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Woman Using Scunci Steamer

Scunci Steamer Doesn't Steam?A clog or a faulty heating element are the most likely reasons your Scunci steam has stopped steaming. This is a page about Scunci steamer doesn't steam.


A washer full of clothes and water.

Washer Does Not Spin Water Out of ClothesHaving a washer full of wet clothes because it is not spinning all of the water out is frustrating. This is a page about washer does not spin water out of clothes.


Ice Maker

Ice Maker Not Dispensing IceSometimes your refrigerator ice maker makes ice, but does not dispense it. This is a page about ice maker not dispensing ice.


Carpet Shampooer

Bissell Carpet Shampooer Isn't...The possible causes for the malfunction of your shampooer may be solved by a simple home fix rather than an expensive professional. This page offers suggestions for troubleshooting a Bissell Carpet Shampooer.


Refrigerator Ice Maker

Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Getting Water?A common reason your ice maker is not making ice is because water is not getting to it. This is a page about refrigerator ice maker not getting water.


Chest Freezer

Repairing a Gasket on a Chest Freezer?This page is about repairing a gasket on a chest freezer. If your freezer doesn't seal properly it may be time for a new gasket.


open washing machine

Spin Cycle Not Working on WasherIt is truly frustrating to have the spin cycle on your washer quit working, leaving you with a sopping load of laundry. This is a page about spin cycle not working on washer.



Kenmore Refrigerator and Freezer Not CoolingWhen your fridge and freezer stop cooling it can quickly become an expensive fix. Not only is there the cost of repairs, but there may be food spoilage as well. This page looks at some causes and solutions for a Kenmore refrigerator and freezer not cooling.



Kenmore Elite Icemaker Not Dumping Ice?If your ice maker has stopped dropping ice, it may just be stuck and need some minor repair. This is a page about Kenmore Elite icemaker not dumping ice.


Refrigerator's Ice Maker

Refrigerator's Ice Maker Leaking WaterIf your refrigerator ice maker is leaking water, the first step is to locate the source. This is a page about refrigerator's ice maker leaking water.


Singer Magic Steam Press

Repairing a Singer Magic Steam PressThis is a page about repairing a Singer Magic Steam Press. If you own a Singer steam press, you may choose to try to make repairs yourself rather than buying a new one.


Washing machine in laundry room with natural decor.

Washer Not Spinning ProperlyWhen your washer stops spinning properly, you are often left with a machine full of wet laundry. This is a page about a washer not spinning properly.



Dishwasher with an open door.

Dishwasher Not Releasing Soap?It is really frustrating to open the dishwasher only to discover that the soap dispenser did not open during the wash cycle. This is a page about dishwasher not releasing soap.


Plastic container full of frozen vegetables.

Refrigerator Is Freezing FoodSometimes you may find that your refrigerator has begun to freeze the food inside. This page contains troubleshooting tips if your refrigerator is freezing food.


Steam Mop

Repairing an H2O Steam MopFinding replacement parts and making repairs to small cleaning appliances is possible, but sometimes daunting. This is a page about repairing an H2O steam mop.


Inside a Microwave

Repairing Paint Inside a MicrowaveThis is a page about repairing paint inside a microwave. Minor chips or burns in the paint on the inside of your microwave are easy to repair. You will need to purchase the proper appliance paint and prep the areas.


Icemaker Ice

Icemaker Not Dumping IceBefore you call the repair service, you may be able to troubleshoot and repair an in-freezer ice maker that makes, but doesn't dump the ice cubes. This is a page about icemaker not dumping ice.


Kenmore Refrigerator

Kenmore Refrigerator Not CoolingWhen a refrigerator no longer cools it is time for immediate action, either calling a repair person or troubleshooting the problem for a home repair. This is a page about a Kenmore refrigerator not cooling.


Frigidaire logo

Frigidaire Refrigerator Ice Maker Not WorkingThis page is about repairing a Frigidaire ice maker. Ice makers are very handy when they are working properly.


A finger pushing a start button on a microwave.

