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This page contains thrifty tips and advice to help you with fix chairs.



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Broken Cane Chair

Repairing Cane ChairsThis is a page about repairing cane chairs. Chairs with cane backs or seats are lovely, but once the cane begins to break down they need to be repaired.


Repairing a Glider Chair

Repairing a Glider ChairThis is a page about repairing a glider chair. Repairing a glider is generally more cost effective than replacing it, besides it may be your favorite chair and well broken in.


Repairing Cat Scratches on a Banana Leaf Chair - scratches on a woven chair

Repairing Cat Scratches on a Banana Leaf Chair?My cat put scratches on my banana leaf chairs and they are hard to get off. Any suggestions?


Leather Recliner

Reupholstering a ReclinerThis is a page about reupholstering a recliner. Sometimes it is less costly to reupholster a comfortable chair, rather than buy a new one.


mesh backed pneumatic office chair

Repairing a Pneumatic Chair?This is a page about repairing a pneumatic chair. Keeping your office chair working properly, and at the height you need can sometimes be a challenge.


Dining room chair with a vinyl seat.

Recovering Vinyl Chairs?This is a page about recovering vinyl chairs. Vinyl is a durable upholstery used on many different types of chairs. However over time the vinyl will show wear or you may want to change to a different color.


A woman sitting in a papasan style chair.

Stabilizing a Papasan Chair?The circular cushioned seating area on the papasan chair can seem unstable and move around too much for some owners. This is a page about stabilizing a papasan chair.


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Wood Splitting on Bentwood Rocker?I spent months fixing up an old bentwood rocker whilst I was pregnant and have used it everyday for over a year now. The wood on the very bottom, the rocker part, is starting to split apart causing one side to weaken. Is there a any to fix this without having to cut away that section and replace it?


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Type of Staples Needed for Recovering Chairs?What type of staples do I need to use on very hard wood chairs to recover the seats? I have a heavy duty staple gun, but last time I re-covered them, the staples wouldn't go in.



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Ideas for Refilling for Bean Bag Chairs?Looking for an alternative for refilling beanbag chairs. Tired of refilling with styrofoam which doesn't last and when old can't be taken to recycling.


A recovered chaise lounge.

Reupholstered Chaise LoungeOur first attempt with a more advanced reupholstery project. This chaise lounge was a neighborhood throw-away which we picked up and brought home to upcycle.


A woman reupholstering a chair.

Reupholstering FurnitureOld furniture can be given new life by replacing the upholstery. All sort of fabric, vinyl or even leather can be used to update vintage or even antique wooden furniture.


Tablecloth for Reupholstering a Chair - chair with reupholstered seat

Using a Tablecloth for Reupholstering ChairsUnused or sale tablecloths can be used to reupholster your dining or patio chairs. Here are some of ideas to help you try this solution.


Repairing Recliner Upholstery  - upholstery shredded by cat

Repairing Recliner Upholstery That Was Destroyed By a Cat?Some kitties prefer using your furniture rather than their scratching post. Should this happen to your furniture you have a couple of choices, one is to search for a cover for the piece, or if you are up for the task you might try to patch the area with new upholstery. This is a page about repairing recliner upholstery that was destroyed by a cat.


Repairing a Glider Rocker

Repairing a Glider Rocker?I have just bought a glider-rocker from Craigslist and I'm looking at it from across the room for the first time. It looks to me like it's sitting much too far from the floor. When I got it home, it slid out from under me and hit the bookcase behind it. So I'm wondering if I knocked something loose or does it look OK.


Repairing the Leg on a Chair - closeup of chair leg

Repairing the Leg on a Chair?I have a large stuffed leather chair whose leg was wobbly, then came off. I am trying to put it back on. Upon inspection the leg has no bolt or screw. The leg post extends 3-4" into a square hole in the wood of the chair frame and half of the post is cut away.


Wooden chair laying on its side against a white background

Repairing a Wobbly Chair?This is a page about repairing a wobbly chair. There are several ways to repair a wobbly chair. The method used will depend on your skills and whether you choose a permanent or temporary fix.


Red fabric Club Chair against white background

Reupholstering Club Chairs?This is a page about reupholstering club chairs. Reupholstering a favorite chair may be an alternative to replacing it.


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Repairing Wooden Chair Legs Scratched By a Cat?How can I fix the legs on the chair that my cat has shredded without them looking tacky? It's the wooden legs of the chair. She sharpened her nails on them when we weren't around to stop her, and they're so shredded, they are like fibers.


Vintage Chair

Adding Leg Height to Vintage Chairs?This is a page about adding leg height to vintage chairs. Vintage chairs may be perfect for your decor, but perhaps a bit too short for your table.


