good substitute. This page is about using a screw as a missing shelf peg.


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Shiny Spots on Wood Table?I got a brand new coffee table and tried to fix a very tiny dent using a iron. I made a huge mistake. It left a hot iron mark and I tried to fix that with an olive oil and baking soda mix. It got a little better.


Removing Black Spots on an Antique Mirror? - small mirror

Removing Black Spots on an Antique Mirror?How do I remove black spots on an antique dressing table mirror?


A couch upholstered in purple velvet.

Repairing Broken Legs on an Upholstered Couch?How you repair a broken leg on an upholstered couch will depend on the age and style of the piece. Home improvement stores often sell replacement legs that screw into the couch frame. Other furniture leg styles may require very different solutions such as gluing or having a furniture repair specialist fix it.


Reattaching Arm on Reclining Sofa - arm separated from seat base

Reattaching the Arm on a Reclining Sofa?Sometimes, furniture can become disassembled during use. If an arm becomes detached, it can often be fixed although some damage may still show.


An upcycled table with a wooden top.

Upcycled Storage TableThe frame from a broken glass topped table can be fitted with a wooden lower shelf and top for its second run. This page offers instructions for salvaging an old table and adding some storage space.


Tablecloth for Reupholstering a Chair - chair with reupholstered seat

Using a Tablecloth for Reupholstering ChairsUnused or sale tablecloths can be used to reupholster your dining or patio chairs. Here are some of ideas to help you try this solution.


An old desk drawer with a lock.

Opening Locked Drawers?Some antique and vintage furniture had key locks for one or all of the drawers. On some desks, one drawer controlled the ability to open the rest. Without the original key you may need to consult a locksmith.


Repairing the Finish on a Leather Table Top - stain on leather insert

Repairing the Finish on a Leather Table Top?The leather tops on furniture take a beating over time. They suffer scratches, dents, and rings from glasses to name a few possible mishaps. This page offers some insight into repairing the finish on a leather table top.


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Dining Table Stained by Felt Backed Pad?I have a formal dining room table that has a light white-washed look - with shades of light golden brown and cream. I kept a custom made table pad on it with a tablecloth on top of the pad. Since the pad was not removed for probably a couple of years, the light brown felt on under side has turned my table an ugly yellow!


After photo.

Revamping a Cedar ChestCedar chests have been prized for storage for many generations but some chests have damage over time. A coat of paint or stain can revamp old cedar chests and make them attractive for many more years of use.


A leather couch with a blanket protecting from sun damage.

How to Prevent Sun Damage on Leather FurnitureFurniture that is left near a bright window for a long time can become faded or even cracked. This is a page about how to prevent sun damage on leather furniture.


Remedy for UV Damage to Vintage Formica Table Top - red table top

Repairing a Sun Damaged Vintage Formica Tabletop?You may want to let the sun finish the bleaching or paint the surface of the table. You can always cover with a vintage table cloth. This is a page about repairing a sun damaged vintage formica tabletop.


Placing towels under the foam topper to fill in depressions.

Fixing a Sagging MattressWhen a useful mattress sags you can add a few things between the mattress and box springs to level it out. This is a page about fixing a sagging mattress.


Repairing Scratches on a Microfiber Couch - scratches on microfiber upholstery

Removing Scratches on a Microfiber Couch?When microfiber upholstery is scratched by a pet or other mishaps, you may be able to make them disappear with a vacuum or brush. This is a page about removing scratches on a microfiber couch.


Repairing Cat Scratches on a Banana Leaf Chair - scratches on a woven chair

Repairing Cat Scratches on a Banana Leaf Chair?My cat put scratches on my banana leaf chairs and they are hard to get off. Any suggestions?


Repairing Water Damage to a Wood Table - whitish light spots on the table

Repairing Water Damage to a Wood Table?A plastic placemat was left on my table and it had water trapped under it. The table now has a lot of tiny white spots and a hazy look where the placemat was, almost like tiny bubbles. How can I remove those spots and haze?


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Best Technique for Painting Wood Furniture?What is the correct way to paint wood furniture?


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Problems Assembling a Wood Coat Rack?I have a 3 tier wood coat rack. I assembled the top and middle post, but can't do the bottom one. It just won't go in. Any ideas?


Repairing Damaged Wood Table
Finish - shiny spot on matte wood finish

Repairing Damaged Wood Table Finish?I have a new table and I thought movers had damaged the finish as it looked like ink spots on it. I used a mild abrasive to try to remove this area. Now that area is shiny. I evidently removed the dull satin finish. How can I retain the original dull satin finish?


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Tablecloth for Reupholstering a Chair - chair with reupholstered seat

Tablecloth for Reupholstering a ChairDo you have any extra tablecloths you don't need? The tablecloths could be turned into upholstery fabric for your chairs! You could save money versus buying fabric by the yard. This is what we did for the chair seats!


An upcycled table with a wooden top.

Upcycled Storage TableHere is how to take a table frame that is plain and/or broken and make it into a usable table with plenty of storage. First, taking your table frame, put it on the cardboard and newspaper in a well-ventilated area and paint it the desired color.


A chair seat covered with a cheerful blue seat cover with fish.

Make Seat Covers from a Vinyl TableclothRecovering seating such as deck chairs or other furniture that needs a sturdy or spill proof seat cover can be done less expensively with a pretty vinyl tablecloth. This is a page about make seat covers from a vinyl tablecloth.


Refurbishing Goodwill Patio Chairs

Refurbishing Goodwill Patio ChairsI found 2 chairs at Goodwill that will fit with my outdoor deck for extra seating, with little cost. Goodwill had a sale and I got both chairs for under $5. With some outdoor fabric and paints, I transformed them!



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Repairing Broken Legs on an Upholstered Couch?How do I repair broken legs on an upholstered couch?


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Humidifier Left a White Mark on Nightstand?I have a nightstand where a humidifier turned an area white. My guess is it is from the heat from the humidifier. It's not white dust that can be cleaned. How can I repair this?


Repairing Alcohol Damage to Wooden Table Finish - white marks on table

Repairing Alcohol Damage to Wooden Table Finish?How do I fix this without ruining the wood?


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Dresser Drawers Not Fitting?Just painted this old 7 foot dresser. I marked all drawers to go back to proper place. Sanded the bottom rails, etc. They are in slide well. PROBLEM: they don't go all the way in - flush . May be the top lip of drawer is painted - but it seems more than just that. That is the problem.


Desk Drawer Stuck Closed - three drawers on a white and gold trim desk

Desk Drawer Stuck Closed?The desk is a very old French provincial style. I took the drawers out to move it and when putting them back, one didn't go in correctly. Now it doesn't budge when I pull. There is nothing blocking from inside contents. I can jiggle it up and down, but it does not pull out at all. Any suggestions out there I would be grateful.


Fixing Little Bumps Under Couch Fabric - bumps under microfiber type fabric

Fixing Little Bumps Under Couch Fabric?My couch is a few years old and definitely out of warranty on the cushion aspect. The cushion is not easily removable which is why I haven't tried anything myself. What are these weird bumps under the fabric and is there anything I can do about it?


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