Microwave Start Button Does Not WorkSometimes the reason for the start button on your microwave not working can be detected though some careful examination of the latch. Otherwise the choice comes down to repairing it or buying a new one. This is a page about microwave start button does not work.


An empty front loading washing machine with the door open.

Washer Only Spins When Empty?Determing the reason for a washer to stop working properly during the spin cycle may be beyond the skills of the typical consumer, at least without some research. This is a page about washer only spins when empty.


washing machine

Maytag Washer Error CodesYour washer has stopped working and is flashing a code on the display. This is a page about Maytag washer error codes.


A woman pressing buttons on the console of a front loading washing machine.

Unlocking the Door on a Maytag Front Load Washer?Front loaders have a locking mechanism to avoid opening the door during a washing cycle but occasionally, this lock will be activated accidentally. This is a page about unlocking the door on a Maytag front load washer.


Crushed Ice

Ice Maker Only Dispensing Crushed IceIt is bewildering when your refrigerator ice maker begins to dispense only crushed ice, even when you select cubes. This is a page about ice maker only dispensing crushed ice.


An icemaker on the door of a refrigerator.

KitchenAid Refrigerator Ice Maker Not WorkingTrying to find the cause for the failure of your ice maker can be easy or baffling. This is a page about KitchenAid refrigerator ice maker not working.


Woman Getting Ice From Refrigerator

Troubleshooting a Kenmore Refrigerator Ice MakerDetermining the reason that your refrigerator ice maker is not working can be a challenge. This is a page about troubleshooting a Kenmore refrigerator ice maker.


A washing machine in the wash cycle.

Kenmore Washer Stops After Wash Cycle?It's not uncommon for a washer to malfunction and no longer complete one of its cycles. This page offers advice about what to do when a Kenmore washer stops after its wash cycle.



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Oven Burns the Bottom of Baked Goods?I have a problem with my oven baking cookies, biscuits, etc. too quickly on the bottom and they often burn. I've tried different remedies to correct this, but they don't work. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks.


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Dishwasher Rack Coating is Coming Off?Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can substitute for the liquid vinyl dishwasher rack repair that is sold in bottles? The tines on my dishwasher rack are showing signs of wear and I would like to repair them before they get worse.


Refrigerator Ice Maker

Ice Maker Water is Overflowing?his is a page about ice maker water is overflowing. Refrigerator icemakers are a great convenience until they break or malfunction. Then they can be very frustrating to troubleshoot yourself. T


Glass Cook Top

Repairing a Glass Cook TopThis page is about repairing a glass cook top. Without replacing there may be ways to fix a crack or hole in a glass stove top.


Bread Machine

Repairing a Bread Machine?This is a page about repairing a bread machine. When your bread machine stops working properly, the question is whether it can be repaired or if you need to buy a new one.


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Frigidaire Dishwasher is Flashing HO While Washing?While washing, my Frigidaire dishwasher was flashing HO. What did that mean?


Gas Stove

Painting Gas Stove Burners?This is a page about painting gas stove burners. If the paint has worn off of your burners, you can use special paint to refinish them. Here are some tips for restoring your gas stove burners.


A man repairing a washing machine.

GE Washer Drains But Won't Spin?If your washing machine is draining but not spinning, you may need to call a repair person out to fix it. A GE washer that drains but won't spin is a problem you can try to fix on your own but it may be difficult.


Washer Not Spinning

Kenmore Washer Not SpinningIt is frustrating to be left with a wet load of laundry when your washer won't go into the spin cycle. This is a page about Kenmore washer not spinning.


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Soap Dispenser on LG Front Loader Stuck Closed?I have an LG Tromm front-load washing machine that's about 5 years old. The soap dispenser drawer is stuck and I can't get it open. I've tried everything, it acts like it's locked somehow.


Front Loading Washer

Front Loading Washer Not Spinning?This is a page about a front loading washer not spinning. Troubleshooting a washer that will not go into a spin cycle is not an uncommon event.


The inside of a washing machine.

Washer Drains But Won't SpinDetermining why your washer will not begin the spin cycle after draining will require some research on your part or a call to a repair service. This is a page about a washer that drains but won't spin.


