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How Do I Keep Bra Underwire From Poking Out?

I hope that someone out there is able to help me. I can't count he number of bras that I have had to throw away before they are properly "worn - out". The problem is that the 'bones" or wires come out and bite me!


I have tried sewing over the ends and also applying a patch over the end and so far no luck. I can't wear those without bones, they don't seem to have the same support. I hope that someone out there has the answer as I know that I am not alone with this problem. Many thanks.

By Lesley from UK

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October 23, 20100 found this helpful

This is a very informative site about what to do if underwire bras poke you.
http://ezineart … g&id=1746119

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October 26, 20100 found this helpful

Try putting a bit of a heavy fabric like denim or toweling over the end of the wire. Glue it in place with a glue gun or washer safe glue. I also have had that happen and this works for me.

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October 18, 20160 found this helpful

Moleskin with a stick on back works wonders. Cut a piece just a burn bigger than the hole, peel of backing and press for a few seconds and you're done! DO NOT wash bras in a washing machine unless alone in garment bag on cold water. Otherwise hand wash.

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May 19, 20170 found this helpful

I've fixed bras this way and then the wires poke through the moleskin.

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October 31, 20100 found this helpful

Frankly, I regard underwire bras as medieval instruments of torture! I have had good luck with the Platex 18-hour bras. Unfortunately, after a while, any bra gets stretched out and adjusting the straps or using the next row of eyes no longer works. It seems that gravity will have its way! :-)

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March 20, 20170 found this helpful

Mine is a Victoria secret bra and yes I was measured and yes I still have a wire poking me!!!!!

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March 21, 20170 found this helpful

If your Victoria's Secret bra has a wire poking out, take it back and get a replacement. I have done this any time one of my expensive bras has popped a wire.

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November 4, 20111 found this helpful

Honestly, you should dispose of your bra by this point. I work at Victoria's Secret and I'm the bra specialist, so I have a broad knowledge of bras & bras do stretch over time. Yes, a women should be measured every 6 months due to the fact of body change even if you don't notice a change. Well we can just say changes are always happening. lol. But what can prevent your bra wires from protruding sooner is the care of the bra. It is an extremely important part of lasting bras?


All bras should be hand washed (cold) and set out to dry, or use a lingerie bag in the washer by its self with cold water and set out to dry as well. Never use hot water or the dryer because it will shrink your garments. Don't fold over your bra cups that may put craters in the cup and possibly damage the wire as well.

I know I may not have exactly answered your question but next time you purchase it will make your bra last longer and you won't have to deal with those protruding underwires. Essentially it is the washer making them pop out.also wearing the wrong size can create this problem as well and be extremely painful. Hopefully in the long run this is helpful.

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October 27, 20160 found this helpful

THE UNDERWIRES POKE OUT OF SOME AT 1 week. I am not disposing of a bra, that I wore twice, it can not be worn out yet. when paying $20-50 for a 42DD bra that is hard to find. There is no way I will throw it after 2 wears, there needs to be a fix or something.

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October 15, 20170 found this helpful

My daughter just bought me a Victoria's secret bra about a month ago, wires are poking on all sides. My problem is I don't have the receipt, however they had to order my size. Any ideas on what I can do to get this worked out?

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November 26, 20140 found this helpful

Existing problem with Victoria Secret's bras. Have not find any solution yet but what about having a better quality fabric?

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March 28, 20160 found this helpful

What about just making bras of good quality for a cheaper price if this wire problem cant be fixed. Then it wouldnt be an issue of replacing them when they are broken instead of trying to fix them.

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February 25, 20150 found this helpful

The answers that people are giving are great, but for me I only had my new bra for about 2 weeks and only wore it 3 times, before the under my right arm started to pinch. This is not a wore out bra. I have the right size as well.

When I purchased this Maidenform bra, and tried it on it was one of the first bra's that really did fit me. The straps wheren't fall off my arms, so I know it fit. So even the right size bra does this. There has to be someone out there working in this industry that will really look at this, I work in retail type setting, and I don't get to dress up much, but wearing undergarments that makes me feel sexy is something I can do.

It isn't for anyone else but me. When you feel good about yourself that is all that matters. If you are struggling throughtout the day because you are being poked by your underclothing, it sucks.

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July 31, 20160 found this helpful

They need to spend an extra few cents and make the end of the wires rounded so they don't cut through the fabric of the bras. Problem is when you're big chested you don't have the option to boycott bra's until they make them right.

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July 30, 20150 found this helpful

Have the same problem, find it frustrating. I may have come up with a solution. Sew 4 faux leather tabs across the casing under the arms and across the center piece (approx. 1 inch in length and the width of the casing. Easier perhaps to work with a slightly larger piece then trim off excess. I had a piece of beige faux leather and I tried it on a new bra I made. I have a hunch it will work. Hasn't poked out yet.
Use a soft faux leather. A sales lady suggested a soft transparent vinyl -- didn't work.

