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This page contains tips and money saving advice to help you with repairing your clothes.

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Yellow and blue strappy sandals against a white background

Fixing Squeaky SandalsThis is a page to fixing squeaky sandals. Squeaky sandals can be truly annoying to listen to and sometimes difficult to fix.


Bleach Stains on Red Shirt

Removing Bleach Stains From ClothingAccidentally getting bleach on clothing will damage the dye and leave a discoloration often referred to as a bleach stain. This is a page about removing bleach stains from clothing.


Straw Hat

Fixing a Straw HatThis is a page about fixing a straw hat. A favorite woven straw hat can be used for a long time with some care and maintenance.


Ironing Polyester

Removing Shiny Iron Marks on Polyester Clothing?This is a page about removing shiny iron marks on polyester clothing. The shiny marks left on polyester clothing by a too hot iron are quite likely scorched or melted synthetic fibers.


Feeding elastic through the waist of a pair of pajama pants.

Replacing Elastic WaistbandsWaistbands will often wear out long before the clothing itself. It's not too difficult to replace broken or stretched out elastic. This is a page about replacing elastic waistbands.


closeup of swimsuit cup

Altering a Swimsuit Top After Weight LossIf you have recently lost weight, some articles of clothing may not fit the way they used to. Altering a swimsuit top after weight loss is a good way to avoid spending money on a new swim suit.



yellowed white t-shirt

Bleached White Shirt is Now YellowLaundry bleach can remove some of the fabric dye from clothing causing it to change color, even whites are susceptible. This is a page about bleached white shirt is now yellow.


A fringed suede jacket.

Softening Suede?A new suede jacket or other piece of clothing can be quite stiff until broken in, as can items that get wet. There are a few ways to soften suede, including wearing it often, using a conditioner, or taking it to a dry cleaner or leather specialist.


Underwire Bra

Keeping Bra Underwire From Poking OutAfter some wear the underwire in many bras will work its way through the fabric and poke out. This is a page about keeping a bra's underwire from poking out.


gold clitter

Removing Glitter From Clothing?If you have a piece of clothing with glitter on it that you don't want, you will need to figure out how to get rid of the glitter. This is a page about removing glitter from clothing.


A beautiful floral chiffon dress.

Repairing a Hole in Chiffon Fabric?This is a page about repairing a hole in chiffon fabric. Chiffon is a very delicate fabric, that can be easily damaged.


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Replace Broken Overall Clasp with HangerYou can replace those metal connector "clasps" on your kids' overalls with a hanger and your needle-nosed pliers. Simply use your pliers to bend the hanger into the same shape as the other clasp, and now you've saved lots of money otherwise spent on new overalls!


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Repairing Cigarette Burns on a Silk Dress?I have cigarette burns in my absolute favorite silk dress. Does anybody know how silk can be repaired?


Red Velvet

Restoring the Nap on VelvetAs long as it isn't too damaged, it is possible to somewhat restore the nap on velvet. This is a page about restoring the nap on velvet.


Repairing a Shoe Sole

Repairing a Shoe SoleThis is a page about repairing a shoe sole. You may be able to save money on shoe repair by doing some things yourself.


Patent Leather Shoes

Removing Scuffs on Patent LeatherThis is a page about removing scuffs on patent leather. Scuffs are very noticeable on bright and shiny patent leather shoes, purses, and other items.


Woman With Clothing Stain

Covering Stains on ClothingThis is a page about covering stains on clothing. Sometimes it is impossible to remove certain clothing stains. This does not necessarily mean that they are a lost cause.


A zipper on a pair of jeans.

Fixing a Zipper on JeansThis is a page about fixing a zipper on a pair of jeans. It is common for a zipper to occasionally become stuck or break in a pair of jeans that is otherwise in perfect condition.


A blue zipper that is half way unzipped.

Fixing a Stuck ZipperThis is a page about fixing a stuck zipper. Whether it is stuck up or down, a stuck zipper can make it impossible to wear clothing or use an item. Usually you can get the zipper going again with a little effort.