Electric Stove Burner

Electric Stove Burners Not Working?This is a page about electric stove burners not working. If one or more burners on your electric stove stops working, you may be able to troubleshoot the cause yourself.


Washing Machine Won't Start

Washing Machine Won't Start?This is a page about washing machine won't start. You have loaded the washer and added the detergent. However, when you try to start it nothing happens.


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My Clothes Dryer Door Won't Stay Shut?I have a gas front loading clothes dryer, and the door or latch is not keeping the dryer closed. it will go fine awhile, then I suspect clothes bump into it and pop it open.



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Water Build Up in Dryer?I have water accumulating in my clothes dryer. Has anyone had this problem before? I cannot imagine where this water is coming from. I have to dry my dryer before each use.


A repairman looking at a washing machine.

Kenmore Washer Not Spinning Out All the Water?This is a page about Kenmore washer not spinning out all the water. It is difficult to complete your laundry when the washer no longer spins out all of the water from your clothing.


H2O X5 Steamer Mop Pump Not Running

Repairing the Pump in a H2O X 5 Steam Mop?Sometimes small home appliances can be repaired saving you money over buying a new one. This is a page about H2O X5 steamer mop pump not running.


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Replacing the Spring in Ice Maker Shut Off Arm?How do you get the spring back on the ice bucket arm? The ice froze at the blades and got in behind the cover. I took it apart to get to it. The spring had tension on it and now I need to see how it goes back on.


Photo of a microwave oven.

Repairing a Microwave That Won't HeatThis is a page about repairing a microwave that won't heat. Microwaves are a part of many of our daily lives, and when they don't work properly, it can be frustrating.



Repairing a Refrigerator Door Gasket?This page is about repairing a refrigerator door gasket. If the seal is compromised on your refrigerator doors, it may not run properly and energy can be wasted.


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Whirlpool Stove Beeping and Displaying F2 Code?My Whirlpool stove is beeping F2. I can't find my manual, and I didn't know if anyone had a guess on how it fix it? I unplugged it and it went away for awhile, but now it's not even beeping anymore! There's no time on it now and no beeps either!


An open microwave oven, with a mug inside.

Adjusting Microwave Door Hinges?Adjusting the hinges on small appliances such as a microwave may occasionally be necessary. This is a page about adjusting microwave door hinges.


Refrigerator Door Handle

Fixing a Refrigerator Door HandleThis page is about fixing a refrigerator door handle. You may be able to repair or find a replacement when you have a broken handle on your appliance.


Ice Maker

Ice from Kenmore Ice Maker Contains White Plastic Particles?If there are plastic bits mixed with the ice in a Kenmore refrigerator's ice maker, there is likely a gear or motor that needs to be adjusted or replaced. It should be easy to tell which with some general troubleshooting.


Woman getting ice from fridge.

Refrigerator's Ice Maker Not Making IceThis is a page about a refrigerator's ice maker not making ice. Your refrigerator's ice maker may stop making ice, requiring you to troubleshoot the cause before it can be repaired.


View of the water line.

Flushing a Refrigerator Water LineThis is a page about flushing a refrigerator water line. There are occasions, such as after a repair, that you may need to flush the water supply line for your refrigerator.


A repairman looking at a washing machine.

Repairing a Washer That Won't Drain or Spin?If your washer isn't spinning or draining it will make it impossible to get your clothes clean. Get your washer up and running again so your family can have clean clothes. This is a page about repairing a washer that won't drain or spin.


Kenmore Washer

Kenmore Washer Not Spinning Out All of the Water?Determining the cause of the insufficient spin cycle may be something you can do yourself. If not, it is time to call a repair person. This is a page about a Kenmore washer not spinning out all of the water.


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Using a Dishwasher with Well Water?I am having a problem with using my dishwasher with well water. My dishes have film on them. Any suggestions?


A dismantled Scunci steamer.

Replacements Parts for a Scunci Steamer?One place to search for replacement parts for this small appliance is eBay. This is a page about finding replacements parts for a Scunci steamer.