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March 24, 20170 found this helpful

I feel like I should not have to be doing anything to an expensive bra that I just bought. I do wash my bras in a mesh bag and hang them up to dry. However, that must not be the trick because the underwire still pokes thru.

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February 17, 20160 found this helpful

Hi...have read all the comments and answers, we have this same issue in SA and currently working on a solution to this problem(side boning). I am the technologist for lingerie. here are three possible solutions/options we are trying on our products.
1) With rigid tape added to the seam and made with 1cm play. Please also ensure the boning ends are not cut into a sharp point. Ends must be rounded off.
2) Boning will be cut shorter and sewn between the wing stitches  top & bottom, without the skip stitch at the boning.
3) The boning casing will be sewn on top of the elastics with 1cm play, this will be adding two bartacks to this operation. The casing to finish 5mm away from elastic edge (top & bottom).
Also you can buy tubular casing - so you don't have to make a casing.
bra wires poke out - the casing has shrunk, once that happens the wires fit tighter and then they start to protrude. follow wash care instructions. the stitches per inch on the channeling must be between 12-14. the closer the stitching the less likely it will poke out. also her again use very closer weave tubular channeling and ensure that the wire play is between 1cm -1.3cm from the bartack. good luck!!
Hope this helps!
Lynette Marie

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May 2, 20170 found this helpful

As a bra "technologist" (who knew there was such a profession?) please suggest to the manufacturers that they should have the wire manufactured with a hole through the center. A few stiches through the hole AND the fabric at the bottom of the cup should solve the problem.

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May 19, 20170 found this helpful

If you have a hole through the center (turning the underwire into a tube, if I understand you correctly) that would make it easier to snap the underwire in half, which also happens to me.

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May 23, 20170 found this helpful

I thought the poster meant having a hole at the center/middle of a flat "rocker" underwire. That way you could stitch the rocker directly to the bra so that the end is less likely to poke through the end...

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July 30, 20170 found this helpful

My bra is brand new worn 2 times and I suffered all day with the wire poking me under the arm. No wonder I normally where a wife free bra

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August 15, 20081 found this helpful

Almost every bra that I have owned has done this. After a month or so of wearing it, the underwire on the left one always starts to poke through the fabric, (on the inside part where the front of my chest is.) And it hurts like the dickens! I've tried sewing them up and it never works. I've adjusted my bra different ways. I've tried different sizes (36A to 34/36B) and it STILL happens! Even the Victoria's Secret ones! I have to have the underwire ones, but I'm tired of spending money on bras, but I gotta have em!



How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

Do you put your bras in the dryer? I have found that since I stopped doing that, and hung them up to dry instead, that they last a lot longer (and the underwires don't poke out anymore!). (02/02/2005)

By El

How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

You can either use a fabric glue or sew the fabric back together. (02/02/2005)

By homeschoolin_mum

How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

I was told by a person that fits bras at one of the large department stores, that it is because you are wearing the wrong size bra. Go to a department store where they are trained to find your correct size. The one I went too was able to just look at me and tell what size I should wear. She told me she had over 20 years of experience. (02/02/2005)

By Debbie

How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

Have you tried having your size checked at the department stores? They will measure you and tell you if you are getting correct size. This is important. (02/02/2005)


How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

I stopped wearing underwires and go with a good support bra instead. Cheaper and way more comfy! But not nearly as sexy. But I've been married awhile and my husband can just live with it! LOL! Actually, I keep one black underwire for special occasions. He's happy and I'm comfy the rest of the time!

Heather (02/02/2005)

By plantgirl848

How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

My daughter had this problem until I ripped the side seam and pulled the wire out cut it off about 1/2 inch, rounded it, filed it to make it smooth, put it back in and sewed right next to the part that was cut out and then sewed up the side. Now that she is in college and she doesn't buy those type, she buys the ones with a more firm cup, it seems to work for her. RoseMary

By Rose Mary

How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

First of all, wash your bras separately in a delicate cycle and in cold water. Secondly, never put them in the dryer. Thirdly, size has a great deal to do with it; sometimes just being fit for the correct size by a professional in a department or specialty store helps. I have noticed, too, that if you buy the higher end bras that tend to be substantially more expensive, the underwire is enclosed in padding. I realize that the expense may seem frivolous, but think about it; if you buy a more expensive one and don't have to replace it for five or six years, it winds up being significantly cheaper in the long run.

