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Repairing Cigarette Burns on a Couch

Category Sofas
Depending on the type of upholstery, you may be able to make repairs to a couch that has been damaged by a cigarette burn. This is a guide about repairing cigarette burns on a couch.


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February 23, 20120 found this helpful

Someone dropped a cigarette on my leather couch, it didn't burn a hole in it, but it left burn marks. I want to get those marks off. It's an offwhite leather and they were very expensive. Please help.

By Kathy


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February 24, 20120 found this helpful
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You might be able to cover it up a little with some shoe polish (white or beige) or maybe liquid paper. I would first try to put some shoe polish or lp in a place that doesnt show like the back of the sofa. It may not be an exact match but might cover it cosmetically. I have used liquid paper to cover flaws on white leather shoes. And i use shoe polish to cover scratches on my leather furniture.

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By 0 found this helpful
June 4, 2017

I have a couch that has 3 cigarette burns in the suede fabric. The couch is expensive and I would like to repair it myself or pay someone to do this. Where can I get help? Thank you.


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June 4, 20171 found this helpful

There are some very good answers on the site already. Look it up in the search. It tells how to repair all sorts of furniture aphostery. The instructions are very clear & are definitely worth trying especially if it's an expensive piece.

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June 4, 20170 found this helpful

Here is a nice guide if you'd like to give it a shot yourself:

https://www.hun  -on-a-suede-sofa

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June 5, 20170 found this helpful

You can do it if you have a scissors to cut away the burned portion, fabric glue, and scraps of the same fabric.

Go to this website for complete instructions: http://homeguid  uches-56920.html

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By 0 found this helpful
April 25, 2010

How can I repair a cigarette burn in a couch?

By Ann from Clifton, VA

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April 25, 20100 found this helpful

It depends on what type of fabric? Lots of ways for all fabrics!

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October 22, 20160 found this helpful

how can i repair a burn mark on a faux leather chair

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April 25, 20100 found this helpful

How do you repair a burn hole from a cigarette in a tan microfiber couch?

By Ty


Repairing a Couch with Cigarette Burns

  1. First, go to Walmart or any fabric store and buy a bottle of Fabri-Tac brand of fabric glue ($5). It's the brand in a clear bottle.

  2. Next: Cut a tiny piece of the microfiber from underneath the couch or from an unneeded pillow of from the back of the couch. This tiny patch of microfiber needs to be about one quarter of an inch larger than the hole in the couch.

  3. Cut a piece of another medium weight fabric the same size as the piece of the microfiber that you cut from under the couch and glue the tiny piece of microfiber to this fabric (to stiffen it).

  4. Do a test-run to make sure this piece fits before gluing by slipping it inside of the hole. If it fits correctly place a tiny dab of fabri-tac fabric glue into the hole and slip the patch inside of the hole with tweezers or tiny jewelry needle-nose pliers.

  5. Apply a piece of plastic wrap or wax paper to the patched area (so the weight won't stick to the patch). Next, put a weight (like a heavy book or two) on the patch for several hours until the glue dries.

* Fabri-Tac is made for fabric and will not dry stiff. Only buy this brand, it's the best.

For more info:
My 3 posts here:

** If you cut the piece of microfiber from a sofa pillow, cut from the edge and not the middle. This way you can make the pillow just a little smaller by stitching a new seam.

To remove the burned edges you'll have to cut these off with tiny manicure scissors, but it's better to leave the burned edge on so the couch fabric won't run or fray. (11/17/2009)

By Cyinda


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March 3, 20090 found this helpful

I have cigarette burns in my sofa (fabric) that I bought a year ago. I have extra throw pillows that I don't need with the same fabric. Is there any way to repair the burns? Or any place in the Long Island area that someone can recommend for the repair? I'm desperate as I'm moving and I need this sofa - any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Janis from Great Neck, NY


Repairing a Couch with Cigarette Burns

If you want to do it yourself, it's as easy as pie. One solution is to buy a good quality fabric glue (I like the clear one in the clear bottle, as it's one of the only brands that is both machine washable, machine dryable & dry cleanable too). Then glue the matching piece onto the couch. You will also need to buy "Fray Check"... both the Fabric glue & the Fray Check are available at Walmart, or at any Fabric or Craft store for twice the price.

1) First make sure you have a fairly solid place to glue the new fabric on to. This means you'll most likely need to reinforce the burn areas: Take a tiny, thin, sturdy piece of woven fabric (like a piece of a sheet or pillow case), Then take this piece of strong woven fabric & put glue on the front side of it, then tuck the glued piece IN to each burned area & glue the tiny piece of fabric inside the area, by gluing the front of the woven fabric to the back of the burned area (inside the burn) Do each burn this way, to reinforce EACH burned spot. The fabrics should overlap by about 3/4 of an inch. Then let the glue dry overnight.