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Dishwasher Seems to Run Too Long?I think my 10 yr old dishwasher is running too long. I cannot find my owner's manual (lost in the house, I suppose). I think from start to finish, it's over an hour, maybe 1 1/2 hrs and that seems too long, but is it?


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Condensation Inside Refrigerator?Right now we have really bad heat and our refrigerator has everything wet on the bottom shelf. I put paper towels in there before and yesterday everything was soaked. So I put all new towels in and everything is soaked again this morning.


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Shutting Off the Water Line to an Ice Maker?The water line to our ice maker was shut off for a couple of weeks unknowingly and the ice maker stopped making ice. Will that cause damage to the ice maker and to the water valve for the ice maker?


Washing Machine

Cold Water Flow Restricted to Washing Machine?This is a page about cold water flow restricted to washing machine. When a washer does not fill up as it should, you may want to check if a water hose is pinched or a screen is clogged before calling a repairman.


Glass Cooktop

Repairing a Broken Glass CooktopIf the glass top on your range breaks there are really only two options. One is to buy a whole new stove, secondly you can try to replace just the top. It can be done. This is a page about broken glass cooktop.


Teflon grill

Teflon Coming Off a George Foreman GrillThe non-stick surface on George Foreman grills is coated in teflon. Over time this Teflon coating can begin to peel off and may be an indication the grill is in need of replacement. This is a page about Teflon coming off George Foreman grill.


Washing Machine

Washing Machine Not Cleaning Clothes?This is a page about washing machine not cleaning clothes. If your machine is not getting your clothes clean you will need to check your cleaning products and consider having a repair technician take a look at your washer.


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Repairing a Bissell Little GreenI have a Little Green Clean Machine and have tried to use it. However, it will not disperse the cleaning fluid. I found that the square hole next to the tube was plugged and cleaned it out the best I could with my fingers.


Fabric Steam Press

Repairing a Fabric Steam Press?This is a page about repairing a fabric steam press. Home appliances such as a fabric steam press can stop working after the warranty is expired. This leaves you in a quandary as to how to get it repaired or try to troubleshoot the repairs yourself.


White metal shelf in a refrigerator.

Painting Metal Shelves in a Refrigerator?This is a page about painting metal shelves in a refrigerator. Over time the shelves in you fridge can become discolored and unattractive. One way to spruce them up is to paint them.


George Foreman Grill

Repairing a George Foreman Grill?This is a page about repairing a George Foreman grill. Some small kitchen appliance repairs may be easy enough for you to do, rather than having to buy a new one.


Kenmore Refrigerator's Ice Maker Won't Stop Making Ice

Kenmore Refrigerator's Ice Maker Won't Stop...This is a page about ice maker won't stop making ice. An ice maker that won't stop making ice can make a real mess in your freezer and lead to other problems.


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Frigidaire Icemaker Not Filling With Water?My Frigidaire Icemaker is not filling with water. The arm is also stuck in one spot. The tray is turning, so that still works. What could be the problem?


Garbage Disposal

Sewer Smell Coming from a Garbage Disposal?If you have rotten food in your garbage disposal that won't clear out, it may start to smell very badly. This is a page about sewer smell coming from a garbage disposal.


Red lit burner on a glass top stove

Repairing Scratches on a Glass Top Stove?This is a page about repairing scratches on a glass top stove. Usually easier to keep clean than a conventional range, scratches can mar the glass surface.


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Cordless Kettle Sticking To Base?My cordless kettle is sticking to the base. Any suggestions?


person operating microwave

Repairing a MicrowaveThis is a page about repairing a microwave. When the door, a button or the electronics on this common kitchen appliance do not work properly, it may be fixable or time to replace it.


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Ice Forming in Back of Refrigerator?I have a 2 door fridge/freezer, not the side by side ones, the half and half type. The freezer works perfectly but I have a problem with the refrigerator section. I defrost and clean it regularly but a week or so after defrosting, a very thick layer of ice forms at the back of the fridge.


Refrigerator's Ice Maker

Trouble With a Refrigerator's Ice MakerIce makers are very convenient when they are working properly, but when they are not it can be quite frustrating. This is a page about identifying and repairing trouble with a refrigerator ice maker.


