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This page contains tips and money saving advice to help you repairing toys.



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Fixing Frizzy Doll Hair

Fixing Frizzy Doll HairThis page is about fixing frizzy doll hair. Lots of playtime can leave a doll with very messy hair.


A deflated bounce house

Repairing an Inflatable Bounce HouseThis is a page about repairing an inflatable bounce house. Bounce houses can fail along the seams or from some type of damage.


A pile of colorful cardboard puzzle pieces.

Making a Replacement Puzzle PiecePuzzle pieces can easily get lost or you might find a great puzzle at a yard sale that is missing a piece. This page offers an idea for making a replacement puzzle piece.


Repairing a Merry-Go-Round Music Box - carousel music box

Repairing a Merry-Go-Round Music Box?To repair a toy musical carousel you may need to take the music box to a clock repair or jeweler to make sure the delicate parts will work properly.


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Repairing a 1959 Dennis the Menace Doll?I have a soft skin 1959 Dennis the Menace. How do you repair a crack in the skin, it is in the neck of the doll?


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Repairing Toy Wind Up Mechanisms?I am looking for ways to repair toys, especially the wind up mechanisms, does anybody know how to release the mechanism and is there ways of getting into the toy (tin) to do it? Also, are there any books or websites that have information on how to repair different types of toys?


Closeup of doll's eyes closed

Fixing the Eyelids on a Doll?I bought a doll at a thrift store and the eyelids have got a slit across them when the eyes are closed. The doll has very soft lifelike rubber that feels like real skin and the doll was put out by Mattel Co. in 2000.


A plastic Ken doll with a broken neck.

Repairing A Ken Doll?How do I fix my vintage Ken doll's broken neck?


Restaining a wooden playground set  with a paintbrush.

Refinishing a Wooden PlaygroundWooden playgrounds are quite expensive. But if you maintain them and even refinish the wood and repaint the plastic components, if needed, they can last for a long time. This tutorial shows how to refinish a wooden playground.



Reattaching the Arms on a Vintage Ken or Barbie Doll - Ken doll with arm detached

Reattaching the Arms on a Vintage Ken or Barbie Doll?How do you repair vintage Ken arms that keep falling off?


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Fixing Frizzy American Girl Doll Hair?Does anyone know how to fix frizzy or burnt American Girl doll's hair?


Plastic Toy Pieces Stuck Together

Plastic Toy Pieces Stuck Together?This is a page about a remedy for plastic toy pieces that are stuck together. Several ideas have been suggested as a remedy for this situation, including heat, cold, and WD-40.


6 balls of colorful play dough.

Rehydrating Play DoughOver time, or if left out of a container, play dough can get dried out, fall apart, or become too hard to model. Rehydrating your play dough is easy and will extend the playtime of this classic kids' toy.


Radio Controlled Car

Repairing a Radio Controlled Car?This is a page about repairing a radio controlled car. Being able to repair your RC car wll allow the fun to continue and save you money too.


Barbie Doll legs

Reattaching a Barbie Doll Leg?Barbie dolls are a favorite toy for many children and sometimes get damaged during playtime. This page is about reattaching a Barbie doll leg.


Un-matting a Porcelain Doll's Hair - two dolls with damaged hair

Removing Tangles from Doll's Hair?This is a page about removing tangles from a doll's hair. Care must be taken to untangle a doll's hair without damaging it.


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Eye Lashes For Mattel Doll?What kind of eye lashes can I get for my Mattel Miracle Baby Doll 2000? Her's are missing! Can I just buy just some at the store and put them on?


Repairing a Battery Cover on Toy Bank?I have a toy bank and the part where the batteries go has broken. How can I fix this or where can I have it fixed? Please help.


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Repairing Painted Hair on a Doll?We just bought an American Girl Bitty Baby off of eBay. It is in excellent shape, however, there is a few spots on the head where the "hair" or paint has been rubbed off. Does anyone know how I can make it look new again? Thanks for your help.


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Fixing a Blow Up Pool?How can I repair a hole in my daugher's blow up pool? There is a hole about the size of a quarter in the top ring and we tried duct tape, it just comes right off. Any frugal ways to fix? Thank You in advance!


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Flat Tennis Ball?What can you for tennis ball that has gone flat?


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Repairing a Fisher Price Phone (H8186)?We have a toddler Fisher Price phone H8186. Some electric components work like the 'mouth' moves but there's no music or other sounds. I've pulled it apart but it doesn't appear to be dirty - any other suggestions?


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Getting Rid of My Size Barbie Doll Frizz?How do I get the frizz out of my size Barbie doll?



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Repairing a Cracked Porcelain DollMy doll is porcelain, and she has red curly hair. She fell of a stool the other day while I was moving her. She did not break, but her face and ear is cracked all the way through. I've read articles about using glue, but i'm not sure how to repair her because I can't glue it from the inside. Is there someplace I can send her to get her fixed, or is there someway I can do it myself?


Repairing a Fisher Price Record Player - old plastic child's record player

Repairing a Fisher Price Record Player?I found my old Fisher Price record player, so I put the lilac record on and tried playing edelweiss. It didn't work, the record was spinning and the arm stayed on the record, but all I heard was some little ticks and small sounds. I can see is the little comb (like the ones in a music box). But I don't know how to fix it, if it's the comb where can I get it replaced and can I do it myself?


Rubber on a Vintage Doll Is Breaking Down - old doll

Rubber on a Vintage Doll Is Breaking Down?I have a Sun Rubber vintage doll from the 1940s/50s and the rubber is getting hard and starting to get brittle in areas such as his hands, a spot on the back of his head, and one of his arms. I have cleaned him with soft non-abrasive soap, but I was wondering if there is some sort of emollient I could use to soften the rubber. Anyone have any ideas?


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Putting the Leg Back on a Barbie Doll?How do I put a leg back on a doll that accidentally got knocked off in the bathtub? It's a plastic Barbie. Do you still heat in boiling water?


Fixing the Leg on a Ken Doll - Ken doll with a detached leg

Fixing the Leg on a Ken Doll?Does the Barbie leg fix work for the Ken doll?


A plastic Ken doll with a broken neck.

Repairing A Ken Doll?How do I fix my vintage Ken doll's broken neck?


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