Purple plastic zipper in yellow fabric

Plastic Zipper Won't WorkThis is a page about plastic zipper won't work. Plastic zippers can stop working if there are broken or missing teeth, or a damaged pull.


Gold patent leather sneaker on a white background.

Removing a Dent from a Patent Leather Sneaker?Keeping in mind that patent leather is in fact plastic, the dent may possibly be removed using one of the suggestions in this page. Alternately it could be taken to a shoe repair shop. This is a page about removing a dent from a patent leather sneaker.



Dye Transfer Stain on Vinyl Shoe - stains on shoe

Cleaning Dye Transfer Stains on Vinyl Shoes?This is a page about cleaning dye transfer stains on vinyl shoes. Here are a few options to try, if you have color transfer stains on your vinyl shoes. Be aware that solvents and abrasive materials may damage the finish, so try them in a small area first.


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Repairing a Frayed Drawstring?I have a pair of pants with a drawstring, and it is starting to fray. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how I could repair and save this drawstring. Thanks.


Bleach Stains

Dyeing Fabric to Cover a Bleach Stain?This is a page about dyeing fabric to cover a bleach stain. Bleach does not actually stain fabric if accidentally spilled, it takes the color out.


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Shirt Texture Changed After Being Washed?I washed my beautiful t-shirt in the washing machine with other dark clothes. My t-shirt is 100% viscous material. I took it out of the machine and the texture has changed. How can I get it to be soft again? It was really expensive and I loved it. Thanks.


blue suede shoes

Dyeing Suede ShoesThis is a page about dyeing suede shoes. Renewing or changing the color of this leather can be a challenge to maintain the suede texture.


Using a bread tag to fix a flip flop.

Fix for a Broken Flip FlopFlip flops can break at any time. Carry a bread tab with you. If the toe portion comes out, put it back in the hole and attach the tab on the sole side of the flip flop. This will secure it.


A woman trying to close a too-small jacket.

Stretching ClothingClothing can shrink some in the wash or dryer. Here are some ideas for stretching your clothing.


A shoe that has been fixed with a key ring.

Fixing a Broken Shoe with a Key RingRecently, I realized that shoving my shoes off with my other foot was going to come back on me. It did. The little pot-metal clip that the Velcro strap went through broke. I can't afford shoe repair so I did it myself.


A pair of jeans being mended with needle and thread.

Repairing JeansWhether you are repairing a tear, replacing a missing button, shortening, or making other repairs and modifications to your jeans there are creative and best practices available. Read on for some common solutions.


A rubber band around the center thong of a flip flop.

Repairing Flip FlopsThe life of favorite flip flops can be extended by using small rubber bands or even plant marker plastic. Decorations can also give your thongs a new look.


A pair of ladies underwear.

Repairing Underwear That is Glued Not Sewn?When pricy underwear that is glued together comes apart, it may need to be returned to the store, sewn or glued again with a clothing adhesive.


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Adjusting the Hood on a Rain Coat?The hood on my Regatta rain coat is too big and when pulled on I can't see anything in front of me, any suggestions how I can keep my hair dry with the hood on and stop walking into lamp posts!


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Restoring an Old Denim Jacket?I have an old denim jacket that belonged to my great-grandfather. He died in about 1964. It's still in good shape, except it fell victim to an needlework crazy teenager in the 70s. I've removed the silly palm trees and stars and other stitches, but there is still some residual staining and stitching damage. Any suggestions to make it as true to the original as possible?


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Keeping Suit Jacket Lining from Bleeding onto Shirts?I have had a black pin stripe suit with a dark purple lining dry cleaned. The first time I wore it the lining transferred a pink dye all over a white shirt I was wearing. By the end of the evening my'white'shirt looked pink.


Placing a drinking straw as a channel for draw cords in clothing.

Use a Drinking Straw for Threading Draw CordsTo rethread a draw cord for your sweats or shorts, insert the cord into a drinking straw and staple it so that it won't slip away when you pull it. This is a page about use a drinking straw for threading draw cords.