Vinyl Chair

Drying Padding Inside Vinyl Covered Chairs?This is a page about drying padding inside vinyl covered chairs. Although vinyl upholstery can help protect the padding inside, sometimes with enough spilled liquid moisture can seep in around the stitching.


dining room chairs

Finding Caps for Chair Legs?This page is about finding caps for chair legs. To protect your floors or to balance your chairs, you may need new covers for the bottom your chair legs.


Dining Chairs

Reupholstering Dining ChairsThis is a page about reupholstering dining chairs. Dining room chairs can often get a facelift with a good cleaning and some new upholstery.


Vinyl Chair

Painting Vinyl Upholstered Furniture?This page is about painting vinyl upholstered furniture. Determine whether your vinyl fabric can be painted to prolong its use.



Office Chair

Repairing an Office Chair?This is a page about repairing an office chair. Office chairs can be quite expensive, so when yours breaks it can be less costly to make repairs rather than buy a new one.


Fixing Chair Caster Wheels

Fixing Chair Caster WheelsThis is a page about fixing chair caster wheels. Oftentimes the casters on an otherwise good office chair start to have problems.


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Replacing the Springs on Gliding Chair Base?I have a gliding chair which is perfect except that its springs came off. We can't sit on it without these springs.


Office chair with lime green cushions.

Fixing a Squeaky Office ChairThis is a page about fixing a squeaky office chair. A squeaky office chair can be annoying and even embarrassing. Fixing your squeaky chair will prevent all eyes from being on you every time you sit in your chair.


Chair parts lying on work towels.

Replacement Parts for La-Z-Boy Swivel Glider Rocker?I need a replacement "swing-arm assembly" for my La-Z-Boy (the bearings are worn out) swivel glider rocker. It does not have a recliner locking feature.


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Cleaning My Leather Chair Removed Some of the Dye?I cleaned the arm of my brown (real) leather chair and now the area I cleaned is a lighter color than the rest of it. It's fairly new and a good quality chair (BarcaLounger). Does anyone know how I can darken that area up a little?


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Repairing a Papasan Chair?The wood base of my Papasan chair broke. What is the best way to repair it?


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Replacement Hinges for a Glider Rocker?I am looking for a place to find a replacement hinges for a glider rocker. Thanks.


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Finding a Repair Shop for a Reclining Chair?I have a recliner that is about 15 years old and the back has fallen back and will not lock up. Can someone please advise where I can take it to be repaired?


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Fixing a Glider Rocker That Squeaks?I have a glider rocker and it squeaks terribly. I think it is the wood, not the bolts. Help please.


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Replacing a Dining Room Chair Cushion?I would like instructions for replacing a dining room chair cushion.


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Repairing Massaging Sectional Chairs?How can I fix my massage chair in my sofa? A week ago I purchased a used sectional sofa for my apartment. I was going to buy a new sofa at one of those close out furniture store when I saw, online, a great deal on a green sectional sofa. It is a beautiful 3 piece unit. To my delight the sofa came equip with two massage chairs and a built in phone.


Reupholstering Wooden Armchairs?I have dining armchairs with cushion on the back and bottom and I need to reupholster them. I want to do them myself, but don't know where to begin. I've come across tons of instructions for seats that the cushion can lift off, but not for the armchair.



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Fixing a Pneumatic ChairI have an air lift saddle stool that will not stay down! The minute I stand up, the seat rises all the way! It's exactly the opposite of everyone else's problem! I can't find that issue anywhere for advice! Can someone help?


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Reclining Glider Rubbing On One Side?Hi there. I have bought a glider recliner second hand and it appears to be rubbing on one side, and then not getting a smooth glide and a lot of noise because of this. I've looked online and there are plenty of articles on if the bearings have gone but nothing about if one side is rubbing against another.


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Repairing A Glider Chair?The screws in my 30+ year-old glider (used daily) are getting loose again. I have tightened/replaced them several times over the years, so now the wood has been reamed by the screws. I thought I'd drill holes all the way through and fasten with nuts and bolts. I bought wing nuts and lock washers to use with the bolts, figuring it would be easier to get my small hands in the tight spaces than to use conventional nuts and a wrench. Has anyone tried replacing screws with nuts/bolts?


Repairing a Glider Chair - torn fabric on glider

Repairing a Glider Chair?I have this old rocker I saved from the trash, but it needs a new bottom (fabric and springs). Anyone know how/where I can get the supplies to fix it?


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Glider Rocker Stuck in Lock Position?I inherited a glider rocker and it is stuck in the lock position. When I hold up the lock it will glide, but once I release it, it goes right back to lock. What can be done as this is useless for rocking my grandson?


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Repairing a Glider Rocking Chair?I have a 4 year old rocking glider for my nursery and from the looks of it, the bolt came out from the bottom on one side, collapsing one side of the chair as a result. When I try to stick the part back into the hole, it comes right back out after I sit. How do I fix it and secure it back in place?


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