***Depending on the type of fabric your couch is made from: you could use an "Iron-On Webbing" or "Hem Tape" placed backwards inside the holes. This would eliminate the need for fabric glue, But your couch fabric would need to be made from wool or cotton because the iron would need to get pretty hot & if it's made from synthetic fabric it could melt with the heat of the iron.

2) take a piece of Aluminum foil & put this on to the couch where the burns are. Run your fingers over the foil that has been placed over the burn holes. The aluminum foil will make an indentation where you've rubbed it. This will be your "pattern". Cut each pattern piece of foil out & set these on to the front of your pillow fabric being careful to match grain & pattern. Because these sections of foil will be too small to pin, instead secure them with school glue. That's glue that dissolves in water, or any TEMPORARY glue. A piece of tape might work..?

3) Next, take your new matching fabric & carefully cut each piece out to fit the burned area. Then use the "Fray Check" all around EACH and every edge (so the fabric won't fray because you won't be hemming it). Then let the Fray Check dry. Glue the tiny pieces of fabric (with fabric glue) to the area you already reinforced & press down a bit.

* When you cut out the matching fabric, be sure to match not only the pattern & color, but also the nap..that's the grain or pile of the fabric... Like when you run your hand across velvet one way, then back the other way, you are seeing the "nap" of the fabric, so be sure to also match the nap when you decide which way to cut your patch fabric.
If you have an area that is just plain FULL of holes, then you can use a large patch in that area instead of the many smaller ones. But either way, make sure to either use the "Fray Check" OR you'll need to hem the edges.

If the burns are only or mainly on the arms of the couch, you can make matching arm covers from the throw pillows by just removing the stuffing then laying the flat pillow over the arms of the couch (unless you sew, then you can cut the pillow fabric apart & hem the edges). You can always add stick-on Velcro to the arms to keep the covers on, That way you can take them off & wash them. Many couches come with arm covers to prevent wear & tear on the arms.

If you don't understand my directions, feel free to write me on ThriftyFun. (12/31/2007)

By Cyinda

Repairing a Couch with Cigarette Burns

I bought a kit that comes with a movie to give you directions that will repair anything cloth, or any kind of fabric. I bought it to fix a suit with moth holes in it. You fill in the hole with a certain type of powder and your fabric (mostly the fiber shredded from the fabric). I went to find it to give you the name for it and I couldn't. It is lurking somewhere in my closet with all the other items I keep looking for. You could probably find it by looking on line under fabric repair.

One problem I found with washable fabric glue recently is that it leaves a spot darker than the material that I can see on my sweater. (01/03/2008)

By rae

Repairing a Couch with Cigarette Burns

You can also visit websites such as that offer inexpensive repair kits that make the job look professional. (12/10/2008)

By Jeremy

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December 31, 20070 found this helpful

How do I fix a cigarette burn in a microfiber sectional?

Denise from Glenolden, PA


Cigarette Burn on MicroSuede (Microfiber) Couch

I'd FIRST turn the sofa over and look beneath the dust covering on the bottom BACK SIDE for enough extra fabric for my own three patches:(usually in the corners) 1) for the "test"patch to see how the glue will work, if it will darken the fabric or bleed through? 2) for the mating of fabrics after glue is applied/dried, (check for stiffness after drying) and 3)for the final patching if both tests pass/meet with your approval.

Then I'd VERY CAREFULLY cut the burned edges off the hole with manicure scissors, carefully insert the patch that's bigger than the hole, and use a "marine" glue on a toothpick to gently apply to the lifted hole you've either squared off, or left nice and round. Remember that the glue will NOT come out, so place a large piece of waxed paper with the exact same size hole as the one being repaired, over the trimmed hole to avoid any drips of glue accidents, weighting it down with face cloths at the far corners, to avoid slippage or blowing away.

You'll need a light touch, not a heavy hand. Don't try to put too much glue on at a time, and place it onto the UNDERSIDE Of the patch if possible. When you think you have
covered the underside evenly and completely, VERY gently, as if working with collector stamps, press the
piece down a LITTLE, not too hard because the glue, if only a tiny bit, may ooze back out the cut edges. Have a new toothpick ready just in case, to remove any glue immediately should that happen anyway. Make certain you have added the glue to the very edges of the hole
underneath it before pressing.

If successful, I'd GENTLY place a book on it AND the was paper until a day has passed. check for dryness by GENTLY removing the book straight up, not sliding over the patched hole. This isn't going to be easy, but you can try to call the mfg. and pay their price, IF it doesn't work, right? Remember to use a NEW toothpick every time you load it with glue, to prevent it from dripping or sticking where you DON'T want it.

Be sure to squeeze a tiny ball of glue out into a jar lid, THEN pick the glue up with the toothpick as you need it. Do NOT be tempted to load glue directly from the tube, nor OVER the sofa. Work only over a paper plate or something like that, with the glue and used toothpick. Good luck.God bless and help you. : ) (07/30/2007)

By Lynda

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July 23, 20070 found this helpful

I need to repair a cigarette burn in a micro suede couch. Any suggestions?

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