Close up of belt loops on a pair of jeans.

Repairing a Belt LoopExtending the life of a clothing can save you money. With some embroidery thread and a needle you can make a replacement belt loop. This is a page about repairing a belt loop.


Black and White Tie Dye Ran in
the Wash - dye ran onto the white portion of the dress

Black and White Tie Dye Ran in the Wash?I accidentally put and a black and white tie dye dress in washing machine and now the colour has run; the white is now grey. I have tried colour catcher; no good. I have just tried colour run remover and the white is now pink. '' I am ready to bin the dress which I'm gutted about as it was only worn once.


clip on shoulder bag

Repairing the Strap on a Leather Shoulder Bag?For shoulder bags with metal clasps and rings holding the strap onto the purse, there are a few ideas on this page for repairing the metal hardware. This is a page about repairing the strap on a leather shoulder bag.


Scuffed pair of red canvas high top tennis shoes.

Repairing Scuffed Tennis Shoes?Tennis shoes can start to look scuffed and dirty but still have lots of wear in them. This is a page about repairing scuffed tennis shoes.


Closeup of jeans.

Resize Jeans with Stretch DenimThis is a page about resizing jeans with stretch denim. Before you give away those jeans that don't fit, you may find that altering them a little will make them fit again. Here is a great tip to adding a little bit of room to jeans that are too tight.


Worn leather bag on a area rug.

Restoring a Worn Leather Bag?If the bag or purse is valuable it may be best to have a professional take a look. Shoe repair shops are one place to start. There are also many products for sale made for cleaning and renewing leather items. Take care when doing this yourself. This is a page about restoring a worn leather bag.


Bottom of flip flop with tag.

Use a Bread Tag for a Broken Flip FlopIf you have a blown out flip flop, you may be able to temporarily thong to stay in place with a plastic bread clip. Use a bread tag for a broken flip flop for a quick and easy fix for your footwear.


A temporary hem fix with tape.

Quick Temporary Hem FixI was in a hurry this morning and snagged the hem of my slacks with my big toe. It ripped out a good portion of the stitching. I needed those black slacks and didn't have time to get a needle and thread and fix them.


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Blending Discolored Areas on a Suede Coat?I took my dark green suede jacket to my dry cleaners to remove fairly large grease spots. It was completely cleaned. The wear areas are almost light green with the rest of the coat is still dark green. What can I use to blend these back in?


Dearfoam Slippers

Repairing Dearfoams Slipper Soles?Often the soles of slippers will wear out long before the uppers. It may be possible to repair the soles, if not you will need to replace the slippers. This is a page about repairing Dearfoam slipper soles.


Woman with short grey hair adjusting a black hat.

Stretching a Hat That is Too TightIf you have a hat that is too tight, it may require stretching to make it fit right. Stretching a hat that is too tight can be easier with certain fabric types.


Worsted Wool Sweaters

Fixing Shiny Spots on Worsted Wool GarmentsWorsted wool can become shiny in locations that get worn down naturally. It may be difficult fixing shiny spots on worsted wool garments, but it's not impossible.


A rubber band to hold a pair of jeans closed.

Use a Rubber Band to Secure Tight JeansIt is not easy to adjust the waist size on a pair of jeans that are getting too tight. But there is a simple solution. This is a page about using a rubber band to secure tight jeans.


Pair of leather boots with brass buckles.

Quieting Brass Buckles on Shoes?Brass buckles on shoes can sometimes click or squeak while walking. This is a page about quieting brass buckles on shoes.


Shoelace Aglets.

Repairing a Shoelace End (Aglet)If your shoelace end has come off you can repair it some sturdy clear tape. This is a page about repairing a shoelace end (aglet).


A row of black clothing on a clothesline.

Using Rit Dye to Make Old Clothing Look NewIf you have some clothes that are faded and looking old you can freshen them up by dyeing the clothing. This is a page about using Rit dye to make old clothing look new.


Black Leather Boots

How to Shrink Leather BootsIf your leather boots are too large, you may need to shrink them a bit to get a better fit. This is a page about shrinking leather boots.