Frustrated woman holding a steam iron that won't produce steam.

Steam Iron Doesn't Produce SteamMinerals in your water can clog the vents in your iron causing it to stop emitting steam. Vinegar can often be used to clean it and return your iron to good working order. This is a page about what to do when a steam iron doesn't produce steam.


clothes in washer spinning

Washer Making Noise During Spin CycleThis is a page about washer making noise during spin cycle. Determining the cause of a noise your washer is making during the spin cycle is not always easy.


Ice in a refrigerator ice maker.

Repairing an Ice MakerIce makers are a common accessory in modern refrigerators. However, when they stop working, for any number of reasons, they will need repair once the issue is identified.


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Dishwashers and Well Water?Does being on well water have any effect on dishwashers? I have had to buy new ones almost every 2-3 years. All have been different brands.


A microwave oven with a glass turntable tray.

Repairing a Glass Microwave Turntable Tray?This is a page about repairing a glass microwave turntable. Microwave turntables can be damaged during use.


Ice Machine

Ice Machine is Making Thin Ice?This is a page about ice machine is making thin ice. Troubleshooting an ice maker malfunction can be difficult.


Full washing machine.

Washing Machine Fills But Won't Wash?This is a page about a washing machine filling with water but not washing. There are numerous things that can go wrong that will prevent your washing machine from advancing in its cycle. Sometimes these repairs can be done yourself or you can call a repair service to do the work.


Refrigerator Ice

Refrigerator Makes Ice But Will Not DispenseAn ice dispenser is a wonderful addition to have on your refrigerator, if it is working properly. If your refrigerator makes ice, but will not dispense it, there may be something blocking it or the refrigerator need to be repaired.


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Kenmore Oven Beeps "F2"?My Kenmore oven keeps beeping F2. I lost my manual. Without calling the repair man, which will cost a fortune, does anyone know how to fix it?


Bread Machine

Bread Machine Error CodesThis is a page about bread machine error codes. Bread machines will display a variety of error codes when the unit is not working properly. While helpful, it can also be frustrating if you don't have the manual for your bread maker.


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Storage Drawer on Stove Wedged Shut?I seriously need some input on how to open a pan storage drawer (the thing @ the bottom) on an electric stove! I have an apartment and it's not my stove.


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Fixing the Heating Element in a Coffee Maker?My year-old coffeemaker no longer gives me a hot cup of coffee. Is it worth the trouble to replace the heating element? Can the heating element be replaced?


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Freezer Has Fuzzy Ice On Compartment and Food?My top-freezer suddenly is full of fuzzy icicle-thingies that cover everything in the freezer. Any suggestions on what causes this and how to get it to stop? Yes, I do need to clean/defrost the whole thing, but would like to fix the cause of the problem as well.


Blue and white clothes iron.

Fixing a Retractable Iron Cord?his is a page about fixing a retractable iron cord. A retractable cord on your iron is convenient and helps with storage, until it gets stuck. T



Unlocking a Microwave?If your microwave is locked, you may have inadvertently engaged the childproof lock. Check your manual or the manufacturer's website. This is a page about unlocking a microwave.


Close Up of Gas Stove/Oven Combo emphasis on dials

Gas Oven is Not Heating Up Enough?When your oven doesn't get hot enough your food may not cook properly. Your appliance may be in need of service. This is a page about gas oven does not heat up correctly.


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Maytag Washer Does Not Spin Up to Speed?I have a Maytag washer that seems to have a slow spin cycle. Everything else seems to work fine; the wash and rinse, but it does not spin up to speed just slowly spins.


Whirlpool Ice Maker

Whirlpool Ice Maker Not WorkingThis is a page about a Whirlpool ice maker not working. When the ice maker stops working you can call the repair man or try troubleshooting the cause yourself.


Ceramic Stove Top

Repairing Scratches on a Ceramic Stove Top?This is a page about repairing scratches on ceramic stove top. Ceramic stovetops are very easy to clean and durable, but they can get scratched during normal use.


Close up of space heater coils.