Keep your eyes peeled, too. Several times a year, various brands have big sales at department stores, and sometimes you can get one for free, or get them for a significant discount. Look for discontinued colors, too. They are often reduced to less than half. The support and durability of a more expensive bra more than compensate for the cost in the long run. Also, use a special lingerie wash. They are designed to be less harsh on the elastic, etc. Before I had my own washer, I used to wash my bras in the bathroom sink once a week. I just hung them up to dry on hangers on the shower door. (03/17/2005)

By skbeal

How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

I love lingerie. And sometimes the prettiest and most expensive bras are cheaply made, so I have had this problem a lot. I can offer a quick comfort fix, if it is important for you to wear a bra a bit longer, or before you can repair it.

Rip an eraser out of the bottom of a pencil. I put a touch of super glue on the end of the wire.. and then jam the little sucker on there. works every time. (06/22/2005)

By designisaverb

How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

Soft & Strong, fleece fabric is the answer: The easiest & most comfortable fix is to buy about 1/4 of a yard of "Fleece" type of fabric in a color that matches your bra. Then simply cut a piece of this soft fleece fabric & glue it, (with fabric glue) to the underside of your bra. It will be super comfy & will stop any underwire from poking through! The fleece fabric will be soft & pad the underwire. Plus, it's strong enough to wrap around any stray wires, & will NOT ravel or fray like most fabric. (If you have a really nasty wire poking through, you can first wrap or tape a bit of strong duct tape to it, before gluing the fleece to it. But remember, once you've used duct tape, you might as well forget ever washing it!)

* The Fleece will cost about a buck & the fabric glue about $3. (I like the brand that's clear & in a clear bottle because you can wash, dry & dry-clean this brand). So for under 5 dollars you'll have enough to fix all of your bras, both past & future! (09/19/2007)

By Cyinda

Replacement bra wires

As a 42H I find it difficult to find a truly well-fitting bra so when I do find one I like, I make it last as long as possible. Wires eventually break for a variety of reasons and replacing them is easy if you can find them in the first place.

I buy mine from but I know they are also available at and I am sure there are other suppliers out there. A pair of new wires will cost you around $3 or $4 which is a lot less than the cost of a new bra. These sites also sell replacement hooks, straps, etc. (11/09/2007)

By Karen Golec

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October 22, 20100 found this helpful

Does anyone have any suggestions for the repair of underwire bras when the wire starts poking through the fabric? I have tried hand-sewing them but they just poke through quickly all over again. Also, any suggestions for keeping this problem from occurring in the first place? Bras are too expensive to discard after a few months of use!

Carol from Iowa


How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

I wrap the tip of the wire with a bit of duct tape and then stuff it back in and handstitch it closed. I find that even handwashing and hanging bras to dry doesn't always help. Sometimes I think it's because the end of the wire wasn't filed properly during the manufacturing process. (08/15/2008)

By Susan

How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

You may not believe this, I know I didn't when I saw and heard it. The life span of a bra is only three months. I know; could have knocked me over with a feather. I wear mine for years.

My son and I were watching that show "How It's Made" and they were showing how bras were made and everything, and that's what they said, the life of a bra worn on average everyday is only three months.

I only wear bras with under-wire and I never put mine in the drier. Over the years I've had a few that the wire poked through, they were either very old or very inexpensive.

Sometimes I would take needle and thread and try to close the hole up where it poked through, usually it only held for a few wearings before it poked through again. (08/15/2008)

By SusanLee

How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

I mended mine with a bit of strong twill tape to patch the spot. (08/18/2008)

By kimhis

How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

I like the idea of using the fleece. Years ago I had only 2 or 3 bras at any one time that fit fairly well. When a wire would poke through, I pushed it back in, covered the hole with a piece of wide elastic, wrapping it front to back over the edge of the bra. (Mine usually poked through under the arm.) Then I handstitched this in place. The wire couldn't poke through the elastic.

Now that I am older and have more life experience, I wash the bras in a bag on the delicate cycle and then hang them to dry. Haven't had a "poker" in quite a while. (08/19/2008)

By JudyBoody

How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

Those wires are mostly just cut off with a machine, not treated on the ends, and sometimes not even rounded on the corners, so they will poke through, and then you will buy more; end of story. But if you insist and want to get your money's worth, no matter if it's already damaged (like I do), then push the wire as far back as possible, and hand sew it in place just like you were mending a hole right at the end of the wire so it can't move at all. Then of course mend the first hole. The movement of the wire and our body creates the chances of the hole beginning. Quick fix, keep a piece of suede leather around to hot glue a patch on it, if you're a pro with a thimble, maybe it could be sewn onto the bra hole, colored patches can be found at craft stores. Good luck. (12/02/2008)

By Deby in IN

How do I keep bra underwire from poking out?

Try the BraLee it's a great way to save a lot of money. It's at It saved me because I can wear my favorite bras again! (05/15/2010)

By pammommy

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