Replacing the Non Skid Feet of Sleepers

Replacing the Non Skid Feet of Sleepers?Often the uppers of slippers outlast the non skid soles. At that point you can replace the soles with new fabric or get creative and repair the feet. This is a page about replacing the non skid feet of sleepers.


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Repairing a Burn Mark on Jeans?My friend left her hot straightener on my denim jeans and it left a mark, is there anyway I can remove the mark?


Sewing a stop into the zipper fly of jeans.

Putting A Stop On Jean ZippersWith the modern day type zipper having been around for over one hundred years, one would think the garment manufacturers would know by now how to set a zipper so it doesn't get stuck in the bottom of the track. Not so. With every pair of jeans I buy, there's the same dilemma.


Leather Boots

Repairing Scratches on Leather BootsLeather shoes can get scratched during normal wear. There are a number of products that can be used to cover the scratches and keep your boots looking good. This is a page about repairing scratches on leather boots.


The back of a metal prong from a binder clip being used to repair a hook and eye closure.

Binder Clip for Hook and Eye Closure RepairReplacements pieces for hook and eye closures aren't usually found at any old store so you can take the metal piece of a binder clip and slip the metal prongs through your clothing. Use some thread to keep it in place. Hook in as normal.


Pair of faded blue jeans hanging in front of door

Dyeing Blue JeansThis is a page about dyeing blue jeans. You can dye jeans to darken the color or perhaps change it a bit.


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Shrinking a Blue Jean Jacket?Will salt help shrink the jacket in boiling water?


A woman inspecting a snagged shirt.

Repairing Clothing SnagsThis is a page about repairing clothing snags. Certain fabrics seem to invite snags. It is extremely frustrating when this happens.



Repairing CrocsThis is a page about repairing crocs. These popular plastic shoes can sometimes be given extended use with a little repair.


A man wearing a t-shirt.

Shrinking a T-shirt?This is a page about shrinking a t-shirt. If a favorite t-shirt is too big or seems to stretch out with wearing, you may be able to shrink the fabric enough to improve the fit.


Woman Wearing Hat

Repairing HatsThis is a page about repairing hats. If your hat does not fit properly or has shrunk over time, there may be a way to fix it.


Pants Zipper

Keeping Your Pants ZippedThis is a page about keeping your pants zipped. Still one of your favorite pair of pants, but the zipper will no longer lock. There are a few ways to keep it secure.


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Rust Remover Powder Removed Dye from Sweatshirt?I used a rust remover powder and it got on some sweatshirts . I have washed them twice and still the color is washed out. Can I re-dye them?


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Paper Clips to Fix a HemIf you have no straight pins, use paper clips to keep folded-over fabric in place when sewing a simple hem. Just slide the paper clip along the material as you work.


Woman Sewing Button

Tips for Mending ClothingThis is a page about tips for mending clothing. You don't have to be an experienced seamstress to mend your clothing.


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Wipers Turn On Sporadically?I blew the front passenger tire on my 95 Camry a week ago, and now the wipers come on whenever they want. Can someone help?


Rivets on Jeans

Removing Rivets from Jeans?This is a page about removing rivets from jeans. Care must be taken when removing rivets in clothing so as not to damage the fabric.


Close up of a yellow jacket zipper.

Repairing a Zipper That SeparatesHaving a zipper that continually separates is very frustrating. This is a page about repairing a zipper that separates.


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Dyeing Bleach Spots on Sweats?I put bleach in the washer with my grey cotton sweat suit and now I have bleach spots on the sweat suit. How do I dye my cotton sweat suit to one color?


Closeup of Sewing Buttons On Clothing

Sewing Buttons On ClothingThis is a page about sewing buttons on clothing. One of the most routine sewing tasks is sewing buttons back on clothing.


Making Bra Straps Shorter

Making Bra Straps Shorter?Often you can find a bra that fits well, except the straps are too long. This is a page about making bra straps shorter.