Error Code on Lily Space Heater?Often the manuals that come with electric appliances, including heaters will have a section that defines error codes. If there is no manual, a call to the manufacturer may need to be your next step. This is a page about what to do if you have an error code on a Lily space heater.


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Dishwasher is Flashing CL Code But Door is Closed?My Frigidaire dishwasher just stopped working properly. It flashes a CL code and didn't finish its cycle. The CL code means that the door is not closed, but the door is closed. What can I do to easily fix this?


A Samsung ice maker that is not working.

Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Will Not Dispense Ice?Refrigerator ice makers can sometimes get stuck or stop working, requiring maintenance. This has tips if your Samsung refrigerator ice maker will not dispense ice.


breadmaker insert

Black and Decker Breadmaker B2300 Paddles Won't Turn?This is a page about a Black and Decker Breadmaker B2300 that's paddles won't turn. The paddles of your bread machine have to turn for it to make bread properly. Here is some information about what might be wrong with your bread machine if the paddles aren't turning.


Refrigerator Door

Testing a Refrigerator SealThis is a page about testing a refrigerator seal. The gasket on your refrigerator is designed to keep cold air in and warm air out. If it is not sealing properly your refrigerator is not working as efficiently as it could.



Refrigerator is Leaking WaterThis page is about refrigerator is leaking water. Determining the cause of the leak is the first step to repairing it.


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A washer filling with water.

Wash Cycle Not Working on WasherIf you are having trouble with your washing machine not working correctly, most parts can be ordered and serviced at home. Contact the manufacturer directly if the machine is still under warranty.


Duct tape repairing a vacuum hose.

Using Duct Tape for RepairsI was vacuuming today and I noticed there was no suction. I discovered a ripped hose. The Shark vacuum I own comes with a 5-year warranty. However, you can only have one claim, which I used a couple of years ago.


A Keurig coffee maker with some pods.

Fixing a Leaking Keurig Coffee Maker?If your Keurig coffee maker begins to leak from the reservoir there are two top options for resolving the issue. One is to buy a new reservoir and secondly you can follow the steps below for using vinegar to clean the coffee maker.


A dishwasher being started.

Pay Attention to Appliances While In UseMany of us use our washers, driers, and dishwashers while asleep or away from home. Nighttime use can often save money, but there is a case to be made for choosing to run your appliances while you can monitor them for malfunctions. This page contains a thoughtful reminder regarding appliances and home safety or repair.


An oven that has smoke coming from the door.

Oven Heating To The Wrong TemperatureThermostats and electrical controls can go out over time, especially in an older oven. This can result in under or overcooked food if the oven is heating to a different temperature. Adding an oven thermometer can help you troubleshoot or adjust your oven for more years of use.



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Repairing a Zojirushi Bread Maker?I have had a Zojirushi breadmaker, model BB-CEC20 for about 7 years, but only started using it more frequently recently, so it hasn't gotten a whole lot of use. Yesterday, it turned off mid-cycle (after the bread rose) and now I can't get it to turn on again. There's no response pressing any of the buttons on the control panel.


Repairing a Leaking H2O X5 Mop? - blue tack on leaky mop

Repairing a Leaking H2O X5 Mop?My H2O X5 mop is leaking from the small hole at the bottom of the base handle, not from the head. It was dropped accidentally and now leaks. As you can see by the picture I put blue tack on it.


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Rocket Chef Blade Replacement?How do you change blades on the Rocket Chef? Mine seems to be stuck and I can't get it out.


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Kenmore Elite Fridge Not Cooling?The model number is 795.72489411 s, it is not cooling at all. I initially put it in and out of store/demo mode 5 times and it started working! It worked for 3 days perfectly and now won't do a thing :( The compressor does have a slight hum; no clicking noise. The fan on the back is running. Where do I go next? Repair won't be able to come out for 3 weeks!


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Shafts in Bread Machine Fell Out?The shafts in my Black & Decker bread maker fell out and all my liquids spilled out. Is there something to keep them attached to the bread pan?


Descaling a Steam Pro Press 26?

Descaling a Steam Pro Press 26?This steam press is not working properly, due to water dripping from steam holes. I checked everything and know it needs descaling. How do I do that?


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