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Patent Leather Shoes Crumbling on the Inside?My vintage 80s patent leather shoes are in good condition on the outside, but the inside of shoe is crumbling. How can I fix this?


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Stained Leather Boots?My mother accidentally washed my leather boots with soap. Now there are dark patches on the shoes which are light grey in color. How do I fix it?


Fixing a Squeaky Shoe

Fixing a Squeaky ShoeSqueaky shoes, sandals or clogs can be annoying for you and everyone around you. This is a page about fixing a squeaky shoe.


A hole in a pair of pantyhose.

Fixing a Run in Your StockingsThis is a page about fixing a run in your stocking. Getting a run in your stocking can be quite frustrating. While you can't make it go away, there are things you can do to keep it from getting worse.


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Dye Ran on Pink Uggs?I recently bought a pair of pink/magenta Uggs. Shortly after I bought them a spot of water stained the toe, leaving a "bleached" looking spot on one side and a darker spot where the dye ran. The spot is pretty big and definitely noticeable.


Man Repairing a Shoe

Repairing ShoesMaking a pair of shoes last a little longer is a great way to save money. Repairing old, worn or broken shoes is the best way to get the longest life out of a pair of shoes.


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Leather Clogs Squeak?I have a vintage pair of leather clogs, but they squeak when I walk. Is there any way to stop this noise?


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Coloring a Faded Jeans Hemline?I am trying to find a way to conceal the faded hemline on a pair of expensive jeans. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to blend in the same color at this faded line so as to match the rest of the pant? I don't want to dye the entire pair of pants, just the faded hemline.


Sewing a button onto a blue checked shirt.

Repairing ClothingBuying clothes, new or used, can really add up. Repairing your existing jackets, pants, shirts, socks, shoes and accessories can save you big money in the long run. This is a page about repairing clothing.


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Repairing a Silk Scarf?I was given a superb vintage Hermes scarf by my mother-in-law. It has a poorly repaired tear which was done many years ago. I would like to have it rewoven or repaired correctly.


Black leather women's shoes.

Fixing Up Leather Shoes?One of my kittens attacked one of my nice leather heels I need for work. They aren't destroyed, but they certainly don't look nice anymore. There are a lot of little holes and dents in them now.


Stock photo of Puma high top athletic shoes

Dye Accidentally Removed When Cleaning Leather Shoes?I just bought a pair of leather and fabric Puma shoes and white in color. I went to a party and poured wine on my shoes. I tried nail polish remover. It did remove the stain, but unfortunately it also washed off the white leather paint, leaving behind an ugly brown patch.


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Gold Finish Wearing Off Purse Hardware?How can I repair the gold finish on my purse's hardware?


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Repairing Torn Suede Boot?I caught my suede/fleece boots on a nail and ripped a hole in the top part of it. It's a 90 degree rip. Any ideas how to fix this? I haven't had them very long.


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Repairing a Dooney and Burke Bag?I bought a Dooney and Bourke bag from eBay. The bag has scuff marks and some discoloration on it. Does Dooney and Bourke repair that type of damage? If not who does, if it can be done? Thanks.


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Preventing Slipper Soles from Leaving Marks on the Floor?My slippers have rubber soles and they mark the kitchen floor, leaving a greasy type of mark. It will come off, but can I do anything to the soles of the slippers to prevent this occurring?


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Attempts to Fix Clothing Dye Transfer Created a Bigger Mess?I did something really stupid and I need some advice, quick! I bought a new blue sweater and a black and white dress. Instead of washing them separately, like a sane normal person would do, I stuck them both in the washer at the same time. And, they each bled on each other.


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Using Faux Fur to Line Top Edge of Winter Boots?How do I put adhesive backing on a strip of faux fur to line the top edge of winter boots?


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Inexpensive Repair for a Sweatshirt with a Shrunken Neck Opening?What is the cheapest way to put a zipper in a sweatshirt that doesn't have one? The neck hole has shrunk so much I can hardly get out of it! Any other idea is cool too. I won't spend more than the sweatshirt costs.


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How Can I Mend Tears in a Synthetic Leather Jacket?My little girl has a darling winter coat that looks similar to leather, but is 100% polyester (on the outside). It is apparently very thin polyester as it has several rips in it now. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to mend these myself.


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Repairing a Bleach Spot on Clothing With Permanent Ink?I was washing parts of a white sweatshirt with bleach and accidentally got bleach on some parts of the words and I colored the words back in with the same color permanent pen. I was wondering do I have to reapply the color every time I wash the sweater and is it washer safe now?


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Why Do My Clothes Pill Up in the Wash?I sort my wash very carefully, but it still comes out pilly! I use a good detergent, Tide powder and liquid, but it still gets pilly. Why?


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Repairing a Jacket With a Broken Zipper?The zipper broke on my winter jacket. I was wondering if anyone had some ideas for how to fix it without replacing the zipper. it's reversible with quilted nylon on both sides. Would a toggle work? Thanks.


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Black Dress Fades to Purple Under the Arms?I purchased a black dress to wear for a wedding. After the ceremony, I returned to my hotel room only to realize that my armpits had turned dark purple! My stunning dress was fading on me.


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Iron Left Imprint on Velour Fabric?I tried to iron down a flower on a black velour bag, but it left the shape of the iron head on my material. How can I get that out please?


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How Can I Prevent Further Dye Transfer from a Purse to Clothing?I recently bought a pink purse from Honduras. I used it on the way home, but later noticed that it had bled pink onto my white skirt. How can I keep the purse the same color it is, but prevent bleeding onto my other clothes?


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How Can I Keep Rubber Soled Shoes from Squeaking?How do you keep rubber soled shoes from squeaking?


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Hair Product For Shiny ShoesThe rush to school and then on to work can be frantic. To help control my


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Repairing Clothing Snags - snag isolated against a paper towel

Repairing Clothing SnagsKnit fabrics are very easily snagged. Here is an easy way to repair the snag using an unusual tool - a dental floss threader. Here we show the process on two men's shirts.


Razor For Removing Fabric Pills

Razor For Removing Fabric PillsIt seems like it's always your old favorites that get those awful little fabric pills. Take a new disposable razor and lightly go across the garment. Use short strokes while pulling the fabric tight.



Sewing a Button on PantsI found a button in the washer and sure enough it fell off a pair of my favorite pants. I'm not very skilled at sewing, but I know this is an easy repair so I thought I'd try it.



A hole in a crocheted tablecloth.

Repairing Holes In Crocheted Tablecloth?Ok, I found a tablecloth my mom and my great aunt crocheted for many hours. I was confused why my mom had it in a large plastic bag in the basement near washing machine area. When I pulled it out of the bag, I almost cried. A family member pulled it off my great aunt's table and used it as a drop cloth when he changed his car oil. There are holes all over it. I have read some suggestions for getting out the oil. Glad for more too.


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Stretching Leather Shoes?How do I know the shoe is wet enough to stretch the shoe? How long does it take to dry? Can I apply heat to loosen the leather as well?


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Shrinking a Leather Black Panther Mask?I ordered a black panther mask and it is way too big. It is made out of leather and I wanted to know if there is way to shrink it?


Fixing a Crushed Straw Cowboy Hat - smashed hat

Fixing a Crushed Straw Cowboy Hat?How do I fix and reshape the crown of a straw cowboy hat that's been completely squashed.


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Repairing the Sole on a Pair of UGG Boots?I am looking for a type of "rubber" or silicon sealant to glue onto the front toe/sole of my UGG boots. I used to see ads for this to repair and prolong sneakers. Any suggestions are truly appreciated. (I mistakenly put white Gorilla Glue, lol. It showed and didn't hold.)


A ripped hole in a piece of fabric.

How to Fix Burnt Holes on Fabric?Can you plz help me. I was ironing my clothes and it got torn. I tried fixing it but then I saw another hole like this. Please help me and guide me how to fix this. Should I buy another fabric for my back and let the tailor stitch the whole dress again.


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